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Saturday, April 30, 2011


I came to office today, Saturday, with a heavy heart. I was absent last Thursday due to fever and pharyngitis and I’m still not feeling okay until this morning. I just NEED to come because of tons of work waiting for me. Sigh!

And as expected, my to do list for today including my backlogs last Thursday, filled almost 3 pages of my notepad. Sigh again! I was really feeling low and sick, but that is not until I overheard my officemate in the powder room singing her heart and lungs out.

“I don’t have to say I’m sorry just because of him, I don’t have to tell forever you’ll not understand, believe meeee, believe meee, oh oh!!”

Naloka ako mga ateh! As in pulang pula sya while singing that with all her might!

To ate,
Super thank you! Dahil sa malupit mong lyrics, nawala ang lagnat ko. Hahaha!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Last Monday, hubby and I celebrated our first year anniversary here in the Land of Extremes! It’s now been a year since the day me and hubby left our home country to look for a greener pasture. Parang kailan lang, para akong baliw sa airport hanggang sa airplane kaiiyak ng walang humpay. You will not imagine how disastrous I look then. Honestly, I have never dreamed of working abroad. Never in my wildest dreams. But everything changed when we had Mimay. I became praning and worried of her future, of our future as family, hence the decision of coming here in Dubai.   
Hongkong airport, waiting for our flight to Dubai
I just want to praise God for all his blessings to us for the past year of being away from our family. God has always been faithful and kept His promises to us. I remember when we are planning to come here, our family and friends were very much worried because crisis daw sa Dubai. It’s very risky daw. But we believe, in God there is no crisis. True enough, it has been a fruitful and blessed year for me and Poy. 

My endless gratitude to my kumareng Joy for her unselfish love, concern and support to me and Poy. Thank you so so much mare! To my Dubai family and of course to my 101 family for the very warm friendship. Sobrang love namin kayong lahat!

On the sad note, it’s been a year too since we haven’t seen our family. I miss my siblings. I miss my family. I miss all of them so much! 42 days to go... Just the thought of seeing them all soon makes my heart jump in excitement and happiness!
my ate and kuya, they're the best! i miss them much much!
kuya dong (BIL), ate chelo, mommy, ineng, ate jona (SIL), nani & bibi poy
my Quezon family (mom's side)
Again, we bring back all the praises and glory to Jesus! He’s good, all the time!

Friday, April 22, 2011


stands for Fun Filled Friday!! 

It was again a fun fun fun Friday for the 101. Together with Len, Lyn, Carl and Jo, we girls spent our Friday off in a very relaxing and tipid way. Instead of going to the spa or salon, which is very expensive here in Dubai, we taught of bringing the salon in 101 instead.
For the hair,                                                                  For the face,
Hair shampoo                                                                  Facial wash      
Hot oil treatment available in the supermarket                    Mud mask
Hair treatment cap                                                           Fresh cucumber
For the feet,                                                                  For the nail grooming,
Pumice                                                                            Mani/Pedi set
Spa salt                                                                           Array of colorful nail polish
Glysolid or lotion
For the nice laugh,
Make sure you have the best and talented set of girlfriends to make sure the session will turn to be a fun and enjoyable one.
Let me share all these photos to you because I want to brag how blessed I am for having these girls =)
cheers to our kakirihans!
hair wash session
hot oil is next
papahuli ba naman ang aming 1 and only bert?
because pink lipstick is our fave!
facial this time
mud mask to rejuvenate our skin
feeling nasa salon talaga ;) lyn is allergic to the mask ;( nki-read na lang sya ;)
getting to that perfect looking skin =)
cucumber to remove our eyebags
doing our own foot spa, me with len
jo with carl, lyn is the photographer =)
it's pedi time!
pati sa manicure session ksama si bert :)
our well manicured hands, we so loveeet!
top L-R: Lyn and Len; bottom L-R: Jo, Carl and Nani
the wacky 101 girls!
It was another perfect Friday for us. 12 hours of kikayness! I super love my 101 girls, they’re really making my Dubai stay so so much fun! 

