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Monday, February 28, 2011


I was browsing my FB page, when I saw this note from my dearest hubby entitled Chef Nani, back in August 2010. He will be late that night that’s why he asked me to cook our dinner.
Read on and I’m sure you’ll smile of Poy’s sweetness especially of those under Safety remarks=)
Thank you Lord for my wonderful Poy!
Chef Nani :) (!/notes/poy-aguilar/chef-nani-/139908276048891)
by Poy Aguilar on Wednesday, August 11, 2010 at 3:33pm

Bi eto step pagluluto mo mamaya :D
Balatan at hiwain ang kalabasa into cubes na tama lang ang kapal
Sibuyas (sliced)
Bawang (pitpit)
Knorr manok or pork (1 box)
Sotanghon (konteng konte lang) ibabad na sa tubig

1. hugasan ang kalabasang gayat na
2. igisa sa mantika ang sibuyas bago ang bawang
3. ilagay ang kalabasa at lagyan ng patis
4. igisa ng 5 minutes para magkalasa ang kalabasa
5. tubigan na at ilagay ang Knorr
6. pakuluin hanggang sa medyo malambot na ang kalabasa
7. (optional) mag ligis ng ilang piraso ng kalabasa para kumulay sa sabaw
8. pag malambot na,ilagay na ang sotanghon at tikman ang sabaw at tingnan din ang dami ng sabaw
9. pakuluin ng 2 minutes para maluto na ang sotanghon.
10. luto na! takpan at ialagay sa isang tabi :)

1. palambutin muna ang porkchop, pwedeng ibabad sa mangkok
2. kapag malambot na, budburan ng asin ang magkabilang side
3. hiwain ang porkcop para madali ang pagpprito
4. painitin ng mainit ang mantika para di dumikit :)
5. iprito ang porkchop sa tamang apoy lang
6. luto na! ibukod na ang pambalot para bukas. Hehe

ü Ingatan ang talsik ng mantika
ü Dahan dahan pagbubuhat ng mga pinaglutuan baka matapunan
ü Wag susunugin, baka di mo din makain. Hehe. Joke :)
ü After magluto, manood ng tv para marelaks ka naman :)

Sunday, February 27, 2011


For those who doesn’t know me and for those who will be reading my blog for the first time:
My name is Nani, a loving mother to our 23 months old Mimay and a spoiled wife for 33 months to my very domesticated husband Poy. Yes you read it right. Si husband ang domesticated kesa sa akin. From laundry, cleaning, ironing, cooking, name it… its all hubby’s work. Spoiled wife nga eh db? ;p

During my childhood days kasi, I was never trained to be like that. My mom would do all the chores for us, basta magaral na lang daw kami mabuti. Eh obedient ako, eto ang ending, I am efficient at school and work but when it comes to keeping the house, bagsak.

So I came to realize (ang tagal ng realization haha!) that it’s not right especially the fact na hindi ako marunong mag cook. What if the time will come that Poy will be assigned somewhere, di na kami kakain ni Mimay?

So with that, together with our 101 friends, we thought of planning a weekly cooking competition. I was super excited because this will help me practice my cooking skills. As if I have cooking skills haha!

So for the official debut of CHOPPED 101 version, it’s a battle between the BRATS! Nani, the spoiled brat wife versus Carl, the spoiled brat girlfriend who doesn’t know anything in the kitchen. Parang ako lang hehe kaya bonggang match talaga. Our respective partners, Jay and Poy were the ones who bought the ingredients, then bahala na kami on what to cook. Kalorkei talaga because we don’t even know how to cut the onions and garlic. We started at around 9pm and finished at 12 midnight! Hahaha imagine the gutom of our housemates. Literally nagwawala na sila kahihintay sa niluluto namin. Let below photos do the talking about what happened on the launching of CHOPPED 101 version.

Carl cooked pork ribs caldereta while I made the pork garlic barbeque. I can say it was a success because edible naman ang mga niluto namin. It’s actually masarap! Eh ikaw ba naman magdinner ng 12 midnight, natural lang masarap ang magiging judgement nila sa niluto namin right? The dishes were judged by our 5 friends who don’t have any idea who cooked the caldereta and the barbeque. Para fair ang judging. The result was 3-2. Carl won and she super deserves it. I love her caldereta. Very tasty and the meat is very malambot. My barbeque daw is masarap din but Carl’s caldereta is far better than what I did hehe. But hubby told me I have a future in cooking naman, konting improvements na lang. Naks!
So for those who think my barbeque is delish, like my friends Cha and Abby, here is the super simple recipe for you guys.

