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Sunday, November 28, 2010


To our dearest Mimay,

The long wait is over. Finally anak, you are here with me and Dadee. I can’t stop pinching myself, parang until now I’m still so overwhelmed of the fact that after 7 months kasama ka na ulit namin. Anak, you just don’t know how happy mamee is right now. I cannot perfectly describe it in words neng.

Thursday, November 25. I woke up feeling very excited coz daddy and I only have 24 hours to wait before we finally see you. Nanlalamig ako, kinakabahan, sinisikmura, lumulutang… I think those were the weird feelings that hit me that day. On my way to the office anak, I was super LUTANG. I didn’t even notice that your Ninang Selo back in Pinas was already calling me on my mobile. I wasn’t able to work well in the office because my mind was very much occupied of too many thoughts. The day seemed to be very long for me. Inip na inip ako anak. I only had sinigang soup for lunch and nothing else pero never ako nagutom. I cannot stay long sitting in my desk, lakad ako ng lakad inside the office and sobra kong nanlalamig. Came 5pm, I called you and naynay because it’s already 9pm in Pinas and check-in opens at 9:20 pm. She told me you were in queue to check in. After that call, I became more excited, nervous and tensed. I told your naynay that if ever the immigration officer would ask something, she can call on my mobile. I was already in the shuttle service but I didn’t receive any call from your naynay. When it’s already 7:05 pm, I tried to call your naynay and she told me that you’re passports were just stamped by the officers with no question at all. God is really good! Para akong nabunutan ng tinik and I burst to tears. The same night, dadee and I slept at almost 2am since we had to prepare for your welcome party. Mamee and Dadee’s friends in 101 we’re all very supportive and excited as well!

Friday, November 26, the day I’ve been praying to come, at 5 am... Barely 3 hours after I slept, I woke up feeling very excited, happy, a bit nervous and still tensed, it was really mixed emotions anak. Your Tito Jay, volunteered to drive for us going to the airport. Inside the car, ang sakit ng tyan ko neng! Feeling ko eh sinisikmura ako na hindi ko maintindihan.
As we waited for you and naynay in the arrival area, mas lalo na hindi mapakali si Mamee. I was so excited and I even had to run to the rest room coz I feel like vomiting and natatae at the same time! Your dadee was the one who saw you and naynay first. He was describing that naynay is wearing blue and you were wearing pink polo shirt and white skirt. This is the moment we’ve been waiting for. Your dadee reminded me not to cry because you might get scared. As you’re getting nearer to us, I was very much surprised of how time flies very fast. In just 7 months, you have changed a lot. You don’t look like a 1 year and 7 months baby but you look like 3 yrs old already because you’re really tall at your age. You we’re walking really fast but I saw you suddenly slow down when you saw us. You ran behind your naynay. I almost cried. But your dadee said nangingilala ka lang daw so I stop myself from immediately holding you. We were saying our hi’s to you but you were just looking to us. I was very eager to carry you but your naynay said wag ka daw namin biglain. I tried to make face to get your attention and you smiled. After that, I couldn’t hold it anymore and carried you. I tried to hold my tears and I tell you anak, it’s the most wonderful feeling in the world. Napapanaginipan ko lang months ago na mabubuhat kita ng ganto and I still can’t believe that this is really happening. My mind keeps on praising and praising God for this wonderful moment. I am the happiest mamee alive especially when you gave us your crispy wetful kiss! I can see your dadee is teary eyed as well pero pareho kaming pigil na pigil.
And I’m very proud anak because in less than an hour eh super close na tayo. Yes you’re still calling your naynay every now and then but I can feel na you smelled your mamee in me kaya dikit agad tyo ;)
For just a very short time eh bibang biba ka agad, wala ka man jet lag, panalo ka neng! (Watch out for more mimay kwento’s, nakakaloka at panalong panalo ang kakirihan ng anak namin!promise!)
Baby, mahal na mahal na mahal ka namin ni Dadee. I will forever thank the Lord for all his blessings and guidance to our family. I’m sure this is the happiest birthday for your Dadee coz we celebrated it as a complete family. We love you so much mimay!!!

