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Monday, April 23, 2012


Oh yes my dear friends and countrymen, you read it right! Mimay’s going to be an ate soon because Ate Jona, wife of my only Kuya, is 8 weeks pregnant already. Mimay’s going to have a cousin na!
I posted this PT result in FB 2 wks ago and some thought that I am preggers. Let me just correct that, hindi po ako buntis. Although in photos, mas mukha talaga akong buntis kesa sa sister in-law ko hehe.

Everyone in the family was overjoyed upon confirming the good news. 37 years old na kasi ang kuya ko, 36 years old nung naisipan magasawa. Late bloomer, ganun. So imagine our happiness when we learned that they’re going to have a baby na. Nauna pa nga ako iannounce yun sa FB eh haha! Epal lang. Ayun ako tuloy napagkamalan buntis.

As I’ve said, everyone was very happy for my kuya and ate Jona, except for Mimay. Until now, she’s still slowly digesting the idea that our family will have a new baby soon. ‘Hindi ko kayang tanggapin’ mode pa rin sya until now. Being the only baby for 3 years, naturally she’s jealous. We’re sure that it will take some time for her to accept things. Sobrang spoiled kasi yan si Mimay sa buong family ko especially with her Tito.
Would you believe that Mimay didn’t drink milk for 1 night and the next day after she learned na magkaka baby na si Tito nya? Sa takaw sa milk ng anak ko, yan eh 1 himala. It only shows how affected she was. But on the other hand, it can be a good training for her too if ever we’ll plan na sundan na sya. Pag nakita namin na nilagay ni Mimay yung baby ng kuya ko sa washing machine, ibig sabihin wag muna kami mag next baby ni Poy haha!

To celebrate this blessing, the soon-to-be-parents, treated us over dinner last Sunday in Don Henrico’s. Naikot na namin buong Festival Mall before we settled here and I’m glad we chose Don Hen, the food there didn’t disappoint us except for their Buffalo Wings.
Our orders:

Caesar salad, Dip & Nachos and Calamari Fritti

Spaghetti & Meatballs


Chili Garlic Shrimp in Olive oil (which we got for free, thanks Citibank!) – our new found fave. Pasta with a kick! Mapapasipa ka sa anghang lol! It has plenty of shrimps too.

Cheesy Baked Lasagna – my personal fave. Super creamy and delicious!

Supreme Pizza

Buffalo Wings – na hindi ko type. Super tamis, akala ko nga dessert.

Except for the over tamis buffalo wings, it was a great dinner, lalo na at libre J

Thanks and congrats to my Kuya Dee and Ate Jona! We all can’t wait for December to see & kiss the newest baby in the family. Wag nyo lang masyado ilalapit kay Mimay, baka saktan. Lol!

Friday, April 20, 2012


Mega overdue post. Tungkol pa naman to sa birthday ng anak ko. Hay.  

Sorry Mimay ko. Ang busy busy ni mamee sa work everyday eh, no time to blog. But still, I have to have time to share this so that when you grow up, you have something to read how your 3rd birthday went.

You know anak, as I type this entry, I’m still in denial that you’re 3 years old already. Ang bilis sobra. Kung pwede lang, forever ka na lang baby. But on the other hand, ang gastos naman ata sa milk nun, forever na lang kami bibili ng Progress ni Dadee mo?! Parang di rin maganda. So okay na din pala lumalaki ka. Haha!

Sobrang ganda ng timing ng birthday mo neng. The day after your birthday kasi is holyweek vacation, as in 5 days vacation. Ang bongga! So with that, we didn’t file for leave on your exact natal day which is April 4. We just prepared a simple dinner sa house with Majada, Calamba and Cabuyao family. I was supposed to leave early in the office that afternoon, but unfortunately, dahil sa dami ng work, I came home 6pm na din.

Anyways, here are the photos taken that night. You became prettier in your bangs no?
You we’re so happy and active that night. As usual, pinasaya mo na naman ang lahat with your funny antics.

The next day, we we’re supposed to spend the day in Enchanted Kingdom. Unfortunately again, since it’s Maundy Thursday, EK was closed. We went instead to Blue Bay Waters beach in Sariaya, Quezon to post celebrate your birthday. It wasn’t planned at all. We really didn’t plan to go out of town because your Ninang Telo and Ninong Derek weren’t available during the holyweek break. But since, we have nothing to do sa bahay, together with your Tito Dinis and Tita Jona, off we went to the beach!
Brown sands nga lang, but the beach is relaxing and inviting.

We haven’t settled our things yet pero hinihila mo na agad kami to go to the beach and swim. Good thing you have the nicest Tito on earth, who immediately gave in to your lambing.

After our sumptuous dinner, we all joined you and your Tito in the beach. We had the best sleep after, in our room fronting the beach.  