*Mareng Joy wasn’t able to join us, sayang! While Leah was at work and ofcourse from Sg, we miss you Rea boi!

Monday, April 18, 2011


Nani to naynay: Mi lapit na June, uuwi na kami! Miss na miss ko na yellowcab!
Mimay (sumingit): Naman! (tonong pasusot promise!)

Nani to naynay: Mi wag ka naman lumabas ng bahay ng naka duster. Masagwa eh.
Mimay (sumingit ulit): Bakit ba?

I use to tease Mimay that food in Jollibee is not good. She gets easily pikon because she loves Jollibee.
Nani to Mimay: Hindi naman masarap sa Jollibee. Lalo na spaghetti dun hindi masarap.
Mimay to me: Giti (spaghetti it is) di sayap? (in galit tone) Sayap kaya! (sabay walk out)
Sometimes I’m really thinking if my daughter is just two years, baka kasi nagkatawang bata lang sya pero the truth is 40 yrs old na, lam mo un?

Sunday, April 17, 2011


I’m back in blogging, hopefully! I am slowly getting used with my additional workloads and I wish I can squeeze in atleast one blog post a day. Sana sana!

I still have in my draft my post about our pampering day with the 101 girls last Friday. I just haven’t finished it yet but I promise to post it the soonest =)

For now this is my Monday entry. Just like what I blogged here, I have discovered the product that made my skin pimple free and I am loving it to bits! I am a proud Olay fan, I admit. So yesterday, while Poy and I were doing our weekly grocery, we saw the Olay set is on sale again after 3 months! I’m a sucker for sale pa naman tapos Olay pa. If you’ll buy it on retail, the price is almost doubled! So I’m literally palpitating when I saw it. I’m shy to tell husband coz I know we’re on a tight budget this month but I’m just human, very weak when it comes to things like this hehe. So I immediately grabbed the set and showed it to Poy.

Napailing na lang ang asawa ko haha! Naka tipid kaya sya kasi sale =)
I actually have Olay products pa at home, but I’m so obsessed talaga with Olay kaya nag panic buying ako hehe. This is the only product na sobrang hiyang ako. I never get pimples now and I am not wearing my concealer anymore. Less hassle sobra. Nothing can beat a clear skin. Just a dab of powder, cheek tint and lipgloss, I’m ready to face the world. Thanks to Olay!
Calling P&G! You may want to sponsor me at ng iblog ko ang Olay everyday haha!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Before my blog leave officially starts, let me make a little update about our Mimay’s new career hehe. I was supposed to blog it yesterday but work is eating so much of my time. Currently, system is being updated here in the office, hence I was able to squeeze in this post.

Let me just warn you that although the title says that this is about Mimay’s pictorial, you will not see a single photo here. Hehe patawa no? As much as I want to post all the photos here, not allowed eh. Mimay will be disqualified in the contest. Even before sending nga the photos in my mail, my ate dear cautioned me not to post the photos or else she will kill me. Eh I love my life, so bibitinin ko muna kayo.
Mimay had her pictorial for the Baby Fashionista 2011 last Sunday. The shoot was scheduled at 2pm in SM North Edsa. As usual, my stage family came to support our baby. From my mommy, ate, kuya, bro in law and future sis in law, they are all present to cheer our Mimay. Lucky lucky Nani for having the most loving and supportive family!

According to my sister, kuya and mommy, Mimay was super adorable in her Patriotic and Colorful attire. The photographers and the event organizer were all caught by Mimay’s charm =) And I have to agree not because I’m the Mamee but because she is really indeed A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E. Kating kati na talaga ko to show her photos to all of you kaya lang bawal talaga. I saved the photos in my phone and showed them to my closest friends. They all shriek in excitement! Ang kire kire daw talaga ni ineng which is so so true!  

Watch out for the official photos in May. There will be an online votation as well. I will post the details soon!

