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Sunday, July 31, 2011


I just came to notice now that I think I love the color RED.
With my red specs, red nail polish, red phone cover, red wallet (not in photo) and red belt (not in photo too), ano sa tingin nyo? Favorite ko ba talaga ang RED?

I think I should get a red bag the soonest and a red pump too!   


Meet our little mermaid! 
Last Friday, before we went to Burjuman for our church service, we went to Flora Creek Hotel for Mimay’s first session of her swimming class.

This is the day our baby has been long waiting for since I told her that she will be going to a swimming class soon. Everynight before we sleep, she always tells us this: “Miming lapit na! tutulog na tapos miming na! (with matching kilig)” It’s really super cute hearing her say that. Ang conclusion nga namin ni Poy eh sirena tong si ineng in her past life hehe.
We arrived in Serenity Spa and Wellness Centre before 3pm. This wellness centre inside Flora Creek Hotel was introduced to me by my kumareng Joy. I was enticed to try their pool because it’s indoor, perfect especially in Dubai’s temperature nowadays.
Mimay inside the shower/changing room

The entrance per adult is AED 100 for non-member. Mahal sya. Imagine P1200 for a single entrance. So what I did is I registered for a 1 month membership which is AED 200 lang plus AED 100 for the registration. In that, the priviledge would be a 1 month free use of swimming pool then complimentary na daw si Mimay. Much better option, I guess. Since I’ll be coming early from office this whole month of August, it’s the perfect time for me to go swimming with ineng. Atleast hindi sayang ang membership fee.
While for Mimay’s swimming lesson, beginner rate is AED 100 for 5 group sessions. Prior registration, the front desk officer told us that Mimay’s too young for formal lessons. They can’t guarantee that my daughter will learn the swimming strokes at her young age, but what they can assure is that Mimay’s fear of water will go and will learn to enjoy water more.

I wasn’t able to take photo of the actual lesson because Poy didn’t come with us. I was in the pool too so walang photographer. Poy stayed home to iron our clothes (talking about ulirang dadee hehe) and just came to pick us up from the hotel.

The Indian instructor started his lessons by taking Mimay to the pool steps. He lets Mimay sit there and play. This will help Mimay daw to get accustomed to the water. Either the mom or dad is required to go with the child and do also whatever the instructor is saying. In this way, the child will obey the instructions more easily because she will imitate her parent. Next is we are asked to sit on the top step and do some kick. The correct kick is that the leg must be straight with knees slightly bending. Mimay enjoyed this part and I did too :) For the last part of the 1st session, we were asked to put a toy that will submerge in the water. The toy was placed in the “semi-shallow” pool step which is to be taken out from water by Mimay. This will help her prepare to eventually put her face underwater. The 1st session lasted for less than an hour which is ideal for Mimay’s age so that she will not get bored easily.
Tired baby after her class

It was a fun experience for me and ineng. It’s a good bonding moment too! I can see how happy she was. She was kissing me every now and then as if it is her way of saying thank you to me. The feeling was priceless.
We are scheduled to come back on Tuesday for the 2nd session. I am not expecting Mimay to learn the butterfly stroke after a month, either free style or floating, etc. But what I expect is that through this activity, we will get to bond more and our Mimay is happy. That what matters most to me and Poy.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

WHY I LOVE POY - Part 11

It’s been a while since I haven’t blog about my poging poging bibi. Did you guys miss his hirits? Don’t worry because I think namiss nya din ma-feature sa blog ko hence this comeback post.
Eksena yesterday while we are waiting for the metro:

Poy to Mimay: Neng alphabet muna tayo,game. A is for?
Mimay: Apple, a a apple (she’s singing it just like what she heard in You Tube)
Poy: B is for?
Mimay: Ball, ball ball ball
Poy: C is for?
Mimay: (esep esep)
Poy: Ano neng?
Mimay: (still not answering)
Poy: C is for KANGAROO, ka ka kangaroo!
Nani: (in shock) Biiii!! Anong C is for kangaroo??
Poy: Ay mali! K is for kangaroo pala neng!

Kaya nawawalan ng gana magaral si Mimay eh, gulo ng tatay nya! Hehe =)


Its time for another movie review, but this time, Hindi film naman.

