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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Mega over due post. To think that my mom’s birthday is March 12 pa and April na next week. Kaloka! Sorry, sobrang busy lang.

To the best mommy & best naynay in the whole wide world, belated happy happy happy happy birthday!
Mi, life will never be this easy without you. I am so much blessed to have you as my mommy and my best friend. Thank you is really an understatement. I can’t thank you enough for everything, for all your love to us especially to Mimay. I will never be who I am and what I am right now if not for your support and love.
Now that I am a mom too, I appreciate you more for your unselfishness. Hindi pala madali maging mommy and I salute you kasi you were able to pass it with flying colors. You may not be a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher or an engineer, but still, you’re our magna cum laude.

Now that I am a mom too, I learned not to be afraid in spoiling Mimay. Sabi kasi nila masama daw inispoil ang bata. Pero bakit ako? I cannot remember a single request to you na hindi mo binigay sa akin. Lumaki naman ako ng maayos, kami ng mga ate at kuya. As long as the intention is right, with prayers and proper guidance, it’s okay to give what your children deserve.
Now that I am a mom too, I look forward in becoming my children’s bestfriend too. I may have lots of friends but you will always be my best best friend. I pray that I will be as cool as you when Mimay and our future children grow up.
I love you so much mommy! Thank you for everything. May you have many more birthdays to come, as in sobra sobrang madameng birthday pa!

Friday, March 16, 2012


Before I go insane because of work and the pressure that comes with it, mag bblog na lang muna ako. Ayoko nga maloka. Though I am not complaining ha? I love my work, I’m really enjoying what I’m doing right now. There are just those times na kailangan talaga mag-pause eh or else you can’t think right anymore.

My kwento for today is about our Mimay. Pwera yabang, Mimay’s getting prettier now. Maybe because she’s becoming more biba and healthier nowadays. She’s not fat but she’s more of siksik.

If you remember I once made kwento here that we are having problem on Mimay’s appetite before. She’s not into rice kasi. Puro soup & noodles lang, but rice especially if it’s with ulam, naku super ayaw nya. We had to give her Heraclene as per her pedia’s advise, para magka-gana lang. But as I’ve said that was before, pero ngayon, after rice with ulam, dessert nya is 3 bottles of 8oz milk. Kaloka, I know! Would you believe that Mimay can finish a 1.6kg can of Progress gold in 4 days?! That means, we need to buy 4 cans every payday, which also means 8 cans per month and which also means P9,840 every month! Now tell me, gugustuhin pa ba naming magka second baby???!!

Sorry naman, I got carried away. But of course, we’ll have baby no. 2, wag lang muna ngayon at baka hindi na kami kumain magasawa. Lol!

Kidding aside, there is definitely no problem with Mimay’s milk consumption. Kaya nga kami nagttrabaho eh, to support and give what Mimay needs. Unica hija kaya. So sige lang anak, laklak ka lang ng laklak! ;)
Aside from milk, she now eats anything. Her current favorites are chicken and pork barbeque, burger steak & spag in Jollibee, shrimp sinigang, sopas, sweet corn, banana & yakult. We also notice, ang hilig ni Mimay sa suka. Ganado talaga sya if we have suka as sawsawan.

Here, I wanna show you our dinner one Sunday night. Ako lahat nagluto nyan este nag prito nyan. We have fried rice with sweet corn (Mimay’s fave), sardines, fried egg, fried boneless bangus, ripe mango and syempre ang suka. Breakfast lang ang peg dahil yan lang ang kaya kong gawin, ang mag prito ;)
By the way, you have to try this boneless bangus by Century. It really tastes good. It’s P150 for 2pcs medium size of bangus, super sulit. It’s Poy’s favorite too.
From these photos, you can see that Mimay really enjoys eating. Wala na talagang pilitan effect. Kusa na naupo sa dining table, aliw!

I have to give credit to tiki-tiki. I tried that once to Mimay, super effective compared to Appebon. If you have pihikan babies, try tiki-tiki. Malay nyo lang, hiyang din sa baby nyo just like with our Mimay.

Happy Friday everyone! May we all have a fun weekend with our loved ones =)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Grabe ang bilis ng araw. Wednesday na pala today. Have you notice it too? Days fly fast no? So dapat talaga enjoy and live each day as if it is the last (knock on the wood). And yes, ang dami ko pang utang na kwento sa inyo guys.

This morning, on our way to my shuttle pick up where Poy will drop me off, as usual kwentuhang walang humpay kami mag-asawa. I noticed, we’re really adults na. Dati kasi, landian lang lagi topics namin ngayon, pang mature na. Shucks, matanda na talaga kami. Pero okay lang, mas matanda pa din si Poy haha!

One of our many topics is Mimay’s birthday month. Our one and only baby will turn 3 already this coming April 4. Another proof that time flies really fast. Parang kailan lang kasi, our Mimay is just a tiny helpless baby, ngayon kireng kire na.
We’re so excited about April. We have so many surprises instore for our baby girl in her birthday month. We decided not to throw a party anymore but instead, we’ll just go to places where we know Mimay will enjoy.

