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Thursday, March 31, 2011


I am so sad today. Sobra.
As you all guys know, Mimay will have her 2nd birthday party this coming Sunday (her birthday falls on Monday, April 4). Hubby and I already planned months ago that we will be joining her party through Skype by not coming to work on April 3. I intentionally did not apply for vacation leave because I know my boss will not allow me since there will be a big event in our company on the same date. It will be the inauguration of our new plant. As in bonggang event! So my plan is to just send an SMS to my boss on Sunday morning saying that I need to take the day off for some important matter.

Everything is well planned as I thought, not until my boss came to me this afternoon. Naramdaman ata ang plano ko. May pagka-Madame Auring tong amo ko kaloka! Just to make it short, he came just to tell me that Sunday is a BIG day in our company. And that he is expecting support from everyone especially from me. It’s like indirectly telling me that “Jhanil wag kang aabsent sa Sunday or else!!”

So I am left with no choice. I need to come to office on Sunday. Although I can skype naman using my mobile but the problem is limited yung time and hindi kami magkasama ni Poy on Skype. Mas okay sana if Poy and I will be on Skype for the whole duration of the party. Hay husband will surely feel bad about this.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I’m so loving my skin nowadays. I noticed for the past 2 months, I didn’t get a single pimple. That’s really a big thing for me coz I’m very prone in getting pimples. And this really makes me happy coz my face is now concealer free yey! Before kasi, it’s a must for me to wear my concealer to hide my ugly pimples, scars and blemishes. Hassle because aside from the fact that it’s time consuming to apply, it’s very messy too.
Until last January, I spotted Olay Natural White set which includes facial wash, day cream, and night cream on sale. I immediately grabbed and tried it. And so far, sobrang love ko sya! It perfectly works as it hydrates my skin so well.  And what’s best about it, is yun nga, I never had breakouts since I started using this product. Ang tipid pa nya. This set lasted to me for more than 2 months.
concealer no more! wohoo!!
I highly recommend this to all of you guys. This is really worth a try. Although hindi pa naman ako kutis artista, but I’m getting there. Pak na pak! =)


Due to unexpected conflict in my work schedule, our vacation will be delayed for a week. Hayz! This means additional days in our countdown. Buti na lang husband’s boss is so nice and he approved husband’s revised vacation leave. We were able to rebook our tickets as well. But what’s good about it is that we will be celebrating our 3rd year wedding anniversary and my 27th birthday in Cathay Pacific’s aircraft. Isn’t that cool? Poy and I decided to stop over in Hongkong before we head to Pinas and have our simple celebration there. I’m so excited about it. It will not be a usual anniversary cum Nani’s bday celebration for us =)

Aside from our short HK trip, we will have our ‘real’ celebration in Pinas. It will be a 3-day family bonding trip for me, my hubby-bi Poy and ofcourse our Jemimay! We will celebrate it in Camsur Watersports Complex.
CWC is a cable park for wakeboarding and wakeskating located in Camarines Sur. It offers different activities such as swimming, kayaking, wakeboarding and pool inflatables for kids. Mimay will surely scream in happiness!  She loves swimming eh. We are more excited for her. And this will be our first time to ride the airplane with our baby. Hay I really can’t wait for June.
By the way, thanks to my ever reliable sister for booking our tickets and accommodation. Life will surely be very difficult without my ate, I love her dearly!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I’m so sorry for the lack of posts. Just been very busy lately with our crib hunting. Thank God we have a very supportive family na super game for site visits on our behalf. For more than a week, it has been part of my daily tasks (even during working hours hehe) to check out the internet for different subdivisions and their model houses.

I have been religiously communicating to this sales agent for a subdivision in Canlubang. The location is very nice and accessible. We are highly considering this particular unit from them.
This is a 2 storey house and lot by Camella Homes with 3 BR, 2 T&B, balcony and a carport. Nice no? I’m so excited to see it in actual. My mommy and siblings told me it’s nice nga daw but they would prefer us to come and see it first before we decide. What’s good kasi with this subdivision is that they are on pre-seling stage pa lang. Hindi agad maluluma yung house because it’s not yet built.

