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Monday, January 31, 2011


Been busy for the past days hence the lack of posts and here’s my come back entry.

Remember the new vaio laptop gift from hubby? Ayun, SIRA! Waaah!! Take note, it’s been only a week since he bought that. Kwento ko ha? Last Friday, I inserted a memory stick from my friend’s camera unknowingly na may virus pala yun! Ayan kasi pakialamerang frog ako. What made it worse is that anti-virus is not yet installed in my laptop. As in we cannot open the laptop anymore! So last night, together with Mimay and Naynay, we went to Jumbo Electronics in City Centre to ask for a replacement. Since they don’t have a stock for color white for the model of my laptop they ordered it pa from other branch. Hopefully, tonight hubby we’ll get the new unit.

Apart from that, eto talaga ang gusto kong iblog. Last night with Mimay and Naynay, on our way to City Centre, an Arab guy or let me say a stranger Arab guy called my attention and asked me to wait. I was like, bakeeet? I don’t personally know him. What I only know is that he owns a car-for-rent shop located in the ground floor of our building. He ran inside his shop and got a huge plastic bag with a baby stroller inside. He handed it to Mimay and with a big smile he said, Hi mimi! (i/o Mimay) This is for you. My gift for a very adorable baby.

I was speechless and surprised. I cannot immediately react because I don’t know how and what to react. Malay ko ba kung binebenta nya yun sa akin or what? Seeing my facial reaction, the Arab guy explained that he knows we are living in the same building and he always see Mimay passing his shop. He said our baby is so adorable that’s why he wanted to give her a gift. When I came to my senses and realized everything, I was so overwhelmed. It was so sweet of him to give my daughter a stroller to think na hindi naman kmi friends. (Dati yun, ngaun super friends na kami!)

Hindi sa pagyayabang, our baby has this charisma that people of any kind easily fall in love with her. She’s a very happy and active baby kasi especially when were out. Smile is always plastered in her face. Parang politician pati yan si Mimay, laging naka hi and hello sa lahat with matching flying kiss. She loves people, she loves to socialize, inshort: MAHADERA. I can really see myself in her, MAHADERA din ako eh =)
I immediately pulled my camera and asked him to pose with Mimay, Girl Scout ata to, laging handa. But it was so stupid of me because I forgot to ask his name. Sorry na-excite lang sa stroller haha! To Mr. Arab, thank you so much from Mamee Nani and Mimay. Sana next time cash naman haha! Choz lang!

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Over-Acting ako sa lahat. How?
1.     The moment I learned that I’m expecting, naka-preggy dress na agad ako the following week. Bakit ba? Bawal??

2.     On the 2nd month pa lang of my pregnancy, I was forcing my OB to check my baby’s gender. As in pinipilit ko sya and the way my OB looked at me that time, he’s like telling me “Ok ka lang? Ano gusto mong buntis ka, away?!”

3.     On my 4th month, I’m super atat to have my preggy photo-shoot. My bump is barely showing pa lang that time but I’m already inquiring if they can schedule me for a shoot. Tinanggihan ako actually ng studio dahil hindi pa daw halatang buntis ako and the photos will not come out nicely. So I finally had my dream shoot on my 7th month in Great Image. The photos are priceless!
4.     As initially planned, we will have Mimay’s dedication on her 6th month para mukha na talaga syang tao and so that we will have enough time to prepare. But because I’m too excited (and OA) to show her off to our family and friends, hindi pa nagaling ang caesarian wound ko eh nagcacanvass na kami ng venue ni husband. Mimay had her dedication on her 2nd month pa lang =) I haven’t blog this pa pala. May I share this too?

A Baby Dedication is a ceremony in which a Christian parent like us, make a commitment before the Lord to submit our child to God's will and to raise her according to God's Word and God's ways.
"As surely as you live, my lord, I am the woman who stood here beside you praying to the LORD. I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him. So now I give him to the LORD. For his whole life he will be given over to the LORD." And he worshiped the LORD there. 1 Samuel 1:26-28.

Mimay’s dedication date is very special because it’s our 1st wedding anniversary and my 25th birthday too. Oh di ba triple and tipid celebration? We chose Red, Black and White motif since these are the only colors that a baby can see and appreciate on her 2nd month. The celebration was very simple and we only had around 100 guests. Sa dami ng pamilya at kaibigan namin ni Poy, yang 100 guests na yan eh konti pa. We had more than 250 guests nga in our wedding eh. Konti lang ang 100 right? ;)
The venue was in Max’s Restaurant in Monte Vista Resort Pansol, Laguna. We made sure to put in the invitation that all guests must wear red, black or white only para swak sa theme. See our guests all in RBW motif.
Me (with my palo palo arms) and my poging poging hubby with our “alien looking” Mimay hahaha! Joke! I should have waited pala talaga until she’s 6 months para healthy looking. I just realized it now. Mimay will surely hate me when she gets to see her dedication photos.
This is Mimay’s christening dress. Pretty no? I patterned the white gown to my wedding gown.
The other red gown that she was wearing on the above photo was a gift from my sister, one of Mimay’s ninang. She just handed it when we were in the venue na that’s why it’s not in the prep photo.