Pork liempo thinly cut                             Catsup                          Lemon
Sugar                                                   Soy Sauce                     Sweet soy sauce
Oyster sauce                                         Tons of garlic                 Onion

Marinade the pork with lemon, toyo, little sugar and catsup for like 30 mins. Then sauté the garlic and onions, set aside. Since the pork is being marinated pa, you can make the barbeque sauce na. Just combine the toyo, oyster sauce, sweet soy sauce, catsup, water, pepper and sugar. The catsup will make the sauce a little thick. You can now fry the marinated pork, take care not to over cook it like what I did. Nagiging mapait kasi kapag nasunog sya. After all the pork are fried, put the pork back in the pan together with the sauteed garlic and onions. You may pour in the barbeque sauce to the pork or arrange the pork in a plate and drizzle the sauce on top. Fried some garlic with chili to serve as garnish to the dish.

There you go! Hope it helps somehow =) May lasa sya infairness haha!

Saturday, February 26, 2011


My baby’s 2nd birthday is coming soon! Talking about how time flies fast. May 2 years old na kami ni Poy!

Before she left going to Pinas, we scheduled her for a photoshoot with my friends Lyn and Carl which will be used for her birthday invitation, tarpaulin, cake, etc. And since her birthday theme would be something SPORTY, we made her wear Badminton sports attire. The excited me can’t help not to post this as my profile pic in FB because my baby is very adorable here. She had so many comments and likes in FB and I’m a happy momma! Maybe because she’s so me in this photo. Bigla ko nga naalala ang Ms. Intrams Days ko in Letran. Kakatuwa!

For Mimay’s 2nd birthday, my sister will be incharge of the party. From the venue reservation (thanks to Jollibee’s manager, Mimay’s ninong Jhayz), invitations, birthday theme, cake, mimay’s outfit, etc.  Well, it will just be a super simple celebration. Nothing bongga! OA lang ako mag-planning haha! Since Mimay adores Jollibee so much, we thought of doing her special day there na lang. I’m sure Mimay will be very amused once she sees Jollibee and Twirlie dancing right in front of her. And you know what makes me more excited about Jollibee? It’s their free WIFI! So even if we won’t be with Mimay physically on her birthday, we will be joining the party through Skype in LCD projector. Yey!!

To end this, let me share just 2 more photos of ineng during the shoot ha? Super cute na cute lang talaga ko sa kanya. I know, I promised not to share these photos yet kasi it’s for her birthday pa nga, kaya lang ang hirap eh. Promise this will be the last. I won’t post the other photos not until April 4.  
Thanks Lyn and Carl for bringing out the best from our baby. Thanks for the patience. Mimay and I will forever treasure the experience.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

WHY I LOVE POY - Part 10

Just may I share this ha? Natawa ako eh =)

Last night, hubby and I were inside the bathroom to wash up when he made paalam if he can still stay in our living room to watch an action movie with our housemates. I said ok and told him that I’ll just wait for him in the bed. Our conversation was like this:

Nani: Ok lang bi nood ka muna. Ano ba yung movie na pinapanood nyo?
Poy: Check ko yung title mamya bi pero mukang maganda eh, about soldiers.

Maisingit ko lang, my ex-bf was a military man. He’s a CAT and ROTC commandant way back and a Lieutenant in Army. So I thought of joking Poy when I learned that the movie is about soldiers.
Nani: Wow bi favorite mo movies about soldiers? Sure ka? Haha!
Poy: (biglang napa-isip) Oo bi favorite ko yun. Gusto ko yung mga movie na pahihirapan mga soldiers tapos mamamatay! Dapat sa ending mga rebelde ang buhay, lahat ng sundalo dapat patay!

Hahaha!! Bibi, bitter?? :D


I have to share a secret to all of you guys. It’s been months that I’ve been in blogging so I think it’s about time to share this secret of mine. We’re all close na naman right? So I think there’s nothing wrong if I’ll share this. I just thought also that this post might help others who have the same condition as mine.

I have psoriasis.

For those who don’t have any idea what it is, psoriasis is a chronic disease that appears on skin. Chronic which means, that this type of skin disease is recurring and medicines can just help to prevent it from spreading. I have it since my college days. I’ve been to different dermatologists ever since. According to my favorite dermatologist, Dra.Pisano who’s already in Canada right now, my psoriasis occur and aggravates daw when my immune system is low and when I’m stressed and puyat. The cause of this disease is not yet fully understood until now, because it’s genetical she said. There are different types of psoriasis, but mine is psoriatic arthritis. Sore appears on my body joints such as knees, elbows, ankle and finger joints.