Monday, April 11, 2011


I am writing this (just in case you’ll miss me) to inform all of you guys that I’ll be taking a temporary blog leave, if there’s a thing as such. As much as I want to update my blog on a daily basis, it seems impossible now because of the sudden changes in my work.

I am promoted. I should be happy right? But why should I kung workload ko lang naman ang na-promote. Hay kamote! My salary and position remains the same but my responsibility now became broader and more serious. But I am taking it positively, this will make me richer in knowledge. Charot! 
Beeee right back! Just give me time to adjust, ok?

Sunday, April 10, 2011


2 more months to go before our 3rd year wedding anniversary. Talking about how time flies. 34 months of being Mrs. Jhanil Aguilar is indeed the happiest months of my life. I will never regret the day I chose to love Poy and sana hindi rin sya nagsisisi haha!
Dear bibi,
Salamat sa lahat ng mga pambobola mo sa akin na pinaniniwalaan ko naman, sa mga yakap mo na laging nagpapasaya sa akin, sa mga jokes na di mo man sinasadya eh okay na okay sa alright, sa masasarap na luto mo na syang dahilan ng tuloy tuloy kong paglusog, sa paglalaba at pagpplantsa mo ng mga damit natin dahil kung hindi, malamang eh wala na tyong isinusuot ngayon, sa pagbili mo sa lahat ng gusto ko at sa pangako mo na bibilhin mo yung iba pa haha! At higit sa lahat, salamat sa paglunod mo sa akin sa pagmamahal mo na feel na feel ko naman.
I am so grateful and blessed to have you as my partner and I will never get tired of saying that. You’re everything rolled into one. My husband, no. 1 fan, bestfriend, brother in Christ, confidant, my everything. You turn negative situation into a positive one and gloomy moments into a brighter one. Salamat is not enough sa lahat lahat lahat ng pagmamahal at pagaalaga mo sa akin, sa amin ni Mimay. I love you so much bi. Everything just keeps on getting better between us, I couldn’t be happier.

This morning I saw this Cadbury bar in my pillow. Very simple yet nakakakilig because in your own simple way, you never failed to make me smile. Parang bf/gf days lang =) It really made me fall in love with you more and more. 
Happy happy 34th wedding monthsary bibi ko! Abaybyu forever!

Saturday, April 9, 2011


…with my weight loss, promise! I know you’re tired of reading my diet plans and all, but this time this is for real, because I have no choice. 2 kgs na lang, overweight nko!
With my lifestyle here in Dubai, with all kinds of calories within reach, it’s really not impossible for me to achieve my current weight of 60kgs. Ok lang sana if I have the height, but the problem is I’m only 5 feet 3 inches tall. Ang sagwa talaga! Actually I somehow cut down weight by October of last year, konti pa lang but I’m getting there. I stop lang when my mom and Mimay arrive here in Dubai and since then tuloy tuloy na ulit ang paglafang ko left and right. And now ang taba ko na namen!! Nakakaiyak!

Here’s one my latest photo with my workmates. I’m the fattest of them all!
So with that, I am considering this Lemonade Diet and Cardiac Diet I saw in the internet. I’m posting this to get your opinion. You think this is safe? Aside from dieting, I’ll also try to run/walk for atleast 30 mins, 4 nights a week. That’s the best workout I can do. I can’t do the crunches because I have back problem. You think this will make me 8 kgs less in 2 months? Safely?

Lemonade Diet
Also known as the Master Cleanser Diet, the lemonade diet attempts to cleanse your digestive system and kidneys. You'll drink an average of eight to 10 classes of lemonade a day. The lemonade recipe usually consists of the following:
·         Two tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice
·         Two tablespoons of grade B maple syrup
·         One glass of water
·         Cayenne pepper to taste.