Fried tuyo, skinless longganisa, itlog na pula, sunny side up egg, taho and coffee made our breakfast truly unforgettable the next day. You were not in the picture anak because you were still snoring that time.

But the very moment you opened your eyes that morning, you immediately asked me to change you to your swimsuit so that you can go to the beach. Alam mo anak, tingin ko sirena ka sa past life mo eh, or bangus, either of the two lang.
my life :)

The next day, which is Black Saturday, natuloy na tayo finally in Enchanted Kingdom. That’s your first time in EK. You were literally jumping in joy as soon as you enter EK. We had photo ops with Eldar while waiting for your Tito Dinis, Tita Jona and Naynay.

Our first ride is the carousel. Pinagsisihan ko sya ng bonggang bongga dahil hilong hilo ako after. But it’s okay baby, because I know you had fun.

Here are more photos during that day.
The highlight of that night was when you see Eldar in person. You were so happy while running after him. I was so happy to see you happy not until I saw you pulling Eldar’s hair. Ang takot ni Mamee kasi muntik na mapanot si Eldar because of you haha!

Then Sunday, right after our church service, we went to Mommy Shawie’s pool party in a private resort in Pansol. And as expected, dahil sirena ka nga in your past life, you were so happy swimming until your hands are all wrinkled.

Came Monday, dahil bangenge na si Mamee at Dadee because of our schedule, we opted to rest in the house to prepare for work the next day. Pero dahil tayo ay pamilyang galgal at nilalagnat tayo kapag nasa bahay lang, we went to SM Calamba that afternoon to get some groceries, have dinner and syempre for our birthday girl to play in Quantum’s play house.

Even if you didn’t have a grand party, we are so sure baby that you had a blast in your 3rd birthday. May pahabol pa yan, wait till you see Barney in person on April 28! We are so excited for you Mimay.
Happy happy happy birthday to our dearest Jemimah Philisse. We love you to the moon and back anak. We pray you nothing but good health and happiness forever and ever!

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Guys I want all of you to meet my ate’s mother in law and Kuya Dong’s mother, Nanay Ombay aka Mommy Shawie.
Love ko sya hence this blog post for her. She now stays in Canada with her darling hubby and 2 daughters, Lolyn and Yeya. She came for vacation here in Pinas to celebrate her 16th este 60th birthday pala. Yesterday, we went to her pool party in Villa Antonia private resort in Pansol Laguna. She happens to have the same birthday as our Mimay, so dun na kami naki party haha!
the bday gurls!
the Fortuno's less Yeya and Lolyn
We came past 12nn already kaya I wasn’t able to take photos na of the food. Ang dami ko ng gutom eh. Spicy spareribs kaldereta, sweet ‘n sour fish fillet, chicken barbq, sotanghon, potato & chicken salad, buco salad and menudo were the options in the buffet table. Aside from that, there’s choco fountain as well na talaga namang bumenta sa akin ng bonggang bongga. Wagi ang party ni mother dahil sa kanyang wagas na wagas na summer outfit. I’m sure all her guests enjoyed the party too.

Sharing to you some of our cute photos from JustSmile photobooth.
We all had fun in Mommy Shawie’s pool party. Thank you so much po for inviting us. Mimay had fun too!

May you have many many more birthdays Nanay Ombay! God bless and stay healthy and pretty. Ingat on your flight back to Canada. Send our regards to Yeya, Lolyn and Cha.
We love yah!


Start of the week again. Ang bilis. Parang the other day lang, super excited ako mag holy week tapos ngayon last day na pala at back to office na ulit tomorrow. But nevertheless, it was a super fun holyweek vacation for me and my family. Sakto din because we were able to spend quality time with our baby in celebration of her 3rd birthday. More of Mimay’s birthday celebration on my next post.

Anyway, I’m super sorry guys if my blog isn’t that updated anymore ha? Dati kasi, konting kamot ko lang, mya mya nblog ko na. Now that’s not possible eh. Mas madami na work ngayon, but I am not complaining. Mas gusto ko madami work because it means I’m functioning. Na-chachallenge pati ako. Sad part lang is mejo late ako lagi in blogging. But don’t cha all worry because I’m keeping my list, as soon as I have the chance and time, I’ll share it agad.

I’m a bit feeling heavy today. Pagod siguro because of our schedule the past days. We were supposed to go swimming again with hubby’s side of the family, buti na lang reschedule na lang next week. Parang di na din kaya ng powers ko eh. Maybe we’ll just go to SM later to get some groceries and buy Mimay’s needs. Wala na pala toothpaste anak ko. Kalokang nanay naman ako oh. Wala na din deodorant asawa ko. Kalokang asawa naman ako oh.

Before I end this post, I wanna share to you one my recent fave photos.
This is in SM parking area yesterday. And cute ni ineng di ba? Super aliw na aliw ako sa shot na to. Kabog ako sa pose ng anak ko.

Happy Monday everyone!