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Thursday, February 23, 2012


If you have seen me personally for a couple of times, it will be very impossible for you not to notice my mustache. It’s been there since birth. In my college days in Letran, the tricycle drivers in the kanto would call me “ang babaeng may bigote”. It was nothing to me that time, I was never bothered about it. I remember my ex-jowa even told me that it actually adds to my appeal. Naniwala naman ako. So it never occurred to me to have my bigote removed.

When I was in Dubai, my lady Indian officemate would always tell me to shave my bigote. But I didn’t mind her. Sa isip isip ko, buhok nga sa kilikili nya mahaba pa sa bangs ko eh. So kanya kanyang trip lang yan.

I feel very confident with my bigote, and I really have no problems with it. That is not until last Thursday. I had a seminar that day near Megamall and we were sent off early. I went to Market Market in Taguig to wait for Poy which will be coming from Pasig. He’ll come at 7pm pa daw. I thought of going to Freshaire to have my nails done. The problem is, ang dami pang customers waiting. So I have my name listed and they asked me to comeback after an hour.

I was wearing heels that day so it would be very uncomfortable for me to walk around. Ayoko din naman kumain alone in that 1 hour because I’m sure, Poy would ask me to eat again pag dating nya. Still undecided, I walk out of Freshaire and notice this waxing salon.
I was thinking to have my underarm waxed. I went inside to inquire but sadly, I have to wait 1.5 hrs pa daw because there were many customers who came earlier than me. I was about to leave Laybare when the attendant told me that I can have an upper lip hair wax instead. Wala daw pila so they can attend to me immediately. Left with no choice, I agreed.
This is the view from where I was seating. I was feeling really nervous. Alam mo yung parang manganganak ulit? Mga teh, pls understand, first time ko to in 27 years! Virgin na virgin ang bigote ko, migosh!

I really don’t know what I was up to until finally the wax touched my upper lip. Grabe ang sakit! Even before the waxing started, the attendant gave me a tissue and I was wondering what is it for. Para sa luha pala, kaloka!

Here is my before and after photo.
I went out of the salon looking like a battered wife. Namaga talaga nguso ko ng bonggang bongga. But over all, I enjoyed the experience. I didn’t know that I’ll be more confident with my hair-less upper lip.


One of the many things I am grateful for in my life are my friends. I have a lot of them. I have friends from my elementary, highschool and college days. I have friends from church, from my previous companies, and of course from Dubai. I’m so blessed for having a lot of real friends in the very sense of the word.

That’s why if you notice, Mimay have super daming ninong ang ninangs. Ang dami ko pa friends na nagtampo ng lagay na yan dahil di namin sila kinuha as Mimay’s grandparents.

So where am I going? Actually, I just want to share one of the best nights in my life so far. This post is long overdue already but nevertheless I am very excited to blog it.  Last Feb 9, right after office hours, Poy, Mimay and I had a dinner date with my long time friends, now kumare and kumpare, in Shakey’s Paseo de Calamba.

I was super happy to see them once again. Abby is a flight attendant in Saudia Airlines while Jhayz is working in Singapore so we seldom meet. But what’s cool about our friendship is, parang kahapon lang kami huling nagkita. No ilangan at all. Tsismisang walang humpay pa din just like the old times.

That night, Mimay was super thrilled as well because she received gifts from her ninong Jabi (Jhayz worked as a store manager in Jollibee before and he usually gives Jollibee stuffs to Mimay, hence Mimay calls him Ninong Jabi). And not just gift ha, gifts talaga. That Hershey’s stuffed toy in our table was one of them. There’s also a huge chocolate bar and a pink Giordano shirt especially for our dalaga.

We all can’t wait for Abby’s beach wedding in December! Makukumpleto ulit ang Jhayz angels because Cha will be coming home too all the way from Canada. Yey!

Jhayz with Jhayz angels, Abby, Nani, Ton and Cha.

Girls/Jhayz, we have to have a pic like this again in December ha? Sa studio ulit haha!


I have so many entries in my drafts, pero puro introduction pa lang. Sa sobrang dami ng gusto ko i-blog, I cannot finish even a single entry. You know I’m like that even at work. For example, I have so many things to do in a particular day, uumpisahan ko lahat yan. Ang ending, wala akong natapos. Kaloka.

Well anyway, what I want to share to you guys is our pretty dalaga in her flower girl gown.
Isn’t our Mimay so adorable?