Cardiac Diet
The cardiac diet, which is also referred to as the 3-day diet, is often used in hospitals for cardiac patients who need to lose a significant amount of weight before going into surgery. The diet is based on a 3-day on/4-day off plan. The patient follows the diet strictly for three days, and then eats normally for four days. The plan is repeated as necessary, with a possible weight loss of 10 pounds per week. The diet must be followed exactly, and only salt, pepper, and ketchup can be added. No sugar is allowed, and eight glasses of water should be drunk each day. The following is one variation of this diet.
Day One
·         Breakfast-Coffee or tea, one piece of toast with one tablespoon of peanut butter, and a half of a grapefruit.
·         Lunch-Five crackers and one-half cup of tuna, coffee or tea.
·         Supper-Three ounces of meat, one cup of green beans, one cup of carrots, one small apple, one-half cup of vanilla ice cream, coffee or tea.
Day Two
·         Breakfast-Coffee or tea, one boiled egg, one piece of toast, one small apple.
·         Lunch-Once piece of toast and one-half cup of tuna, coffee or tea.
·         Supper- Three ounces of meat, one cup of green beans or broccoli, one cup of carrots, one small apple, one-half cup of vanilla ice cream, coffee or tea.
Day Three
·         Breakfast- Coffee or tea, one boiled egg, one piece of toast, one cup of cantaloupe.
·         Lunch- One piece of toast or slice of cheese and one-half cup of tuna, coffee or tea
·         Supper- Two frankfurters, one cup of green beans or broccoli, one cup of carrots, one small apple, one-half cup of vanilla ice cream, coffee or tea.


Exactly 2 months from now and we will be reunited with our family again in Pinas. I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it! June will surely be the busiest month of my 2011. Aside from our much awaited vacation, we are all excited as well for my kuya’s wedding which will happen in June too.

Yesterday, my ate and I were on skype discussing about the gown that we will be wearing. She sent so many options to me and nakakaloka sa ganda lahat! Here I’ll show you:
Wala akong mapili instantly because I find everything sooo beautiful! I personally love the design of the red gown though. My kuya’s wedding motif is violet and silver gray, so I’m thinking of adjusting the color to go with the motif. And with my ate around, my gown will look fab and elegant I know.

But the only problem is, ang taba ko! I don’t know if I have the guts or if I’ll have the guts ever to wear that backless gown! I am so in panic mode right now. I only have 2 months to shed off the unwanted fats in my bootylicious bod! Homaygulay!! I need to crash diet now na!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

WHY I LOVE POY - Part 11

I was busy doing my thing the other night when out of nowhere husband said this:
Poy: “Bi gagawa ko TWITTER ko.”
Nani: “Marunong ka ba nun bi? Alam mo yung twitter?
Poy: “Hehe hinde bi, ano ba yun?”
Nani: “Ay sauce meh!”
Then last night during our usual “under the sheets” kwentuhan, I casually asked hubby the name of Lucky Manzano’s mom.
Nani: Bi ano nga ba name nung artista na mommy ni Lucky?
Poy: Vilma bi, VILMA MANZANO!
Nani: Huh? (in nalilito mode) Di ba Vilma Santos?
Poy: Eh di dapat Lucky Santos si Lucky? Di ba Lucky Manzano yun? Oh eh di Vilma Manzano nanay nya.
Nani: Laughing trip!!!     

Ikaw na magka asawa na gaya ng asawa ko, ewan ko na lang! =)


Just like the title of this post, I’m feeling worried, praning and nervous for some reasons. Our baby dear is no longer a baby anymore. Time flies quickly and our Mimay is growing so fast! I don’t know if I’ll be happy about it or not. Selfish as it may seem, but I want to have her for myself a little longer while she’s still in her baby stage. I want to hear her oftenly calling “Mamee!” because this makes me feel that she needs me. Being away from her kasi makes me think that I miss so many things about our daughter. Nakakalungkot.
Seeing this picture of Mimay blowing the candle in her birthday cake with my mommy, makes me really heavy hearted. I should be the one carrying Mimay and blowing the candle with her. But hubby and I weren’t there. And this is what I am most worried of. Baka time will come that Mimay will feel that we love her less and we are only concern of earning money. Baka she will love her naynay more and neglect us. Oh Lord please wag naman po!

