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Wednesday, September 8, 2010


It’s exactly 2 months, 2 weeks and 2 days before we can finally kiss, hug and be with our dearest baby.
Husband and I were on leave yesterday from work because we need to go to Philippine Embassy for Mimay’s Travel Clearance/Permit requirements.

The almost 50 deg. temp and the long queue did not stop me from feeling so happy and excited because processing all these documents simply means we will be with Mimay SOON! =)

From our place, it’s only around 15 minutes cab ride going to Philippine Embassy. Outside the cab, super init na to the highest level! Husband and I only have our sun glasses on, hindi uso ang payong. We arrived there at around 11 am. There’s a memo in the gate saying that office will be on holidays starting Sept.8 – 13. Buti na lang today is September 7 or else sayang ang leave and effort! Expectedly, there are many kabayans processing different documents such as visas, marriage docs, and passport renewals. Since it’s Ramadan timings, office will be closed at 2pm and cashiers at 1:30 pm with a 12nn-1pm lunch break and its 11:10 am na! OMG!

We only have less than an hour, and with a long queue it seems impossible we can finish before 12nn! But with prayers and God’s grace, we were able to finish everything just in time. In fairness, embassy officers are accommodating and nice naman especially the photocopier which I thought at first is a Chinese national, kabayan din pala. Guess how much is the photo copy per page? It’s AED 2 or 25 pesos per page! Kaloka db? I remember during my college days in Letran, Photocopy is just 50 cents per page. I suddenly thought “Am I that old?? Ganun na itinaas ng photocopy fee ngayon?” Well anyway, notarization charge is AED 100 per document. So for us, we paid AED 200 for the affidavit of support and SPA. We need these documents since Mimay will be travelling not with us but with her Naynay (my mommy). Since there will be long holidays, our documents will be released on the 15th pa. We paid another AED 30 so that we need not to come back again to pick-up the docs and instead it will be delivered to us through EMPOST courier on the 17th.

After Philippine Embassy, we went straight to Dubai Immigration to check and confirm the requirements and fees for Mimay and my mommy’s visa. UAE attested birth certificate, UAE attested marriage certificate, passport copy and parents salary certificate. So far, my ate and kuya are processing our UAE attested docs in Pinas which will tentatively reach here in Dubai by the end of September or early October. Visa processing pala is just one day according to the immigration officer. We just have to make sure that we have complete documents.

Before heading home, we dropped by in City Centre to get some food and fruits. We will have our late lunch sa house na because we can’t eat anywhere or even in malls because of Ramadan. Restos are open just for take-out. Poor us, we we’re hungry to death! We just thought, this sacrifice is all worth it because everything is for our Mimay. Hubby and I just diverted our hunger to day dreaming. We were imagining we’re running after Mimay inside the mall, getting foods and toys for her, playing with her and buying things for her. We are also thinking what will Mimay’s reaction after 7 months of seeing us only in the computer monitor? Will she immediately come with us? What will be the airport scene? Oh my we are so excited! Non-stop kwentuhan with Poy until we reached home.

It was a very productive day! We are becoming more and more excited to see Mimay and ofcourse my Mommy. I miss her so much too!

Note: I hate myself for being so forgetful! I failed to take some photos! Sayang Sayang! Mimay could have seen what her Mamee and Dadee look like while queuing at the embassy with empty stomach at almost 50 degrees temperature. Awful really!

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