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Saturday, September 18, 2010


So far, my most loved place on earth is UNDER THE SHEETS with my bibi! Uh scratch off those malicious ideas in your mind ok? ;D

Back in Pinas, I am not the type of person who sleeps with quilt covering me from head to toe. I actually hate it. I feel suffocated everytime I cover my face with anything and that is exactly same with Poy. But since we moved in here in Dubai, it became a habit for us to completely cover our body with a shared comforter as we sleep. It’s basically because the temperature in our room brought by the centralized AC is freezing cold. Since then, husband and I are always looking forward to see each other under the sheets! =)
We now find it as our favorite bonding moment. We feel very connected as we share laughters and tears under the sheets. Laughters because as you all know, my hubby dear is truly a comedian in his own, unintentional way. And tears as we browse and view Mimay’s photos in our CP. We super miss our baby! Poy and I became more intimately close to each other as we share stories about anything, day dream about our future plans and talk to our dear Lord at-almost-no-distance-in-between before we doze off. It may seem very simple but truly a healthy way to bond with my Poy.

I will always cherish our ‘under the sheets’ moments. I will FOREVER look forward to smile, laugh, talk and cry with you until our hair turns gray. Thank you for making me fall in love with you bi over and over again.

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