I am so confused right now. As much as I want her to stay here in Dubai with us, it will not be healthy for her. I want her to have a normal life, where she can enjoy and play like a normal kid does. Sometimes, it makes me think to just go back home to Pinas and just be with Mimay na lang. But husband is reminding me about our plans, our dreams which make me decide to just swallow the pain of being away from our daughter, earn good money, save and live our dreams for her.

I don’t know if this post is making any sense. I’m just worried. I just love my daughter so much and we want the best, all the best for her.
I miss you loads my baby. I just pray that you will not love Mamee and Dadee less because of our situation. “I wouldn’t be here (Dubai) if I didn’t love you, I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t care…”  I know anak, time will come, you will be very proud of having a parent like us. We miss you so much baby, mahal na mahal ka namin ni Dadee mo.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


cheers to mimay's 2nd year!
Since last Monday was a very special day because of our baby’s birthday, hubby and I decided to celebrate it by preparing home cooked meals. We could have just dine out but we chose not to because it’s our daughter’s birthday, so dapat special, dapat may effort ;) We took the day off from work and had Mimay all day in Skype. She was so kulit and hyper! She danced like there’s no tomorrow! 

Poy prepared his very own baby back ribs in BBQ sauce. It was so delish and lumalaban talaga sa Tony Roma’s! I’m loving Poy more and more. Ang sarap sarap na nya magluto ngaun. He really improved ng bonggang bongga!
For anyone out there who is salivating already, here is hubby’s very own recipe of BBQ baby back ribs.

For the BBQ baby back ribs sauce:
1 cup of tomato catsup
1 cup of distilled white vinegar (hubby used Heinz)
2 tsp of brown sugar
1/2 tsp of salt
1/2 tsp of ground pepper
2 cloves of minced garlic
1/2 tsp of onion powder
1/2 tsp of chili powder (optional)

Just combine all the ingredients in a small sauce pan and bring to boil. Reduce the heat and allow it to simmer for about 20 minutes until it becomes as thick as any normal BBQ sauce.

For the BBQ baby back ribs:
The only ingredient is a 3-slab baby back ribs. Once the ribs are cleaned up, place them in a pot of water and boil them for about 30 minutes. Afterwards give them a generous coating of sauce and wrap them in aluminum foil suitable for baking. Make sure to seal ‘em up and then place in the refrigerator for a couple of hours.

After that preheat the oven to 250°F and stick the ribs in. Let it cook for about 2 and 1/2 hours and take them out. Then coat the ribs with the remaining sauce and stick them back in the oven with the foil unwrapped. Turn the oven on broil and let them cook for about 15 more minutes. It's a fairly lengthy procedure but I bet you, very worth trying!

Me naman made my very own Cheesy Baked Mac and Cheesy Baked Potato.
I swear, ako gumawa nyan! It looks yummy no? Aminin! I got the recipe from my friend Len, which she got naman from this site.
I also made a baked potato for the starter. The photo doesn’t make justice to the taste though.
Incase you want to know how I made this baked potato, here are the easy steps: Wash and scrub the potatoes well then pat dry. Coat the potatoes with some oil not butter. Poke the potatoes a few times in order to let steam escape during the cooking process. Bake the potatoes in 425 degrees for about 45 min to an hour, or until soft. Then garnish with lots of grated cheese and bake for another 5 minutes. Do not overcook the cheese just like what I did.
I am deeply sorry for the quality of photos, all were just taken from my iphone. I have to get my own blog camera soon! Calling bibi! =)

101 housemates had their share of the food too! And there goes our yummy and personal celebration of ineng’s birthday, simple but planned and prepared with LOVE.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Our baby girl had her pre-birthday celebration last April 3, a day before her exact natal day. We decided to do it on Sunday so that most of her guests can come and celebrate with her.