The movie was very impressive and we learned a lot. I have to give 5 stars to “3 idiots” introduced to us by our friend Lyn. It was a humorous, tear shedding and entertaining film packed with real lessons in life.
At first, I was hesitant to watch it because it’s an Indian film so malamang eh nose bleed kami because it’s in Hindi. Good thing it has an English subtitle, so we relied on it to fully understand the plot. We made the right decision of watching it despite of the almost 3 hours duration. Yup ganun sya katagal, Titanic level! But no regrets kahit puyat. The movie is really worth watching.

Almost all of us in the house had a good laugh with the actors in this film. The song ang dance part is very lively that we had an LSS (last song syndrome) until now hehe. “A A All is well!” Katuwa because parang movie lang nila Dolphy and Vic Sotto na may dance number lagi. There were also parts in the movie na cryola naman ang drama namin lahat. Para lang kaming mga luka sa bahay, tatawa, sasayaw, iiyak hehe.

What’s good about this movie is that we grasped moral lessons that can be applied in our everday lives; here are some I want to share to all of you:
1.     Education is important. Don’t waste the opportunity. Value your parents’ hardwork just to be able to send you in a good school.
2.     Take courage. Especially in tough times. Learn how to handle your problem maturely. Wag mag su-suicide ;) Life is beautiful!
3.     Stand firm. Fight for what you believe is right. Learn how to say NO.
4.     If you’re suffering from any kind of hurts, always remember, it shall pass. Sabi nga sa movie, our heart is weak, so we must always remind our heart that ALL is WELL.
5.     Love is not always about money. Dump the guy who’s inlove with his money alone, he’s an ass!
Actually madami pa eh, I just don’t want to ruin if ever you guys have plans to watch it too.
Do you know that the lead actor Rancho here is 43 years old na pala in real life?     He doesn’t look his age no? He looks bagetching. Parang si Bert lang, char! :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011


And Thursday came! Woot woot! My most favorite day because Thursday means, Friday na bukas! Yipee! We have a scheduled videoke night later in 214. Since tipid mode kami lahat, house party will do for us with matching kropek to munch. Then tomorrow is the start of Mimay’s swimming class in Flora Creek Hotel. I am so excited for it! I hope magising ako ng maaga, cross fingers ;)

But I am more excited for August 1, that’s on coming Monday na. Instead of the usual 9:15am – 6pm schedule, we will be going home a little bit early for 1 whole month! Yey! The initial schedule would be until 4pm but we are hoping and praying that the management will agree to 3pm instead. Then at the end of Ramadan, we’ll have 4 days off! Yon! That means more time with Mimay and the hubby. *happy dance*

And just an update, last night is the 1st night without the hubby at home. Like what I have shared in my previous post, Poy will be on night shift until mid of August. Naynay will come on the 15th morning pa hence the change of schedule for us. Ang hirap ng wala si hubby! Wala ko mautusan haha! But all in all, I survived night 1. Yey!

I haven’t kwento here pala that I am wearing eye specs now and it’s red, kabog! But still mukha pa rin akong lola! But it’s okay because I am not experiencing headache now. Before kasi almost everyday I am taking Ibuprofen or Paracetamol for my headache. The doctor told me that I should wear this while working in my laptop to somehow lessen the eye stress.
I am like this during office hours. Achieve na achieve ang granny goose look. Pardon me for this shot, di ako kagandahan at sa toilet talaga ang location. Parang ang haba ng fez ko here no? Or maybe, wala na akong pisngi dahil namamayat na ako?? Choz!

O sha, gtg! At baka isipin nyo naman eh tambay lang ako dito sa office (obvious ba?)

Happy weekend everyone!


Today is a very blessed day for our friend, Tita Lou. She just got the residence visa for her baby MM.
Our dxb family is getting bigger yey! I am personally very happy for her because finally, after long months of waiting, she will be with her baby boy na, ofcourse with Daddy Mark too. God is really good and it’s another testimony that nothing is really impossible with God. All praises only to Him!

I was like Tita Lou months ago, praying hard that everything will go well with Mimay’s move here in Dubai with us. That’s why I so know the feeling. It’s really hard and painful to be away from your child.

Ta Lou, we are all very happy for you and Mark! And to baby MM, we can’t wait to see you, lexie, andino and mimay all play together soon.

