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Monday, August 29, 2011


Today, this is what I had for lunch.
I ate my packed (supposedly) lunch during breakfast time hence I have no other choice but to finish this noodles. That’s only a half plate which I ordered from our pantry. Mukang masarap no? At mukhang harmless.

Yun ang akala ko.

Ang harmful nya sa pwet! Hello almoranas! Kaloka!


Last Friday after our church service, we went to Taza to have a quick and simple dinner. Taza is an Arabic fast food here in Dubai. Simple menu, laid back ambiance, yummy chicken & fries, freshly oven Arabic bread and perfect garlic dip.  
Naynay and Mimay with their meal

This is the broast chicken meal which we usually order. You’ll get 4 pcs fried chicken with fries, drinks and unlimited bread for only AED 17 (Php 204). Cheap ayt? I have once tried their roasted chicken also but it tastes too tangy for me, I didn’t order it again.

Their Arabic bread is to die for. Perfect with chicken and garlic sauce! I kept on asking for more bread. It’s hot and fresh from their “pugon”.

What’s more good in Taza is that they have a section especially for kids. Mimay super loveeet here! She gets to meet new playmates everytime we dine here. Since most of the bagets are Arabic or English speaking, hindi sila nagkakaintindihan kaya walang away haha!
creepy naman! parang may black lady sa photo hehe

Plus, there’s also a free Playstation!

This is currently our favorite place. Mura & delicious na the food, enjoy pa si Mimay. Look at Mimay’s feet after her playtime, bata talaga! =)
I let her enjoy her freedom as a kid. Nandyan mauntog sa slide, madapa, matapunan ng catsup, sauce and all. It’s okay. Bata eh. She needs that.  

Sunday, August 28, 2011


To my dearest sis Cha,

First of all, I just want you to know that I am in great happiness for you and Jay. Even though we are not there to parteeeyy with you, you know in my heart, I am celebrating this moment that you and Jay are finally ONE. You are now officially Mrs. Charisse Nagpala-Ancheta! Yey!
After seeing this photo, I felt happier that you have finally found the person you will be spending your life with. I.AM.SO.HAPPY.FOR.YOU. =) I think you’re the prettiest bride ever, next to me ofcourse lol! You two are one lovely couple and I am just too proud that you guys have reached this level, THE BEGINNING of a happier chapter of your life.  

After the ‘walk down the aisle’, you will now be facing THE BEGINNING  of a married life. The coming months would be the most exciting (and frustrating at the same time) months of your life. You’ll feel stressed and freaked about stuff, but at the end of the day, you’ll be overwhelmed of the love that you have for each other. Enjoy every moment sis, feel every moment. Sobrang saya ng buhay may asawa, I tell you.

I just want you to know that Poy & I pray nothing but love & happiness for you and Jay. Remember though, just like what I have learned in my traverse after my ‘walk down the aisle’ with my Poy, marriage is not as easy as a simple walk in the park. You both have to work on the relationship for it to work. Love and nurture each other with no ifs and buts. And most of all, journey with God as husband and wife and allow Him to take over in all your decisions.

I love you tgrl. I miss you. No matter how far our distance is right now, you will remain to be a very special friend and sister to me forever. Take care! And enjoy the honeymoon! ;)

Love always,

Saturday, August 27, 2011


As usual, I woke up today with a heavy heavy feeling. I hate going to office on Saturday while all my housemates still snore their heart out. Kainggit sobra.

Anyway, I have a kwento. This morning, as I was on my way to the pick-up point of our coaster service, walang ka-tao tao in our place. Parang ako pa lang ang gising dun sa area namin.

I was standing for 5 minutes in the pick-up area when a car passed by with 6 guys shouting inside. I felt nervous because I am the only person there that time. They all look drunk pa. When the car was like 100 meters away from where I was standing, I was relieved. But to my horror, the car suddenly slows down and made a U-turn! And yes, they stopped and parked right in front of me. I wanted to run but I didn’t because it might trigger them to run after me too. Eh naka kotse sila, so san ako pupulitin nun di ba? Of all days naman kasi, ngayon pa na-late service ko!

The guy seated beside the driver asked me something like “hey how are you?” I said “I’m good.” He looked to his friends and they all laugh. I was so pissed! Sarap sapakin but I know if I’ll do that, malamang eh pinagkakapehan na ko ngayon. The way I see them, it’s either they’re drunk or high with drugs. Katakot talaga. I was stunned for sometime, hindi ko alam gagawin ko eh. I was silently praying as I scoop my phone out from my bag. I remember my friends told me that people here in Dubai are afraid of police especially if nandedehado ng babae. Problem is, I don’t know the number of any police station! Kamote! This guy still kept on asking, “how are you? How are you?” Asar na asar na ko at ninenerbyos at the same time. I answered back asking them “what’s your problem?” And again they all laugh! Nang ti-trip talaga! What I did was, nag drama ko as if I’m calling the police station and reporting them. Ayun natakot nga and they left right away.