Mimay had a total of 13 beautiful and handsome set of god parents. They are all present except for Ninang Cha who’s residing in Canada and Ninang Layds in Japan who was proxy’d by her hubby now, Eonot. The dedication was officiated by our Ninong, Pstr. Richard Rapas.

Back to the original topic…

5.     Aside from being OA, i’m also an Obsessive-Compulsive mother especially when dressing up Mimay. Even if pambahay clothes lang yan, I always make sure that she’s dressed up well. Dapat terno lahat. I don’t like mixing clothes. She can never wear green blouse in blue or pink shorts, never! Over my dead sexy body!

6.     I’m a hair-neat-freak with Mimay. Before going out, I always find time to fix her hair. Remember Mimay’s hairdo na super ineffortan ko?
7.     From baby oil, petroleum jelly, bubble bath, baby wash, hair shampoo, body lotion, facial cream, baby powder and cologne, Mimay has it all! All from Seba Med Baby. Check their products at Sabi nga ni naynay, “hindi ba nangangati yang si Mimay sa mga nilalagay mong kung ano ano?” Hmp Mommy ko talaga, palibhasa Safeguard lang gamit nya samin dati hehe.
For the shampoo, I changed her brand to Johnson’s because it doesn’t dry her hair and super bango pa. Back in Pinas, Mimay’s brand is Lactacyd and Enfant.
First time moms are naturally OA like me right? Normal ako di ba? Agree first time moms? 
Happy weekend everyone!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


This kind of entry is supposed to be posted on the last days of December or first day or first week of January, pero dahil OA lagi ako sa pagka late, pangatawanan ko na. Just like what I always say in my previous blogs, better late than never.

2010 was indeed a roller coaster ride for me. It was a year full of very challenging, blissful and sometimes gloomy moments. There have been many realizations and lessons in life I learned and I thank God because He has been with us through everything. God remained to be very true and faithful to His promises to me and to our family.

*Mimay’s 1st Birthday! Time flies so fast because our once tiny little baby turned 1 year old last April 4, 2010. It was a fun filled celebration with friends and family all in their luau attire.
*Nani & Poy off to Dubai. Everything changed a lot when husband and I became parents. Mimay’s needs are always on top of our priorities. So to be able to provide her the best future that she deserves, husband and I decided to work here in Dubai. April 25 is surely the saddest day of our lives, when we left our 1 year old baby in Pinas. Feeling ko talaga masisiraan ako ng bait but our dreams for Mimay kept my sanity. Focus Nani!
*Nani & Poy in Dubai. Life is never easy for us when we first came here in Dubai. Home sick, boredom, pressure of having a job, officemates na jejemon, super nakakalokang temperature and many other things. But God has been so good and kept his promises, as always. He blessed me and hubby with a good job, beautiful set of friends and most especially, a church that guided and strengthened our spiritual lives as couples.
*2nd year as a wife. Being together for 2 years now, I am proud to say na hindi pa nagfifile ng annulment si Poy at mukang matindi pa din ang epekto ng gayumang ginamit ko sa kanya. Yeees!! We celebrated our 2nd year anniversary and my 26th birthday in Dubai desert safari which we had an unforgettable stunning experience of the real desert adventure. As in sumuka suka ako after the dune ride but it’s all worth it. We also enjoyed the camel ride, the BBQ dinner and the Belly dancing show.           
* Mimay’s first airplane ride. It is in this year that my daughter experienced her first airplane ride. It’s just too sad that we’re not with her that time. According to Naynay, Mimay was sleeping for almost 7 hours in the plane. I made sure to schedule their flight on evening time so that Mimay will be on her inactive mode.
This photo was taken at Dubai airport during our salubong to Mimay and Naynay:

* Dubai Friends. This year is very special for me because we get to meet the nicest people which eventually became our friends. Husband and I are too blessed to have our Dubai friends who have supported us all the way. They are like our 2nd family here on the other side of the earth. It feelis like home everytime I am with them. My special thanks to kumareng Joy for her selfless concern and love for me and Poy =) and to my 101 family for their very warm acceptance, understanding and extended love for our baby Mimay and Naynay.
* Holidays away from home. Our first ever Christmas and New Year away from our family. Surely one of the saddest days of our 2010 but thankfully my dearest Mimay and my mom are with us, so still everything went perfectly.

