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Sunday, May 20, 2012

PANGASINAN TRIP Part 2: Bing’s Beach Resort, Bolinao

We arrived in Bolinao at around 5pm already. We checked in at Bing’s Resort. As much as we wanted to stay in Treasures of Bolinao, fully booked na sya. Choz! Ang totoo, it was super way out of our budget. So we settled in Bing’s instead. Pwede na din at 2,500 per night, which is good for 4 pax already. P5,000 for 2 airconditioned rooms located in beach front. San ka pa? J

As soon as our things were settled in our rooms, we decided to hit the beach. Sinong pagod sa byahe? Hehe. We weren’t able to take some photos in the beach because all our phones and cameras do not have batteries anymore. Pero syempre gumawa ko paraan maka souvenir shot kahit 1 man lang. #talkingaboutresourcefulness.

For our dinner, we asked the resort’s caretaker to prepare sweet and sour lapulapu, fish sinigang and corned beef (for my kuya dong, he dislikes seafoods).  Nothing beats talaga a great dinner with a crazy family like ours.

The following day, we all woke up early to again experience the beautiful sunrise, sand, water, corals and waves of Bolinao. It’s almost perfect except for the rocky beach. We all had our slippers on while swimming. 

I know naumay kayo sa pictures ko, ako din eh haha! So allow me to share also these beautiful photos of our mowdel baby.

Soooper adorable, right? Mana sa mamee J

Next is my post on enchanted Cave and Bolinao lighthouse.