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Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Introduction of FAB FINDS!

Ever since the world began, in my own perspective not Poy’s ha, I am the most practical human being in terms of buying things. Madami akong gusto sa buhay but I make sure it is of very important use before I buy them. Ahm okay, I tend to be compulsive sometimes pero promise sometimes lang talaga! I am more of a SEGURISTA in buying things. That’s why it took me hours, days or even months before I decide to buy something.
I remember, when we were to buy Mimay’s diapers, ay super read ko lahat ng diaper labels sa supermarket. Ofcourse I have to make sure to get the best diaper for Mimay to avoid rashes and skin allergies. Even to the point of standing in diapers area for an hour while having leg cramps! Yes, I’m that praning and item conscious.
So with that, I thought of starting a segment here in my blogsite where I will be posting all my fabulous finds that are tried and tested by yours truly. The cheaper the better! But most importantly, it has to be ultra effective!
To start, let me share some of my finds na panalong panalo for me and might be for you too!
Pimples and blackheads are one of the most known self-esteem attacker. Basag trip talaga pag may pimples right?! When I came here in Dubai, my face became more prone to zits because of the hot weather. I tried different facial wash but of no good effect. Not until I discover ST. IVES APRICOT SCRUB BLEMISH AND BLACKHEAD CONTROL. I’ve been using this product for a month now and so far I am truly loving it. Not only it is very affordable, but it leaves my skin invigorated and cleansed. I seldom got pimples too!
Price: AED 22 or approx Php 270 for 150ml tube which I think is good for 2 months consumption assuming you’ll use it twice a day.
And for that soft and fragrant skin, I highly recommend ALYSSA ASHLEY WHITE MUSK Hand and Body Moisturiser. I particulary love its soft subtle scent that is very lasting on skin. Ay promise ang bango bango bango nya! Poy loves the smell too! ;)
Price: AED 29 or approx Php 360 only for 500ml bottle na!
How about you? Wanna share your own fabulous find/s? Email me at and I’ll be much honored to post it in my blogsite. Please do include a photo of you with your bet product.
Mamee Nani here requests effective products for falling hair and baby products please! =)

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