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Wednesday, September 8, 2010


taken during Jonah's wedding

I just can’t help not to blog about this. Last night, Poy and I were about to sleep at 11pm. Although I’m not yet sleepy, pinipilit ko talaga because tomorrow is another day at work. We need to wake up at 6am sharp. But I really can’t sleep! Maybe because that afternoon, we had an almost 2 hours nap so I personally feel I had enough sleep already. I can see my bibi’s heavy-eyed na so I let him sleep after our usual chatting. I was literally counting sheep because I wanted to sleep na talaga but I really can’t! I was turning upside down in bed trying to get some snooze.

Then after a while, I felt a warm kiss and a light tap in my left leg which of course came from my bibi.

Poy: “Bi di ka makatulog? Tapikin kita.”
Nani: “Antok ka na bi eh, Wag na, ok lang.”
Poy: “Pikit ka na po, tatapikin kita.”

After continuous tapping, I then felt his other hand brushing my hair over and over and over again until I fell asleep.

This morning, I was awakened by a kiss from hubby. I got up and saw my bath towel, office dress including my undies, already in the shower room. After shower, saw our cleaned up bed, my milk and cereals in the dining table as well as my packed sandwiches and fruits in my meal bag.

I then again realize how lucky I am to have a husband like Poy. I’m really a spoiled wife. I am so blessed to have the sweetest, caring and loving husband on earth. I will be forever thankful for this wonderful blessing from the Lord.

I love you so much bi and thank you for loving me back more!

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