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Friday, September 24, 2010


Being a first time mom, I admit that I have too many fears on being a parent. I am becoming more and more praning as our Mimay grows up. How will I raise her to become a God fearing and kind-hearted person? How will I make sure that we are not spoiling her in a wrong way? How will I communicate with her so that she will easily open up with me about anything? What if I don’t like her chosen set of friends? How will I make her love engineering too? And even more, how will I accept it if she will ask consent from us to allow her go on dates? How will I react if she will introduce us her BF?? (anak, please do it when your mga 30 na ha? Dadee and I will have a heart attack promise!)
See I told you, I’m that praning! I have too many worries, too many fears…
I just want all the best for our Mimay. I will do what it takes for her to get the best life that she deserves. I want her to always feel the security and love from me and Poy and from the rest of the family. I love her so much that I never fail to think of her future.
Realization: I’m a grown-up human being! Nanay na talaga ako! It’s naturally coming out from me. I am becoming selfless, I think. Before, I am most worried only of my pimples, facial warts, stretch marks, shopping budget and alike. Nothing serious then, not until now.  
But I guess, it’s ok to be praning sometimes, nanay eh! =)

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