Mamee Nani

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Exactly 30 hours from now and we will finally see our baby! I am unexplainably excited and very happy. It’s been 7 months, the longest 7 months of my life, since we haven’t personally see, kiss, hug, touch and play with our one and only darling. It’s been days that I cannot sleep well. Imagine at 2 am I’m still wide awake imagining things. I always find myself day dreaming even to the point of crying in our coaster service. Sobrang miss na miss na miss ko na si ineng! Husband and I had a deal about who will be the first to carry mimay in the airport. We agreed that whoever Mimay shall call first, he or she is the lucky parent to first carry our kiriray! This makes me more excited. I pray, she’ll blurt “Mamee!!” first and not “Dadee!!” Oh Lord please!
Few weeks back, after hearing stories about how hard it is to get inside Dubai because of too many Pinas Immigration issues and new additional documents, I was really worried of my mom and Mimay’s coming here in Dubai. I was worried because it will only be my mommy who will travel with Mimay and take care of everything. My mom is not used to travel without a companion and I know she is not that comfortable in conversing with other people in English language. And the fact na mahigpit daw sa Immigration ngayon made me more praning and nervous.
And I am one very blessed wife to have a husband who has an overflowing faith and trust to the Lord. He kept on telling me not to worry and claim that everything will go smooth for our mom and Mimay. Then last night, God spoke to me during our Praise & Worship in our Tuesday church service through this song:

Hide me now
Under your wings
Cover me within your mighty hand

When the oceans rise and thunders roar
I will soar with you above the storm
Father you are king over the flood
I will be still and know you are God

Find rest my soul
In Christ alone
Know his power
In quietness and trust
I am really sorry Lord for being in doubt during this time. I know that you are an awesome God and that nothing is impossible to you.Thank you Jesus for giving me peace and stillness that everything will work according to your will and plan.
See you on Friday, Mommy and Mimay! We are so so excited to see you both!

Sunday, November 21, 2010


I honestly don’t know if it’s ok to blog this topic. I’m having second thoughts kasi it’s kinda personal. But I really have to share this, I guess. That’s why I have my own blog site for me to be able to release my sentiments right? Ok here goes my story…

It’s hubby’s birthday this coming Saturday. Our plan is to have a simple dinner sa house on Friday together with friends and also to celebrate Mimay’s coming in Dubai. Then we thought of going somewhere the next day to celebrate his birthday with my mom and Mimay.

So last night, husband and I were discussing what to prepare for Friday. I was telling him different options that will fit the number of possible guests, our budget, etc. And yes he was responsing pero parang walang energy. I was pissed off kasi haleer birthday nya kaya yung topic tapos “yes” and “no” lang sagot nya. Di bale sana kung birthday ko yun. And one more thing, why isn’t he excited as me eh welcome party din yun ni Mimay db? In short, last night ended na hindi ako nakibo. I really chose not to talk to him until this very hour. Naiinis kasi ako and I’d rather not talk to avoid saying things that I will regret after. Husband kept on saying sorry. He was embracing me the whole morning, telling me that he was just too sleepy last night. I kept mum and never replied on his text and emails until I received a mail from him with “birthday gift” as subject. His mail was like this… Bibi pa birthday mo na po sa akin yung di ka po magagalit hanggang birthday ko, related naman po sa birthday ko ung ikinatampo mo at di ko din naman po sinasadya. Please mahal. Bday gift mo na sa akin ha? Pero di naman ako gagawa ng ikagagalit mo kase ayoko ng nagagalit ka. Konteng lambot lang po ngayon hanggang birthday ko.”
And now I’m thinking, am I just being childish? Mababaw ba ko? Am I too sensitive? How come Poy sent me this message not to be angry even only until his birthday? I don’t know what to say, I don’t know how to react. Am I a bad wife?


