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Thursday, March 31, 2011


I am so sad today. Sobra.
As you all guys know, Mimay will have her 2nd birthday party this coming Sunday (her birthday falls on Monday, April 4). Hubby and I already planned months ago that we will be joining her party through Skype by not coming to work on April 3. I intentionally did not apply for vacation leave because I know my boss will not allow me since there will be a big event in our company on the same date. It will be the inauguration of our new plant. As in bonggang event! So my plan is to just send an SMS to my boss on Sunday morning saying that I need to take the day off for some important matter.

Everything is well planned as I thought, not until my boss came to me this afternoon. Naramdaman ata ang plano ko. May pagka-Madame Auring tong amo ko kaloka! Just to make it short, he came just to tell me that Sunday is a BIG day in our company. And that he is expecting support from everyone especially from me. It’s like indirectly telling me that “Jhanil wag kang aabsent sa Sunday or else!!”

So I am left with no choice. I need to come to office on Sunday. Although I can skype naman using my mobile but the problem is limited yung time and hindi kami magkasama ni Poy on Skype. Mas okay sana if Poy and I will be on Skype for the whole duration of the party. Hay husband will surely feel bad about this.


  1. aaawwwww....:-(

    I know Poy will understand.

  2. awwwww *hugs* i feel you mommy nani,ang hirap talaga nyan for working mommies like us and I know kung gano kaimportante day na yun sa family mo.Sometimes talaga it's really hard to balance work and personal life.hay naku,si boss talaga!

    Btw,advance happy birthday Mimay! Stay smart, healthy and pretty little girl! God Bless! :)

  3. thank u so much mommy bloggers. i am really so touched. this is what you get for being a working mom. how i wish we are mega rich so that i need not to work. kung pwede lang sana no? thanks again! i'll be ok, dont cha worry girls! =)