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Sunday, September 12, 2010


Time flies so fast. Parang the other day lang I was wishing that “sana BER month na!” I’m so sure that everyone here in Dubai are wishing the same thing coz it’s definitely HOT in here. Imagine even at 7pm, the ambiance remains at more than 30°C. So as much as possible, it’s really better to stay at home because we can set the AC even as low as 9°C.

Just last Thursday, I was off with husband and friends at the mall and we saw there were already jackets and sweaters at the shop racks. Wow winter time is near! I immediately roam around and lucky me coz I got this nice black, pair jacket for me and Poy from Quicksilver. It’s so cute coz we’re terno =)
Ever since bf/gf days Poy and I are always in terno outfit. Even during our Sumiden days, at almost all important events we are wearing the same shirt or wearing the same color. I love him most because of that. Other guys kasi finds it corny wearing terno, but for us we find it cute and sweet. It’s also a way of our bonding moment. Poy knows that wearing the same outfit makes me happy that’s why he’s always game about it, even “pambahay” clothes eh terno pa din.

I have a kwento pala about this. During our first Christmas as husband and wife, our family agreed to wear pajamas for the noche buena. As usual, me and Poy looked for terno pajamas. We saw one but with medium size only. Since I’m 5 months pregnant that time, it’s ok if the size is big for me. But when Poy tried it, it’s bitin to him and his “junior” is a bit showing through coz the pajama color is light brown. The conversation went like this:

Poy: “Ay naku bi ayoko nito! Bakat oh, ang sagwa!”
Nani: “Ok ok, hanap pa tayo. Pero pag wala na talaga yan na ok?”

After 35 years, wala na sya makita na terno…

Poy: “Bi iba na lang suot natin, wala na kasya sa atin na terno eh.”
Nani: “Eh di yun na lang brown bi. Sakto sa kin yun tapos parehong pareho pa tayo, cute!”
Poy: “Eh bi bitin nman tapos bakat pa.”
Nani: “Ok lang yan bi, suot ka na lang mahabang shirt e di taklob na. Tara yun na bilhin natin.”
Poy: “Ahh bi ayoko!”
Nani: “Ah ayaw mo talaga? Bibilhin ba natin yung pajama na yun o mag papasko ka mag isa mo???”
Poy: “Sabi ko nga bi, bayaran ko na eh. Ganda nga nung brown na pajamas na yun ano? Bagay na bagay sa tin. Tara na bi sa cashier.”

Etong asawa ko talaga gusto pa tinatakot sya eh =)

I just love the fact that my husband is so cool about wearing terno. He surely doesn’t care if he will wear the same shirt as mine even if color pink or even sesame street design pa yan. I remember once he told me that with his past GF, he will never, at all cost wear the same shirt as hers. But with me, he finds it “nakaka kilig” daw =) It’s like telling the world that I’m his and he’s mine =)

But don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that those guys who don’t like wearing terno with their gf/wife are not nice or loving partners ha? That’s not what I meant =)

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