It’s been months now since I seldom eat rice, what I mean with seldom is once or twice uhm okay thrice a week na lang. I’m proud of myself still. From five-rice-meal a day to a two or three-rice-meal a week, not bad at all right? But being the laziest of all time, I’m really having a hard time to be patient and faithful with my workout and exercise schedule. Soooper nakakatamad!! And what make things worst is my love for desserts. I know it has gazillions of calories but who cares, I’m guilty of being a dessert addict. As what I wrote from my previous blog, I love everything sweet coz uhm.. I’m a sweet person? Eeh!! I specifically love chocolates and cakes. Then just last week, we bought a new oven and I love it big time! Because it means we can make and bake our own desserts anytime! Hooray!! Hindi pa man ako pumapayat eh eto na naman ang sisira sa mga pangarap ko haha! See the first ever baking project of yours truly and Len. Yah I know it doesn’t look awesome, comedy sya actually. But the taste? Oh well, Lyn said it’s like of Costa’s. Ehem!
 Ahhh...chocolate cake... you’re so ahhmm ... heaven! I LOVE YOU. There. I said it. I know we’re a total stranger but I can’t help not to say it. Love at first sight is true after all. No worries, you don't have to say it back. No problem with me, no pressure. I totally understand if you just want everything to be casual between us. I’m married anyway. But yes, this is LOVE. And I promise to munch you until my vanishing days =)

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Today I finally decided to change my blog header from CONFESSIONS OF A SPOILED WIFE AND A PROUD MOM to HAPPY WIFEY CUM MOMMY. My previous title is toooo long kasi and aside from that I thought what if in the future, Mimay will see my blog title as this? She might make a blog site of her own entitled CONFESSIONS OF A SPOILED DAUGHTER! I don’t like that. Naku knowing our Mimay, I am 100% sure she will give me a hard time explaining things like why can’t she be a spoiled daughter while her Mamee is a spoiled wife? Or worst she might give her full affection to his Dadee (and outcast me) kasi she might think Poy will spoil her too! Ay ayoko nun! I know, I’m becoming paranoid again with my reasons but still seguristang nanay ako so changing my blog header is a perfect and panalong move =)


Sorry for the VERY late posting of this entry. Been very busy this past few days..

For the past years of my life, I have never been in a Halloween party. Way back in Pinas, we didn’t have time for that. Kaya when it’s nearing November here in Dubai and my 101 friends are planning for a Halloween celebration, I’m very excited deep inside ;)

After sharing our creepy and cute ideas, couple of short meetings, we finally decided to have our post Halloween night last November 4. To be able for me to share everything that happened that night, allow me to photo blog.

Our talented friend Lyn headed in decorating our living area. Together with Len and Bert, our simple place turned into a wonderful and eerie spot! Halloween na Halloween! =) Bravo Lyn, Len and Bert! While on the other side of the house, Jay is very busy in the kitchen preparing for our creepy dinner.
Our over all make up artists were still, Len and Lyn. They both have an exceptional talent talaga. While me and Carl are both talented din nman, sa kitchen… taga taste-test haha! We are uniquely made by God eh, that’s why we have different gifts ;p 

The preparation photos: 10 for 101’s effort! Lahat career talaga ang costume, make-up and acting!

Roll call for all the participants, arranged alphabetically.  Disclaimer: Any views expressed by the blog site owner in this blog entry are intended only for fun.

