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Sunday, October 31, 2010


I’ve been long waiting for November. It’s my favorite month next to June (birthday month, bf/gf anniv month and wedding anniv month) and April (Mimay’s birthday month). Aside from husband’s birthday, it is also the month where we will finally be with our baby after 7 long months or 215 days to be exact.

And I’m on my 190th day (hooray! hooray!), 25 more days to go! I’m having sleepless nights. I’m so excited to see Mimay, so very excited to kiss, hug, embrace and play with her. It was so cute hearing her answered “Dubai!” after we asked her in skype of “Neng, san ka pupunta?” It’s as if she’s excited too :)
Waiting days will soon be over. Ilang tulog na lang! See you soon anak!



To keep me sane as the official work week starts, let me do some junk blogging first about some weird (?) facts and trivia about myself. Who cares care bears? Wala lang, share ko lang =) Hoooray for this outlet for all my inane thoughts!

I HATE UPO and PATOLA. Period with an exclamation point! Blame it on my taste buds.
I AM A BUS OWL THEN. Back in pinas, to and from office I rarely sleep in our shuttle service. Even if jam-packed traffic pa yan, I’m 100% awake. Main reason is, I am simply not used to sleeping while travelling not unless long driving na talaga. I don’t want to get a stiff neck so I choose not to sleep and enjoy day dreaming instead or kwentuhan galore with my fave bus buddy, Aimee. Miss u Aimz! That was then. Everything changed when I came here in Dubai. Barely 5 minutes after I ride our coaster service, I look like a comatose patient, plastered in my seat. Bigay na bigay sa pag-nganga! Now, you will rarely see me awake in the service, except only when I’m seated beside my service buddies Carl, Leila and Lykz =)
I’M A FREAKIN’ COWARD of ghost movies but I love watching it. If you would ask me to choose between Titanic and Shutter, I’d give my vote to Shutter. I want that feeling of “nakakakilabot na takot!” I love it when I can’t go to the bathroom alone, can’t go anywhere alone and can’t even look at the mirror thinking that a white lady would appear anytime. Hehe masokista ate?
I HATE BANANA CATSUP but I love bananas. Banana split, turon, banana Q, banana in pochero, turdan, senorita, saba, lacatan and all kinds except for banana catsup. Sorry UFC, I’m just not a tamis anghang fanatic.
PRINGLES in TOMATO CATSUP is overly heaven for me. Try it, ang sarap kaya!
CHOCOLATE is my source of comfort. It is my staple food. I can’t live without it kahit pa cloud nine or bigbang lang yan. Anything sweet I like except for bare sugar. Wag naman asukal for dessert hehe.
PAKWAN LOVER. I can eat 1 whole watermelon in 1 sitting! Beat that!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Right after lunch in the office the other day, I had a short but sensible talk with an office mate and an experienced mom as well. She shared her traumatic lessons in raising her one and only daughter who happens to be a big time brat. And me as a cautious and OC newbie mom, listened carefully to her advices.

• It’s more advisable to have 2 or more children instead of only one. Parents kasi tend to lavish their only child with so much love and attention, which is more prone in developing a spoiled-brat kid. And an only child also tends to be selfish and shy thus making her socially withdrawn. (We have to have Mimoy talaga! Poy will love this for sure.)
• Wag magpapadala sa iyak ng bata. Let her cry and don’t easily give up on whatever she wants. (Waaah this is hard! I can’t stand Mimay crying.)
• Teach discipline as early as possible. Bata pa lang, putulin na ang sungay. (Yah yah Mimay anak I know you don’t have horns, well it just means that.. aargh hirap! Let Mamee explain this to you na lang when you grow up, ok?)

She has so many things pa sana to share kaya lang lunch break is over. Thanks Ma’am J! Till next time!