My service came after 2 minutes, I was still slightly shaking as I called my Poy and told him everything. He was very mad too. I badly needed to breathe so I told him later na lang ulit kami usap. I received a message from him after a while: “loko mga un,walang magawa sa buhay. Kabadtrip. Next sat bi ihahatid na kita sa umaga.”

All praises to God for keeping me safe and for giving me a very caring husband.

Mula ngayon, pagmulat na pagmulat ko sa morning, I’ll say my prayers na agad. My practice kasi right now is I’m doing my morning prayer when I’m in my coaster na. In my mind kasi, mas comfortable to pray when I’m already in the service. Mali yun. We don’t know what might happen if we we are not under God’s guidance talaga.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Naks, ang lupit ng dish name!

Howyes nagluto ako! And I’m proud and excited to share it to all of you. Just promise me one thing after you read this, walang tatawa ha??  My recipe is very very very simple, c/o my friend Leah. I saw her chicken wings version which looks yummy, kaya ginaya ko :)

What you need:
1/2 chicken cut into frying size pieces
2 eggs, beaten
chicken spice
chopped garlic
chili powder
a cup of all purpose flour
thai sweet chili sauce

First, mix the chicken in chopped garlic, 2 tbsps of chicken spice, pepper, chili powder (adjust base on your preference – we like it hot!) and eggs. Marinade for 2 hours.

Then coat the chicken with an all purpose flour and fry in a low fire. Place the fried chicken in a towel paper to parch the excess oil.
And finally, pour the sweet chili sauce over the fried chicken and viola! Dinner’s ready! Haha oo yan na yun, tapos na ang cooking show haha!
Perfect with Jay’s Pancit :)
Oo na fried chicken lang to as in pritong manok na may sawsawan, pero di ba I warned you? Wag kayo tatawa! Atleast may effort db?

Ay! Ang daya, tumawa. Ayoko na.          


I just realized that I haven’t shared here yet the main reason why I went for vacation last June. And it’s almost 2 months ago already. Well, better late than never ;) So here it is. Warning though, this post is loaded of kwentos and photos. Kuha muna kayo ng chocnut, pantanggal umay =)
Just early this year, my brother told us na magaasawa na daw sya. Nagulat kami lahat. My kuya’s too young, he’s only 36 turning 37 this year. Bakit padalos dalos sya magdecide? Alam ba nya na ang pagaasawa ay hindi kaning isusubo na iluluwa pag napaso?? Haha! Choz! Kidding aside, our one and only brother, decided to end his bachelor days with his girlfriend (then), Ate Jona. She’s our church mate and my kuya’s gf for I think 2 or 3 years already.

Among us 3, the last one to get married was my kuya considering he's our eldest. Nahirapan siguro mamili, mabenta kasi yang kuya ko eh lol! Just for the sake of sharing (I hope my sis in law will not mind and will not make away my kuya because of this, past na naman e), I had so many sisters because of my kuya. Ang daming naging jowa kasi haha! Hindi nga, totoo! She had this gf na super pretty and petite. She’s the Ms. something of their campus in college. I liked her instantly, she often give gifts to us eh hehe. Then after sometime, ayun break na daw. Next is a churchmate din. She’s my favorite because she’s pretty too, has dimples, always treats me out and loves to give me nice clothes. Sino ba naman hindi magiging favorite yun db? She came to our house one day looking for my kuya, aba ang kuya ko nagtago, wag daw sabihin na andun sya! Kaloka! So I’m sure you know what happened next, break it to me gently din ang drama nila.

Then I met one more pa of my kuya’s ex, I think eto officemate naman nya. Ay hindi ko type. May itsura pero parang makalumang tao. My kuya dragged me with him to go to the hometown of this girl in Quezon. We brought a LOT for her family eh kaso her family are ALL snobbish. Che! Layo layo ng planeta nyo and dami pa namin dala tapos suplada kayo lahat? Amp! Buti nag-break din agad. Ang saya ko kaya. (grins)

Came 2007, my kuya had to work abroad. After some months, he invited us to visit him there and to meet daw his Indonesian gf. He sent us the photos of the girl, ay pretty. Morena pero maganda. Ms. something din dun sa company nila. With that, our whole family flew all the way to Singapore. Worried nga mommy and mga tita ko, baka daw mag nosebleed sila sa gf ng kuya ko. Wala namang nangyaring pag dugo ng ilong because when we were there na, break na daw sila ni Indonesian gf. Hay kaloka!

I have many kwento pa but I have to stop na telling you my kuya’s past dahil baka saktan na ko ng kuya ko pagbalik ko ng Pinas haha!

I shared all these snippets to you so that you’ll know why my kuya reached that age before he finally decided to tie the knot. Pero syempre that’s aside from the fact that my brother has always been very responsible to our family. Our needs are always in his priority. Sobra nya kami mahal hence his decision (I think) of delaying his plans of having a family of his own.  

Back to my kwento. The original plan was, the wedding will either be in November or December. He informed us ahead of time so that we can file our leave. But in the middle of everything, we had to change plan. We had to come to Pinas kasi by June because of Mimay’s baby fashionista and I told my kuya that we can’t come na by December, so I requested to him and Ate Jona if it’s possible to move the wedding date earlier. As in from December to June, ganun ka-layo ang jump hehe. Thankfully they agreed.

