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Monday, September 5, 2011


… sa break up ni Atom and Patty!

If you’re an echoserang blog hopper like me, it will be very impossible if you do not know Patty Laurel. Her blog is very addicting, very entertaining. I’m her fan. By reading her blog, I learned to love her. She’s very witty! I adore her for her love to travel. One of Patty’s life plans is to match her current age with the number of countries she will visit. And so far, she has accomplished it. She’s also a former MTV VJ and Studio 23’s host.

This is Patty. The very pretty Patty.

On the other hand, in case you don’t know him, Atom Araullo is my ex-boyfriend choz! Atom is a famous news reporter and a host in ABS CBN. He looks very smart and mabango. His eyes actually look like Rico Yan I think. Not only gwapo, but brainy too. Di na kailangan mag-ulam pa haha! He never fails to make me smile when I see him on TV. Kung may ‘crush at first sight (on TV)’ na matatawag, eto yun! Atom baby, you really got me! Haha!

If I may just share, I’m a frustrated reporter/ newscaster. Even before my highschool graduation, I’m decided to take up Mass Communications in college. I really want to be a reporter or a newscaster then. But due to slight family pressure, I took up Engineering instead since both of my siblings are Engineers. Baka ma-OP ako so I took up the same course like them. No regrets naman but I could have been happier if I were a reporter now and not an Engineer. So that explains my ultimate love for Atom. At his young age, aside from his physical looks, he’s a very accomplished news reporter which I once dreamed of.

My forever crush Atom. Don’t tell Poy haha!

Because of my love for these two, I religiously follow Patty’s “Ohlala come waste your time with me” blog. She has many stories there about her and Atom and their travels together. Their love story is like a fairytale for me. They look so perfect for each other.

Until one day, I cannot access Patty’s site anymore. All the while I thought problem lang sa blogger. It never did occur to me that Patty’s actually renovating her blog site because of her break up with Atom. I was really shocked. You see, Patty’s my idol in blogging then I heart Atom as a reporter plus they’re in a perfect relationship tapos biglang no more of them together? It was so heartbreaking. It’s like my favorite fairytale movie ended too, with no happy ending.

I am so affected.

Anyway, here is Patty’s new site. Click here. I am not yet updated though with her new blog entries now, di pa ko nakakarecover sa break up nila ni Atom eh. Backslider fan muna ako ni Patty for the meantime hehe.


  1. awww,medyo affected din ako :( i like them as a couple, i think they're perfect for each other.nasubaybayan ko na sila eversince cover girl pa si patty tas heartthrob si atom during their candy and seventeen days.tsk,tsk sad naman!

  2. you're not alone... sana sila na lang ulit!

  3. teka, I never knew na sila pala! hehe... ex ko din si Atom... crushie forever :)

    I'll read more of this post at home.. am in the office now, my boss might see me :)

    thanks for the chismis :)

  4. ikakasal na si patty...may gf na bang bago si atom?

  5. Hi Mamee Nani!

    Patty is soon to wed Patrick Filart. :) I follow her blog too.

    I just followed you on blogger. :) I hope you'll follow mine, as well.

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  6. Atom is my neighbor here in C. hehe. He once went to our house and played in our rooftop when he was younger. He was from the TV show 5 and up then. His sister's name is Sandra. haha! Just sharing.