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Thursday, September 9, 2010


According to the bible, if you have something in mind, continue to declare it because words spoken from the mouth are powerful. So starting today, I’m boldly declaring that ONE DAY, I’LL HAVE THAT LV BAG!

It’s the Louis Vuitton’s Monogram Hexagone Neo Sporty!

Beautiful no? The shape is so perfect just for anywhere travel or even as a sports bag. The design and the patchworks are so unique. And it’s an exclusive piece, because it’s limited to 100 pieces only and each bag is numbered. Winner!!

So now, let’s go to the price. (drumroll please)

USD 6,850! AED 25,000! Php 307,000!

Nani speechless. GOODLUCK TO MY DREAMS! Hahaha!

Bibi don’t lose hope. I have other options pa. Promise these are cheaper! ;)

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