This was taken last Saturday in Canlubang Laguna. Sorry I forgot the name of the church. Mimay was one of the flower girls in the wedding of husband’s cousin. The lolo of Poy was cousin of the lolo of the bride. Basta something like that, I don’t exactly know how they are related eh. Basta the moment I learned that Mimay will be one of the flower girls, mas excited ako haha!

This is actually the 2nd time of Mimay as flower girl. The first time was during my kuya’s wedding. As in solo flower girl sya dun. The problem lang is that Mimay was sick that time. She wasn’t in the mood at all. So on her 2nd time, bumawi talaga ang anak ko ng bonggang bongga! Look at the smile =) Mimay’s partner was Ivan. She’s the youngest son of my SIL, Ate Dory (Poy’s ate).

Ay I have a kwento pala about Mimay’s hairdo. Since the wedding was Saturday morning, husband and I sent our dalaga to a nearby parlor Friday night to have her hair ends curl-set. The bading in the parlor was having second thoughts because at Mimay’s age daw, for sure tatanggalin daw yung curler. I told the bading not to worry because I know our daughter very well.

So eto na sa bahay, while we were watching Barbie I noticed Mimay na ayaw humiga.

Nani: Anak higa ka na.
Mimay: Ayaw mamee, aalis kulot.
Nani: Hindi neng, hindi yan maalis kahit humiga ka.

So humiga..
Mimay: Aray! Aray mamee sakit! Ayaw ko na higa!

Imagine the curlers in Mimay’s nape, so malamang talaga eh masakit yun.
Nani: Sha neng tanggalin na natin yang kulot kasi masasaktan ka eh.
Mimay: Hindi mamee okay lang, taas mo la lang kulot (curlers) ko.

Ending, ganito natulog ang kiriray naming anak. Hahaha!!
Sabi nga ni Poy, “san pa ba magmamana yan?!” Deadma. Hindi ko rin alam. Choz! Sorry ang blurred ng shot, lights off na kasi sa room namin that time.

Mimay’s gown was originally owned by Mimay’s cousin who is 16 yrs old by now. So the gown was like 12 yrs old already. I just have it repaired. Since the motif of the wedding is blue & yellow, I asked our mananahi to replace the lace with color blue, put some blue sequins and put a yellow ribbon. Jaaraaan, instant gown for P500 only! Nasa nagdadala lang talaga yan, tama? ;)

I’m so excited for more flower girls moment of our Mimay!

Monday, February 20, 2012


Written: Wednesday Feb 15, 2012 0815H
Since we already celebrated the night before the actual Valentine’s Day, I know this day would pass just like an ordinary day for me. Although that morning, I was still somehow expecting a bouquet of flowers from my husband. I cannot remember a Valentine’s day without him giving me flowers. Last year nga, exactly 12 midnight may nag deliver ng flowers for me. Poy’s like that. It may be a simple flower bouquet lang but he makes sure to give it in an extra-ordinary way.

So yesterday when I woke up, Poy just gave me a kiss and greeted me, without the flowers. Bad trip ako. I wasn’t talking on our way to Carmona (he drops me there every morning and we’ll wait for my shuttle service there). I kept on telling myself na wag ako magalit, that I shoud be matured enough for things like this. Kahit walang flowers okay lang, ambait bait naman ng asawa ko. Dapat masaya na ko. Kaso, naiinis pa din ako. Especially when Poy told me this:

Poy: “Bi grabe lakas ng ulan sa Pasig kahapon, di tuloy ako nakabili ng flowers. Baba dapat ako sa may Market Market kaya lang ang traffic na. Wala tuloy ako flowers for you.” I was like, “OH-kay!”

I was not in the mood the whole day, mababaw as it may seem pero masakit eh. Dito oh (points to my heart). I seldom text him that day, but I reply once in a while. I don’t want him to think I’m mad.

6:10 pm, on my way out of the office, I saw my hubby standing outside our lobby holding a bouquet of flowers. I was really surprised! I wasn’t expecting it because Poy works in Pasig while I am in Gen. Trias Cavite. It’s like 2.5 hours travel from Pasig. With my office mates as audience, Poy handed me the flowers sabay bonggang bonggang kiss. Parang shooting lang! Haha!

