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Thursday, October 27, 2011


Yesterday was a holiday in our office because of Diwali. Our company is owned kasi by an Indian Hindu, and Diwali is one of the most important festival for them hence the free DELICIOUS lunch and the holiday.

The day was filled with lots of picture taking! You’ll be bored seeing all of them so I just chose some to post here in my blog. Souvenir ba.

Since it is an Indian festival, we tried to dress up like one of them. But it will be impractical for me to get a Sari (aside sa pricey sya, san ko naman gagamitin yun after debah?), so I just wore a bindi in my forehead and curl my hair ends. Koneksyon ng Indian sa kulot? Wala! Haha! Trip ko lang! Btw, super thanks to Len for the blouse. Neng hindi ako mukang Indiana, muka akong buntis! Lol!

But I wanna show you my dear friend Cel, kala nyo Indiana no? Kung may awarding lang talaga ng Ms. India yesterday, she’ll surely get the award. May false eyelashes level pa yan. F for EFFORT! :)

Here are some snaps from our billion photos yesterday. Hanggang sa metro pauwi, picture taking pa din. This is what I love most about my current company, we are all friends regardless of the nationality. Pare pareho kasing may mga toyo! Haha!

Aside from leaving the office early, what’s best about yesterday is that, we all get to doll-up kahit minsan lang.

See the difference? Lola’ng lola, I know!


Last Sunday was my friend’s son’s 1st birthday. The celebration was held in Popeye’s Chicken in Al Rigga after office hours.

Friends, meet the debonair celebrant Zowie with his Mommy Grace and Daddy Daniel. Red family, loveeet!

Zowie doesn’t look 1 year old only no? If you get to see and carry him, you will agree with me. Would you believe he’s wearing an XL diaper now, same like Mimay’s size haha. Zowie is a happy and easy baby. You will never see him frown or bawl, even if he’s tired na, he still smiles… a lot!

All the guests were required to wear something red to fit the Cars theme. Me, naynay & hubby joined the table with our friends Carl, Jay, Lyka, Abby and Mareng Joy.

*Sorry Mimay, Mamee wasn’t able to get you atleast a new red blouse. Nawala sa isip ko that we will be wearing red for Zowie’s party. You wore na naman tuloy (which just came from washing machine) your old red polka blouse from baby shop. Bad Mamee. Big thanks to Carl for reminding me, kung nagkataon OP kami sa party hehe.

The party program includes kids & adults games such as bring me, paper dance (we’re  1 of the winners!yay!), longest happy bday and the funny draw butt. We all had a good laugh because everyone were super game and competitive =)

Kinareer namin ang paper dance, owebakeet? ;)

Popeye’s chicken mascot also came to join the fun. I was scared at first when I saw the mascot. He doesn’t look friendly for me, he looks sick haha! Mukhang kalalabas lang ng hospital lol! Mimay loved him though. Since he’s a chicken mascot, he danced “the chicken dance!” and we all did too!

Lexie, my pretty inaanak with Mareng Joy, and Mimay enjoyed the indoor playhouse and slide of Popeye’s. Even Tita Carl loved it there too. Chika chikahan sila inside the playhouse. Kyoot!

Aside from the Popeye’s meal which consists of fried & roasted chicken, fries, burger & bread, Mommy Grace also served pasta, broccoli beef, rice & fruit salad. All guests super happy and full!

Oh I also love Zowie’s birthday cake! Aside from the fact that it was cutely sculptured, it was delicious too. The cake is moist and perfectly sweet. We get to take home some which I finished in no time ;)  

Happy happy birthday Zowie! More more to come. May you grow to become a God’s servant like your parents. You make them proud ok? Stay healthy and adorable! We love you!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I mean the movie. Have you guys seen the movie Tangled?

Okay, now throw back that question to me and you’ll get this – “hundred times! No. Actually it’s countless!”

The first time I watched Tangled was a year ago. I wasn’t too much focused on it because while it was being showned, there was a birthday dinner going on at the same time in our flat. So I decided to watch it again after. And I had fun, so much fun of the movie. It became my favorite cartoon film since then.

Then months back, Mimay was able to watch the film also. She was glued on TV the whole time and it became her favorite too. Rapunzel’s magical golden hair makes Mimay’s jaw drop. She was mesmerized and delighted by everything in the film. I was very happy too, because Mimay watching Tangled means PEACE. There will be no running after our Mimay. In short, tahimik ang mundo.

But after watching it with her for countless times, things are becoming very crazy now! You see, we can’t watch anything except for Tangled. Tangled in our TV for like 3 to 4 times a day, 7 days a week, is super annoying!