Meet BERT! Among all of us, he’s the most excited in this Halloween night. Ikaw ba naman umabot sa ganyang age na di pa nakakaranas ng costume party? Di ba may point naman ma excite sya? Hehe kidding aside, Bert being the kuya, este tito, este tatay, este lolo of 101, remained to be very game and active in all our activities. Age doesn’t matter perfectly fits him! Groovy’ng groovy and we all love him for that! Award for the night: EFFORTLESS AWARD. Kita mo naman, tumungo pa lang nakakatakot na!
Next is CARL. Her witch costume is well tailored for her personality. Mataray make-up, in all black attire tapos sabay tawa ng tawa like a real witch. She’s like that, she might look masungit at first but if you’ll get to know her, she’s the jolliest person on earth. Parang luka na nga minsan! Haha choz! Award for the night: ANG SAKIT AWARD. Why ang sakit? I have a kwento. During our game that night, Carl was tasked to finish 5 tablespoons of hot and spicy tomato salsa with chili powder. When she had her 1st teaspoon, she blurted “ahh ahhng sakit” in a super funny and maarte way. What she meant was, the ‘hotness’ of the salsa made her throat hurts. Haha!
And we now have, DONG aka Jhong Hilario! Yeees galing mambola ni Nani! His costume is not scary but it enhanced Dong’s dancer aura. Everyone would fall in love with his dancing antics thus making him very winner in his ‘jabbawockeez’ (did I spell it right?) outfit! Award for the night: STIFF NECK AWARD. Since he wanted to become creepy with his costume which obviously eh mahirap, pinanindigan ni Dong itagilid ng so much so much ang neck nya, nagmuka tuloy may stiff neck lang hehe!
And now let’s move on to ERIC aka Elvis Presley! Haha! Actually, the original costume of Eric is Edward of Twilight. He’s all geared in his black long sleeves with open button then super hair gel to the nth level. But due to his very wacky personality, he came out to be Elvis Presley instead of Edward! Gitara na lang kulang! Laughing trip kami lahat when Eric came out of the room. Award for the night: BLUE SUEDE SHOES AWARD. I think the reason is obvious ;)
JAY is for Jacob este Joker na lang pala. It was an answered prayer after we laid our hands and cast away the bad spirit from Jay. Aba eh ang plano ba naman na costume is Jacob of Twilight! Ninerbyos talaga kaming lahat haha! And bet you, he is really serious to show off his abs. He planned it days before the Halloween night. Good thing he changed his mind, thank you Lord! But we commend Jay for keeping it up with his character as Joker.
Smile is plastered on his face the whole night kahit na pagod sya preparing our dinner. Award for the night: DORA AWARD. He’s the male version kasi of Dora with his spiked hair, white shirt and maong shorts minus the back pack bag. I was honestly confused of his outfit, kelan pa nag-student attire si Joker? Haha peace Jay! I love your red lips anyway!
Meet LEN, our very own Gagambina! Take note, with her hair style, make-up, costume and props.. Hindi sya prepared! Lagay na yan, hindi pa sya prepared! I know this is the hardest night in Lens’ life kasi no matter how much she tried to look hideous and dreadful ayaw talaga, she still looks pretty and at the same time funny. Super emote na sya sa pagmamake face and yet, she doesn’t look scary! Award for the night: 10 FOR EFFORT AWARD. Don’t worry Len, we appreciate your effort for making your face as unpleasant as possible, it’s the effort that counts anyway =)
The stage is now on for LYN. Award for the night: MOST EFFECTIVE AWARD. No need for further explanation I guess. It really has to be Lyn, she’s really scary! As in tumatatak! The way she walks, looks, acts nakupo ang galing talaga! I even dreamt of her that night. I don’t even want to get near her that night. I love her make up, it looks very real. Even the real black lady will surely ran away from her. Yun lang, this black lady is one crying baby pala! Imagine with her very strong personality, sa kamatis lang pala sya susuko hehe. She had a bad night with that big red tomato that she had to consume in order to win our Halloween group game.
And now, it’s Sadako’s turn! And it’s no other than yours truly! Aminin, I look scary talaga =) Actually, the original plan is that I’ll be a Mummy. Poy already bought a big roll of tissue paper to serve as my costume and I even had an intro line that we’ll go like this “Good evening! Standing in front of you is Mimay’s MUMMY and now let me call her Daddy!” Hehe non sense as it may seem pero pwede na sana kaso during our preparation time, I accidentally put my hair down my face and Jay said I look very scary. So ayun, dab of white foundation, gun bullet in my forehead, black and red eye liner and jaraaan!! Award for the night: SOSYALERANG CHUBBY SADAKO AWARD. I know, I’m the first ever chubby Sadako in UCB shirt hahaha! Thanks Lyn for lending me your shirt.
I am one proud wife for personally making my hubby’s costume as Mr. Skeleton. Meet POY, the chubby Mr. Skeleton. Everyone in the house told him the same. His costume doesn’t fit him because hubby is becoming healthier these days. But he looks very cute, I like it more if he’s chubby because it only goes to show that we are happy couple talaga since we are both improving in terms of weight hehe. Award for the night: BASURERO LOOK AWARD. Do I need to explain further? Look at his make up haha! Kay Poy nasira ang talent ni Len =)
Lights on for our debonair RUSSEL in his Kokey mask. Since the scary mask doesn’t look scary at all, we called him Kokey kasi muka syang nawawalang kapatid ni Kokey. The mask looks very ‘maamo’ noh? It’s the most adorable mask I’ve ever seen, promise! I have a kwento. After looking at our photos, Russel was very problematic. He was like this:
Ssel: “Ganda ng mga pictures natin, matutuwa si Nanay pag nakita mga to!”
Nani: “E pano naman malalaman ni Nanay mo na ikaw yang nka mask?”
Ssel: “Naku oo nga no! Puro naka maskara pala ko sa picture, tsk sayang! Di ako makikilala ni Nanay!”

