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Thursday, September 16, 2010


It’s been 4 days that we havent’ seen our one & only Mimay because the skype installed in our PC in Pinas is having some problems. Nakaka loka talaga! We consistently chat with her everyday before going to the office. Then last Monday, as we are waiting for her in skype, my mommy dear texted that they cannot connect. When we are to answer their video call, the line was disconnected and vice versa. So we ended up calling Mimay on mobile instead. I heard my mommy repeatedly calling Mimay because our baby daw is very busy with her toys. Then I suddenly heard Mimay yelled on the phone “Mameeeee babuuu!” Singit si proud lola, “Oh dinig mo yun? Dinig mo yun? I love u daw.” I cannot explain the happiness when I heard our baby clearly said that. She’s becoming smarter and smarter everyday and we are so proud of her.

I immediately mailed my Kuya to ask his friend to fix or re-install skype coz I’m dying inside by merely not seeing Mimay, kaya lang my Kuya’s PC whiz friend is in out of town vacation and will be back on the 26th! Then this morning, my mommy texted me and said “Hanap ka ni Mimay, sabi ko sira computer.” I was nearing to cry like a cow. Alam mo yung feeling na, you wanted to see your baby and she wanted to see you too kaya lang wala ka magawa? Then I thought of a temporary solution! I asked my mommy to go to our neighbor at mki-skype. Kapalan na to! Eh since tsikadora si mother at friendship nya lahat ng neighbors ayun success hehe!
So finally, after 4 loooong days, we saw our dearest Jemimah this morning! I cannot describe in words how she reacted when she saw us. As in kinikilig sya to the max! Sayang I wasn’t able to capture it in video coz I myself is also very kilig when I saw Mimay. I’m not praising our girl because she’s ours, but I bet you she’s a very adorable creature! Kilig na kilig talaga sya when she saw us sabay cover sa face while laughing. Luka luka talaga swear! 
I remember also, when we we’re on skype the other week, I was reminding my mommy to always put anti- mosquito lotion to mimay to avoid dengue. I kinda freaked out kasi when I saw on the news that dengue is badly spreading in Pinas especially to kids. Then while chatting with my mom, I noticed Mimay was not around. So I asked where is ineng? Hold your breath with this, my mommy focused the camera to Mimay while she was sitting on her baby chair at the corner and guess what? Our 17 months lady is slowly putting anti-mosquito lotion on her thunder legs, arms and neck! She’s wearing just a panty pa that time so she looks like a VERY young boldstar! Haha! I had the best laugh of my life! Ang arte arte arte nya promise! Then I told Poy “ang arte arte ng anak mo bi!” Poy answered, “manang mana syo bi!” Kaloka tong asawa ko! Pag kaartehan na, sa akin na mana pero pag itsura at brightness, sa kanya daw! Unfair noh?
I just pray that skype will soon be ok. Husband and I are always looking forward of Mimay’s new antics.  
Miss you anak! We love you so so so much!!!

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