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Saturday, September 4, 2010


Got this book from a co-blogger’s entry, which according to her is a nice book not for mother alone but for kids as well. It tells the story of a mother’s unconditional love for her child. Sounds interesting no? I want to be a first honor mom for Mimay kaya I thought of immediately getting a copy for myself.

I called Magrudy’s and learned from their customer service that they don’t have this book at the moment. Sad me =( But according to them I can place an order and wait for 21-30 days before I can get my book at AED 48 (Php 600) + shipping cost. That price is just for a paperback copy ha, a bit pricey no?

So the other day, together with my supportive hubby, we personally went to Magrudy’s and ordered my book. And I was surprised that the price is very cheap pala! It’s just AED 24 and the book will come from US at 21 days max. Yey! The prices vary daw depending on the year it was printed, etc, etc. But the contents and illustrations are the same so no problem if I’ll get the cheaper one.
the happy me at Magrudy's counter

 I can’t wait for Magrudy’s SMS telling me that my book has arrived. I can’t wait to read and sing the contents of the book to our dear Mimay.
Mimay anak,

Anything that will make Mamee and Dadee a good parent, we are more than willing to be taught. Anything anak that will express and affirm our unconditional love for you, we are more than willing to know. There is nothing that can make us stop loving you.

See you soon baby,
Mamee Nani

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