Haha kulet!! Award for the night: KUYA KOKEY AWARD. Ssel tried all his best efforts to be scary in his mask, but still he looks Kokey’s brother to us ;p
And last but definitely not the least, on the red corner, let me call WIN. “Win ikaw na! Gising! No ba yan Win, last ka na nga sa roll call, tulog ka pa din!”
As usual, nagkakagulo na sa bahay for our Halloween preparation but our dearest Win is peacefully sleeping in his bed with matching kumot and hilik! But I think I got his point, he slept to recharge he said. So after the party, he’s the only person nga naman left awake to wash all the dishes. Oh db bait bait! Award for the night: BATANG MASIPAG AWARD.
Simple, yet I have to say, surely one of the most unforgettable night of my life. Everyone had fun planning, decorating the house and preparing for that special night. Thank you 101 guys for the fun fun fun night! Saludo ako sa lahat for being very game and cooperative =)

Monday, November 15, 2010


It’s Melai’s time for her fabulous find! She’s my kumareng foc fox na bilis maka-recover sa heartaches, remember her?;) See my “THE FOC FOX” blog entry and get to know her better. By the way, today is her special day! Happy birthday my dear kumare. Love love love yah!
I think yung Loreal Elseve’s hair mask. I really love it kasi pinapalambot nya yung hair mo. You just leave it on sa hair mo after shampooing then rinse off. Then yun na!  Super soft na ng hair mo, parang bagong hot oil. It’s great for frizzy and dry hair, kaya OK sya lalo na sa mga treated hair.  It should be done once a week. They have sachets, so you can buy it to try lang.
I also like the St. Ives Apricot scrub. Nakakatanggal ng dirt and blackheads sa face. Ok sya kasi before super dami ng blackheads ko sa may nose.  Alam mo yun, kapag hinawakan mo nose mo parang may buhangin?  Ngayon di na masyado. Sabi sa instructions sa packaging you should do the scrubbing 3-4x a week, pero sabi ng derma ko dapat once a week lang baka daw kasi magdry ang skin.

Monday, November 8, 2010


Guys congratulate me as I am now a regular employee of CMS! Yeahooo!!!

Di kaya sila nagkamali? =)

I’m even more excited as today will be my 1st client visit. Wish me luck!

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Nonsense subject as it may seem but admit it, people regardless of age are still wondering about the famous question of all time, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”
Yah I know, we all don’t care about this but still we keep on thinking about the right answer, tama o mali? Well, fret no more coz I found the answer!! Yeehah!!

Got the answer from a column in Friday’s:
“A team from Warwick and Sheffield universities examined the formation of a chicken’s egg in microscopic detail and discovered that the shell was made from a protein found only in chicken’s ovaries. Called ovocledidin-17, the protein acts as a catalyst to speed up the development of the shell.”