Apart from this, I realize sometimes blogging is quite risky because it makes a person vulnerable by being blunt and honest of her feelings. But at the end of the day I came to think that life is too short to keep all the emotions bottled up. Like now, I’m not shy to tell that I’m really scared and anxious on how to become an ideal mom for Mimay. But God told me to stop worrying. I still have too many things to learn but I know the ‘mom in me’ will just come out naturally. And God reminded me that I have Poy, our family, friends and most especially HIM to guide and help me raise a no-spoiled brat, MAKATAO, MAKABAYAN, MAKABANSA, MAKAKALIKASAN AT MAKA DIYOS daughter that in time, will thank us back for loving her all the way.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I think our lunch today deserves a blog =) Why? Because we had seafood feast right before our eyes. My office mates Ate Maria, Cel, Mae and yours truly coincidentally had sea creatures for lunch. We usually bring packed lunch in the office since the foods served in our pantry are mostly Indian cuisines. We simply don’t eat those because of the putok-y smell and sipon-y texture. Sorry for the adjectives used ;p

Here in Dubai, one of the main dilemmas is the daily menu. Ang hirap kaya mag-isip! My mom’s right all along, it’s really hard to think of “what to cook” the next day. Hay adult life!

As I was saying, today for lunch, we had SEAFOODS DE-LATS, not delight because it wasn’t delightful at all haha!
Canned bangus fillet, canned sardines (not in the picture kasi binubuksan pa haha!) and canned tuna of different flavors. Whatta lunch! But of course, we thank the Lord for the blessings. Others nga don’t have anything for lunch eh db?

Monday, October 25, 2010


I’ve been contemplating for days, no I think weeks now, to get a pet. It’s a secret to hubby. I know he will not allow me because of so many reasons. But I want it still. I just thought it will be a nice training for our Mimay on becoming a future ate someday. And parang it feels good that you have someone to cuddle after a busy day from work. Of course husband is there I know, I can cuddle him forever but having a pet is different.

Okay, I’m thinking to get myself a rabbit. An adorable, cute and sweet wabbit for Nani! Isn’t that cool? Yun lang, I just don’t know how! Pet here in Dubai?!? Yah it’s impossible because we’re always out 12-13 hours a day, 6 times a week and living in a shared flat. My ‘dream bunny’ might poop and pee anywhere in the house and my flat mates will surely murder my bunny or even worst, me!
Hmmm... Do I still want a pet? Definitely YES but I simply can’t, for many reasons. I’ll be selfish if I’ll pursue this thing in my head. Nobody will take care of my bunny so I just said to myself: “forget it nani!” Sad sad me =(
But nobody can stop this weirdo momma here! What Nani wants, Nani gets =)
Everyone meet my handsome wabbit!

Hahaha!! That’s my Poy munching on prawn tempura I prepared for dinner. Yup you heard it right! I personally prepared and cooked dinner for husband, just for him to wear that cute bunny ears made by Lyn.
Oh eh di may pet na ko yahoo!!!
Forgive me for this baloney blog post. I’m just bored!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


…that I am not pregnant with Mimoy… yet! Yeeeyyy!! Ooopps don’t get me wrong ok? It’s not that I don’t want to have our baby boy, I just don’t want to have him this soon. 

To our future Mimoy,
I hope you will not get Mamee wrong for being happy. Ofcourse we want to have you baby boy, it’s just that we need to consider many things before having you. We want you and Ate Mimay to have the best in life. I hope you understand that anak.

We will see you in the next years. Rest assured that, in God’s perfect time, HE will give you to Mamee Nani, Dadee Poy and Ate Mimay.

Love you,

Saturday, October 23, 2010


From a brood of lawyers, Ronalin or Nalin is my highschool classmate and friend way back in St. John and Letran. Such a sweet and clever lass with a pretty face and a sexy bod. You can’t ask for more!
Thanks Atty for your perfect and panalong kikay find! I myself will surely try this one =)

