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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Last Sunday night, my friend Jay (Carl’s BF) told me that the thread mill in our building’s gym is not anymore working. Our building has a free gym as part of the amenities, so it’s really less hassle rather than to go out of the building pa.

After hearing that bad news, I felt deeply sad. It’s been three weeks pa lang since that thread mill and I became best of friends, and now it’s defective na! I really wanted to cry! According to Jay, it’s still somehow working, only that it has a weird screeching sound. Whatever sound it is, still, it’s not usable! (sob sob sob!) Now, what will happen to my weight loss program? Mr. Thread mill is the easiest way I can get off those extra calories in my voluptuous body hahaha! Kidding aside, it’s only been less than a month since I started befriending Mr. Thread mill and I lost almost 5kgs na! It’s somewhat low pa rin kasi naman I’m a cheater. I sometimes grab my housemates’ dishes such as “Lyn’s Bicol express”, “Jay’s Arrozcaldo”, “Jay’s Bopis”, etc., but without the rice of course. But still, I’m very proud of my 11 lbs shed in just less than a month. It’s mainly because of Mr. Thread mill, I think! And now he’s gone, what’s gonna happen with my weight loss career???
That's me with Mr. Thread mill

But not until my 101 girl friends thought of an alternative! (Thanks Len for the bright idea!) Last night, our guys were going to their basketball practice in Al Twar (yung park na may Berney, remember? ;p), so we decided to come with them instead of mourning over the defective thread mill. We brought along Len’s badminton gadgets and whoah we had the best work-out ever! 10,000 calories off in just 2 hours jogging around the basketball court, playing badminton and basketball shooting. I really had a fun fab night with Carl, Len, Lyn and Mei! Sayang we weren’t able to bring cameras with us, wala tuloy proof na “pawis kung pawis” talaga kmi last night.

So now, we promised to play badminton instead of going to the gym. It’s more fun din naman coz all parts of our body are soaking in sweat. But still, we are praying that Mr. Thread mill will be ok soon.

Go go go 101 girls! Let’s work hard for a sexier body! Yeaaah! =)

Monday, August 30, 2010


Mimay knows how to make "sip-sip" na at her age ;p
She loves Ninong Dong!

Mimay this is for you, so that when you grow up, you will have something to read about your kakulitans. Mamee got so many anesthesias in her body when she had CS operation so she might forget all these details when you ask her to make kwento about you when you were a little baby.

Mimay anak,

This morning, I became so much more in love with you because you made Mamee and Dadee so happy with your nakakatuwang mga antics. You are just soooo adorable! Big girl ka na talaga ineng.

You were asked by your Ninang Selo to dance “Apir tayo sumakit ang ulo ko, sumakit ang dibdib ko , sex bomb sex bomb sex bomb.” And you danced it so well! Super apir, hawak sa head, hawak sa dibdib and giling ka to the max anak. We are so proud of you.

Then your Ninang asked you also to kiss Lola Abe, Lolo Tsong, Lola Dolor and Naynay and one by one you come to all of them and gave them a wet-full kiss. You just don’t know anak how you made them all happy with that kiss from you.

Then, Ninang said “Hindi baboy!” you then yelled “guyay!” (should be gulay). It came daw from a commercial and since you watched it, you imitated the lines. It was so cute hearing you said guyay! =)

You were super pasikat to Mamee and Dadee this morning. You were even screaming “Mamee! Dadee!” over and over again. It’s just so good to hear those endearments coming from you. Nakakawala ng pagod at lungkot.

I remember also you’re Ninang told me that they we’re checking out rubber shoes for you. They showed this Adidas and Nike shoes and you were so kilig and super smile =) But when they showed a Dora shoes you said “Yaw!” Hahaha at your young age you have a good taste na anak, I’m so proud of you. But they weren’t able to get you either Adidas or Nike because the sizes available are not fitted for you. You even said daw “Kip!” as they were trying the shoes on you, which of course means “Sikip!”

Then last week, again in Skype, Dadee was making faces to get your attention. I don’t know what’s with your Dadee that makes you really laugh. I’m so inggit =( Your Dadee just widely opened his mouth and you were laughing excitedly! I tried doing the same but you simply smile. Aargh! I’m so jealous! But seriously anak, it’s ok with me. The feeling of seeing you and Dadee playing even just in the laptop monitor makes my heart unexplainably happy. The sound of your laugh made me almost cry! It’s just so good to the ears. Then, when Dadee stopped opening his mouth (maybe his pagod na, ngalay na daw panga nya ka oopen ng mouth), you shouted “Dadee cha pa! cha pa!” which of course means “Dadee isa pa or one more pa!” I can feel your Dadee is more than happy to open his mouth over and over again after hearing that appeal from you. We can never refuse any request from you anak. We always want to see you happy.

Thank you so much for the love and care (spoiling also) of your Naynay, Ninang Selo, Tito, Ninong Dong, Lola Pe and the rest of the family. They love you so much anak that they all willingly embraced you without hesitation when me and Dadee decided to work here in Dubai. But don’t worry Mimay, we will see you soon! 2 months, 3 weeks and 4 days more to go anak! Me and Dadee are very very very much excited to hug and kiss you!

Mamee Nani


My bibi strikes again! I’m sure may palo nako sa pwet talaga when Poy gets to read this. I remember he told me the other day, “Bi nakakahiya nako nyan eh! Wag mo na ko i-blog.”

Well husband, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. You are so cute and funny! I will be forever proud of you.

Last night in bed, as we were about to sleep, Poy is making paalam about his basketball practice.

Poy: “Bi tomorrow after office, ok lang ba sumama sa basketball practice kina Yo?”
Nani: “Ah ganun, mag isa lang ako mag ggym? Pero sige ok lang, sama na lang ako kay Lyn. San practice nyo bi?”
Poy: “Sa may Al Twar daw bi eh.”
Nani: “Ah yung pinuntahan natin dati, yung parang may playground?”
Poy: “Oo dun bi, yung park na may BERNEY (he pronounced it as BERNI).”
Nani: “Bibi BARNEY yun, Barney! Wag mo ituturo kay mimay yan ha?”