Here’s the souvenir shot last night. Ehem excuse me, naaapakan nyo po yung hair ko =)
Aside from the flowers, Poy gave me a valentine card with a 2-page hand written letter. Dito talaga ko super touched. I know how busy Poy is at work. I know how many meetings in a day he had to attend and I know how many times he would eat lunch late because he had to finish so many things. But despite of all these, he was able to make and hand write a letter for me, at 2 pages pa talaga. This brings me goosebumps, really. I am just so blessed for having a husband who loves me so much.
I am still in-high right now. I’m sure I’m doing something very good before the eyes of the Lord for blessing me with a partner like Poy.

Syempre, papahuli ba naman ang baby namin? ;)
Happy Valentine’s everyone!


Written: Tuesday Feb 14, 2012 1330H
Days before Valentine’s, I told Poy that we won’t be spending too much just for a dinner on Valentine’s day. Since we’re on tipid mode for the next monthsss because of dik-dik, I told him it would be very impractical to have dinner in a hotel then iisip-isipin ko yung bill after. Ako na, ako na ang kuripot :p Poy kept on insisting na once a year lang naman daw yun just like anniversary so okay lang daw. Well, may point. And it’s very seldom we go out without Mimay, moment namin to so why not make the most out of it.

So with that, I researched and looked for places where we can have a decent dinner. Considering the food, budget, location and ambience, we decided to try the dinner buffet in Vivere Sky Lounge in Alabang. I immediately called for reservation but sadly, they do not accept reservation daw on February 14. First come, first serve daw! Anubayun??! Coming from Gen Trias Cavite, malamang sa malamang eh wala na kaming aabutan na seat on Feb 14. Calling Vivere, I don’t think you should do the ‘first come, first serve’ rule on Valentine’s Day. It’s just so… wrong.

So we changed our plan. February 13, hubby and I had a pre-valentine celebration instead. Bahala na kung saan kami mapunta, what’s important is magkasama kami to celebrate the Love Day. Ayun sa awa ni Lord, na traffic si Poy. May trailer daw na tumaob sa may Alabang bridge. Of all days naman! He came quarter to 8pm in Carmona to pick me up and we decided to go to Festival Mall na lang to have dinner. Upon entering the mall, we saw this newly opened 3 in 1 resto infront of Super Bowl. There were My Thai, Pho-Hoa and Jack’s Loft. Since we both love Thai foods, aprub agad sa min.

Before dining in, we roam around the mall first and told husband that since our Vivere dinner will not push through anymore, I’ll buy him a gift na lang. Smile agad ang lolo mo.

As per his request, I got him this silver necklace. He wanted us to have a matching necklace but I declined.
Poy: Bakit bi ayaw mo pareho tyo ng necklace?
Nani: Di naman bi, basta wag na lang po. Ikaw na lang.
Poy: Tipid na dinner natin bi di ba kaya pwede na tyo bumili gift.
Nani: Hindi bi wag na talaga.
Poy: Wag ka masyado magtipid bi, minsan lang naman to.
Nani: Kasi may papabili ako sayo na black bag, may gusto na ko e, kaya lang kulang pa budget ngaun (grins!)
Poy: Ayun, kaya pala.     

Hehehe. Talaga tong asawa ko, mina-mahina ako haha!

Sharing to you some photos from our Valentine’s dinner. We had large bowl of Pho Bo Kho, caramelized chicken and Kung Pao chicken with peanuts and red chili. We also tried Jack’s Loft fishbowl iced tea na muntik ko na ika lunod.
Our pre-Valentine’s dinner was really simple yet very pleasing because we were able to have that quality time together talking and laughing about anything lang. Since we had Mimay, we rarely go out without her. So I think you can visualize the picture pag nalabas kmi, saway dito, saway doon ang drama namin mag asawa. But that night was different. It was all about us. Parang mag boypren/ gerlpren lang =)

You, how did you guys spend your Valentine’s?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Written: Friday Feb 6, 2012 2215H

In celebration of my first salary in Maxim (although technically sa Feb 10 pa talaga sweldo ko hehe), I treat my family over dinner in ‘The French Baker’. It’s the default restaurant of Marichee. Btw, Marichee is my most favorite cousin of all. She’s our baby even before Mimay came. Marichee or Nini is the only child of my mom’s sister. She’s so much loved by our family and since magkamalay ang batang yan eh kung saan saang lupalop na namin yan dinala. Since her childhood, she’s not the typical Jollibee or Mcdo baby. Ayaw nya dun, ang dami daw tao. Panakot pa nga namin yun dati sa kanya na pag makulit sya, sa Jollibee namin sya pakakainin. Weird no?