There’s no definite remedy for my psoriasis. As I researched it from the internet and and as per my derma’s advise, most topical ointments should not be applied for longtime or else it is useless. I have to make sure din daw that my skin is always moisturized and I have to wear gloves whenever I’ll do the dishes. And most importantly, I should not STRESS myself or else the lesions will get worst. And it’s really true, whenever I am on a very stressful situation; the lesions are breaking out seriously. Like now. I actually have to be absent from work the other day just to have this check by a dermatologist. Natatakot na kasi ako because it’s spreading na on my ankles. She gave me antibiotics (Augmentin AED100/Php1200 for 20 pcs) for my sorethroat, because she said everytime I have infection it will make my psoriasis worst. Telfast (AED45/Php540 for 1 box) was also prescribed to me for anti-itching, while Daivobet (AED150/Php1800) and Diprosalic (AED30/Php360) ointments are for the lesions. I’m also now using baby soap, same like what Mimay is using, which is made for delicate and galisin skin like mine.  I cannot use pampaputi/fragrant soap and lotion anymore. That’s sad no? I know.

I remember back in college, I am so paranoid of my psoriasis. Nakaka stress sobra! I have to be in the derma almost twice a month and hindi biro ang ginagastos ng mommy ko just to keep my skin clear. Sometimes nga I’m asking, why of all sakit eto pa ang napunta sa kin? Ang gastos kaya! But I also thought that God’s ways are always better than mine so I just learned to accept and be positive about it.

God has given me too blessings in life para maging bitter ako sa aking psoriasis? Right?? Right! =)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


To the people that accepted and loved us since day 1, to the people that's making our stay here in Dubai very unforgettable, to the people that's making our life comfortable and at peace even were miles away from our real family, to the people that's supporting and supported us all the way, to the people that's sharing laughter and tears with us, to the people that wholeheartedly love and SPOIL our dearest mimay even naynay, to my second family... Joy, Boi, Ta Lou, Len, Eric, Carl, Jay, Lyn, Win, Bert, Ssel, Leah, Dong and Jo-Anne THANK YOU. Thanks for the love and friendship. I will be forever grateful for having you all. God is really good for blessing us with friends like you.
Love you all till our hair turns gray!


Dearest Mimay,

I miss you baby, I miss you so much already. It’s been weeks that I am dreading so much about this day. Just the mere thought of sending you in the airport really makes me want to throw up. And now that it happened, you just can’t imagine what I’m feeling right now. It’s very unexplainable anak. Basta ang alam ko ngayon, sobrang sakit at bigat ng pakiramdam. Lutang na lutang ako sa sobrang lungkot. I cannot stop my tears. Sobrang hirap anak. Miss na miss na agad kita.

These are our photos together in the Dubai airport.
Last night, I wasn’t able to sleep well because I cannot breathe. That will be the last night that I will get to sleep with you. I have to wait once more before it will happen again. I sneak out of the room so that I can cry. Hindi ko ma explain anak, gusto kong sumigaw at gusto kong pigilan ang oras. I never want to be away from you again but I have no choice.

I’ll miss everything about you baby especially your sweetness. Ayoko umuwi mamaya because I know there are too many memories in the house that will just make me more sad. Wala ng sasalubong sa akin after work, wala nko bibilhan ng pasalubong, wala na akong pakakainin, wala na akong kikilitiin, wala na akong kakwentuhan, wala ng kakanta at sasayaw for me, wala nko kasama mag-miming, wala na kami kasabay ni dadee mo magpray. Too many memories that will make me cry more for sure.

Leaving you and naynay in the airport is the most painful experience in my whole life. Hearing you cry and scream makes me want to return in the check-in gate and get you back from naynay. But I know you will suffer if mamee will do that so I’d rather swallow the pain and sacrifice for you. I am not jealous that you are closer to your naynay than to me. Because I know in time, you will understand and love me more for being a working mom just to give you the best future that you deserve.  

3 months flew so fast and I pray these coming months will pass more quickly. This is mamee and dadee’s promise to you: We will make sure to settle naynay’s visa the soonest possible time. We will do whatever it takes in the immigration so that they will issue a residence visa for naynay. We will make tipid to the max so that we can save up for naynay’s visa and for your airfare. We will soon be together as family anak, promise yun. Just like what I told you yesterday, we will wait for you so that we can ride the camel again and eat ice cream together.