Oh devah pampaalis ng antok si hubby. Galing galing talaga! =)
                                           Mimay anak, this is BARNEY not BERNEY ok?

Saturday, August 28, 2010


that's the "no-bilbil" nani!
While browsing my Multiply pictures, I get to see those “slimmer” photos of yours truly. Na-depress na naman ako =( I feel so uuurgh FAT now! But don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I’m regretting the life I have today, I will never feel that way. I super love my “mag-ama”, they are my life. I will never be unhappy for what happened to my body after giving birth to Mimay, It’s just that, I miss wearing my 2 piece! Haha lalim ng reason no?

Well, it’s basically because of the scar brought by the CS operation (hindi ako bikini cut, since hindi nga planned na CS ang lola nyo, my OB doesn’t bother to ask me during my labor. Anyway, I wouldn’t bother to respond din naman coz all I care about is matapos na ang paghihirap ko that time!) and the stretch marks brought by my pregnancy. No matter how much Palmer's Cocoa Buttercream I put into my tummy, it’s still here screaming out loud! Sabi nga ni Poy, sign of motherhood daw. Ok fine! E bakit mga daddy walang sign of fatherhood? Daya!

Below are some of my photos then, mag- reminisce na lang ang pwede kong gawin ngayon =)
hhhmm wondering if husband can still carry me this way without him having backpain ;p
For now, I’m religiously doing everything to bring back the confidence (at least!) within me. No rice, limit the sweets intake and syempre threadmill to death! At least I can wear even a one piece swim wear, I’m ok na with that. Also I want to look good for my husband, he deserves it. Tamad na nga asawa nya, mataba pa. Parang parusa naman yun kay Poy db? =) And of course to our dear Mimay, so that she’ll be proud of her mamee someday.

But honestly, I have no regrets even If I will not regain my old shape. Motherhood is a gift. It’s an opportunity and a great blessing from the Lord. Not everyone can get to experience the joy of being a mother. I will be forever grateful for having our Mimay.
the pregnant me :)

***I have tons of photos pa sana to post kaya lang it's in our PC in Pinas =(

Friday, August 27, 2010


my loving bibi

I love Poy, I so love everything about him. Not just a responsible, loving, patient, caring and sweet husband/father but he is also a very funny man. Di lang nga nya sinasadya maging funny, but still his little imperfections makes him so perfect for me =)

Scenario 1:
While attending our church service, Poy was the one incharge in taking down notes of the message. Since the topic tackles about marriage, one of the points stressed out by the speaker is regarding the financial aspects in a married life.
When I checked his notes, I found this jaw dropping line from my husband's notebook.
"Stop living beyond your WINGS." It took me sometime to figure out what does it mean? I don't remember our pastor shared or even utter this line during our church service. Ano ibig sabihin nun?
Nani: "Bi what does this line means? Ikaw nagsulat nito db?"
Poy: "Ah bi yan yung sinabi ni pastor dun sa topic on financial budgeting. Ewan ko lang ibig sabihin nyan."
Nani think think think...
Ah ok.. now I know na! Getz ko na! I had the best laugh of my life before I told Poy what does it mean..
It should be, "Stop living beyond your MEANS and not WINGS!"
Naloka ko! Kung wings talaga yun, I'll have a lifetime to understand what it means =)
Galing ng bibi ko no? =)

Scenario 2:
This morning, before I got up from bed at around 10am, husband came to me and ask.
Poy: "Good morning bi! Bangon ka na, breakfast time na."
Nani: "Sige bi sunod ako, I want my sopas."
Poy: "Timpla muna kita ng chok chok ay chok chik pala, Ay ano ba yun bi? Chik chok?"

Nani laughing trip in bed.
It's actually none of the above, because it's NESQUICK CHOCO!
Asawa ko talaga, mali mali na =)


I was uberly touched by last Tuesday’s message in our church service. The topic was “Jesus values Marriage”. It was very refreshing for married couples like us. So what’s with the title? Later you’ll find out.

For now, let me share to you some of the pointers that we learned to preserve a happy marriage/bf-gf relationship.

1. Have a God centered relationship. The platform you base your marriage on is very vital. This is indeed the most important lesson I learned about relationship. Let God influence the love you have for each other. Based on our own experience, promise, everything is so smooth and peaceful kapag anjan si Papa Jesus! Always prioritize to go to the church, pray, and read the bible TOGETHER.

2. Sensibly accommodate small things which might be poisonous. There will be small issues along the way in any normal relationship. That is ok as long as you know how to communicate it with your partner. Umpisa pa lang pag-usapan na. Don’t let simple issue aggravates. Sabi nga nila, “Don’t let the sun go down on your anger.” (Pero kapag antok na talaga, ipagpa bukas na lang haha.)

3. Be careful with your words and actions. Nagging is a big no no in any relationship! Sino ba naman ang matutuwa sa bungangerang asawa? Since it is but normal to sometimes argue, try your best not to speak any hurting words that you will regret after. And also, NEVER as in NEVER physically hurt your partner. You may say, “nahataw ko sya kasi inis na inis ako!” Still, it’s not proper. You will eventually get use on doing it. Makakasanayan na and you will treat it as a way to release your stress or anger. It will destroy the respect on both parties.

4. Always keep things interesting. A good example is to still go out on dates with your partner. This will avoid the dullness in the relationship. Surprise your partner once in a while. It’s not the perfection of a surprise that matters but the affection that goes along with it.

5. ME time. Always make an effort to look good to your partner. Hindi porke jowa mo na eh hayaan mo lang na jonget ka na din. Don’t give a reason to your partner to eye for a more attractive man or woman.

6. Never bring up mistakes of the past. Once you have already forgiven you’re partner, learn to forgive and most especially forget. Wag paulit ulit. It will just ignite WORLD WAR, I bet you!

7. Compliment you partner. In short maging bolero/ bolero! =) It will motivate you to look, smell & do well every day. Tell him/ her how good your partner

These are just some of the million pointers that couples need to understand and faithfully follow.