Whenever we’re in mall, either Yellow Cab or The French Baker ang request nya. So it’s really a delight for Nini aka Ninang Chee (she’s Mimay’s ninang) that ‘The French Baker’ opened up a store in Paseo de Sta Rosa. Before kasi, the nearest branch from our place is in SM Southmall pa.

So last Sunday, after our visit to dikdik, the whole gang invades The French Baker.
Obligatory family pic =)

Our orders:

Soup on a bread bowl @ P115 – creamy corn soup in French bread bowl. Yummy! It comes with butter too.

Clubhouse sandwich @ P190 – tuna, cheese, ham and bacon in brown bread for me and my mom.

Beef lasagna @ P180 (ata) – for me and my SIL, Ate Jona. It’s too sour for my taste but Poy liked it, sya umubos.

Carbonara @ P190 (ata din) – this is my ate’s order. Fettucini pasta tossed with carbonara sauce, eto masarap!

Spicy Seafood pasta @ P205 – for my mom. I was choosing between lasagna and this, so I asked my mom to order this instead para I can taste both hehe. This is also delicious. Ako na, ako na ang may order na palpak.

Baked Chicken @ P195 – for Ninang Chee, Poy and my Kuya. This is Nini’s all time fave. And infairness, masarap talaga sya.

Grilled Chicken and Mango Salsa @ P205 (ata) – for Mama Chona. Deboned chicken leg grilled with special BBQ sauce. I love it too!
pardon my kuya's hand hehe
Hickory Spareribs @ P220 (ata) – for my Tita Marith. This is my most fave of all. The pork is very juicy and flavorful. I’ll order this next time.

Not in the picture, is my Kuya Dong’s (aka Ninong Derek) order which is the German Sausage Sandwich with Potato Salad.

Kuya Dong to the waitress: Miss, 1 german sausage sa kin.
Poy: Nagulat ako Kuya Dong eh, kala ko aso order mo. Kala ko german shepherd =)

Baliw talaga asawa ko! Tingin nyo? =)

It was another bundat night for us. Everyone went home busog and happy =)


If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll know that I’m really a mababaw person. Simple things make me happy and one of those is milk tea. My love for milk tea started in Dubai and it’s getting at its pits now that we are just few kilometers away from Serenitea, which is located in Solenad 2 in Nuvali Sta Rosa, Laguna.

Here’s my first Serenitea experience with my dearest ate. In my hand is a large Wintermelon milk tea (100% sugar) that is truly addicting to the taste buds.

On my next visit, I tried their Hokkaido milk tea which tastes a bit odd for me. Di ko masyado type.

Then I tried Serenitea’s Choco Chip and Malty Choco which is a best choice if you’re a choco lover. Just don’t go overboard on the sugar & try it with 50-75% sugar level only to get the perfect sweetness.

The latest flavor I tried is Serenitease Taro flavor with full sweetness. And so far, it’s my favorite next to Choco Chip.

I’m wishing to try Gong Cha, Chatime and Happy Lemon as well. I hope they’ll soon open branches here in the South.

No wonder, milk tea is becoming everyone’s favorite now because it’s healthy and yummy at the same time. Even our Mimay loves it!

Monday, February 6, 2012


Everyone, say hi to our Dik-Dik =)
This is Benedict “dik-dik” Aguilar, our future abode. We named him Benedict because he is a benediction or a blessing to us. We have long waited and prayed for it and finally, God gave us the capacity to plunge in. At talagang Aguilar din ang surname haha! Don’t look strangely at me, idea ng asawa ko yan. Muntik na din ako himatayin hehe.

