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Sunday, September 5, 2010


And now I’m on with my new career! In case of recession in Dubai (wag naman sana), eh may fall back haha!

Let me share to you my fun photo shoot experience with my 101 girlfriends. But first, let me introduce them one by one:

Aileen – a genius in all crafts especially in photography. Leader of the photo shoot team =)
Carleen – a very good motivator, bolerang photographer ;) wala pang formal lesson pero malupit na!
Arlene – the real model turned talented make-up artist!
Mei – a soon-to-be wife con model potential with an enviable skin
And of course yours truly, Nani - mamee ni Mimay, hehe yun lang ang description =)

The shoot was scheduled at 5pm yesterday, but since I came from work, I arrived late.

Carl: “Ano late na agad? May attitude na?”
Kalokang photographer/director, ang sungit! After a very quick freshen-up, we went straight to the location and let Len do her thing to my face. The excited me keeps on peeking in the mirror, I can’t help it! I look so different. But according to Len, ganun talaga mowdels, strong and full make-up! So “go-ra” lang!

After 20 years, we are all set for the shoot.
whatta thunder legs!
Carl: “Ni, stretch your legs, usli ang pwet!”
Lyn: “Ni, face up, stomach in, chest out!”
Len: “Nani, tissue oh pawis ka na.”
Carl: “Nani, don’t smile. Natural lang.”
Lyn: “Ni, pout your lips. Wag kang madaldal!”
Haha! I can’t help not to show the real “madaldal” me.
It is my first time to do a photo shoot like this, parang pang FHM haha! And boy I swear it is not easy as you think. Mei and I felt body pain after the shoot but it’s truly all worth it. It was indeed fun and memorable bonding experience with my 101 girlfriends! I super loveeeet!

Hopefully I’ll post the photos from the shoot maybe after a day or two. I can’t ask copy pa from our photographers =) But they gave me sample raw shots so ok na din. Enjoy viewing! I hope Mimay will not get ashamed of her TH mom haha!

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