So now, what’s with the title? Well it is from a sister in our church. During her testimony, she said that her marriage with her husband is quite rocky. She keeps on praying that “Sana ako naman ang mahalin nya”. Di ba it’s very striking? Why would a wife pray that hopefully her husband would love her? Naiyak ako. I felt pity for her.

Her testimony made me realize more that I am really blessed to have a very healthy married life. It is really indeed a blessing. I would never trade my husband for any one and anything else in this world. I love him deeply in spite of his flaws and corny jokes. I have never thought of praying the same thing because I feel that I am a completely loved wife with a very wonderful husband.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


We thought it will just be a normal dinner for us. We thought it will just be Jay’s palabok that will be served in our dining table that night. But it wasn’t “just” that! Last night was the birthday celebration of a very special babe in 101’s house, so everything must be, read: S.P.E.C.I.A.L.
Celebrant: Carleen Lanaca Tanggap soon to be Villapando
Birthday: August 23, 1984
Age: You do the math
In her wish list: Trip for 2 to Thailand (Jay’s deaf ok?haha), Magic sing (iingay sa bahay so next time na lang) and Banana Split (eto natupad yeah!thanks Len & Eric)
Most Loved: Jay? Hindi? Jason Villapando? Hindi talaga yun? E sino, kala ko si Jay?? Ok ok ok! It’s her one and only Regine Velasquez, the person Carleen is very much willing to die for! She’s a forever fanatic! She’s Regine’s long lost sister. Sa house, it’s just so normal seeing Carl crying over Regine’s song number. Carl’s gonna kill anyone who will say anything against the “song bird”. No one’s allowed also to disturb Carl or even touch the TV set if it’s Party Pilipinas na! Don’t dare make a move, Carl will surely cry to death! =)
Everyone was too busy in the kitchen last night to prepare for “a simple dinner” daw. Eto ang simple samin eh, bakit ba? :)

What do we have for the celebrant?

Lyn’s Egg Surprise – boiled egg without the yolk, instead stuffed with sautéed tuna and potatoes. Covered with bread crumbs and deep fried! Hay ang sarap! Served with vinegar (ehem ehem, yan ang contribution ko haha)
Lumpiang Shanghai – prepared and mashed with Nani's, Len's and Carl’s bare hands! Yummy!
Menudo – c/o our ever dependable Ate Yeng. “Next time pinapaitan naman te!” :)
Fried Chicken – secret ingredients by Lyn. 1 thing I know is that Lyn put some of Win’s armpit hair to make it tastier! Nyaam!
Mahal’s Palabok – personally prepared of course by Carl’s one and only Mahal, Mr. Jason Villapando! What makes the palabok more delicious? It’s made and cooked out of LOVE, that’s why! =) Carl is one lucky girl to have a jowa like Jay. He’s a superb cook!
 Cakes- the celebrant had 3 cakes, why 3? It’s because (1)WE (2) LOVE (3) HER!
(1) Jay’s choco mousse with a note that say’s, Happy Birthday Mahal Lov U! That’s really sweet.
(2) Poy’s strawberry cheesecake from M&S. Is it Carl’s fave? Nope I guess. It’s Poy’s haha! My bibi’s so smart to get his fave cake for Carl. Eh di makakain nya din nga naman ang kanyang all time favorite! Brightness! =)
(3) Rhea’s fruity choco cake na binaon pa namin hanggang office. Haha! I have a segway kwento. According to Rhea (which I know is a super honest person), I’m payat na daw! OMG! That makes me really teary eyed haha! Thanks boi for the cake and for your honesty. Muah!

Banana con Yelo – this is the celebrant’s personal pick. She’s been dying to munch banana con yelo, it’s in her wish list nga eh. And Len & Eric made it happen! They even went out at 9pm just to get crushed ice from a nearby café. (by the way, it’s Len & Eric’s monthsary too! congratz soon to be couples. It’s a double celebration!)
And of course the super beautiful ROSES! Do I need to say more? It’s from Jay siempre! =)
Mei and yours truly forgot that we are on diet. Kami DIET? Hindi ah! (hindi daw e we wanted to run to the gym after the dinner.) Tonight is my “pig-out” night na, no more this coming weekend, promise! Even the super conscious idol Yo (na napadaan lang, see his attire haha) e nalimutan ang calorie-counting hobby nya.
What made the night more fun? It’s the 33 lbs Lexie! Though she was crying at first, after sometime ayun super posing na sa camera and is making her “two thumbs up” signature =) And guess what, Lexie revealed something to us!
Lexie in her "Katrina Halili pose" cute!

Ninangs: “Lexie what does Mama and Papa do when the lights are turned off in your room?”
Lexie: since she can’t speak yet, re-enactment ang nangyari! – tumuwad sya! Hahaha! Buking ang parents!

To sum it up, the night was truly fun! Everyone had a full tummy on Regine’s este Carleen’s birthday!
 See the burping and smiling face of the guests? =)

Happy birthday Bendita! Thanks for being a good friend to all of us!
Love yah from the bottom of my heart =)

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Few days back, during one of our regular morning video chatting, I noticed Mimay was a little cranky. She’s very biba in front of the PC pero that day she was really not in the mood. Then the next day, she’s again grouchy! Parang may menstruation ang dalaga namin! I let it pass for some days, pero we noticed she’s becoming impatient talaga every time we’re on Skype. Sometimes she’s just active for like 5 minutes only (like nung Friday, super dance sya) then ayaw na makipag-usap. She was just staring at us with no emotion in her eyes. I was sooo depressed. Feeling ko Mimay’s not happy and excited anymore to see her parents.. (hay nani how praning can you get?)

When I arrived at the office this morning, I found myself silently crying in my table. I felt very hurt. It’s so painful just merely thinking our baby is not anymore excited to see her mamee and dadee in Skype. This is the price we have to pay for working abroad and it hurts so bad that I want to go back to Pinas =’(

I have never sought more in my life, but at this time, I just wished we were ultra rich so that me and Poy didn’t have to be away from Mimay to work and earn more.