I love you so much baby. Thank you for changing every inch of me. My life became so much more meaningful because of you. Mamee and dadee will surely miss you so much. We’ll see you soon again. For the meantime, enjoy everyday with your tito’s and tita’s there in Pinas. Share them your newly acquired jokes and talents. I’m sure they will laugh to death with your new antics. Just make sure to let them know that you will leave soon to stay with your mamee and dadee here in Dubai. Tell them that we are waiting for you, I’m sure they will all understand. Enjoy your vacation there anak! We love you so much! Sobra sobra sobra!

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Got this article of Bo Sanchez forwarded to me by my Kumareng Layds. This is super beneficial and meaningful to couples like us.

So grab your partner’s hand and take time to meditate on this:

One day, a young husband came up to me and said, “Bo, I wish my marriage will be as great as yours ten years from now…”
I only had one word for him: “Don’t wish. Decide.”
In that one line, I gave my secret to success.
That’s what separates great marriages and not-so-great marriages.
That’s what separates successful people from unsuccessful people.
Unsuccessful people wish, want, hope, desire for their dreams.
That’s not enough.
Successful people decide to make their dreams happen. Period.
That means they’ll do whatever it takes.
Nothing will stop them.
Failure is not an option.
Let me ask you: Will you do whatever it takes?
For me as a husband, it means the following:
o   I practice “mental” monogamy
o   I overlook her faults
o   I go out of my way to express my love
o   I prioritize our dates
o   I lead my family to God
Note: Just in case you’re in the delusion that I’m a perfect husband, let me make this record straight. I’m far from it. Just ask my wife!  But the important thing is that I’ve decided to become a great husband.   And I make that decision everyday.

But I would like to add just one thing on the above thoughts of Mr. Bo Sanchez. In order to have a great marriage, don’t WISH. DECIDE and PRAY =)

Thursday, February 17, 2011


I just have to share this, because it made me really smile big time =)

While having our usual kwentuhan last night:
Nani: Bi bili natin pet si Mimay pag medyo malaki na sya ha? Para maging nice sya sa mga animals.
Poy: Pwede bi, pero anong pet?
Nani: Dog bi o kaya rabbit.
Poy: Naku tiyak gulpi yun bi kay Mimay. Makita natin hinagis na ni ineng yung pet nya sabay palo!
Nani: Grabe ka naman bi! Ano naman tingin mo sa anak natin, wild?
Poy: Eh bakit hindi ba??
Nani: Speechless.

Honestly, na-mental block ako sa tanong ni Poy. Parang may point sya haha!!
you think she's wild? :D

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


From Wikipedia: it should be Happy Valentine’s (with apostrophe) Day pala. I didn’t know that. Wrong pala when you say Happy Valentines! Haha! Ang vova ketch!
We celebrated our first Valentine’s here in Dubai in a very simple and planned dinner with my hubby, mommy and Mimay. Since Valentine’s falls on Monday, working day, we have no other option but to dine out. This is our 3rd Valentine celebration as husband and wife and eversince, planado lahat ng dinner date namin. We always talk about it in advance because I’m kinda scared of Poy’s idea. Baka dalhin ako sa Mc Donalds (remember his proposal? In Mc Donalds? Hehe!) eh masira lang ang mood ko haha! But I hope it will not get into you na maselan ako or anything, game ako sa lahat or sa kahit saan, pero wag naman on a special occasion, right? Yun eh, sa akin lang naman. So to avoid anything that will piss me off, hindi ko na lang pinanghuhula si Poy where I want to go and instead ako na lang nagpo-propose. Oh di ba mas safe yun?

For our first Valentine’s dinner as an official couple, we went to Leslie’s Restaurant in Alabang and feast on their Filipino/Japanese buffet. Super cheap and sulit dinner talaga! It’s like P300++ per head lang (without the drinks) and the food tastes great. I was 7 months pregnant then and I’m on the peak of my katakawan that’s why we chose to go to an eat-all-you-can resto like Leslie’s. Photos are all in my PC in Pinas. I don’t have FB account pa that time.
For our second year, my bibi and I agreed for Outback Steakhouse located near Alabang Town Center. We have long wanted to taste their famous Outback Special steak but we just can’t go there anytime because their offers are not pocket friendly, in-short mahal sya for an ordinary private employee like me and Poy with a daughter na grabe lumaklak ng Promil Gold that time. One steak cost is more than a 1.6kg of Promil na. Eh may starter pa, drinks, never mind na the dessert, nanghihinayang na ko hehe. So we really save this outback date for Valentine’s. What’s good about Outback is that their staffs are very friendly and accommodating. They gave me a free rose and they took a free photo of us as souvenir. After the dinner, we went to Seattle’s Best for some more kwentuhan. Poy looks very tahimik pero ano ka, inaabot kami ng madaling araw nyan for nonsense kwentuhan =)
And for this year naman, we tried Tony Roma’s. With us is my mommy and mimay, kawawa if they will be left at home. When we arrive at TR, eto ang inabutan namin. Nakakalokang queue! They do not accept reservation kasi so we had no choice but to take the risk because for sure all restaurants will be crowded.
Understandable, TR has only 3 branches all over Dubai and Sheikh Zayed branch is the most accessible because it’s near the Metro Station. After 15 minutes we were able to seat and immediately gave our order.