The simple celebration was held in Jollibee Caltex Sta Rosa, Laguna at around 4pm. Since we knew beforehand that we can’t join in Skype, we prepared a short message instead. It was read during the program by our dear friends Lady and Jhay C which made the guests and even Jollibee teary eyed. 
Let me post our letter here so that when Mimay can understand things already, she’ll know that mamee and dadee love her dearly and that we are willing to swallow the pain of not being with her (most especially in this very special occasion) just to be able to provide the best future that she deserves.

Mamee’s message:
To my sweetheart Jemimah Philisse,

Happy birthday beautiful! Two years came too fast. Looking at you now, I can’t believe that you’re that once tiny fragile baby in mamee’s arms. You are God’s most wonderful and precious gift to Dadee, Mamee and the rest of the family. I just want you to know baby that you are very much loved because you have brought us immeasurable happiness. You gave our life direction and meaning we’ve never known before.

Happy happy happy birthday (tomorrow) baby! Sorry we couldn’t make it to your party. I’m sure you will have fun. I’m so excited to see you in the skype later during your party. I’ll not cry, promise anak =)

We love you so much neng, sobra sobra sobra. You are everything to us, to me. I pray that you will grow up to be an obedient, kind and God loving person. In 1 year’s time, you will go to school na. Im very much sure you will make us more proud of you. Love you nak! Happy birthday!

Stay charming, pretty and biba!

With so much love,
Mamee Nani

Dadee’s message:
Dear Mimay,

Happy birthday neng.
Sensya ka na kung wala kami ng Mami mo jan ngayon, kailangan namin gawin to for you. We love you so much neng. We are so grateful that we have you as our daughter. No matter how many birthdays come and go, you'll always be our little girl.

We are so glad that God gave us a daughter like you. Happy birthday to our pride and joy. Happy birthday to a wonderful, makulit, matakaw and malikot na bata. You are our one true treasure.
Always remember that we love you so much.
Happy happy 2nd birthday Mimay!

Sa lahat po ng bisita ni Mimay, maraming salamat din sa pagpapasaya nyo kay ineng, lalong lalo na ngayong birthday nya. Sa kanyang mga ninang at ninong, kuya at ate, tito at tita, Naynay, Lolo at Lola sa Majada, sa Calamba, sa Cabuyao at sa Batangas. Thank you very much sa love at pagaalaga nyo kay Mimay. Sana po mag enjoy kayo.

Ate selo at kuya Dong. Maraming maraming salamat po sa pagaasikaso nyo sa birthday ni ineng na kahit sobrang dami nyong schedule, meron pa din po kayong time para dito.

Thank you po uli.
We love you all.

I just pray anak that you will be proud too for having us as your parents. We love you baby!

Let me take this opportunity also to thank our family most especially my ate, kuya dong, kuya dee and mommy for taking care of almost everything. Thank you for your unconditional love to our baby girl. Thank you for accepting and treating her so well. She is so loved and we will be forever thankful for that.

To Inay, Ate Dory, Tupen and the rest of husband’s family in Majada, thank you so much for loving Mimay and for always being there for her.

And to our dearest friends, Melai, Arman, Lady, Eon and Jhayz, sobrang thank you guys! Poy and I we’re talking last night that we are really very blessed for having friends like you. Talagang extended yung love nyo for me to my family and to our ineng. Thank you thank you so much!

Let me share to all of you some of the photos, c/o Ninong Dong, from Mimay’s 2nd birthday sporty party.

 Here’s the birthday girl in her cheer leader attire, so adorable!
Opening prayer by Tito Dennis:
The happy birthday song and blowing of the cake:
The party games:
The party guests. Jollibee party is for ALL ages =)
I love viewing the photos over and over again. It’s just so nice to see all our loved ones gathered together for our daughter’s special day!

Again, happy happy happy 2nd birthday to our pretty baby girl! We love you endlessly! Can’t wait to see you!