“I just pray ineng, that someday, when you come across this blog, you’ll know how much Mamee loves you. We are sacrificing so much just to give you the best life and the future that you deserve. We love you so much Mimay! I love you very very very much. I hope you know and feel that even though we are miles away from you. I love you so much ineng that I am willing to swallow the pain of not being with you. I love you endlessly that I am more than willing to forgo of my own happiness of not being with Naynay, Tito, Ninang Selo, Ninong Dong, Tatay, Wowa, Mama, Ninang Nini and Lola Pe just to be here in Dubai to earn for your needs and education. ABABU Jemimah Philisse and I will never stop telling you that.”
"Ababu" for Mimay means "I Love You"

Saturday, August 21, 2010


I’ve been on a “no rice & no sweets” diet for almost 3 weeks now. Mainly because I keep on gaining weight since I came here in Dubai with Poy. From 115lbs last April, I became 132lbs came July! Yah that fast! Since then, I became determined to stop gaining weight (at least!) and eventually lose weight (so help me God).

Poy became my personal dietician, he prepares my food from breakfast to dinner and is also my gym buddy. But even before we started this diet program, he promised that I’ll have “cheat day/s” every week. I will get to eat whatever pleases my taste buds during weekends. Wohooo! My man is such a spoiler =)

Last Thursday, as he promised, we went to Dubai City Centre to feast!

First stop, SUBWAY, home of the best subs c/o Russel & Dong ;)
That's me (in gray blouse), ordering my sub!

Nani’s order: Subway Turkey Breast – superb turkey breast on freshly baked wheat bread, perfectly complemented by crisp veggies and yummy mayo!

Next, TACO BELL. Anything with cheese please!

Nani’s order: (1) Cheesy Nachos - crisp, tortilla chips covered in warm nacho cheese sauce. Loveet!; and (2) Chicken Soft Taco - soft flour tortilla filled with marinated all-white-meat chicken, topped with crisp lettuce and real cheddar cheese. Yummy!

For the dessert, COLD STONE CREAMERY, best place for people with sweet tooth like me =) My first choice is really Baskin Robbins’ Jamoca Almond Fudge, but unfortunately under construction yung ice cream parlor nila in City Centre. So we decided to check Cold Stone and we never regret it! From a first-timer customer like us, we give them two thumbs up! Not only ice cream is the best but also the preparation itself that is very unique.

Nani’s Order: Chocolate Devotion – chocolate ice cream, chocolate chips, brownie and fudge in a “Love It”cup size.
Spoiler husband with her spoiled wife =)

Not only that, my bibi got me couple of blouses and a shirt as well! I’m a spoiled wife nga db? Shirt and blouses from Forever 21 and Max =)

My food pleasure doesn’t stop there =) The next day, after my bibi’s basketball game, we went to our favorite Kabayan café who serves the tempting Mais con Yelo for AED 5 only! (approx Php 62) But I didn’t finish the whole glass ha? I’m kinda guilty na =) But it’s the best mais con yelo I’ve ever tasted. It’s so creamy with lots of corn and cheese.
the "sinful" mais con yelo

At dahil weekly lang ang “cheat day/s” na to, tinodo ko na! haha! After the mais con yelo, I personally made “tukneneng”, the larger version of “kwek kwek”, which is made of boiled chicken egg wrapped in a batter, deep fried and eaten with cooked vinegar, garlic, onions and chili. I so miss Pinas!
These simple things made Nani’s weekend happy! Aside pa from those, I get to spend my Friday off chatting with our adorable Mimay. She’s so into mood! Super dance ang dalaga namin, we really had a good laugh with her super maarteng antics =) We miss her terribly!

I love weekends!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Starting this date, I will have a special segment here in my blog site which is about the funny, bading & jejemon side of my one and only deary, Poy =)
I just really can’t get enough of his winner stories! =)

When we arrived Dubai last April, we stayed for almost 3 months in my kumareng Joy’s flat. We shared 1 room with her family, Eileen, Ate May, Ate Annie & Toto. Toto, Joy’s brother, being the most masipag employee of all time, is always going home late to render unpaid overtime. So it means, Poy is left with no choice but to mingle with all the girls in the house. Joy’s husband, Pareng Alex, is usually on night shift so they seldom got the chance to make tsikahan. E since all of us girls are usually sharing stories using gay lingo, si Poy na lalakeng lalake e nahawa na din.

Scenario 1:
Nani: “Bi musta work?”
Poy: “Bi WINNER sa office! Ang bait ni bossing, suportado mga proposals ko etc, etc.”
Nani: “May ganun? Winner talaga? =)”

Scenario 2:
After coming from work,
Poy: “Hay bi nakaka LOKA yung route ng service namin, more than 1 hour ako sa van!”
Nani: “Huwaat? Naloka ka bi?” (galit lang siguro kaya yun ang term na nagamit nya no?)

Scenario 3:
Poy: “Bi ang BONGGA ng mga malls dito sa Dubai no? Chandelier pa lang mukang ang mamahal na!”
Nani: “Bonggang bongga!” =) (nanayku what’s happening to my bibi?)
Poy: (smiles)

Scenario 4:
Nani: “Bi nakakainis yung Sales namin, puro utos di ko naman sya boss!”
Poy: “Bi CHILL ka lang, baka ma- high blood ka nyan eh.”
Nani: “Ha ano yun bi? Chill? Ah ok..”

Scenario 5:
Nani: “Bi may blog ako ginawa about you, wag ka magagalit ha? I’ll have special segment about you bi in my blogsite!”
Poy: “Patingin nga.. (read read read)”
Nani: “Ano bi ok lang?”
Poy: “GO-RA lang bi!” (go-ra means ‘go lang’)
Nani: “thanks bi! Ano daw un??”