I grabbed below photos of our babies from FB. I just want to share to all of you because they are all very adorable. At may madadagdag pa, watch out for our new baby girl in October c/o MeiYo! =)

Len/Ric, Jay/Carl, Lyn/Win, Ssel/Leah, Dong/Jo – what are you waiting for? Gawa na, now na! =)   

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Guys I have a little, as in little problem now. Help me nga.  It’s about this dalaga in below photo.
Mimay’s 2 years and 3 months old and as early as now, we are teaching her the alphabet, how to count, body parts, etc. I think it’s normal for her age to learn that. She keeps on bugging me that she wants to go to school na daw so I bought her school stuffs like books, activity pad, pencils, colors and even a bag. I also bought these flash cards with alphabets and numbers. In our room, we posted different kinds of animals, fruits and colors for Mimay to see. She loves watching alphabet in the You Tube too.
With that, Poy and I are patiently teaching her to learn the “basics”. But we notice that if teaching time na, may mga gantong pasabog na eksena ang bruha:

Scene 1:
Mamee: Mimay let’s count ha? Game. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Mimay: Wan, Tu, Tyi, Por…
Mamee: Oh what’s next?
Mimay: Mamee tulog tayo! (sabay hikab!)

Echoserang bata! Ayos sa excuse!
Scene 2:
Mamee: Mimay, today Mamee will teach you different colors. You understand baby?
Mimay: Wag na ganyan usap mamee!

Scene 3: while I am showing her the wooden alphabet toy we bought for her.
Mamee: Mimay A is for
Mimay: Apol!
Mamee: B is for
Mimay: Bee!
Mamee: C is for
Mimay: Car!
Mamee: D is for
Mimay: Duck
Mamee: Very good baby! E is for
Mimay: Elepante!
Mamee: Anak, it’s elephant.
Mimay: Elepante nga yan mamee oh!
Mamee: Ok, next na lang. F is for (showing her a fish drawing)
Mimay: Nemo! (with full of confidence!)

Then one night I heard Mimay and Poy like this:

Dadee: A is for
Mimay: Apol!
Dadee: B is for
Mimay: Basag!
Kamote! Poy just slaps his forehead! Honestly, we don’t know where she learned that. Pero tama naman no? =D

My friends Lyn, Len, Jo, Carl and Jay are also patient in teaching Mimay.  Especially Jay. Iisang damdamin kami nyan in our plans (and prayers) of teaching Mimay learn how to speak English. Goodluck to us Jay! Last night, I saw Mimay, Jay and Carl teaching Mimay the alphabet.

Eto ang laging sagot ng Mimay:
§  Mamaya mamaya ha?  (u have to hear her tone in saying that, katawa promise!)
§  Tama na yan ha?
§  Wait wait lang.
§  Or worst, deadma kemberloo sya.
… sabay itatabi na nya lahat ng alphabet toys nya under our bed. Change topic na lang daw haha! Pero ilabas mo nail polish, make up at iplay ang “baby” ni Justin Bieber, 100% sure attentive yan!

I’m wondering why would she be tamad of this entire alphabet and counting churvas eh wala naman sya pagmamanahan. I love learning, I love to go to school, I’m excited everytime we have new topics in school. I never get bored on any subjects. Same with Poy, consistent honors yang bibi ko. But why our Mimay is like this?

Shall I take it seriously that she’s not fond of learning? Or masyado ba ko judgmental sa anak ko? Hahaha! Parang pagdating kasi sa kakirihan at kalokohan ang galing eh, pero pag alphabet, colors and numbers laging change topic =D

You guys think it’s normal? When is the right time ba to teach her? Any tried and tested suggestions?


Guess who’s coming back in Dubai soon?

Yeap, it’s no other than Mimay’s Naynay!
Mimay with Naynay's visa!

Ay tumbling ang anak ko sa saya for sure when she gets to see her naynay again after 1 month. And likewise, cartwheel din for sure si naynay when she gets to see her luka lukang apo again. Haha!