There goes my year 2010 and looking forward for best years ahead!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Since Mimay’s day 1 on earth, we are all wondering where did she got her looks. Some say she looks like her Dadee and some say she looks like me. Honestly, seeing Mimay’s latest photos, nakakalito nga kung sino ba talaga ang kamukha nya.

I posted this photo in my FB account and most of my friends commented that she looks very much like Poy.
While in this shot, most said that she looks like me daw.  

Well it doesn’t really matter naman if she looks like either me or Poy, just as long as isa sa amin ang kamukha at hindi yung kapitbahay namin, ok na for me.

But one thing very noticeable with our Mimay is her kaartehan which is akong ako! I can actually see myself in her.

See what I mean? No doubt, she really came from me no? ;)


a Sony Vaio Laptop!
photo c/o google

And because I am a mabait wife (gow ask Poy), I surely deserve it! Yeeaahooo!! ;)
To the bestest husband on earth, thank you so much bibi! I love you forever and ever! The moment you told me you’ll get me a laptop, it makes me wanna go jump in joy and do my cartwheels =)  

Side kwento while we where in Jumbo Electronics, Mall of the Emirates last night:
Nani: Bi ibang brand na lang, madami mas mura na mukang ok naman compared to vaio. Come check mo.
Poy: Bi hindi bagay sa beauty mo ang ibang brand, pang-vaio ka dapat.

Pwedeng kiligin kahit 1 minute lang? =)

Saturday, January 22, 2011



I am so proud of our baby girl, she’s growing to be more and more beautiful each day.
She loves the camera and I am so excited for her photoshoot with Tita Lyn this coming Friday.
Look at her uninstructed posing:
Ang arte no? I actually have some more maarteng photos of her in Lyn’s DSLR. I’ll get the copies from her later.



Had a great Friday yesterday with hubby, naynay and mimay. We went for a visit in the capital and 2nd largest city of UAE, Abu Dhabi. I’ll make a separate post on that, soon! =)

For now, I just want to share this super touching photos captured by yours truly.
Meet the LOVES of my LIFE…
This was taken inside the coaster on our way to Abu Dhabi yesterday. I immediately grabbed the camera to capture this very sweet and touching moment of my mag-ama. Sige na OA ako pero I can’t help it. I was very teary eyed watching them laughing together as Mimay’s kissing her dadee over and over again. Ang sweet sweet!

I am one lucky wife for having a super bait as in super duper mega over bait husband and my Mimay’s one blessed baby for having a loving, caring, patient and sweet dadee.

Trivia: Would you believe that I seldom wash Mimay’s feeding bottles? Seldom which means, mga less than 10 times pa lang ever since Mimay was born. When she was here na in Dubai, never pa ko nakapag wash ng bottles nya. It’s all her dadee doing that task for the whole 21 months (less 7 months because we came here in Dubai while Mimay is in Pinas) of Mimay’s life.

He is also a very hands-on dadee. Mas nauna pa sya matuto magpalit ng diapers ni ineng before me. He’s also very patient (or spoiler if I may say) of Mimay. If Mimay wants to run in the mall or park or anywhere, Poy is very much willing to run after her. Yesterday nga sa church, while we were listening to Pastor’s message, Mimay is running and playing around na parang kiti-kiti (tadpoles pala is butete, kitikiti is mosquito larva ;p). She’s very active and playful. I saw her inserting her fingers in the wall socket, eating tissues, putting her head in between the gate bars and many other else. But her dadee is patiently following her around, wiping her face and hands and carrying her.
Luckily, I had the chance to take some photos of them while we were in the church.

Short kwento. I saw this scenario just few days back.
Mimay being carried by Poy: Dadee baba baba! Being an obedient father, Poy puts Mimay down and Mimay shouted “ayaw baba!” with matching pagtaas pa ng paa. So Poy carried Mimay again and as I expected, Mimay shouted “Dadee baba baba!”
And for the 2nd time, binaba ulit sya ni Poy pero ayaw naman nya.
Take note, paulit ulit yun but it never irritates Poy. He’s that patient especially with me and Mimay.

Yesterday naman, while we were having lunch in Goto King in Abu Dhabi, Mimay doesn’t want to stay in her high chair. With all her might, she was trying to push herself out of the chair because she wanted to see the nice fishes in the resto’s aquarium. So even if laway na laway na si Poy sa salad, lobster and prawns, he carried Mimay and went to the aquarium and just told me and naynay to eat na and he’ll just take care of ineng. It really melts my heart.
I am falling more and more in love with this man! Thanks Lord for my wonderful husband!