I can already see Rapunzel in my dreams.  Sigh!

Sunday, October 23, 2011


I’m so puyat today, I barely slept last night. Blame it on Wil Time Bigtime. I was hooked in watching their anniversary show last night hence my super eye bags today. Laugh trip kami sa dance number ni Shalani. Go check it out in you tube and you’ll have the best laugh especially with Willie’s punchline after Shalani’s performance.

Imagine Shalani sang and dance to Beyonce’s Crazy in Love in a super demure way.

Willie: Ok ah. Pwede pala love song yang “Uh oh uh oh uh oh oh no no” (with matching slow dance!)

Laugh trip extreme level!!! Hahaha! Watch it, tanggal stress talaga! =D

I wasn’t able to talk to Poy when I joined him in bed at 2 am because he was snoozing to dreamland already. At around 3 am, I was awakened by my daughter’s cry. She was bawling with no reason. She was asking for milk, looking for her naynay, her stuffed toys. I was tapping her back to sleep but was unsuccessful. My mom had to get her so that Poy and I can return back to our sleep.

I woke up at 6:30 am to get ready to work. Just after 3 hours of sleep, I feel like a zombie now.

Thank goodness to this life saver. This will keep me up (hopefully) til 6pm. Wish me luck!

Saturday, October 22, 2011


***Sometimes I wonder what keeps my daughter from doing this.

Poy: Naku bi alam mo ba ibig sabihin nyan?
Nani: Oo naman.
Poy: Ano? (grins)
Nani: Nangangalay na sya matulog ng nakahiga. (grins too hehe, kala mo bi ha!)

***Sorry to all the angry birds fans out there, but I don’t think there will ever come a time that I will like them. Inaagaw nila ang mag-ama ko! Amp!
Deadma comatose talaga ko oh!


Today, despite of my severe body pain due to xbox addiction, I woke up feeling very excited as today will be the launching of my new blog header, my FINAL (read: F.I.N.A.L) blog header. Yey!

Sorry, may launching level talaga haha!

If I am not mistaken, I think I have changed my title header for 3 times already. First, Confessions of a Spoiled Wife and a Proud Mom. Ang haba. I thought of something shorter and then I came up with Happy Wifey cum Mommy. Then after sometime, I thought parang di ko din masyado sya type so I changed to Happy Wifey Happy Mamee. At dahil nuknukan ako ng arte, I still am not satisfied with it. Ewan ko ba. I feel that one day I’ll be changing again my title header to something I perfectly like. And you know what, that day has finally come =)

Dear readers (feeling meron talaga!), I would like to present to you my new title header which I promise not to change anymore! Hahaha!! Wag kayo malilito please! Eto na talaga to, no more changing =)

Welcome to: -mamee wifey babblings-

Credits to our dearest friend (youknowwhoyouare,labu!) for the photo in my new blog header! Actually, she took so many beautiful shots that confuse me which one to use. Maybe in the coming days, I’ll try to infuse some of these photos in my template background as well.

Kayo which photo do you like best?

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Sorry guys for the lack of posts, lately parang wala ako sa mood to write. Naiinis ako sa buhok ko eh. Ang pangit na! I need to have it rebonded again.  I wish I have time. Tapos eto pa, just when I’m starting to get serious with my (again!!!) “no rice” dinner, that’s where naman temptation comes in. Uurgh!

After months of convincing myself na hindi masarap ang rice (weeeh?!?), I finally forgo of it from my dinner starting last Tuesday night. Oo last Tuesday lang and guess what? Come Wednesday night, rice festival na naman ang drama ko. Hay rice! Why do we have this unending love and hate relationship?! Layuan mo na ako, please lang! Sobrang lusog ko na, anoveh!

Eh mapilit talaga, wala akong nagawa chos!

Last night, together with my mommy, hubby & Mimay, we had dinner in a new Filipino restaurant near our area. The place is called Tambayan Restaurant. Very laid back ambiance with wooden tables and chairs, videoke, condiments in the center table, get the picture?

Naynay ordered her walang kamatayang bulalo. Infairness, masarap. And the beef is very tender. 1 order is AED 27 (P324). She also had tapsilog, for AED 15 (P180) with a very generous serving of tapa.

Poy also ordered for tapsilog while I had bangusilog at AED 15 also. For drinks, we tried their mixed fruit juice for AED 7 (P84) each.

Side kwento. After hubby ordered for tapsilog, he requested something to the waiter.
Poy: Ahm excuse, pwede ba paltan ng garlic rice yung rice sa tapsilog ko?
Waiter: Same lang po yun nung rice sa tapsilog sir.
Poy: Hindi, ayoko ng plain rice.
Nani: Bi yun na nga yun, sinangag/garlic rice kasama nung tapa mo. Tapsilog nga eh db??
Poy: Ay! (nagisip pa) Sabi ko nga =)

Kwela talaga tong asawa ko! Haha!