In life, it is always good to start with a clean slate. We want things clean, blemish-free and spotless. This also holds true in the world of beauty. A clean, clear, and supple skin is the most important foundation in building up one’s make-up or look. With a perfect skin, the color of any make up whether eye shadow, blush, and bronzers appear more alive and vibrant. We are born with perfect skin but age, dirt, pollution and stress give way to pimples, acne marks, spots, lines, oiliness – things that mar the real beauty in one’s face. I am fair-skinned but my problem is my oily face. It has always been my dream to have that flawless, fair and glowing skin. I had the problem of what product to use as powder or foundation. When I use liquid foundation, it turns into a greasy mess afterwards, melts and leaves only a bare film of the supposed “full” coverage it promised to deliver. Powder foundations in compacts are worse because they make my face look cakey. I feel like I am carrying a poundage of chemicals on my face. To add insult to the injury, these heavy poundages on the face only gives a sheer coverage that eventually fades during the middle of the day. And how is one supposed to reapply liquid foundation? That is too much work and we busy girls simply have no time for that.
It is a bit pricey though at about P950 per bottle but it is enough for about 3 months of everyday use. So, what is ten peso per day in order to have a porcelain glowing skin without the messy goo? Try it and see for yourself and I am sure that you’ll have that extra confidence in your step knowing that your skin looks perfect all day long.
I tried all the expensive brands… Lancome, Chanel, Mac liquid foundations. Nothing worked. Until my Tita who is one of the Head Chemists in Loreal in New York gave me this uniquely shaped bottle of LOREAL MINERAL FOUNDATION back in 2007. With just a little swipe, my face instantly turned into this porcelain perfection. It feels so air light and as it is mineral makeup, it is hypoallergenic. I even slept with my make up on and guess what, no itching, no morning after blemishes. It also offers whole day coverage. Promise. Minimal touch-ups lng kaya matipid tlga. No kidding friends. Those with oily skin have got to try this. What is cool, is that it is in a powder form and is very easy to apply. From then on, it became a necessity for me. Law school will really challenge one’s beauty because you regularly sleep only for about 4-5 hours a day for the whole 4 years. That is when there are no midterm or final examinations. During exams, an hour of sleep is a piece of heaven. So, I gotta have this foundation by my side all the time to work out its magic and make me look like a decent person. And yes, it did its job marvelously. So far, mukha pa nman daw akong tao haha..

Thursday, October 21, 2010


FRIENDSHIP is an in-depth relationship combining trust, support, communication, loyalty, understanding, empathy, and intimacy.

These are certainly aspects of life that all of us want and desire. Being an in-born Ms. Congeniality, I am one lucky person to have lots of true friends until this age. I have my elementary friends which eventually became my kumare afterwards, my highschool friends which I still keep in touch with, there are my college friends whom I truly treasure, my work friends that I miss most, my church friends that keeps me strong during life’s storm and my Dubai friends who selflessly accepted and welcomed us into a new world. But for today, it is my great privilege to share the strong bond I/we have built through all these years with FOC FOX.
Foc Fox (pronounced as FOK FOKS) was born during our thesis days back in college. Our professor asked us to identify each group with distinctive names. Out of nowhere we thought the name Foc Fox, with no reason at all, we just thought it’s cute and truly unique. Who do you think would want to name their group as foc fox? Db kami lang yun ;)

Foc fox is composed of 3 lovely ladies starting with Melanie Baracinas or Melai as we fondly call her.
She’s our Industrial Engg Society President back in college. Aktibong leader if I may say. And being an inborn leader, she’s the most responsible, persistent and patient among the 3 of us. She is also very kind hearted and helpful. Yun nga lang she’s super loud! For everyone who knows me, they will surely tell na maingay akong tao but Melai is more maingay promise! She has a lot to tell I guess because she is a brainy creature. Actually, that’s foc fox common denominator, we’re all brainy and ofcourse pretty ;) But even if Melai’s loud, she always makes sense. And apart from that, generous ang lola mo. We’re always looking forward to her birthday because Melai’s bday is equal to masarap na tsibugan! =)