Below unit from Excelsis Land is also in our top choices. Its way out of our budget but we are considering it still because of their house specifications. It’s fully painted and finished na kasi upon turnover. It’s near the Batino exit and we once saw this subdivision and I like the ambiance. Very peaceful.
We are also loving this unit by DMCI in Cabuyao. Ang mahal lang nya, but the fact that it’s by DMCI, I’m sure it’s worth the visit. We will surely check this out kasi it’s just one tumbling away from my kuya’s house.
Then last night, my kumareng Melai sent me a link to a house and lot by Carmona Estates. Floor and lot area is bigger than that of Canlubang and it has 4 BR! And its way cheaper!!! Na excite naman ako. The amenities of the subdivision are nice as well. We will surely visit this too in June.

So that explains why I wasn’t able to visit my blogsite for days. Naaaligaga ako sa excitement! I’m so excited also for hubby’s entertainment room. We agreed kasi that we will not be putting a TV set in our living room but instead make a separate entertainment room in the ground floor. Hmm i’ll just make a separate blog about this. I’ll show you my interior inspirations for our ‘future crib’ in my next post =)

Sometimes, being a grown up is mixed emotions no? Ang hirap tumanda because responsibilities are becoming more serious and bigger but it’s exciting as well. Imagine before, my only problem is how to ask my mommy to get me the latest model of Nokia and now we are actually getting na our own house and lot! From our own sweat and blood. God is so good talaga!

Everyday, God is giving us many reasons to be excited about tomorrow. Ang saya! =)

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Have you guys seen this movie? This is the most romantic movie ever of Amanda Seyfried. I just feel that this movie deserves a blog from me because sobrang nakaka relate ako. Ahaha!! Why? Secret =) Tehee!

Basta watch this! This is a super kilig movie which proves that everybody deserves a second chance in the name of TRUE LOVE =) The power of true love always work indeed! And I know, even sa real life.

I believe in marriage of course, no doubt about that. But I believe more in TRUE LOVE and at the end, it will always prevail.

We’ll see…

Thursday, March 24, 2011


is now currently under prayers. And by God’s grace, we are already claiming it. 

Poy and I thought that times seem so hard these days in the Philippines that’s why we tried our luck abroad, where the grass is perceived to be greener. We decided to work here in Dubai to provide the best future to Mimay and to our future Mimoy. And aside from preparing for the kids’ educational needs, another must is to provide them a simple yet comfortable home. Yung amin talaga, from our sweat and blood. 

Back in April last year, hubby and I both came here in visit visa and thank God because I was blessed with a job after 8 days =) While Poy got his work naman after 2 months. He had some struggles kasi from the first job that he got that’s why he had to look then for a better opportunity. God has been good to us. After few more months of financial adjustments, we were able to send Mimay and Naynay here in Dubai for a 3 months vacation. It’s sobrang magastos but it’s okay. Their vacation kasi served din as a trial if we can all manage if Mimay and Naynay will stay here with us in Dubai.

For almost 11 months here, we proved that life is “financially” easier abroad. You can get to eat in a fancy or posh restaurant anytime and material things seem to be very easy to get. But I’m not saying we are truly happy, in every sense of the word, to where we are now. There are still many depressing, heartbreaking and sad moments of being here on the other side of the earth just to earn money and be away from our family. And to compensate on that, Poy and I decided that now is the right time to take the plunge. We have to start reaching our plans, dreams and prayers. After all, we are here for our future. 

Even if this will mean less shopping and less dates for me and Poy, we know it will definitely worth all the pagtitipid. This is for us, for Mimay, for our family.

