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Tuesday, September 14, 2010


ang pait ni Inday!

Sorry for being so straightforward and honest with this post. Well anyway, this is my blogsite so I have all the right in the world to post whatever I like.

Yesterday morning, I received an email from a friend back in Pinas. We are exchanging replies when she mentioned something to me that goes like this:

Nabasa mo ba ang shout out ni tooot sa FB, ex ni poy… hehehe! Sabi ko nga sa kanya kanina smile lang comment ko kasi love ko si nani.”

So I was like, huh? Ka-intriga ah!
I immediately checked my FB and this is what I saw!
Kaloka db? Without second thought I commented on her wall. Her FB settings allow anyone to comment even if we’re not friends. It’s like she’s allowing anyone to comment on her wall right?

She said thank you, so I said I am more thankful. That’s how I’m feeling eh devah? And that’s the start of it, mega reply ang bitter inday at may kakampi sister pa na maka- “twiters” daw haha! I know, I know, kulang sya sa letter “t” at sobra sa letter “s”! Laughing trip oh!

At ang some-one pala ngaun eh 2 words with a dash, sorry di ko un alam! At dahil nose bleed na sya, dinelete ang thread sa wall nya. Di na kinaya! Pero take note, ni re-post nya ulit pero binago ang settings ng FB nya wherein hindi na ko pwede mag comment tapos sasabihin “Ano bakit di ka maka comment ngayon?” Haha! Praning din! Natural binago mo settings eh haha! Eto pa, nag message, LOSSER daw ako. Ano daw?? Si inday talaga oo, sobra na naman sa “s”! Ang yaman sa S! Kalorkei!

Well, as a conclusion, it’s so true that BITTERNESS is next to UGLINESS. It’s been almost 5 years and she’s still not over everything. Inday, move on ok? Be happy for Poy and we are more than happy for you.

Hay I just can’t help not to post this. It made me laugh hard!

Sorry Papa Jesus, I’ve been so impatient and bad =(


  1. hahaha.. bruha ka.. okrabebang ka tlga! pero bitterness nga tlga sya dahil napakatagal na pala nun.. hehehe.. behlat kamo sa kanya.. bwahahaha...

  2. "some-one better that YOU"? whoa! and that made me laugh big time!