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Thursday, January 13, 2011


Even before Mimay’s coming here in Dubai, one of my major plans is to potty train her the soonest possible time. It’s a big step for a toddler like her and for a first time mom like me. I want to be a major part of this very special milestone in her life. I was planning to get her a potty chair when one of my friends told me that Mimay’s too young for toilet training. I can start it daw when she’s like 2.5 yrs old or older. This was supported by the facts I read from There’s no need to rush it or else potty training will only take longer. So I just brushed off the idea of this potty training and thought to just wait for the right time.

One time, I called from office to naynay’s mobile to check on Mimay.
Nani: Hello mi, musta po si ineng?
Naynay: Naku nani mamya ka na tumawag, hawak ko si Mimay napupu dito sa toilet baka mahulog.
Mimay in background: Mamee mamee mamee!!
Nani: Ha? Sa toilet bowl na po napupu si Mimay???
Naynay: Oo naman, tagal na. Sige na bye!

I was like, huh?! Ako mommy pero di ko alam na sa toilet bowl na pala napupu anak ko?! This is because Mimay’s pooping schedule is during morning time while I am in the office. And during my off days, hindi naman sya napupu or hindi ko lang nanonotice. Hay this is what you get for being a working mom.

After confirming from my mommy, I learned that Mimay has been defecating in the toilet since she came here in Dubai last November. She was 1 year and 7 months pa lang that time! I was really surprised!
Nani: Mi na-potty train mo na po si ineng? Kelan pa?
Naynay: Potty train? Malay ko, ano ba yun?

Hindi ko na inexplain further dahil baka maloka lang ako kay naynay. What’s important is that my baby learned to use the toilet on her own! Ang bongga db? As in she never poops on her diapers anymore. She would call me, her naynay or her dadee’s attention when she wants to go to the toilet. Clap clap clap for my baby girl!
Dearest anak,
Mamee’s so proud of you! You’re really a big girl now (sigh!). Not too fast my dear ha? Baka di makahabol si mamee and dadee =) We love you baby!

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