Guys meet our “soon to be” crib. Simple but OURS, oh I mean “soon to be” OURS =)

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Since my decision of having my own blogsite came too late, there have been so many important events in my life that I missed to share. Eh I’m feeling nostalgic so I thought of documenting them although they happened ages ago. I feel like I still need to blog it so that me and Poy have something to reminisce came our old days.

I really cannot remember the precise details eh, basta the story is something like this. May 31, 2008, I was supposed to meet and have dinner with my friends Melai and Lady somewhere. Then we also have family gathering the same night. So I was really torn between dinner with friends and dinner with my family. So my ate suggested that I come first to our family dinner and escape na lang early to meet up with my friends. So the clueless me agreed.

My ate’s husband, Kuya Dong, has to go somewhere that night so we went to our lola’s house in tricycle. It’s mga 1.5 kilometers away lang naman from our house. But what made me curious was when my sister asked the tricycle driver to drop us 300 meters away pa from my lola’s house. Knowing my ate na super tamad maglakad, nagtaka talaga ko. I asked her why and she just told me that she feels like walking, exercise daw. I have no choice, nakaalis na si tricyle driver.

After 25 years, we arrived in my lola’s house and saw my cousin, mommy and aunts all in pajamas! Then one by one I saw my dearest friends (including Melai and Lady which I was supposed to meet for dinner that same night!) coming out of the porch all in their big smiles and pajamas too! Anong meron? Then my mommy handed me a pajama to wear. Slowly everything is sinking in me. We’ll have a pajama party, yeeaahh!!

My heart is flowing with so much joy that time. I am so overwhelmed in happiness! I am deeply touched with all of my family (esp. my ate) and friends’ efforts and preparation just to surprise me. I am so clueless and it made me so overjoyed.

Here are some of the photos from my bridal shower which happened exactly 10 days before our wedding in June 2008. I grabbed these photos from Abby’s multiply account. Other photos including the foods, the cake with a “T” haha!, my mom and aunts, the decorations, etc. are all in my PC in pinas. I don’t have Facebook pa that time eh.

Here comes Mrs. Jhanil Margarita Cruz-Aguilar!

The game which is mejo rated PG haha! Arranged, last being the most bastos of all =)

Gift giving! I love Abby’s gift, cash haha!! Bridal shower gift, cash?? Ang labo no? 

Some more photo ops!

This once in a lifetime experience is truly unforgettable. I am loved, so much loved and I will be forever thankful.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


It’s Saturday again and I’m not in the mood to work. Bakit ba naman kasi napaka saklap ng work schedule dito sa office namin, nakakaloka talaga!

Anyhoo, I just want to share something to all of you that (again!) made me kilig and smile because of hubby.

Yesterday afternoon, as we were both lying in bed for some kwentuhan… sorry for the cheezyness though!
Nani: Bibi I love you! Ang swerte swerte ko talaga syo.
Poy: Bakit naman bi?
Nani: Eh kasi ang bait bait bait mo bi. Alagang alaga mo ko tapos binibili mo pa lahat ng gusto ko. Dapat helmetan kita no? Baka ka kasi mauntog. (laugh!)
Poy: Ay bi nauntog nga ko kanina paggising eh!
Nani: Owws? Ano natauhan ka na?
Poy: Opo, kasi pagka untog ko, mas lalo kitang love na love na love lalo!
Aaaw! It melts my heart =)
While I was pulling some clothes naman in our cabinet, our conversation was this:
Poy: Oy bi dahan dahan pagkuha ng damit. Kaayos ko lang nyan at kapplantsa.
Nani: Ay ang sungit! Galit ka? Pinapagalitan mo ko bi kasi ginugulo ko mga damit?
Poy: Ay bi hinde ah, di pa kasi tapos. Sabi ko nga guluhin mo pa, dali naman ayusin nyan. Ako na bahala =)

Hay I’m so lucky with Poy! I cannot imagine my life without him. I’m just not lucky, I am so blessed!