Di nga lang sya masyado lucky when it comes to her lovelife (DATI YUN!). Among us, she had the most number of boyfriends because most of them only last to a month, 2 months, 4 months =) She seems nice naman with her bf, but why are they not lasting?? It’s a good thing that Melai easily recovers from heartaches. And speaking of that, I have a quick story. I remember when we were in college, Melai came rushing to our house early morning. She was crying to death because she broke up with her beau then and I don’t know how to console her. What made it worst is, that same day was her birthday! I immediately called up Leds, the other member of foc fox, to come and help me appease the ‘crying cow-birthday celebrant-with-no-bf’ in our house. After less than an hour Leds came and with full ears, we listened to Melai’s sentiments. When she was finished sharing her hurts, she calmly blurted “Tara girls, ok na ko. Lunch tayo, treat ko kayo.” Take note, full smile ang invitation na yun ha! Parang walang nangyari, kaloka! Sobrang bilis nya naka-recover. Less than 2 hours lang ata if I remember it right. Haha! But everything went different when she met Arman. They’ve been together for 4 years now. Pang-guinness!
foc fox then, may gatas pa sa labi
Melai, Leds and Nani

Next member is the equally pretty and brains, Lady Daamo now Doloroso which is more known to us as Leds. Leds is a very sweet partner. Eon, her husband now, is super lucky to have her as a wife. She’s thoughtful kasi. Her imagination is very wild when it comes to giving surprises and gifts. May it be monthsary, anniversary, valentines, birthday ay super effort yan and she’s very good in it! One thing more about Leds is she’s the best interrogator I’ve ever met. Laging buking si Eon, oh I mean laging napapaamin si Eon kasi she really has a talent in asking and making people paamin of their mistakes. She can be a good lawyer actually.
In terms of characters, Leds and I are almost the same. We both have a strong personality kasi. Palaban hindi paaapi and are very strong willed. Among us, Melai is the most mabait and calm while me and Leds are on the war freak side haha! There was this one time back in college, during our OJT days, we were to get inside an Industrial Park in Sta. Rosa. The security guard is asking us to leave our ID’s in the main gate. We told him we can’t leave our ID’s there because we also need to present it in the company where we will have our OJT. To cut it short, this guard is not allowing us to enter the park.

Our conversation went something like this:
Melai: “Sige na po kuya. Sayang naman po ang punta namin dito kung di kami makakapasok.”
Guard: “Hindi nga pwede. Kailangan magiwan kayo ng ID nyo.”
Nani: “Eh pano nga namin iiwan eh di hindi naman kami nakapasok sa company???” (with matching panlalaki ng mata)
Leds: “Kaya nga! Grabe ka naman kuya! Ma-le-late kami sayo eh!” (with matching panlalaki ng ilong)
Melai: “Please kuya pumayag na po kayo. Next time hingi na lang po kami letter sa company.”
Guard: “Basta hindi pwede, bumalik na lang kayo.”
Nani and Leds: “Hay naku Melai, tara na papasok tayo bahala yan si kuya!”
Without batting an eyelash and without second look kay kuya guard, we headed straight inside the park habang hila namin si Melai. I remember Melai was very scared then and even told us that kuya guard might shoot us with his gun. Kiber lang! See, walang nagawa si kuya guard, nakapasok kami haha!

during our wedding, obviously ;p
we exchanged partners! i so love this photo =)

We go out into the world and did our best. We finished college, employed by different companies, Nani got married and had Mimay, Leds was assigned to Japan, Melai transferred to Manila, Nani went to Dubai, Leds got married too, Melai busy with her business and lovelife… We have our ups and downs, problems and triumphs, fun and troubles. Many things had changed with our lives but our strong friendship managed to remain and survive through thick and thin.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I never thought I’d fall in love with someone this much. I am lost for words to describe how strong and deep is my feelings towards her. I love everything so much about her. The sound of her giggle, the fresh smell of her breath, the soft touch of her hands to mine, her amusing and adorable antics and her innocent yet very sweet smile. These things made me fall in love with her over and over and over again. I will surely never get tired of loving her... our dearest Jemimah Philisse...
Who will not fall in love with this sooooper cute tot?
At 18 months, Mimay is very active and playful. You will always find her smiling and laughing. She loves to interact with people! Inshort mahaderang frog ang anak namin ni Poy and we are so proud of her. She’s our greatest source of inspiration and happiness.