As initially planned kasi, Mimay will be taken cared of by a nanny while me and Poy are in the office. Si naynay mga October pa sana susunod here in Dubai. But after sometime, we noticed that the current set-up is not healthy for Mimay. Ganito kasi, the nanny is 20 minutes bus ride away from our flat. Poy will drop Mimay there in the morning and I’ll be the one to pick her up in the evening. In the morning, we have to wake up Mimay at 6:30 because the bus will leave at 6:40. Imagine tulog na tulog pa si ineng, bubuhatin na sya ni Poy at isasakay ng bus. Then he will leave Mimay with the nanny and as expected, crying galore si Mimay. Very traumatic for her. Then I’ll come at 7pm to pick her up, travel back by bus to our flat and we have to make her sleep before 10pm because she has to wake up early the following day.

After a week in this arrangement, Poy and I had a serious talk that we cannot see Mimay everyday like that. Wawa our baby. According also to Jessica, the one who baby sits Mimay, our baby is crying for almost the whole day. She’s not sleeping and keeps on asking for me and Poy. She’s becoming matamlay din daw. “She’ll get used to that set-up”, sabi nila. But if you’re in our situation, seeing your daughter like that is very painful. We couldn’t even work affably in office because we keep on thinking about her, texting Jessica, calling her every now and then and telling us that Mimay is still crying. It’s really a torture not only for Mimay but to me and Poy as well.

When she gets home in our flat, she’s very active naman. She loves playing with our housemates. And with that Poy and I realize, that’s the real Mimay - masaya, makulit and hyper. And we want her to be like that always. And so we decided that it’s either I stop from working and take care of Mimay or Naynay must come with us the soonest possible. We agree on the latter. Because it will not be practicall too if we will stay in Dubai, with all the expenses, if I will not work. Poy doesn’t want us din naman to go back in Pinas, it’s not healthy daw for our family na hindi kami sama sama. I actually agree with that, hindi ko rin naman kaya to be away from him. Hence, our decision of having Naynay back in Dubai.
naynay with the ex-101, now 214 babes!
With this sudden decision, malamang sa malamang eh alamang muna uulamin namin dahil sa mahal ng visa at airfare ni naynay haha! Okay lang, everything and anything for Mimay. What’s more important is, Mimay’s in safe hands and she’s happy. We’re happier that way =)

Yesterday, Poy requested his boss to allow him in the night shift until Naynay’s here already so that we don’t need to send Mimay to the nanny. And God is really good for giving a super bait boss to my husband. Yes, for the meantime, Poy will be on a 10pm-6am work schedule. So he’ll be incharge with ineng in the morning. Yey! All praises to HIM!

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Shallow as it may sound, but one of the main reasons why husband and I wanted Mimay to stay here with us in Dubai is because we want her to learn to speak in English. We just find kids speaking in English so adorable! 

But it’s not easy pala especially if you have a kid like Mimay. We find it hard to teach her dahil mas marunong pa sya sa min. Kaloka! Just the other night, hubby is teaching Mimay the body parts. Actually she knows it na, yun nga lang tagalog version.

Poy: Mimay show me your ears.
Mimay: deadma galore
Poy: Neng where are your ears?
Mimay: deadma still
Poy: Neng these are your ears (pointing to Mimay’s ears)
Mimay: Dadee tenga! Tenga yan.

One time naman, I was trying to talk to Mimay in English. Tingnan ko lang ba reaction. She’s listening naman pero after a while eto ang sabi ng loka.
Mimay: “Mamee wag ganyan usap, please naman!”

Eto pa, Thirdy, his playmate in Jessica’s place can only understand English. Sa daldal ng anak ko at sa dami ng sinasabi, walang reaction si Thirdy. So ayun, hindi sila nagkakaintindihan pareho. Eh di masaya walang away haha!

Then last Thursday night, we visited my kumareng Joy and my inaanak Lexie in their new flat. I have known Joy since our highschool days in Letran, Beautiful Girl yan ng Eat Bulaga =) Then we became classmates and friends in college. Our friendship didn’t stop when we graduated. It blossomed as we mature and eto nga, magkumare na kami ngayon. So it’s really a delight for us to see our baby playing together. It’s like our friendship is becoming deeper as our babies are becoming friends too.
At first, nagpapakiramdaman pa ang 2 bagets then after sometime habulan to the max na sila. They were laughing or more of screaming the whole time. Parang binagyo ang room nila mare because of the 2 kids. It was almost perfect, yun lang hindi na naman sila magkaintidihan haha! Spokening dollar din kasi ang lola lexie nyo while Mimay is not. We had a good laugh when we overheard their short talk.

