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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


God is indeed good, all the time He is so good. I’m a living testimony to that. My life is so full of blessings and I have many things to thank the Lord for. One of those are my SIBLINGS.
SGP vacation (Sentosa)

proud Letranistas! (they wore my uniform!haha!)
Kuya: Letran highshool grad (college: Mapua)
Ate: Letran college
Nani: Letran highschool & college
I had a very simple life during my childhood days but it’s full of love and affection from my parents, siblings, families and friends. I’m the youngest or bunso in the family. I have a 10 and 8 yrs age gap from my Ate and Kuya respectively, that’s why I’m a semi-spoiled daughter and sibling. We were provided a good education by our hardworking parents especially by my mommy. We may not have a perfect father, but we have the best mother in the world! We’re not wealthy but I am so rich with the love and support from them.
During my college grad (they borrowed friends toga)
Kuya: BS Elec and Comm Engineering, Mapua 1996
Ate: BS Industrial Engineering, Letran 1998
Nani: BS Industrial Engineering, Letran 2005

Back during my elementary, high school and college days, I’m an active frog in beauty pageants. Aside from my mommy, my Kuya and Ate are my ever loyal fans! They were so supportive of me. Kahit among the contestants eh ako yung pinaka hhhmm chubby, super clap pa rin mga yan =)

I remember one time, I joined Ms. Intramurals in Letran when I was on my 4th year college. I was the Engineering Department’s candidate oh do you believe that? =) We had the talent portion. I was on stage ala J.Lo singing “Let’s Get Loud”. Eh since I’m wearing a top tank, my tummy is showing. So mega dance ako and there’s this one guy audience who yelled “Nagalaw ang bilbil!” then laugh! Bad no? This guy is a brother pala of the other contestant who showcased a weird talent before me. “Nagbuga ng apoy, wearing an igorot costume, then may dalang buhay na manok! Kaloka!” Unfortunate of him, this contestant’s brother is standing beside my Ate. Knowing my ate, being the big time maldita, she then screamed “Tiktilaok! Tiktilaok!” (with matching ethnic dance and kunwaring buga ng apoy haha!). Eh di tameme si brother haha! That’s how my Ate loves me =)

And there’s also this one time, naku super nakakahiya to, but for the sake of blogging I’ll share it na rin. I was in my high school when I joined an audition in GMA! (blush blush blush) Even Poy doesn’t know about this coz this is so embarrassing! Embarassing kasi obviously wala namang nangyari sa showbiz frustration ko haha! Back to the topic, this audition was held in Novaliches. Being the most supportive Kuya, he accompanied me all the way to Novaliches after his night shift work in Amkor. Imagine ha, his schedule in plant is 10pm-6am then he fetch me in our house in Calamba and go straight to the audition. We were in the location a little late pero since super as in sooooper haba ng line, we waited pa for hours. My kuya is so “bangenge” na but he insisted na ok lang daw sya. The audition ended late afternoon na, then he’ll work again at 10pm. See how supportive of him?

Then during my freshman days in college, I also joined Ms. Freshman. I have a “syete” haircut then so the make-up artist had to make me wear a wig! I look so freaking fanget! As in my original hair is dark brown then my wig is brown red! You can’t imagine how disastrous my look is! But despite of that, you’ll see my whole family, as in whole family from my Lola, Titas, Titos, Daddy, Mommy, Ate, Kuya and cousins in front row clapping and cheering for me. They are so sweet! =) Sayang I can’t post the photos here kasi they’re all in Pinas.

Since my siblings are way older than me (haha peace mga kapatid!), they always have the “say” in whatever decisions/ situations I am in. When I had my 1st BF in college, both of them are not agreeing. My kuya is somehow understanding, “nakikisama” if I may say. But my ate, ayaw kung ayaw talaga! She’s not afraid to show it to the guy. My ate is so true to her feelings, pag ayaw nya ayaw nya talaga. I didn’t understand their reasons at first but later on I realize they just want the best for me. They know I deserve someone better and their prayers were answered because I did not end up with this guy. But when they met Poy, instantly they liked him. My ate even asked me to tell Poy to come with us in our family outings. Maybe it’s ”lukso ng dugo”, my siblings know that I’ll be in good hands with Poy. They loved Poy and supported us all the way!

And now, when we had to come here in Dubai, my sibling’s love for me was extended doubled, tripled, and even quadrupled to our Mimay. They are the best Tito and Ninang/Tita in the whole wide world! They embraced and showered Mimay with their unconditional love. May bonus pa, and that’s my ate’s husband Kuya Dong na super bait din at spoiler Ninong. Our baby is super loved and spoiled by them.

That’s how God has been so so so good to me. I wouldn’t be where I am and what I am now without the love of my family most especially my mommy, daddy, ate and kuya! I am so blessed to have them.
Love you Kuya and Ate!

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