Bibi ko, I love you so much! Thank you for your kindness and love. Thanks for keeping your words that you will take care of me. You have actually exceeded your promises. I can’t thank you enough.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Countdown again! In 77 days, we will be going home for vacation. I am super thrilled thinking that we will again sleep in our bed, in our own room =) I miss so many things in the Philippines. I thought of listing them all here so that I have a guide on what to do and where to go as soon as we reached our happy H.O.M.E.
1.    Yellow Cab’s Charlie Chan pasta and NY’s finest pizza – miss na miss ko na to. Actually while typing this, I’m salivating! Yellow Cab has been and will forever be my choice of fast food. I particularly love their chili oil which is very perfect on their humongous pizza slice. Nyam nyam!
2.    Jollibee’s spaghetti and chicken joy – if you’re a Filipino, I’m sure your taste buds will agree with me right? I’ll eat this everyday, promise! May Jollibee sa bawat kanto namin eh haha! We have Jollibee here in Dubai kaya lang the taste is different.
Langhap sarap!
3.    Isaw ni Dino’s – hay my all time fave! Ang isaw na nakakapagpabagabag (hanu daw?) This is our college friends’ most loved tambayan. Isawsss here are super the best! Miss u Cha, Abby, Ton and Jhayz!
miss u my dino buddies!
4.     Home service mani and pedi – I haven’t had my nails done here in Dubai, it’s super costly! Cheap-ipay salons are charging AED 60 (Php 720) for manicure, as in the regular manicure in a so-so parlor only. Oo ganun kamahal! So it’s like Php 1500 for both mani and pedi. Di bale kung may free massage at may buffet lunch after. Kaloka db? Eh in pinas, Php 200 lang, home service pa! I miss that!
5.     Body massage – Me wants this so much! The stingy me kasi cannot take talaga the cost of a body massage here in Dubai. Even if hubby is allowing me to go for it kasi I deserve it naman daw =) But my gawd, it’s AED 400 (Php 4800) for a one hour back massage! Kamusta naman yon?? Sige na kuripot na ko talaga!
Oh it’s already 5:45 pm, I have to prepare myself. Bye for now! I’m itching to go home. I have so many works in pile but I don’t feel doing it. It’s Thursday today and I’m already in OFF mode since lunch time. And tonight is Bert’s birthday celebration in 101, I’m so excited for the yummy dishes.
Ciao! Happy weekend everyone!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Our dear Mimay finally had her first ever dental check-up yesterday. I’m so excited to share how it went. But first, I’ll give you a background why my daughter badly needs a dental check up.
Mimay’s front teeth are like that, tooth decay kung tooth decay talaga! When I saw this the first time, I felt so guilty. At the back of my mind, I was thinking that I have become an irresponsible mom. If only I was there with her, I’m sure she’ll not get those cavities at her early age. I think the culprit kasi of her decaying teeth was her pacifier. It took some time for my mommy to stop Mimay from using her pacifier. I told her to put the pacifier in shrimp paste before Mimay will use it and it worked! But the damage is already there so I asked naynay to bring Mimay to a pediatric dentist. The problem is, Mimay doesn’t like to be seated in a dental chair. My mom told me na super cry daw si ineng. I cannot blame her. Ako nga 26 years old na takot pa sa dentist eh, sya pa kaya?

When Mimay was here in Dubai, I learned that she is not fond of brushing her teeth, parang ako lang haha! So I made her uto the whole time she was here to instill to her the importance of brushing her teeth. And I think I was successful naman.