I’m sure for those who personally knows Poy, maloloka talaga kayo sa mga terminologies nya ngaun. Super WINNER! Kahit ako NALOKA din! BONGGA ang mga comments nya sa mga bagay bagay =) Pero CHILL lang ako kasi cute naman eh =) Kaya bi, sige GO-RA lang sa bago mong trip! =)


Due to insistent public demand (public daw, e si cha lang naman nag request haha),
here goes the story behind my bibi’s wedding proposal daw? :)

Pero bakit nga ba "Love ko To" ang sub-title? Later in the story you'll find out =)

To start it off, I’m really not expecting a formal wedding proposal from Poy. Kasi di ba the usual proposal is that guy would ask the girl if she can marry him? Eh for us, there is no need for that. Because from the very start we are regularly talking about OUR OWN wedding. So there is no need (I think!) for a proposal.

The serious talk about our wedding started one afternoon while munching YCab pizza in Tagaytay. That was around August 2007, just more than a year after we became an official couple frogs.

Poy: “ang sarap siguro ikasal dito sa Tagaytay no bi? ganda ng view, ang lamig at napaka romantic. Gusto mo bi dito tayo pakasal?”
Nani: “serious ka bi? may budget ka?” (kinikilig)
Poy: “bakit pag wala ko budget di ka pakakasal sa kin?pwede naman sa Jollibee tagaytay ah? Tagaytay pa din naman =)”
Nani: “haha pwede!baka tayo lang 2 ang attendees.”
Poy: “pero serious bibi, gusto ko dito wedding natin.plan natin ha?ayaw mo ba dito?”

(take note: Poy never asked me if I wanted to marry him, instead he asked me if I wanted to get married in Tagaytay. Panalo sa fighting spirit ang lolo mo! Wa nako ma say!)

Nani: “pwede bi, basta ba may pambayad ka, kasi ako wala hehe.”

Pakipot pa daw ako pero right after we got home, super web search na ang lola mo. Never in my dreams that I’ll have my wedding in Tagaytay. It seems impossible but I want to buy my bibi’s idea, malay mo nga.

Since that day, wedding became a usual topic for me and Poy. I’m searching for wedding ideas in the net and we are going to Tagaytay every now and then to check the actual possible venues. So now tell me, is there a need for a proposal? I think it’s funny if he’ll ask me to marry him since it’s very obvious that I really would want to marry him, right? May design na nga ako ng wedding gown ko e =)

Everything is slowly going in place about our wedding preparations. TOTOO NA TALAGA! =)

1. We informed his family about our plans. They are all happy and excited!
2. We told my family, over lunch in Ding Hao to my mommy first (na hindi nalunok ang broccoli sa sobrang pagkabigla), then to my ate (who is very supportive at pinagplanuhan agad ang pag di- diet), to my daddy (as usual cry cry cry the butterfly ang effect), and then went to Indonesia so that Poy can personally ask permission from my eldest brother (who was working there then).
3. Told our thrilled friends and church mates.
4. Started going to Bridal fairs. I super love this!
5. Hired a Tagaytay based wedding planner/ coordinator.
6. Booked some of our wedding suppliers and our wedding venue.

So who would still expect a wedding proposal in this situation? And in the first place, how can Poy even get me an engagement ring e his ATM card is with me? Savings and salary of course haha! So, it really never came in to my mind. Wedding Proposal? Di na uso yan! (nani bitter??haha!)

Came December 1, 2007 (my tgurl’s birthday!mishu cha!), we had a whole day church activity. The seminar ended at 4pm. After the seminar, we headed to Walter Mart Calamba to get some groceries for an overnight swimming/xmas party with our 2 other couple friends, Eon, Leds, Arman & Melai. After more than an hour inside the supermarket, me and my bibi decided to have a quick snack in Mc Donalds since it is the most convenient place to eat considering the grocery bags we need to carry all the way to the resort. Poy ordered our meal and I waited in the table to look over our belongings. As soon as the order came, I saw there’s a little box in the tray together with the fries and drinks. I looked at Poy and asked what it is? He simply smile and opened the box for me, it was an engagement ring! He then said, "bi, marry me" (Take note again: Hindi na naman nagtanong ang loko. As if iniinform lang nya ko haha). But still, I was in awe. My bibi lead a short prayer after he puts the ring on my finger. I almost cried as he embraced and kiss me in my forehead after the prayer.

Now I understand why he didn’t ask the usual “will you marry me?” question, it’s because what he did is not a proposal, but a declaration of commitment as my husband to be.

It may be very simple, but it’s the thought that counts anyway =) The fact that my bibi tried (may effort naman db? fave ko kaya si Ronald McDonalds, biglang naging favorite haha) to do this once in a lifetime experience is more than enough for me to appreciate and love him more and more! It’s not how and where the proposal took place, but it’s my bibi’s sincerity that matters most. I told you, he’s really not good with surprises. See my blog on THE BEST GIFT.

Now you know the reason behind "Love ko To", I love McDo, favorite ko nga db? =) By the way, wondering where did my bibi got the money to buy me a ring? He stole from my wallet! Kaloka!

I can’t wait then to say our vows before the Lord on His chosen date for us, my 24th birthday as well, June 10, 2008, 3:30pm in Josephine Tagaytay =)

Important Lesson for all the ladies out there:

Don’t get ALL your sweetheart’s money, ATM & credit card if the date is approaching your birthday, Christmas, valentines, anniversary and most especially pag nararamdaman mong mag po-propose na sya! How can he get you a nice gift or an engagement ring devah? Wag maniwala sa “if there’s a will, there’s a way!” na kasabihan. Luma na yun day! Manigurado! =)

Monday, August 16, 2010


I wrote this blog originally last June 2010, more or less 2 months ago. I posted this in my Facebook page since I don’t have a blog site then. Read carefully, especially mga girls, may lesson to! =)

I like receiving gifts. I like being surprised. So when I was younger, I imagined that my husband would be the kind to shower me with little gifts on special and even simple occasions.

Our 2nd wedding anniversary & my 26th birthday is coming up in days and I doubt Poy has thought of a gift or is even planning to get me one (but if he reads this, it may put a bit of pressure on him haha).

It is not unoften that I have to tell him what to get me for my birthday, which he was more than willing to get. But then, being the girl who loves surprises, it removes the thrill of guessing what a gift wrapped package could contain. The thrill of being figured out is taken away. I used to have tantrums about it. My bibi could hardly figure out what’s wrong when he got me what I wanted and yet I’m not happy.