25 more days to go anak! 25 na lang.. =)


goofing around with hubby

Since I’m kinda busy lately coz I have so many things in mind, (work, mimay and naynay’s docs coming here in dubai, period delayed for 2 weeks now, budget, diet, poy’s D90, gshock, homesick) now I seldom notice husband’s “unintentional” jokes. Not until I sat with him this morning while checking the newspaper.

Nani: “Bi sarap oh, subway. Kagutom! Kain tyo after office.” (while pointing the yummy sub sandwich photo in the newspaper)
Poy: “Sige bi bukas, may training ako after office mamya.” (which means he’ll be home late so hindi pwede tonight)
Nani: “Ok sige bukas bi ha? Hmm ano kaya masarap?”
Poy: “Yung DNT daw bi, sabi ni Dong masarap yun.” (Dong is our friend who works in Subway)
Nani: “DNT??!? May ganun ba bi?”
Poy: “Meron nun bi, basta yun daw masarap eh.”
Subway’s Italian Biggest, Meatiest, Tastiest sandwich

After sometime, I realized what he really meant after all was Subway’s Italian B.M.T! Nani laughing trip na naman umagang umaga! =)

Eto pa may pahabol. While watching movie starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence,

Nani: “Bi anong title nyan? Mukang maganda.”
Poy: “Bad Boy po”
Nani: “Talagang walang S yun? Si binoe ba bida jan bi?”
Poy: “Hahaha bi huli mo na naman ako eh! Bad Boysssss!”

He can’t be mad at me with this blog, I got him a new phone yesterday eh. Hehe! Right bi?;)

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Another blessed and blissful year for 101’s inhenyerong ala eh! If there is one word that would best describe the celebrant, it has to be “MALUPET”. Malupet sa KAINAN at TULUGAN =) Malupet din for having a super pretty, very talented and bait girlfriend like Aileen and most of all malupet na kapatid. He is one of the very few responsible kuya I have ever met. Win only has 7 siblings lang naman which made him decide to live a life away from his family. He wanted them to have a good life, nice no?
Celebrant: Herwin Mendoza Balita
Birthday: October 4, 1982
Age: 82 este 28 pala ;)
Most Loved: Food, Bed, Pillows and Aileen

Just only a week after mareng Joy’s birthday celebration, eto kainan na naman! Everyone had a fun night eating, laughing and celebrating with Win. I have a segway kwento pala. Before the actual dinner, we were in the kitchen helping in the food preparation and at the same time kumakain na din :) Win came and told me this:
Win: “Si nani PT!”
Nani: “Huh? Ano yun? (nguya nguya)
Win: “Patay Gu.. ah eh.. (isip isip).. ah mali PG pala dapat hehe!”
Nani: “Hahaha kala ko Patay Tutom!”
Kaloka ang birthday celebrant, mahina sa spelling haha joke! ;) Well, acceptable naman. Engineers are like that kaya if may mali minsan on my grammar or spelling, forgive me din, I am better in numbers ;p

Look what we got for Win’s special day:
DINUGUAN – cooked by 101’s fabulous chef, Jay. Ang sarap sarap sarap! Perfectly matched with brown bread. I had ahhhmm 2 este 3 ahhh I mean 4 servings pala of this :D
PANCIT BIHON and LUMPIANG SHANGHAI – for long life! Prepared ofcourse by Win’s one and only Lyn. Turned out to be very delicious because it’s made out of love =)

MENUDO and BICOL EXPRESS – personally prepared and cooked by Aileen again, she’s such a sweet girlfriend :)
Lyn is becoming better in cooking, kainggit! Wife material talaga, like me haha!

CAKE - birthday is not a birthday after all without the birthday cake, but for Win, we have birthday CAKES! He’s that special eh. Chocolate mousse cake and mocca cake especially for Win.  Forget muna ang diet ;) Here are the super busog and happy guests.