Since her birthday will fall on Wednesday, last day before the long vacation/holyweek, we will celebrate her natal day on the 5th na since there will be no work for us starting April 5-9, wohooo!!

We’re thinking to spend the day in Enchanted Kingdom. It will be Mimay’s first time there. Ewan ko ba bakit di pa namin nadadala si Mimay dun eh 1 tumbling lang ang EK from our place. Siguro dahil sawa na kami ni Poy but just merely thinking that our baby will get to see all the fun rides in EK, sobrang excited din ako.
We’re also planning to go swimming. Wala palang definite plan where, but our choices are Lipa Batangas or maybe Laguna or Tagaytay area lang din kasi kahit saan naman basta swimming pool game na game ang bagets eh.   

We’re also planning to visit either Manila zoo, Malabon zoo or Avilon zoo. Basta zoo hehe. We went to Residence Inn in Tagaytay last December but to my dismay, hindi sya masyadong bongga. P250 pa naman ang entrance nila but there are no exciting animals there.

There’s this Monkey churva. Pls excuse my baby fats lol!
The Tiger.
There’s Milky, the white Lion.
The malnourish Camel.
They also have rabbits, snakes, turtles, fish, birds, etc.

I know Mimay hasn’t feel yet the best zoo experience of her life. When we were in Dubai Zoo, ang boring din eh. For me, nothing beats Zoobic Safari pa din in Subic. But since I haven’t been to Malabon and Avilon zoo, maybe we’ll try one of them this April. I want Mimay to see a real elephant and a real giraffe.

Together with my family, we also have plans to go to Hundred Islands in Pangasinan on April 29-May 1. Long holidays na naman kasi yun because of Labor Day. I just have to get an approved VL on April 30, wish me luck!

And ofcourse, the Barney show live in Aliw Theater on April 28.

We already bought the tickets last Saturday and Mimay is so excited about it. I keep on telling her that we will see Barney in person as well as BJ, Baby Bop and Riff. At first, she was confused. Akala nya siguro mag wawatch lang kami ng Barney sa laptop but after explaining to her ayun naarok din. Tuwang tuwa kamo. I cannot imagine it anymore when we see Barney na talaga in person. Baka pati kami ni Dadee nya mapasayaw din kay Barney haha!

It will surely be a very busy April for us. I can’t wait for it. Poy and I are super excited for Mimay.

Advance happy 3rd birthday anak! We love you so much, we’ll make sure you’ll have a fun fun birthday month. Kiss kiss kiss!


I super love Saturday, it’s my favorite next to Sunday haha! Not only because no work on those days, but because weekend also means quality time with my husband and baby.

Last 2 Saturdays ago, (as usual late posting na naman) Dadee Poy, Mamee Nani and Mimay went to SM Southmall. During my dalaga days, Festival, ATC and SM Southmall were my go-to malls. Malapit kasi and very accessible from Calamba. I would start malling at 10am and will do my mall hopping until mamaga na ang hinlalaki ko sa paa. But since we had Mimay, I cannot afford that anymore. Staying in the mall with Mimay for more than 4 hours will surely kill me. Ang hyper kaya ng anak ko. I seldom go to Southmall since then, ngayon na lang ulit.

It was a lucky day for me. Why? Because of all entrances in Southmall coming from the parking area, dun pa kami napunta sa Ladie’s wear section of SM. #dikounsinadya ;)  Syempre, if you’re in SM, it’s a mortal sin not to get something di ba? And since I don’t want to sin, I got these kyoot blouses. (nice palusot right?) They’re nicer if worn.

After that quick shopping, we had lunch in Karate Kid which is more like Tokyo Tokyo. It’s our first time to dine there. Husband tried the beef teriyaki, Yakisoba for Mimay and Tempura Udon for me. We also had California Maki and tried their red iced tea.
The taste is okay na din sa gutom, you know what I mean. It’s not comparable to Ipponyari though. The Tempura Udon in Karate Kid is like P129 only while in Ipponyari it’s around P500. Ganyan din kalayo yung lasa nila hehe.

After our lunch, we went to Dave’s funhouse so that our Mimay can play. The problem is super crowded nung area. Super excited pa naman si baby namin.

Good thing, Tom’s world is just on the other corner so our Mimay was still able to go in the playhouse. Super saya ng bagets! Sharing to you some of the photos in the play area.

I was thinking tuloy to pattern Mimay’s room to this. We’ll put her slide inside her room then there will be ball pool as well. Malamang, hindi matutulog ang anak ko pag ganun kwarto nya. Whatchathink? ;)
Finally, we had our family photo, yun lang, bangenge na si bagets. It was another fun Saturday for us! Weekend is really love =)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

WHY I LOVE POY - Part 12

Before I start my kwento of the day, I would like to warn you dear readers that this post is mejo rated PG. I just find it funny kasi. If you’re not a teleserye fan, for sure you won’t get this. But for those Coco Martin’s die hard, I’m sure getz nyo to.

