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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I have this Indian guy officemate who is a big time annoyance! Super KSP talaga! He is very fond of teasing everyone in the office. It is very often that he would call me “jhanil panget” eh haller di naman kami close!  
One time he asked me what is beautiful and handsome in our language. Our conversation was like this:
Pana (Indian pana): Jhanil what is beautiful in your country?
Nani: It’s maganda.
Pana: How about handsome? (smiling, as if he is handsome)

To get even, this bright idea popped in to my mind! (wink!)
Nani: It’s UNGGOY! Why did you ask? You want to be called unggoy? Yuck you are not unggoy, it’s for handsome guys only.
Pana: Oh unggoy! Haha now I know! Yah I am unggoy!
Nani: Yuck of course not, you are not unggoy! (pero super natatawa na ko nyahaha!)
Pana: I am unggoy! I am unggoy!
Eh di sige, unggoy ka na! Haha!!
He then went to our other office mates and proudly says that he is unggoy! All the pinays were holding their giggle.
Until today, he is always declaring and announcing to everyone that he is unggoy with so much confidence. We all nod in agreement. Hahaha!! Eh di quits =)


  1. hahaha! Nice one! Served him right for being an egotistical slob!