As usual, the center of the celebration is our ever adorable inaanak Lexie pie! She taught us new dance steps of “the chicken dance!” All of us dance the night away with Lexie. Imagine the chicken dance? Haha! I remember that was one of our dance presentations during our elem days, cute! The celebration ended by all of us watching Piranha. It was one of the most kadiri films I’ve ever watched. Nakakapanlambot how Piranhas ate the human flesh. I was supposed to eat pa sana from Win’s handa kaya lang I can’t imagine eating anymore after I watched that movie.  

Summing it up, it was a fun filled night celebrating Win’s special day! We love yah Win and happy happy happy birthday!


In a world where annulment and divorce rates are rising, people are led to believe that marriages sometimes work and for others don’t. Good luck or bad luck they say, but it’s not TRUE. I do believe that couples are the one responsible to make or break a marriage.

Let me share some ways I read, heard, knew, learned and experienced to make a Happy Marriage last!

1.If there's discontent in the relationship, work on changing yourself, not your partner. Improve things by first taking a look at whether you're the person you want to be then work on changing your “not-so-good” traits before pointing out your partner’s flaws. More often than not, couples are quick to blame their partners for everything that's wrong in their relationship.

2.Learn to fight right. Couples can't think straight when they are in a middle of a boiling argument. Know how to argue productively. When you are about to speak any hurting words, take a breather, and come back to the point of contention calmly. Backing away from an argument isn't "losing." In the end, you both win by being able to find common ground.

3.Never ever compare your marriage or relationship to those of your friends. Each relationship is unique. It doesn't matter what another couple's marriage is like. If you've found what works for you in your marriage, cling to that, pray and focus on your own relationship.

4.Admit it, when we begin to have problems in our marriage, we spend days wondering and fantasizing about how it could have worked with our EX. Leave past relationships forgotten and buried. Instead, focus on the present, learn from past mistakes and know how to improve relationship with your partner.

5.Choose to be happy. Start each day thinking how great your partner is. Stop thinking of cynical things, this will attract negative vibes as well. Appreciate every little thing your partner does to make the relationship work.

6.Always start and end the day with a heartfelt kiss after saying an honest I LOVE YOU.

7.And most importantly, make it a habit to pray together. Involving God in the relationship will make everything work out right.
Being a wife for just barely 2 years and 5 months, I know our marriage is just in the preface period. We are yet to expect more ups and downs TOGETHER as husband and wife. But I’m prepared and excited for this LIFETIME relationship with my one and only Poy.

Friday, October 15, 2010


And I miss blogging so much!
It's been days since I haven't visit my blog site. I miss writing and sharing my stories. I've been very busy lately, mainly because of work. I'm now into a new assignment and responsibility. I was hired as a Procurement Officer pero since my boss knew I'm an IE and has experience in Planning, ayun he has been giving me tasks which require so much of my time and attention to establish Production Planning in our plant.  Hay!

And today when I was supposed to have time sana for blogging since it's my off, I had to stay naman in the salon for 6 hours for my hair rebonding. Kire ako eh, what to do? :)

Basta babawi ako promise! I will surely find time for blogging ;)

Monday, October 11, 2010


Meet my super kikay sister-in-christ and kumare, Abby! We have known each other since our highschool days but became friends on our 3rd year highschool. We became closer and more click during college days when she transferred to Letran together with Cha.  Both of them are my most kikay and pretty friends! Even if they’re in Arts and Sciences Department while I’m on Engineering Department, nothing can stop us from always seeing each other in school para mag chismisan =) I miss our isaw days gurls!! So anyway, here is Saudia’s dependable FA share of her own fab find. Thanks sis! Cu soon here in DXB!

I super duper like Neutrogena Oil Free Eye make up remover because it erases my make up perfectly. It’s like erasing marks of pencil in a piece of paper. Really! Even waterproof and long wearing makeup! It’s very gentle and lightweight on the skin not to mention inexpensive.

I always wear makeup almost everyday as a job requirement and this product really helps me when I just came home from duty. My way of using this is that I make three dabs of this product in 2 square cottons and wipe it over my eyes first and the other side of the cotton on the rest of my face.