These were the foods we had that night:

For the starter, we had Buffalo Wings in Carolina Honey sauce. I ordered this for Mimay because my daughter loves chicken wings. The sauce is sweet and very tasty. It’s AED 35 (Php 420) per plate of 8 pcs.
We also ordered their Seafood platter which consists of a deep fried salmon fillet, calamari and crispy shrimp. It comes with fries and creamy bleu cheese for the dip. My mommy loves it. Not bad for AED 58 (Php 700).
Then for our main course, we had full slab of Bountiful Beef Ribs basted with TR's ‘Red Hots’ sauce with coleslaw and Rice Pillaf. This is so far the best ribs I have ever tasted in my life. It’s very juicy and lambot. As in the meat falls out of the bones. It was so delicious! And the price is very much worth of the quality and quantity. The full slab is AED 110 (Php 1320).
We had to order for additional Rice Pillaf because we can’t get enough of the ribs. Goodluck to my voluptuous body haha!

For the dessert, I had to order their famous Colossal Cheesecake. Sobrang busog na ko but I really had to taste it. It’s like, you’ve not been to TR if you didn’t taste their cheesecake. One word after my first spoon: HEAVEN! The price is a bit costly though, it’s AED 28 (Php 340) per slice, take note: per thin slice!
It was a perfect Valentine’s dinner for me and Poy because we spent it with our dearest baby and naynay.

I’m looking forward for more Valentine’s date with you until our hair turns gray. Ababu!

Monday, February 14, 2011


Last night, I was inside our bedroom playing with Mimay when I heard my friend Bert calling my name telling me that somebody is looking for me outside. I looked at our wall clock and it’s exactly 12:00 am na. Sinong maghahanap sa akin ng ganung oras? I immediately ran to our living room to check who it is. I peeped in our main door and saw the delivery boy outside asking if I am Nani? I said yes and he handed me a bouquet of red roses.
To my everdearest Poy,
I just want you to know that I am deeply overwhelmed with your effort to surprise me last night. You never fail to make me happy in your simple ways. I love you so much bi. Marriage has never changed you. You remained to be the same Poy I have known since day 1. And you’re even becoming more and more sweet, mabait, loving and patient of me habang tumatagal tayo. Sometimes bi, I am really asking myself what I have done to deserve a husband like you. God is really good. Thank you Poy for all your love to me. Thank you for making me feel that everyday is Valentines day. Thank you for being the bestest husband and Dadee to Mimay. My life wouldn’t be this happy and complete without you. Sobra kitang mahal, kayo ni ineng. Happy Valentines bi!

This is our photo 4 and ½ years ago. Physically, madami ng nagbago (lalo na sa braso ko!hehe!) But the LOVE and ROMANCE is getting stronger everyday.
I couldn’t wish for more but only a good health for both of us so that we have more years of loving each other and more years to take care of our Mimay.

Happy hearts day everyone!

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Time flies REALLY fast. Parang the other month lang our daughter is just a tiny, innocent, alien looking creature na walang kamuwang muwang sa mundo. I remember I can’t even grasp her with my bare hands because she’s really very small then that I have to put her in a big pillow so that I will be able to carry her. I remember we even hired a midwife so that we can bathe Mimay because I am afraid I’ll break her bones. I remember buying blouses that looks already like a dress to her. I remember those days that we are very anxious because at 8 months she can’t stand on her own and at 10 months, she’s still toothless. How can I forget those days that everytime we go to her pedia for vaccine eh naiyak din ako after? Those were Mimay’s baby days.
photo c/o my dear friend, Joy Zapata. thanks joyee!

Looking at her now, ang bilis talaga. She’s really a big girl now, a very pretty and smart one. We are just too proud of her. We really bring back all the glory to the Lord for giving Mimay to us.

And as she grows up, she’s becoming more and more like me. See these photos and you’ll surely agree with me.
 See what I mean? :D

Yes, me and Poy now have a big girl and I’m becoming more and more praning of what’s coming next. Especially that day na may manliligaw na kay Mimay namin. OMG!! I’ll die, I swear!