Poy: (pabulong) “lukring ata tong napangasawa ko, binili ko na nung shoes na gusto nya, galit pa din”
Nani: “may sinasabi ka?”
Poy: “wala bibi.sorry na nga po e.pero bakit ka ba nagagalit?ayaw mo ng kulay?papaltan natin?ganda db bi,pink?”
Nani: “ang panget!kulay bading!hmmp!”
Poy: “bi di ba ikaw nagsabi na either pink or violet gusto mo.sorry na po.papapaltan ko ha?”

But well in fact, it was really me who requested for pink running shoes. Hay gulo ko!

It took me a while to finally accept that, that is the way he was. But when I finally did, I also realized that he has other gifts which are as precious as huge surprises. I think of the million times he would fetch me from office and brought me home just to make sure I am always safe. I remember how he would cook good meals for me, wash the dishes, wash and iron our clothes and still manage to massage me after. I’d remember how much money & effort he put into our wedding & honeymoon preparations. And most of all I will never forget the day when he gave me our little princess Mimay and those sleepless nights that he bear just to tap Mimay & Mamee Nani to sleep. I think of the many times he would wash Mimay’s feeding bottles after his 10 hour work in the office. I’d remember every single sacrifice he has done just to see me not only smiling but very happy.

I now know that Poy may never be the fancy gift-giver / surpriser (whatever you call it) I imagined my partner to be. I had to remove expectations that are contrary to what he is as a person. I have come to learn that his love is not the kind that can be wrapped in fancy crepe paper and tied with a silver bow. Now I content myself in knowing he would give the world and stars just to please me and make me feel so much loved.

Oh devah serious? =) Another lesson to digest for ladies out there na super mag expect sa mga jowa nila. There are many other gifts your guy may have given you already which you don’t appreciate because you are expecting more. Wag ganun! Bad un! ;p

Sunday, August 15, 2010

SAKTO! Poy and Nani Love Story

“Ipaglalaban ko ang ating pagibig, maghintay ka lamang ako’y darating, pagka’t sa isang taong mahal mo ng buong puso, lahat ay gagawin, makita kang muli...”

Oo na jologs, cge na jologs na nga kasi, bakit ba? Feeling Heart and Echo ang drama namin e. But kidding aside, this song had an impact to us since day 1 me and Poy met. Kainis lang Panday theme song din kasi! :)

April 2005, days after my college graduation, I am uberly excited to find a job. I am now a full pledged Inhenyera, yeeehah! =) Gone are my Letran days, I am now very much ready to face a new chapter of my life. During one of my job hunting days, I came to pass an electronics company in LISP 1, Cabuyao Laguna. I gave my CV to the guard in case they have vacancy for an IE post. The following day, this same company gave me a call and scheduled me for an exam and interview. I had couples of interviews na before that pero iba yung feeling ko talaga sa First Sumiden. May something talaga.. I said to myself “dito ako magwowork!” When I got inside the hall, there is a tarpaulin which states my fave bible verse. “For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a better future.” Another sign from Papa Jesus! =) Kaloka ang mga interviews na pinagdaanan ko, nose bleed kung nose bleed. Days after my 5th and final interview, I didn’t receive a call from the HR. I was a bit disappointed. Tumbling ako sa interviews tapos di pala ako matatanggap. Sadness talaga pero I remember my mommy said “kung para sayo talaga yan, sayo talaga yan”. Then one afternoon, I got a call from Sumiden. So it only means, Sumiden is really for Nani. Sabi ko na e! =)

Since then, First Sumiden became very special to me. I get to meet new people, new responsibilities and of course new friends. I never thought Sumiden will be extra special to me because this is the place where I will meet the bestest husband in the whole wide world!

We are both in a long term relationship then, both are settled that we are going to end up with our current partners. Not until we saw each other. The world really stopped for me when I first saw Poy’s eyes. (we were wearing face mask inside the plant, that’s why hehe) I never felt that before to any guy, only to him, just to him. Yes it was physical attraction at first but it became deeper when I got the chance to meet him. He’s the most sensible guy I’ve ever conversed with pero super patawa din at the same time. Since then, we became the most popular “love team” in the company. Hot item ika nga nila, laman ng bawat chismisan. Simply because everyone knew that we are both in a relationship. But knowing Poy became a big realization for me. I missed so many things in my life. I was too tied in a relationship that’s not making me happy, pinaglalaban ko lang all the while kasi nanghihinayang na lang ako sa pinagsamahan. I gave up my BF then not because of Poy but because I want to be happy. And it’s the same thing with Poy, even before he met me, his relationship with her GF then is very rocky which eventually made it easier for them to fall apart.

After couple of months, he started courting me. I was a little hesitant, I am afraid of what people might think to us. We were not even an official couple pero susme ang dami ng chismis and I’m not used to that. Kulang na lang e ma-feature kami sa showbiz magazine. But Poy is really different, he is such a wonderful guy. He made everything light and easy for me. He made it easier for me to decide to love him back MORE.

June 3, 2006, 8:00pm, Puerto Galera, we became an official couple.

We became more popular after that. Haha! Showbiz na showbiz! Kesyo finally daw e inamin din namin. Well, we just told ourselves “bahala kayo mag-isip. mas alam namin ang totoo.” Now you know why we ended up with that theme song. “Ipaglalaban ko ang ating pagibig” ang drama namin ni Poy. Dami kasing mga inggiterang frogs. Pero madami din naman ang naging happy for us, especially my Sumiden friends Albert Tablan, Wie Ramos, Malou de Leon, Melody Camacho at marami pang iba. (ayan ha special mention pa kayo)

June 10, 2006, my 22nd birthday, it’s Poy’s first time to meet my family. We were both nervous as my family still doesn’t know anything about Poy. I can still remember Poy’s pale face when I introduced him to my family. But God is really good, my family welcomed and accepted him well. Next thing we know, kasama na sa mga family outing namin si Poy. He also became my constant church buddy.

