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Saturday, September 25, 2010


I’m so happy with this FAB FIND segment on my blog site kasi my readers are somehow getting advices from the entries. I’m constantly getting mails telling me that they will try the suggestions in my Fab Find posts. That’s mainly my goal eh, to help my readers through this segment that’s why I’m encouraging all my friends to send their own fabulous finds coz it might help others also =)

Len, my ‘soon-to-be-wife’ friend who I mentioned in my last post, got a problem on her big pores. She read from Cha’s post that Clinique Pore Minimizer is very effective so she immediately buy one and tried. So far, ganda nga daw ng effect. But it’s pricey here in Dubai compared to Canada, it’s AED 114 (Php 1,400). Thanks Cha! You’re an angel to Len!
Then I have an officemate who frequently has annoying pimples. She said she’ll try the apricot scrub I did mention in my own fab find. Happy happy me! This is really a success for fab finds! =)

So guys keep on sending ha? It’s Anything and from anywhere will do =) Even mga natural products, like kalamansi for maitim na skin and coconut cream or mayonnaise for dry hair, are accepted. Basta tried and tested dapat!

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