Lexie calling Mimay: C'mmon c'mmon! (slang version of come on, come on!)
Mimay: Anu yun?

Mimay while pointing the story book to Lexie: Lexie basa basa!
Lexie: super clueless, walang reaction :D

And before we leave my kumareng Joy’s flat, eto ang ending: NOSE BLEED ang anak ko sa English ni Lexie harhar! And the winner in round 1 is Lexie!
We therefore conclude, ang English ay totoong nakaka nose bleed. Hay anak, we really have to do something with your English. We have to prepare you before you meet Andino. Baka mya mya nyan, himatayin ka na anak =)


I posted this photo in FB the other week ata. Sarap ng tulog ng mag ama ko no?
Poy filed a 2 weeks local leave since we came back from Pinas hence I am the only one waking up in the morning to go to office. But starting tomorrow, Mimay will have to stay with her baby sitter until we get the visa for naynay. We are praying so hard that everything will go smooth. I hope our baby girl will not cry if we leave her with Jessica. It’s a good thing there’s a 2 yr old boy staying in Jessica’s place, atleast Mimay will have a playmate.

Hay the cons of being a working parent. How I wish we are ultra rich so that hubby and I don’t need to go to work. Yung tipong gigising kami ng late then we’ll play with Mimay the whole day, go to mall, shopping, dine out and go out of town or out of the country trips. Ain’t life easier that way?

But on a lighter note, we are thankful that hubby and I have a good job to support Mimay’s needs. It just came to my senses that I should not be complaining because we have been too blessed with many things in life and we give back all the praises to Him alone. Thank you Bro!

Thursday, July 21, 2011


…Bungang Araw! You are not welcome!

Because of the temperature rising to its peak here in Dubai, our dear Mimay got these unsightly heat rashes all over her tummy. Super kawawa si ineng because she keeps on scratching her tummy even when she’s sleeping. I was told by a friend that it’s normal to suffer from these nowadays especially here in Dubai, so I guess Mimay’s skin is also adjusting with the temperature. Super lamig inside our flat but when we go out, even at night, it’s still extremely humid and hot.
"mamee init dito!"
To prevent the rashes from spreading, I temporarily stop the use of fragrant bath gel for Mimay. Now she’s back to Lactacyd muna because it’s gentle in the skin. I don’t use cologne and lotion too on her tummy to avoid probable infection. I read also in the internet that I should wash Mimay as often as possible to cool her down and I must not let her wear tight clothes. So anak losyang clothes ka muna for the meantime.

Also, I found this thread in the net regarding kids having ‘bungang araw’ after arriving to Dubai. I learned from them that heat rash usually goes away on its own but some prickly heat powder may help to control the itchiness.  I also found out about this Sudocrem which they said is very effective to heat rashes. We’ll see. I already told Poy that we will get this cream for our baby girl.

Will update you on the improvement on my next post!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Since I am not busy today, I thought of sharing something to all of you. Basta secret lang natin ok? I’ll not post this in my FB so that Poy will not get to read this hehe. But don’t get me wrong, Poy knew about this, I shared this to him already kaya lang hindi nya feel. He was mad actually. Basta wala lang to, gusto ko lang talaga ishare =)

One day during my vacation in Pinas, I went to Festival Mall in Alabang to look for shoes to wear for my kuya’s wedding. Festival Mall is the nearest decent mall from our place in Cabuyao Laguna. While I was wandering in the mall, I bumped to someone very very very familiar to me. I was stunned. Eventhough we haven’t seen each other since our break up, it’s as if I still know him very well. I’m sure he was surprised to see me too, or he’s more of na-star struck if I may say haha!

Yeap, I bumped with my ex, my 1st boyfriend for almost 6 years. After more than 5 years of not seeing each other I must say he looks better now. We have a 10 years age gap eh but he doesn’t look his age. I must commend his wife for that. She must have taken care of him really well.

He was with his friend when I saw him and they invited me for a dinner. For old time’s sake, I agreed. I don’t want him din naman to think that I’m snob. We had a good 6 years together so I think there’s nothing wrong if I’ll come with them. It feels good to catch up on him again. Walang ilangan and we had a good conversation, tawa pa rin kami ng tawa like before. I learned that he has 2 kids now, a boy and a girl. I also learned that he’s very successful now with his business which I believe sobrang dinedeserve nya. He’s a good man, respected, well mannered and a gentleman.