 My family with Poy in SGP

 Since then everything went well in our relationship. I love his family too! Super babait nilang lahat and made me feel part of the family na. Months passed and it’s like I’ve been with Poy for years. He is such a great guy, very loving, sweet, loyal, supportive, generous, understanding, humble, obedient, and a God fearing man. I don’t know if there is such a thing, pero sobrang SAKTO kami ni Poy. Parang mangga at bagoong, suka at chicharon, malamig na coke sa mainit na panahon =)

Cebu 2006 

Exactly 2 years after the first time he met my family, Poy again made one my greatest dream happen. The wedding of my dreams! =) We tie the knot in Josephine Tagaytay on my 24th birthday, June 10, 2008. 2 months after, God blessed our union with a news that I am 1 month pregnant. Yey!

 Poy is my Knight in Shining Armour! He made me realize that there are so many things in life to be grateful for. He saved my life from regrets. He made me feel super special and loved. We are both indeed BLESSED to have each other. I am enjoying every day of my life as Mrs. Jhanil Aguilar.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


This is for my darling Jemimah Philisse so that she has something to read from Mamee and Dadee when she’s grown up already. Since this is my first ever blog, it really inspires me a lot thinking that I will be sharing about our super adorable Mimay.

Facts about Mimay:

Real Name: Jemimah Philisse Cruz Aguilar
Nick Name: Mimay/ Ineng
Conceived Date: July 2008 (a month after mamee & dadee’s wedding)
Birth Date: April 4, 2009
Parents: Vergel “Poy” and Jhanil “Nani” Aguilar

How I knew it’s POSITIVE! :

It was just a usual Tuesday morning in the office. My table mate then who is my kumare now, Malen whispered something to me. She told me she was pregnant. I was like “Ha? Talaga? Ang bilis!” Everyone in the office was teasing me “Nani, naunahan ka pa ni Malen!” I had mixed emotions, I’m happy for Malen but at the same time feeling praning coz Malen was not even married (she’s happily married now with Pareng Ron though) yet tapos naunahan pa nya kami ni Poy! Then I paused and thought, “wait, 9 days delayed na nga din pala ako. Baka ako din buntis =)” I immediately ran to our office clinic and ask for a PT set. Haha brought by inggit! I get inside the cubicle and tried the PT. While waiting for the result, I couldn’t open my eyes because I am too nervous. With shaking hands and thumping heart, I checked the result and YEAH! MATULIS SI POY! BUNTIS NA DIN AKO!! Haha! =)

How everyone knew it’s POSITIVE! :

The first people to know of course are the office nurse on duty (she has to know the result so that I could get the PT set for free hehe) and my office mates in Planning and Engg Dept. I plead them not to squeal it to my hubby. I should be the first one to tell him the Surprise =) He was out of office that day for a meeting. He came at around 3pm. (fyi, Poy was also my office mate that time) I pulled him in one of the meeting rooms and hugged him tight.

Poy: Oh bakit, saglit lang ako nawala miss mo na ko? Musta lunch? Sino kasabay mo?
Nani: (with shaking voice) bibi, buntis ako. Nasa tummy ko na si Liempoy =)
Poy: Ha? Bi d nga? Hindi joke? Yoooon!!! Daddy na ko!! Hahaha yey!!!
With matching super tight hug from my bibi!
Nani: bi d na ko makahinga, tama na hug.
Poy: Ako ang pinakamasayang tao sa buong mundo bi! I love u!

Aaaaw my bibi’s so cheesy! ;) at pakandi-kandirit syang lumabas ng meeting room haha!
Immediately after telling my bibi, I called my mommy. She was at first shocked. I know, I can feel it in her voice. Maybe the idea that her “bunso” will soon have a baby too, made her feel stunned! (mimay, don’t get naynay wrong ok? she’s excited too, u see how she loves u now). Next, I called my sister and told her the good news! She just said “bilis naman!” I know she feels the same way. The idea of nani being pregnant will not be that easy to accept, because for my family, I’m still their bunso.

Symptoms of Pregnancy, Good Girl since Day 1:

Honestly, nothing, nothing at all. I did not experience the usual pregnancy symptoms. Our baby is a very good girl since Day 1 in my tummy. No morning sickness, no vomiting, just little dizziness once in a while. Though, there were just some weird changes that happened to my bibi. He had cravings for cheesecake! Yah, as in cheesecake of all kinds. He can finish 10 cheese cupcakes in 1 sitting =) I always have to make sure Poy has couple of cheese cakes in his office table or else he’ll get tantrums haha! This weird craving lasted for almost 3 months. I don’t know if that craving has something to do with my pregnancy, it just happened, I’m a living witness =)

Pregnancy Difficulties

I really did not experience any pregnancy related problem except for a long queue to my OB every check-up =( But it is surely an easy problem a pregnant woman can have. I am indeed blessed to have a healthy pregnancy all throughout. I actually enjoyed every minute of being pregnant. Why?

1. I’m more spoiled to Poy. I super loveeet!
2. I’m so spoiled to my family as well. Walang naguutos nyahaha!
3. I can easily escape from work. I just told my boss I’m not feeling well, ayos lusot!
4. I can get to buy new clothes and still be in fashion despite of my big tummy.
5. I have so many reasons to go to the mall. Buying things for baby but at the same buying things for my own ;)
6. I can get to eat whatever I wish, except for food/drinks with caffeine.
7. I get to experience a preggy photo shoot! Below is our shoot when I’m on my 7th month.

Names for our Baby

Even before we get married, we have talked about the name for our future baby. We really wanted a boy and we would call him “Liempoy”. Named of course after my husband and because he loves pork liempo too. I think that explains well why we wanted “Liempoy”. But his real name would be Prince Josef (pronounced as Yosef), PJ in short, which stands for our initials Poy and Jhanil. But we are also prepared incase our baby will be a girl. We will call her “Mimay” because we really wanted the name Jemimah. She is the prettiest daughter of Job in the bible. J in Jemimah is my initial too so it’s so perfect! We’re just thinking of the other name that will start with P. Our choices were, (a) Princess – too common, talo sa family voting, (b) Phoebe – hindi bagay sa Jemimah, (c) Philisse/ Pylisse – suggested by my sister and since it sounds “kakaiba”, go lang! =) So it’s either PRINCE JOSEF or JEMIMAH PHILISSE. Can’t wait then to have my 3D ultrasound to confirm our baby’s gender.