In Singapore, I bought this for SGD12 but here in Jeddah, KSA I think it is SR14.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


It was indeed another perfect weekend for me! Let me share what made this wife overly happy =)

Since we only got 1 day off from work every week, hubby and I made sure we spend it right. Before we doze off last Thursday after Win’s bday celebration (i’ll be posting this soon), we watched this suspense movie entitled Piranha. Warning: don’t watch this with kids, because it’s kinda porno at first. But the movie is entertaining and will keep you awake until the end because of the gross scenes. Especially when killer piranhas ate the human flesh, it’s very sickening promise. It’s the worst way to die for sure!

Came Friday morning, we had a fun skype moment with our dearest baby. Kaloka may ka-kissing scene ang dalaga namin. It’s actually his neighbor playmate Budong which is just a month older than Mimay. As in super smack sila sa lips and take note, si Mimay pa namin ang nahabol kay Budong! I almost fainted!

Then, we went to Burjuman Mall to attend the church service in All Nations Full Gospel until 2pm. We were supposed to meet up with friends after but for some reasons we decided instead to have a lunch date to celebrate in advance our 28th month as husband and wife =)

We went to this resto famous for serving multiple cuisines. It has actually many branches here in Dubai but we opt to try the Al Rigga Branch. The interior looks urbane and nice plus the aroma of Indian, Chinese, Thai, Filipino and Italian food is very inviting. But even before we enter the restaurant, I told husband that we should eat Filipino food only. I’m afraid of trying new cuisines. Sobrang gutom na ko para mag risk! :)

I think, it’s better to dine here in group because according to the waitress, their servings are humongous so it’s not practical to order different meals all at the same time. We might end up wasting the food. So we decided to order only Shrimp Sinigang, Fried Hamor (Lapulapu) and dessert. While waiting, the attendant served the mushroom soup and buttered bread.

When our order came, I immediately tasted the sinigang soup and I swear it’s very delicious! I think the chef is also a Kabayan. Pinoy na pinoy talaga yung taste. Super asim and it has many veggies din.
that's my gwapong gwapong bibi
Next is the Fried Hamor with fries. It’s kinda big nga for a sharing couple but it’s surely very meaty, tasty and crunchy! We didn’t finish the whole thing because we’re so full already. We wanted to try the strawberry cheesecake for our dessert but we can’t take it anymore na.
We paid our bill with a high-pitched burp and full smile =) Sarap ng food plus very cheap pa, panalo!
After our late lunch, we headed straight to City Centre for our weekly grocery needs. Since it is husband who is incharge of our grocery budget, I was just pushing the cart for him while he was checking out the meat, vegetables, fruits and “others” section.

When we were about to go to cab waiting area, I saw this boutique which made my eyes “unintentionally” shine, twinkle and sparkle ;) And I think hubby noticed it.

Poy: “Bi, nine west oh. Tara tingin ka.”
Nani: “Ah wag na bi, titingin lang pala. Tara uwi na tayo.”
Poy: “Hinde bi, syempre pag may gusto ka bibilhin natin basta dito na….”

Even before Poy ended whatever he wanted to say, nasa loob na ko ng nine west. Ang dali ko kaya kausap hihihi =) As usual, I was on my aligaga mode to find something to buy. I was trying on the flats kaya lang it looks very simple considering the price. I went instead on the bags section and found this perfect convertible bag! 1 piece lang sya so I immediately grabbed it. With my fingers crossed, I asked hubby if the bag is ok.

Poy: “Ganda bi, wala ka pa nga white bag.”
Nani: “Ganda nga bi kaya lang mahal eh no? Wag na, pinakita ko lang syo.”
Poy: “Hindi bi, nine west naman kaya ok lang yan. Kesa yung mura tapos di ka….”

Again, even before he finished whatever he wanted to say, I’m already in the cashier. Oh db sobrang dali ako kausap? :)
happy nani!

And to top it off, when we arrived home, Poy prepared my requested macaroni soup for dinner. Lucky lucky wife here! Oi infairness, I washed the casserole naman after he cooked =)

Happy happy 28th wedding monthsary tomorrow! I love u with all my heart.
I am so blessed to have you as my other-half.
Love you so much,