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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Last Sunday night, my friend Jay (Carl’s BF) told me that the thread mill in our building’s gym is not anymore working. Our building has a free gym as part of the amenities, so it’s really less hassle rather than to go out of the building pa.

After hearing that bad news, I felt deeply sad. It’s been three weeks pa lang since that thread mill and I became best of friends, and now it’s defective na! I really wanted to cry! According to Jay, it’s still somehow working, only that it has a weird screeching sound. Whatever sound it is, still, it’s not usable! (sob sob sob!) Now, what will happen to my weight loss program? Mr. Thread mill is the easiest way I can get off those extra calories in my voluptuous body hahaha! Kidding aside, it’s only been less than a month since I started befriending Mr. Thread mill and I lost almost 5kgs na! It’s somewhat low pa rin kasi naman I’m a cheater. I sometimes grab my housemates’ dishes such as “Lyn’s Bicol express”, “Jay’s Arrozcaldo”, “Jay’s Bopis”, etc., but without the rice of course. But still, I’m very proud of my 11 lbs shed in just less than a month. It’s mainly because of Mr. Thread mill, I think! And now he’s gone, what’s gonna happen with my weight loss career???
That's me with Mr. Thread mill

But not until my 101 girl friends thought of an alternative! (Thanks Len for the bright idea!) Last night, our guys were going to their basketball practice in Al Twar (yung park na may Berney, remember? ;p), so we decided to come with them instead of mourning over the defective thread mill. We brought along Len’s badminton gadgets and whoah we had the best work-out ever! 10,000 calories off in just 2 hours jogging around the basketball court, playing badminton and basketball shooting. I really had a fun fab night with Carl, Len, Lyn and Mei! Sayang we weren’t able to bring cameras with us, wala tuloy proof na “pawis kung pawis” talaga kmi last night.

So now, we promised to play badminton instead of going to the gym. It’s more fun din naman coz all parts of our body are soaking in sweat. But still, we are praying that Mr. Thread mill will be ok soon.

Go go go 101 girls! Let’s work hard for a sexier body! Yeaaah! =)


  1. Astiggg- sabi ko n nga ba. kawawang Thread mill na-blog ka tuloi! hahahaha *_*

  2. kakatuwa naman...ang cute mo sa pic na 'to! =)