Ever since I started working in Cavite, I seldom watch TV on weeknights. I’m dead tired already because Poy and I usually arrive almost 8pm na. As much as I wanted to stay long in front of the TV, there are just too many important things that I have to do.

But everything changed when “Walang Hanggan” started in ABS-CBN. Ewan ko ba, nakaka adik ang teleseryeng yan. Ang ganda ng story kasi. Bonggacious pa the cast. I’m so hooked with it to the point na feeling ko ako talaga si Katerina, lol!
As I’ve said, you won’t get my kwento if you do not follow this teleserye. So let me just briefly share the main plot of the story para kahit papano, getz nyo. It’s about the love triangle of Daniel, Katerina and Nathan. The original mag jowa is Daniel and Katerina but they separated because they thought Daniel died of an accident. Bigla kasi sya naglaho, but the truth is buhay pa sya. His death was planned by Nathan and Tomas, brother of Katerina. Just to make it short, Katerina and Nathan got married. Although kinasal na sila, Katerina still loves Daniel. On Katerina and Nathan’s first night, walang nangyari. And even on the succeeding nights, zero lagi si Nathan. Wawa.

There, that ends my intro. Yes, intro pa lang yan. Eto na yung rated PG part.

Last night, while we were in bed, Poy keeps on hugging and kissing me. Alam nyo na, kinikiri na naman ako ng asawa ko haha. Pero dahil may hangover pa ako ng “Walang Hanggan”, deadma to the world lang ako. Feeling Katerina lang ang arte ko. Eh nangungulit pa din, so inexplain ko na talaga.

Nani: Bi, napanood mo kanina hindi pa nagtatabi si Katerina at Nathan. So since ako si Katerina, hindi rin tayo pwede jumeklavertz. Please wag ka makulit, matulog na tayo.

Poy: Naman bi, affected ka pa rin ng palabas na yun. Wag mo na panoorin yun.

Nani: Ano ka ba bi? Hindi pwede. Ako nga si Katerina no! Basta ganto, pag bukas tumabi na si Katerina kay Nathan, goraboom na tyo. Pwede na =)

Silence. Shucks nagalit ata.

Nani: Ha bi? Bukas na lang ok?

Poy: Bi… Ako si Daniel =)

Wahahahaa!!!! Laughing trip talaga ko kagabi.

Actually until now, pag naiisip ko sya, I still can’t get over it. Super tawang tawa pa din ako. I really love my Poy, sobra =) =) =)


Grabe grabe grabe! I am super duper mega over busy for the past week. As in! Work load up to my neck level talaga. Actually hanggang ngayon but I really need to blog, I’m palpitating already. I cannot concentrate anymore because ang dami dami laman ng utak ko. I need to unload some of it here.

First topic is my husband’s promotion! Na broadcast ko na sya sa FB last Sunday, excited. Feeling ko naman ako napromote lol! I am just so proud of him, sobra! I am even more excited because finally, after long months of waiting, I will be able to share the whole story here in my blog. I know it’s been a while since we kept any update about it. He told me to zip my mouth muna and wait for the right time. Right time because he wasn’t able to formally resign from his job in Dubai hence he doesn’t want me to publicly share the news yet. And I’m happy that the right time has finally come. His passport with cancelled visa is already with us. Yey!

Here’s the full story. Remember last November, Poy had to leave from Dubai going back to Pinas earlier than my flight back. He left a week earlier than me because I had to finish the 30 days notice to my previous employer. While him naman had to leave Dubai early because he had to report na to his new work here in Pinas. Yeap, God has again proved to us how mighty He is for keeping His promises to our family.

During the time that I was doing the Skype interviews for my application in Maxim, I didn’t know that my husband is sending resumes and applying job online to Pinas.  Until one day, he informed me that he received an irresistible job offer as a Safety Officer in a cold storage industry in Pasig. I was stunned because I had no idea about it. The offer for him was truly a blessing for our family. Sobrang sakto because we will be both back in Pinas with confirmed work.

Now you know the reason why we had to make a come back eksena in Pinas. It is because God is good and answered our prayer once again. No more worries about my mom’s visa and Mimay’s environment while growing up because we will all be staying in Pinas for good with God’s favor of giving us secured and stable jobs.

And what’s even more bongga about it is that, being on his job for 3 months only, Poy is now handling 6 cold storage depots in different provinces in the Philippines and promoted as Safety Manager. Congrats bibi ko!!!

Ang galing galing ni Lord!

I still have so many things in mind, but for now, eto muna kwento ko. But before I end this, I want to share to you the latest photo of our baby girl. Ang arte lang. Here she is posing with the Koi’s in Nuvali. She’s becoming healthier and prettier everyday =)