And we had a blissful dinner especially with our comic Mimay around. It’s good that we didn’t expect so much about the food there, we just had to eat out because we don’t have something na pala in our fridge for dinner hehe. But what’s good with it, is that we discovered that Tambayan serves good tasting food.

There goes my diet…

And so, I promise myself, this will be the last I’ll have rice for dinner on a weekday. Promiseeesssss!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Warning: some parts in this post might slightly gross you out. If you’re the type of person na slightly maselan, pls stop reading.

After being out for almost 14 hours a day, I find it really sweet when Mimay would follow me anywhere in the house as soon as I arrive from office. As in anywhere.

So the other night, I went to the toilet and Mimay came in too. That night, I was having my monthly period so naturally Mimay saw blood stains. I was washing down “there” when I saw Mimay suddenly sobbing really hard. I immediately stood up and console her.

Nani: oh neng bakit ka naiyak?
Mimay: mamee hindi na ako kukulit please (in between sob)
Nani: oh buti naman kung ganun. pero hindi naman galit si mamee, bakit ka umiiyak?
Mimay: mameee!! huhuhu! gagaling ka na ha? (with matching tight hug in my legs)
Nani: huh?!? ano??
Mimay: sugat ka mamee ah. huhuhu! galing ka na, di na ako lilikot. tingin nga ako, may dugo pa?

Ay sauce! Ayun pala yun! Nun ko lang na getz! Kayo kuha nyo?? =)

She was crying because she thought I was sick because of all the blood. Muntik na ko matawa ng bonggang bongga. But since okay sa alright ang drama ni ineng, di ko sinira ang moment nya haha!

Nani:  ikaw kasi neng, kulit ka kaya si mamee nagkakasakit.
Mimay: hindi na mamee, bait na ko. galing ka na please. waaahhh!!!
Nani: tapos lagi ka pa nagpapabuhat kaya ayan nadugo na “toot” ni mamee.
Mimay: waaah!! mamee hindi na ako kukulit!!! waaaahhhh!!!

Hahahaha! Anak ang sakit mo sa bangs! :D :D :D

Sunday, October 16, 2011


You know if there is one thing in this world that I am most sure of, it has to be this: Mimay really came from me. No doubt!

Ø  She’s super madaldal. Between me and Poy, obviously sa kin yun namana ni ineng. Naku I’m sure top 1 sa most noisy tong anak ko in school, parang ako lang back in my elementary days. lol!
Ø  She’s super demanding and mautos. Akong ako right? 2 years old pa lang yan ha?
Scenario 1 – sa bed, before we doze off
Nani: sleep na tayo baby
Mimay: tapik mamee
Nani: okay (tap tap)
Mimay: kiss muna
Nani: (kiss kiss)
Mimay: kanta mamee tapos tapik
Nani: huh?! demanding ka anak!

Scenario 2 – sa salas
Mimay: mameeeeeee!!!!
Nani: oh neng bakit? wag ka nga sumigaw.
Mimay: tubig penge (without looking at me ha? donyang donya ang bruha!)

Scenario 3 – sa bed ulit while she’s watching barney in my iphone
Mimay: dadee chocyate
Poy: eto neng
After 30 seconds…
Mimay: dadee chocyate yung malaki
After 30 seconds ulit…
Mimay: dadee chocyate
Poy: (while looking at me) grabe mayor na mayor si ineng (then laughs)
Mimay: dadee chocyate ANO NA?!!

Muntik na kamo kami himatayin magasawa!

Ø  She’s maarte and ma drama. She cries without tears, arte lang.  
Ø  She’s KSP. So like mamee hahaha! Right bi? ;)        
Ø  She loves going out. Nagttwinkle eyes nyan if we tell her that we’ll go to mall.
Ø  She’s not so much into brushing her teeth. Akong ako din yun ah! Lol!
And most of all
Ø  She loves make-up and nail polish! Hoorayy!! Anak ko talaga sya!!
Hay sana forever na lang si Mimay in her age, everyday kasi she really amazes us with her cuteness!


A new toy!
Simply because, as I’ve said in the title, he deserves it for being the kindest, sweetest and the most responsible provider, husband and dadee to me and Mimay. He actually deserves more than this because, secret muna hehe.

Congrats bi! I am so very proud of you! I love you so much! And yes, I still owe you that HDMI player =)

I think hindi lang si Poy ang happy sa big screen nya =)