With less than 3 months left, wedding preparations started. I was super nakokonsensya because they had to make madali everything and squeeze their budget to the max para lang umabot ng June ang wedding. But God is really good because everything turned out beautifully. Everything was almost perfect especially my gown haha!

Allow me to photoblog and narrate everything from prenup, wedding and honeymoon. Echosera ko eh kaya share ko sa inyo lahat ;P

I want to brag that their prenup idea came from me. They both like watching movies so I thought that it would be nice if the location will be in a movie house. These photos are unedited pa. You should see their photobook, very beautiful.
Mr & Mrs Smith kuno

By the way, their photog was Kuya Sunny of SNY Cavite, which was our wedding photog too. He’s the nicest and his rates are very affordable.
Nani: Bi pag 5 years na tayo, pakasal ulit tyo ha? Si Kuya Sunny ulit kunin natin. Nice his shots no?
Poy: Ha pwede ba yun bi? Kakasal ulit? Madami ulit bisita?

Nerbyoso tong asawa ko! Konti lang kaya ininvite ko nung wedding namin, 250 lang kaya, halleer? Anong masama kung ulitin namin yun? :D Pero no joke, I really want to get married again. Renewal of vows ba, sa beach. Dream ko din to have a beach wedding eh. Pero this time, intimate ceremony lang. Just like Megan Fox’s wedding. It will just be me, Poy, Mimay and some of our closest relatives. Very unlike our 2008 wedding pero I want it in Phuket Thailand haha! Dream on nani, walang masama jan!

Moving on, this is where we spent the night prior the wedding day. Mimay had fun in Hotel Kimberly Tagaytay. They have a spacious playground for kids and swimming pool. Me naman enjoyed the buffet breakfast. I finished kilo kilong tocino talaga haha!
In the hotel before the big hour:
Just some quick info: Did you know that the 3 of us married all in the month of June with 9 days gap in between the dates? Nani & Poy – June 10, Chelo & Dong – June 19, Denz & Jona – June 28. Hindi yan sinasadya ha, nagkataon lang. Cute no? :)
Date – June 28, 2011
Wedding location, both ceremony and reception – Sonya’s Garden Tagaytay
Officiating Pastor – Rev. Pastor Levy Erasga (the same pastor who officiated our wedding)
Time – 3:30 pm

I don’t want to be biased but I have to say that my Kuya and ate Jona’s wedding is one of the best wedding I’ve ever been to. I had goosebumps while Ate Jona walks down the aisle. It was a very emotional moment especially when Ate Jona’s dad cried. I notice everyone’s crying too, truly very touching. Ate Jona’s the eldest kasi of the 4 girls and she’s the first one to get married kaya super cry-ola si dad. I suddenly remember my daddy in my wedding, agaw eksena din. As in hagulgol ha! Nalito tuloy ako kung kasal ko nga ba yun o libing, jowk!

Here’s my poging pogi kuya in his Onesimus dark gray coat. Di naman sya tuwang tuwa no?

Here naman are my mommy and daddy. Aminin, ang ganda ng mommy ko. Motif kung motif ang hair haha!

This is my only sister with her hubby, Mimay’s Ninung Dung! (dahil visayan accent ang anak ko, ang Dong naging Dung. Atleast may accent!)

And this is me ofcourse with the very beautiful (but sick) & one and only flower girl. Wrong timing nga. This is Mimay’s first ever abay but sadly she was sick. Look at her eyes, tamlay no? But still she’s very adorable in her gown. With us is my cousin Warren who replaced Poy as my partner. 

Here’s our Mimay during the ceremony, totally not in the mood.

Here are some more photos during the ceremony. The couple is laughing ang giggling all the time!

And the part which really made me teary eyed. I’m so happy for both of them =)
Right after the ceremony, the couple gave their “thank you’s” to everyone who witnessed their special day. And what surprised me was, my kuya cried. His speech was like this: “Nakakaiyak pala to. Pasensya napo kayo, first time eh. Yaan nyo po next time di na ko iiyak.” Haha loko talaga tong kuya ko!  Gusto pa ng 2nd time!

The pretty and handsome members of the entourage. It could have been happier if my Poy was there that time too.

Wacky family shots.
naynay! ang ganda mo! ikaw na!
During the reception.

I just have to include these dahil ang ganda namin dito ng ate ko haha!
I super love the food in Sonya’s. I’m just lost for words how to perfectly describe the taste eh, basta lahat masarap. They have fresh mints pa (na mukang damo as in grass) in the juice, so unique. And what’s more bongga? It’s an eat all you can, sit down dinner! Chuchal!

Congratulations to my one and only kuya na mahal na mahal na mahal ko! And to my new ate, welcome sa pamilyang galgal! Haha! Love you both!

Have a blessed marriage and we pray you little Denz and Jona the soonest!

Oh by the way, guess where did they go for honeymoon? Hirap hulaan no? Wala man lang clue. Hehe =)