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Sunday, September 19, 2010


I personally love this bet because I got a big problem on falling hair. It is mainly because of the hot water here in Dubai. Swear ang nipis na ng hair ko! I will surely try this one. I actually have a mane and tail shampoo which I seldom use, but now I’ll make sure to get a conditioner as well para surely effective.

Thanks Joyee for your bonggang suggestion! I can’t post Joy’s photo as per her request, shy daw sya so instead I’m posting her one and only cutee son. Yah, you read it right, he is Joy’s SON and not daughter. He looks like a girl no? Meet Jaz Li! I so love his hair, ang beautiful no? I’m sure mane and tail din gamit nya =)
Falling hair has been a long-time dilemma of mine since college days, sometimes when I get up from sleeping, got lots of hair on my pillow. There were times when I barely comb/brush my hair just to avoid it.. I tried various shampoos and conditioner and I always look for those that have a tagline “for falling hair” but all of them haven’t cured my problem.

One time while watching, TV Ogie Alcasid made mentioned about this horse shampoo. He said he’s been using it and is effective for falling hair. Weirdo as it may sound, horse shampoo for human use? But desperate I am, I searched for it, but way back then it’s not available yet in leading department stores nor drug stores. Luckily I got one from Duty Free Fiesta Mall, I get both shampoo and conditioner. When I got home, immediately I tried it, sooo amazed of the rich fragrance, not only that my hair became smoother and more manageable. Thanks to Mane n tail shampoo and conditioner, I use it for ‘bout 2 years and decided to shift back to regular shampoos, my hair grew and have a few falling hair this time, they say 100 strands daily is normal and I suppose mine is only 99 hehe joke!… Now I regained my crowning glory.

Ohh btw, I'm speaking of my personal experience only, coz I did recommend same shampoo to a friend of mine and said it didn't worked for her, unluckily...

I think the price of this is somewhere around P300 per bottle, based on Dubai market.

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