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Saturday, September 4, 2010


Another Poy story for all Poy fans out there! =) We were having dinner last Thursday night sa house. Husband noticed that 1 couple is missing in action, Mei and Yo. Usually kasi pag Thursday night, complete kami every dinner.

Poy: “Bi san sina Yo?”
Nani: “Nakita ko sa FB ni Yo, having dinner with fiancĂ©. So sa labas sila nag dinner ni Mei”
Poy: “Ah ok.”
The same night, as we were about to sleep, someone turned off the light. I kinda saw it was Mei but I’m not sure, so I asked hubby.

Nani: “Bi sino nag-off ng ilaw?”
Poy: “Si Beyonce bi.”
Nani: “Huh? Sinong Beyonce? Si Mei ba?”
Poy: “Opo, si Mei nagpatay ng ilaw.”
Nani: “Eh bakit Beyonce tawag mo kay Mei?”
Poy: “Eh bi ikaw nagsabi nun ah, kanina nung hinahanap ko sila sabi mo nasa FB ni Yo dinner with Beyonce. Di ba sabi mo yun? Favorite ba ni Mei si Beyonce bi?”
Nani: Speechless. Blanko. Speechless. Tapos, laughing trip!!

All the while, Poy over heard fiancĂ© as Beyonce! He thought all the while, that Beyonce is Mei’s favorite =) Sleepless Thursday night for me and husband, laughing trip talaga ko! Nyahaha!

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  1. wahahaha.. ako din laughing trip.. lufet tkga ni fafa poy... ^________^