He told me that he wouldn’t be where he is now, strong and determined, if I wasn’t once became a part of his life. I am so proud of what he has become now.

Till we meet again! God bless you, and your kids Aiz and Airah!


This post is dedicated to my friends, former officemates and cousins whom I wasn’t able to visit during my Pinas vacation. Sobrang sorry talaga. I feel that my vacation is not sulit because I miss to see all of you.
First of all, I think it’s a known fact to everyone that the original plan was I’ll be coming to Pinas with Poy. Everything is settled and we already have a daily schedule to follow so that we can maximize the 30 days vacation given that I need to attend to Mimay’s Baby Fashionista’s activities and ofcourse to help out in my brother’s wedding.

Unfortunately, hubby wasn’t able to come with me in my flight to Pinas, susunod daw sya. Most of our plans for the 1st week of my vacation were deferred. I asked him if its okay for me to pursue with our initial schedule and that is to meet up with some of my friends and former officemates. But hubby requested to wait for him dahil uuwi naman daw sya, he’ll come with me daw. So since hassle din naman if I commute because I don’t drive and I am an obedient wife, I waited for him.

After a week, his flight was postponed again and again and again until ayun he wasn’t able to follow na because his flight to Pinas was scheduled on our flight naman back to Dubai. And the decision of him not coming for vacation to Pinas was finalized as in 5 days na lang before my flight back to Dubai. Kangarag talaga! Wala pa akong nagagawa because all I did was to wait for Poy in Pinas, yun sabi nya eh. Even yung pagpunta ko sa PAGIBIG at SSS, hintayin ko daw sya. Susme talaga tong asawa ko!

Well, it’s not that I am blaming Poy. Gusto ko rin naman yung ginawa ko. Nakakakonsensya din naman kasi to go out, have fun and parteey with friends knowing that my husband is very depressed because he cannot go for vacation. Feeling ko din, hindi rin ako mageenjoy kasi for sure text ng text at tawag ng tawag yang si Poy haha! Jowk bi!

So for my last week in Pinas, I tried to squeeze all my activities in 5 days! I went to Salon, to SSS, PAGIBIG, to my former office, met up with ‘some’ of my friends, slept over in my inlaws house, bought all the bilin’s and pasalubongs, attended the finals of Mimay’s Baby Fashionista, etc etc etc. Ngaragers to the nth level! Along with all that activities, I had to pack pa all my things as well as Mimay’s. Eh mas madami pang gamit tong anak ko kesa sa akin. Feeling ko talaga maloloka ko sa dami ng dapat kong gawin before our flight back. I was sleeping at 2 am and waking up at 7am all throughout that last week. Hello eye bags!

I think that explains well why I wasn’t able to visit all of you my dear cousins in Pagbilao Quezon, my officemates in Sumiden and Nissan esp Malen, Gallardo family & baby Joro, my foc fox sweethearts Eon and Arman, my LB friends Eyen and Jaja, hubby’s cousins in Majada esp Elvie… hay ang dami dami kong na miss sobra! I wanted to meet pa sana my mommy blogger friends Mae, Jhan, Sapphire Mommy & their cutie babies but since di naman ako marunong mag drive because hubby’s not with me, I have no choice kundi manahimik sa bahay. Hay it’s about time na talaga for me to learn how to drive so that it will be atleast easier for me to escape next time hehe. Ang hirap din kasi to go out because it was raining hard in Pinas then I have to commute.  

So ayun, please accept my sincerest apology guys! Sisihin nyo lahat si Poy wag ako ha? ;) I’ll make bawi next time. Kisses!

Monday, July 18, 2011


Just before I leave for my annual vacation, it has been a sure decision for me and Poy that we will return in Dubai with our daughter. Since Mimay is on residence visa already, she is not allowed to stay outside UAE for more than 6 months. Therefore, she really has to come back with me before August. But the sad part is, my mom cannot come to Dubai with us because of visa issues. I need to settle my mom’s residency as well and it will take time.

With that, hubby and I decided that we need somebody to babysit our daughter for the meantime. Thank God we met Jessica. She’s a Christian as well which made our decision easier. She’s our church mate who is in husband’s visa and is taking care also of a two year old boy name Third. Since Poy is on local leave until 24th of this month, we will start to bring Mimay to Jessica’s place on the 20th. She needs to get used to Jessica and Third and see how she will react to a new place and new people without us.