Knowing our baby’s gender

Everyone in the family is so excited to know our baby’s gender. 2nd OB check-up ko pa lang, they are all asking na of baby’s gender. Came my 4th month check up, my OB, Dr. Salvador had seen images that my baby is a girl. We were a bit disappointed at first because we really wanted a boy. But my mommy on the other hand is very happy. She wanted a girl as her first apo. After another month, it’s confirmed, we’ll be having Mimay and not Liempoy. I realized, mas ok nga girl, I’ll teach her how to put blush and lipgloss kaya I became more excited =)

See Mimay’s photos on her 7th month in my tummy. The 3D ultra sound experience was such a very unforgettable experience for me and Poy. Nakakaiyak pala when you get to see the face of your baby. Mas nag sisink-in lahat na wow may baby talaga sa tummy ko =)

And the countdown begins!

Weeks before our angel is born, me and my bibi decided that I should quit my job in Sumiden. Lagi kasi ngarag sa work so we thought na mahihirapan lang ako and I may not be able to take good care of Mimay. So I had a deal with hubby that he will allow me to get a job again when Mimay turns 6 months. Hay mas nakakainip hintayin ang paglabas nya since I don’t have anything to do sa house except to eat, sleep, read pregnancy books and wait for my bibi. Super excited na ko to see and touch our angel. Every morning I made sure to have a 20mins walk, preparation daw so that I’ll have an easy and smooth NORMAL delivery. I’m a very obedient pregnant so super walk talaga ang lola mo.

Came April 3, 2009, I had my OB visit and he told me that I’ll give birth soon. Wow mas super excited na ko talaga! But I told my baby “anak you can come out na but not tomorrow ha? Wag April 4, I don’t like that date kasi it’s mamee and her ex’s anniv. Dadee will get mad (tinakot anak e)”.

That same night, we are scheduled to spend the night in my sister’s house in Sto. Tomas Batangas. We had our usual dinner and slept at around 11pm. During one of my toilet trip, I saw a blood stain in the toilet bowl and it’s already 1am. “anak naman, sabi ng wag ngayon. April 4 ngayon e!” Then I felt lower back pain and contractions. “Luka-luka talaga tong anak ko, sabi ng wag ngayon!” I immediately ask my bibi to wake up because the pain is in regular and shorter intervals. “Waaah why naman April 4 pa, of all dates grrrr!”

Here SHE comes!

April 4, 2009, from 1am, I cannot sleep anymore because of my frequent toilet trip. And the pain is not leaving my lower back. My bibi’s massaging me and is making me feel relaxed. Around 6am, we went to the hospital. My family kinda panicked and immediately prepares to follow us in the hospital.

At the ER, the nurse checked na 4cm na ako. OMG I’m so nervous, I have read and heard different frightening stories of women giving birth. Nerbyosang frog pa naman ako!

We came 6:30 in the hospital and since then, super sakit na talaga. I cannot explain the labor pain. Eto pala yun! I almost broke my bibi’s hands sa sobrang tight ng paghawak ko sa kanya. Aside from prayers, I feel secure and safe when I’m holding him.

8:30 am, the nurses transferred me to the delivery room. 7cm na daw ako! I’m almost crying na because of the pain. It’s really unexplainable. I appreciated my mommy more because the labor pain I’m feeling that time is not a joke. Dr. Salvador’s wife (both husband and wife are OB), came to see me and motivated me to relax and be calm. I’m a little hysteric na kasi, sakit kaya :p

When I’m almost 10cm, the pain is soooo unexplainable whew, she asked me to push hard. After 20 years, ayaw pa din lumabas ni baby =( Dra. Said, my pelvic is too small for my baby’s head. Cone head na daw si Mimay so we better decide fast, I need to have a CS!

Nani: “whaaaat?? 10cm na ko Dra tapos iC-CS pako?"
Dra: “sweetheart, your pelvic bone is too small. Nahihirapan na din si baby mo.”

Imagine that? 10cm na ang lola mo and super sakit na talaga tapos iC-CS din pala ako! Huwaaaah!! What did I do to experience all this!

They called my husband immediately and asked him to sign a form that he’s allowing me to have a caesarean section operation.
Poy: “bi musta? CS ka na ha? para di ka na mahirapan.”
Nani: “go bi! kahit ano na, sobrang sakit na talaga. Basta don’t forget to take mimay’s photo ha?” (hehe picture pa din)
Poy: "bi i love you, kaya mo yan ha?makikita na natin si ineng =)"
Biglang singit si nurse...
Nurse: “ma’am relax lang po muna kayo, hintayin lang natin anesthesiologist”
Nani: “where is he? Ang sakit sakit na! “
Nurse: “malapit na ma’am, mga 20-30 mins po. On the way na si dok.”

Another huwaaaah!!! Lukaret na nurse to! 20-30 mins is like 10 years of waiting because of the so much pain and yet she's so relax as she told me to wait. Wala man lang motivation.

Nurse: “ma’am wag po kayo malikot baka mahulog kayo sa bed.”

How I wanted to kick and kill that nurse! Super nakakaloka! If I only have the strength naku talaga!

After 2000 years, dumating na si anesthesiologist. I was transferred to the operating room and can’t remember anymore what happened. I don’t know if it’s because of the anesthesia given to me or because of exhaustion.

I’m still groggy when another nurse came to show Mimay to me. She’s indeed the most beautiful creature God has ever created.

All the grueling hours spent were all worth it. I almost forgot the lukaret nurse, the pains brought by contractions, etc. What I know and feel is that I’m so grateful because God blessed me and Poy with a healthy and beautiful baby. We give Him back all the praises and glory!

Jemimah Phillisse Cruz-Aguilar
April 4, 2009 - 11:25am