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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


All this time, I thought I am the spoiled wife but wait, I am a wife pala of a soon-to-be-spoiled husband who badly wishes for a DSLR camera. Baliktad na? It all started when Poy saw some of our friend’s photos in FB.
Poy: “Bi ang ganda ng mga kuha ni Mike no? Pati langgam oh ang ganda!”
Kaloka pati langgam shot na-aappreciate ni husband!
Then, when we met new friends Aileen and Carl here in Dubai, which are both DSLR addict, hubby dear got more excited of having his own camera. Not a day pass that Poy will not mention about his dream Nikon D90. Ofcourse, I am more than willing to get him his dream camera but we need to prioritize things since Mimay and my mommy will be coming soon here in Dubai. Imagine the airfare cost is approximately 55K pesos na, plus the visa, supporting documents, accommodation, food, etc. So as much as I wanted to get him his Nikon, I just can’t simply put it immediately in our priority list.
So I bet you, Nikon D90 is always in our daily topic. May it be in SMS, emails or personal chatting. Super ang kulit ng asawa ko! I told him Valentine’s gift na lang, baka daw pwede New Year gift na lang. Humirit pa! =) Then yesterday, he even came to this point of sending me an email with the actual D90 photo.
And almost everyday, our conversation would usually go like this:
Poy: “Bibi ang ganda talaga ng D90 no? Pag binili mo na ko nun lagi ka may picture sa kin.”
Nani: “Eh baka naman langgam lang picturan mo bi?”
Poy: “Hindi, syempre kayo lagi ni ineng models ko. Naku bi ang ganda nyo lalo tiyak pag ako nag-picture!”
Hehehe nambola pa! =)
Nani: “Aba bi, baliktad na ngaun ah, spoiled husband na hindi na ako spoiled wife.”
Poy: “Spoiled wife pa din kasi ikaw naman lagi pipicturan ko bi.”
Well bi, I don’t want to promise but I’ll do everything to save up for your dream camera. Keep your fingers (hands and feet) crossed always! Goodluck to me!

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