To be honest, I am somewhat hesitant to entrust our Mimay to somebody else as I am more comfortable leaving her to my mom. But I kept on praying that everything will be okay in this new arrangement. I don’t know what exactly I am feeling right now. I am just overly happy now that Mimay’s here with us but I am also a bit bothered. Are we selfish parents now that we have decided to bring Mimay here with us? Mas tama ba if she stayed in the Philippines na lang so that her Naynay will take care of her?

But seeing Mimay now, I think she feels much loved and complete knowing that she has her Mamee and Dadee with her. We see in her eyes that she’s very delighted playing and cuddling with me and Poy. We can see how proud she is every time we walk holding her both hands.
I believe we did the right thing. We love you so much anak!


Last weekend, to celebrate our reunion, Poy surprised me and Mimay with an overnight booking in Emirates Concorde Hotel. It was something I am looking forward talaga, to spend more intimate time with my mag-ama. Thanks bibi for again, making me and Mimay very happy with your surprise =)
We were extra happy because Mimay was very delighted with our room. As in super hilata agad sya when she saw the bed and was jumping excitedly here and there. Our room was in the 6th floor and overlooking Dubai creek. The place was very serene and the interior was really beautiful. After some playtime, Mimay immediately fell asleep. Enjoy yang anak ko sa malamig eh, very same like her dadee and I’m their opposite. Super comforter tuloy ang drama ko.
After we got some rest, we headed to the hotel’s rooftop swimming pool. Our Mimay was happier when she saw the pool, kinilig talaga sya! Swimming is our daughter’s ultimate favorite activity. I am the happiest momma on earth seeing the hubby and our one and only baby playing happily together. It was priceless!
We had our dinner after in The Wok House located in Burjuman Centre. The hubby is craving for something spicy so I thought of Thai food. It’s our first time to dine in this Asian restaurant and it was really sulit.
For the starter, we had our all time fave Tom Yum prawn soup. The asim and anghang is perfect. Then we ordered the fried rice mixed with chicken, egg and prawns. Rice pa lang ulam na! Nyummy! For the main course, we had crispy beef and roast duck. Both are so tasty and the orders were very generous that we had to take home some left overs, ang dami nya kasi talaga. Even the drinks are highly commendable. I tried their Quick Hit which is combination of tea, cranberry juice and other fruit juices which I forgot na. I only asked kasi which is their best selling drinks and this is what they offered to me. Poy naman settled for Sprite. 
Mimay loved their fried rice that we had to give her, her own plate and utensils. Aside from their yummy food, they have the friendliest staff ever. We give ‘The Wok House’ 10 thumbs up!
The following day, we enjoyed the scrumptious buffet breakfast served in the Creek View restaurant of the hotel. It’s included in our overnight package and it’s sulit as well. There are a lot of options to choose from in the buffet. I loved the different variants of freshly baked croissants. I also had French toast, fried & boiled eggs, potato wedges, mortadella, ham, donuts, fresh orange juice, coffee and fruits. PG lang haha!
Right after breakfast, we went to hotel’s rooftop again for another round of “miming!” It was scorching hot that we had to stay only for 30 minutes and make uto of Mimay that we will swim in the bath tub instead. Buti pumayag hehe.
We checked out at 1pm and went straight to Dubai Festival City. We had Charleys Grilled Subs for lunch. Calories galore talaga ko since I came back from vacation. Promise sa August diet na ulit ako, promise! I had Philly Steak while my bibi tried their Chicken Teriyaki. Whats good about Charleys is that Subs are grilled right infront of you. Kaya nakakalaway talaga as you wait for your order.
After lunch, we went to Ikea to get the cabinet hubby is eyeing for. He wanted it for our room since we have no more space in our closet for Mimay’s clothes. Since we have a very skimpy room, we decided to transfer our closet inside our toilet and place Mimay’s new cabinets in our room.
Nice our new cabinet no? Kulang na lang yung 42’ TV ni poy ;)

On our way home, bangenge si Mimay. Ikaw na magkaron ng magulang na galgal haha! There goes our perfect family bonding weekend. Hay I love weekends talaga!
Kayo, how did you spend your weekend?