Dik-dik is located in The Mandara, Silang Cavite. Just 8 mins from Paseo de Sta. Rosa/Nuvali and 15 mins away from Tagaytay. We learned this place from my dearest kumareng Layds who also got the same unit as ours last year. Dik-dik is not yet built though, lupa pa lang sya. The above picture is the model house but the turn over unit will be exactly like this. After the 50% completion of the equity, itatayo na si dik-dik and we can transfer as soon as the equity is complete. In our prayer, it will be next year pa so we still have ample time to save for dik-dik’s furnitures, appliances and extensions. We are planning to extend the house and maximize the lot area so that we can have an additional room on the first floor, which eventually will become our entertainment room. That’s the only request of Poy, eversince talaga, he wanted to have a space of his own where he can put his speakers, player, TV and many other else. I’m agreeable to it because as much as possible I don’t want to put television in our living room. I’m thinking kasi that if Mimay is going to school already, she will only be allowed to watch TV if she already finished her school works. So kumbaga, it’ll be a reward for her to enter the entertainment room. Unlike if the TV is just in the living room, malamang lagi lang andun si Mimay. Ganyan na ganyan kaya ako nung bata, I should know. And also I want her not to be too much dependent on TV and instead find entertainment in reading books.

Dik-dik has 3 bedrooms and a balcony on the second floor. Balcony is connected to the master’s bedroom so we are thinking to put a staircase from the garage going to the balcony so if ever there are guests, there’s no need to pass our room just to go to the balcony.
Nice the balcony no? Just enough for small number of guests or muni-munihan area namin ni Poy since it’s connected nga to our room.

Sa rooms naman, we’re thinking to connect Mimay’s room to ours. Just a connecting door will do so that in case Mimay will be sleeping na on her own bed, it’ll still be easy for us to hear and see her. But honestly, I don’t care co-sleeping with Mimay until she’s 25 years old. I hope she feels the same thing.

Aside from having my kumareng Lady as a village-mate (phasemate pa actually), what I love most about Mandara is it’s location. As I’ve said, it’s barely 8 mins away from Nuvali which is very much developed already. There’s Robinson & South Supermarket, plenty of restaurants, fastfoods, coffee shops, store outlets like Aldo, Marks & Spencer, Esprit at marami pang iba. A mall will also rise soon. Despite of all these developments, the area is very relaxing. Especially Mandara is set on an elevated location, it’s like breathing fresh air of Tagaytay but having all the above modern comforts.

Poy, Mimay and I can’t wait to finally move in to dik-dik next year.

We can’t thank enough God for making all this happen. All praises to Him!

Saturday, February 4, 2012


… ofcourse came from her Dadee Poy.

Dear Mimay anak,

You may not appreciate it at this point in your life so I decided to blog and document this so that when the time comes than you can fully understand things, you will know how much your dadee loves you.

Just so you know, allow me to share a little background lang about me and your dadee’s financial set-up. As per mutual decision, your dad’s giving me his full salary. I just usually give him allowance enough until next payday. So for him to be able to open a personal savings account for you and initially deposit it with P25,000 is really something that made me cry with so much happiness. From his allowance, your dadee was able to save that amount for you instead of keeping it for his own use. It may not be a very large amount, but it comes with a pure intention of telling us how much he values you and our family.

I hope in time, you will realize how much your dadee loves you and how blessed you are for having a father like him. So when you grow up, make him proud anak.
We love you so much baby!
Mamee Nani


Allow me to document how we spent our 2011 Xmas. Better ‘super late’ than never, right?
Every Christmas, Poy, Mimay and I usually have a color theme.

Xmas 2009 – White (kami lang pala ni Poy hehe)

Xmas 2010 – Red
Xmas 2011 – Brown 

Since Xmas fell on Sunday last year, ratsada kami to the max. We need to see everyone in the family or else tiyak may magtatampo. You all know naman, star ng family ang aming si Mimay so everyone needs to see her especially on Christmas day.
The morning was spent in our church to attend the morning service. We then went to Mimay’s wowa (my Tita Marith which is my mom’s younger sister) in Calamba, then to my in-laws in Majada, next is to my lola’s house in Parian and lastly dinner with my other tito and tita in my kuya’s house in Cabuyao. Ang hectic ng schedule ng bagets, kaloka!

Just wanna share to you some of the gifts received by our baby girl.

Slide set from Mamee Nani and Dadee Poy: 
Baby Alive from Ninang Melai:

Rechargeable motor from Ninang Chelo and Ninong Dong aka Ninong Derek:

Cash from her Wowa, Ninang Lady, Mama Dolor, Titos and Titas from Majada, Lola Espie (my MIL) and marami pang iba.

Her Tito Ninis will get her a Converse Chuck Taylor as a post xmas gift.

And ofcourse, BDO junior savings account from her Dadee Poy.
We’re so lucky because our Mimay is so much loved by everyone =)