Therefore, it was really the CHICKEN!

Oh devah bonggang information! You might join “game knb” or “who wants to be a millionaire” someday, and this might be the ten-million-question! Oi don’t forget my balato ;)

Have a good Monday everyone!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

MIMAY @ 1!

Though this happened more than 7 months ago, allow me to blog and make kwento about our dear Mimay’s 1st birthday and thanksgiving celebration. One day, she might ask mamee about it, and incase the anesthesia hits me again, I’m prepared ;p

Dear Mimay,
Being an OA and excited first time mom, I’ve been seriously contemplating about your 1st birthday since you were barely 4 months old. At first, me and your dadee’s idea is a superhero birthday theme. We would dress you as “baby super woman” and the venue would be in Pizza Hut Paseo de Sta. Rosa. Since mamee and dadee are pizza lovers, we thought it’ll be fun if we will celebrate your special day eating tons of pizza and party prep is less hassle there. So we started checking out the menu, the actual venue, the mascots, program, etc. We even have finalized a costume for you anak. We are that excited for your birthday thinking you were just 4 months old haha! Your Ninang Selo even teased us that we should be planning na din daw for your debut =) So we let some months passed before we again called the Pizza Hut manager to book/reserve for April 4, 2010. Unluckily anak, they said they cannot reserve this date because it’s an Easter Sunday. They don’t usually book party on holidays. Mamee was so disappointed!  
6 months before April 2010, your Ninang Selo gave us a bright idea! Since you were born during summer, why not make your birthday theme as Luau or Hawaiian! Without second thought, I immediately buy your Ninang’s idea. Just imagining you will wear a grass skirt made me more excited as a bee!
And since then, I’ve been religiously checking the net on how to plan for your party.

The Birthday Girl:
Meet our Jemimah Philisse Cruz- Aguilar

The Venue:
Since it’s a luau party, the only choice is a private resort. No sweat because we are living near the most famous resorts on earth, Laguna! Almost weekly, we are checking different resorts that will fit the number of guests and budget ofcourse.
January 2009, we found the perfect venue. Le Ballustre Resort, located in Halang Calamba just behind Canossa Academy.
The resort was just newly renovated. Not too big and not too small area just right for the approximately 100 adults and 60 kids guests. And what we love most about Le Balustre is that it has a built in stage perfect for the party’s program.

12 hrs rental: P6,000 plus P500 for the extra room, which is actually cheap because April is a peak month and April 4 itself is an Easter Sunday.

The Outfit:
We had a hard time looking for a grass skirt that will fit Mimay. Most of the malls have grass skirts but is good for a 5 yr old. Searching the net, I learned that there is a place in Divisoria where they can tailor Hawaiian attire for all ages. 2 months before the big day, Poy and I went to Divisoria and hurray, we found a store offering almost everything for a luau party! Mamee is so happy!
We chose a yellow plastic straw for the grass skirt. We waited for almost 2 hours before they finish the entire outfit including the neck lei, arm lei and brassiere. There were already available RTW grass skirt but I insisted the tindera to make a new one even if the cost is a little higher.

Total Price: P600 (includes the materials and labor), sa mall its P2K! Fab find!
To match up with the theme, mamee nani got a yellow/pink beach tube dress from YRYS while dadee poy got white beach polo and board shorts from Cocobana.

Party Favors, Leis and Invitation:
To compliment with the luau birthday theme, we opted to get a beach toy set which includes colorful pails, shovel and rake so that kid guests will have something to play after the party. We got it from Divi too!
Price: P45 per piece
We also got Leis for the adults para Hawaian na Hawaian talaga! =) 
Price: P25-30 per piece
The invitation is personally made by Mimay’s Tita Ninang Selo. She made couple of invitation samples before we finally decide on this layout:
While mamee and dadee went to Divisoria to get these cute bottles, colorful sands and beach shells to match the party theme. Look at the DIY invitation final output:

The standee is another DIY project of mamee and dadee. Cheers for the creativity of Mimay’s parents!