Then just this morning, my kuya sent me these photos that really made me smile big time =)

Taking it from my kuya’s mail, he said that they went yesterday in SM Calamba to let Mimay play in the inflatable playground which by the way is our daughter’s fave. Then in the same floor, they saw a pediatric dental clinic. They inquired and the kind dentist allowed Mimay to seat for check up. Eh they noticed that Mimay was just silent and wasn’t crying, ayun tuloy tuloy na for a cleaning! Yehey!! It shows naman in the photos that Mimay enjoyed the procedure =)

Hay baby, dadee and I are so proud of you! You’re so brave sweetheart! Big girl ka na. Sayang lang, we weren’t there to witness this very special moment in your life. But I know you understand us. We love you baby! See you in less than 3 months. Kisses and hugs from me and dadee.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Last Thursday is another date night with my bibi. Celebration na din because it’s our 33rd wedding monthsary. 3 months to go and it will be our 3rd year anniversary na! Ang bilis. Parang kailan lang ;) 

Speaking of our 3rd year anniversary, I am so excited for it. We will be celebrating it in Pinas with our baby Mimay. My ate’s taking care of the reservation of flight and accommodation for our 3 days celebration, I should not worry ;)

Back to our date night, Poy is not so much into burgers and sandwich, mas mka rice sya, pero I was surprised when he told me that he wants burger daw this time. So with that, we tried the newly opened sandwich shop in Deira City Centre.
Potbelly is a famous US sandwich shop which is known for their made-to-order sandwich. Looking at their gigantic menu board, I was salivating na. Parang ang sarap sarap lahat! 
To order, you have to first choose the sandwich, size and bread. Poy ordered Potbelly’s “wreck” original size in regular bread which has beef salami, roast beef, turkey breast, smoked turkey and swiss cheese. While I tried naman their “Italian” sandwich in multigrain bread. It’s a combination of beef salami, pepperoni, turkey capicola, beef mortadella and provolone cheese. Talking about calories, I know! The sandwich was then placed in a conveyor oven to toast it. Next is we choose the toppings for our sandwich. Hubby’s wreck had mustard, hot pepper, lettuce, onion, tomato, pickle, oil and Italian seasoning. I asked to put the same in mine except for pickle and oil and requested for additional mayo instead.  I wanted to try din sana their salad but changed my mind, I might not finish it because the sandwich looks big. And yes I was not wrong, it was big talaga! For the drinks, we had Coke light and Schweppes ginger ale.
We took our seat and were relaxed by the ambiance. The restaurant features a vintage interior and decorative memorabilia such as vintage signs, music mementos sepia tinted photographs reflecting Potbelly’s antique store in Chicago. Adding to the great ambiance is the background music of local musical artists and the lively service of the staffs. Pang Mr. and Ms. Congeniality all the staffs, panalo!
Hubby surely enjoyed his meal and I did too. The sandwiches were very tasty and meaty except that mine is super spicy. Ang daming jalapenos! Ate galit ka sa kin?? I didn’t finish the whole thing because it was really very spicy and it was too big for me. The prices here are very affordable too. AED 19 (Php 230) per sandwich is not bad ah.  Next time we’ll just order one sandwich (the bigger size at AED 24) and will try together with their salad.

After that, we went inside the supermarket to do some groceries. To save time, hubby asked me to go to the fish and vegetable section. Pick daw the fish and vegetable that I want for our ulam the coming week while he checks out the meat and chicken section.

While I was in the fish section, I called Poy.
Nani: hello bi, punta ka dito dali!
Poy: bakit bi? pili ka na ng fish jan.
Nani: naku eh nakakalito nman bi eh, magkakamukha mga fish. Iba iba lang ng price. Tapos nakakatakot pa yung iba, may bola sa bibig! Punta ka na dito.
Poy: Sa gulay ka na lang muna, kuha ka ng pechay.
Nani: Ok sige bye.

After less than 2 mins, I called again.
Nani: bi ano ba yung pechay? Eh magkakamukha din mga gulay dito. Lahat kulay green!
Poy: sige bi hintayin mo na lang ako jan, ako na bibili.

You might think nagiinarte ako, of course not ha! I have a proof. See photos below:

Sige nga, alin jan ang pechay?
At sa mga fish na to, which is which? Their names are weird ha!
And who will not get scared of this? Bakit may jack stone ball sa mouth???

There goes our simple monthsary celebration. Simple, funny and busog! =)