Cake, cupcakes and the toppers:
Ever since day 1, I was thinking of cupcakes for the birthday cake. I wanted kasi to make a personalized topper for each cupcake. It’s mamee’s DIY idea again! I asked my sister to make a caricature of Mimay wearing Hawaiian attire. After printing, I pasted it in a board and cut each one by one to serve as cupcake topper. The chocolate round cake was provided by the caterer with a Hawaiian baby topper while cupcakes were from Blue Glazed.
Price: P25 per piece (cupcake)

The pre-party and party photos were covered by Digi-Print from Festival Mall Alabang.
I highly commend Kuya Edrian for a job well done. He’s the most masipag photographer we’ve ever met. He captured all the important moments of Mimay’s party. And he is very easy to talk with. He even gave a free 24’ x 12’ print out of our family photo. He is really so nice! I haven’t seen the album itself until this date because we were already here in Dubai when it was delivered. But according to my mommy, it was so beautiful daw and we saw it din in Skype, and it looks beautiful nga =)
Package Price: P5,500

Party Host, Decorations and Catering:
I guess for any party, finding the best caterer is the hardest part. I’m a living proof. It was the hardest decision for me and Poy. We have spoken to I think more than 10 caterers that would best fit our requirements and budget. I had this caterer pa nga who offered “LETSE PLAN” for the dessert. Kaloka! Hawaiian party na leche flan ang dessert?? And take note of the spelling, no comment.

Poy and I met up with different caterers, set food tasting schedule, discussed party program, venue decorations and then finally confirmed our BIG YES to this “undisclosed party provider” who hails all the way from PASIG.
I saw their works of art through their website. They have package which includes hosts, performers, balloon twisting, magicians, bubble show, face paint, chocolate fountain, venue decorations, sound system and ofcourse food. Hassle free talaga so we immediately handed them our 20% down payment for the reservation. When Poy and I went to their office super dami talagang clients. So all the while we thought this “undisclosed party provider” was really the best. Later you’ll know why I chose not to tell the name of the party provider.  

Came the party proper, our Mimay’s big day, their team was supposed to arrive in the resort at 6am as agreed, since the party will start at 1pm. But annoyingly they arrived at almost 12 noon because they said, the traffic to Laguna is unbearable. I tried hard not to cry because I don’t want my family and other guests to feel the same disappointment I am going through that time. To cut it short, the party started at almost 3pm with all the guests watching the caterer’s team decorates the stage of the resort. Thanks to all our understanding guests who patiently waited for the program to start.

The decoration is just so so. I didn’t actually like it because they didn’t follow ALL my instructions. But the hosts, magicians and the program itself are commendable so I just brushed off my issue with the decors.
But the most disastrous and unforgivable part is the food! It’s not about the taste because I myself wasn’t able to taste it. The issue? Super kulang ang food for the guests!! The reservation we made was good for 100 adults and 40 kids. And I think the guests were roughly on that figure only pero bakit kulang ang food? This is the most nakakalokang part! Hay, how I wanted to die right there and then. We weren’t able to enjoy the program because the family we’re all aligaga to order additional food from the nearby Jollibee. Buti na lang, close relatives na lang namin yung naubusan! Kaloka!

Now you know why I chose not to divulge the name of that party provider. They don’t deserve to be mentioned in my blog! Grrrr!! Sorry anak ha? Sa sobrang pagpili namin ni dadee, sa bungi pa napatapat =)
We just wanted the best for our daughter but atleast we learned our lesson to entrust a party like this only to those tried and tested suppliers.

Summing it up anak, we were able to pull the day and not allowed the caterer mess your special day. Bottomline, your party was so so much fun because it was celebrated with the special people that truly love you.
Mimay anak, we are very blessed and thankful for having a super adorable and biba baby like you! You changed every inch of mamee and dadee. You made us better persons and we can’t thank you enough. We love you so much neng!