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Monday, September 6, 2010


Guess how young is the celebrant? 23? Nah! 25? Nah! Higher please! Ok ok 26? Still wrong! But I have to keep quiet about Eric’s real age. Anyway, he doesn’t look his age naman. Nani’s bolera no? =)
Celebrant: Eric Paming Espinosa
Birthday: September 5, secret
Age: Secret nga eh! Clue: Bert’s age less 20 years (haha peace Bert!)
Most Loved: No one else but his one and only “mahal”, Len =)

Surely a very special birthday celebration for 101’s Lebron! Not only because he celebrated it with us (ehem ehem) but simply because this is his last birthday. What? Last birthday na ni Eric to???? As a bachelor, hindi pa naman tapos eh =) Len and Eric are one of our “soon-to-be” legal couples this coming December.

Everyone had a blast last Sunday night! As in stomach explosion because we had the best dinner prepared by the people who loves Eric.
parang kulang, where's Win and Jay?
Ayun si Jay! Eh si Win asan?
"yan Win di ko sinabi na ilong mo yan ha! =)"

What are the menus? (drum roll please!)

SPAGHETTI – everybody’s favorite! Cooked and prepared with so much love from Len for her “mahal”.
CHICKEN BARBEQUE – well marinated chicken in Len’s secret sauce. Though at first, the taste was horribly sour but Len’s magic hand made it perfectly yummy for our taste buds. I even had it AGAIN for lunch today, coz it’s so sarap.
LUMPIANG SHANGHAI – perfect for spaghetti, fried by yours truly =) Wow rhyme!
BICOL EXPRESS – this made our night really HOOOT! It’s Lyn’s latest specialty. Pork boiled in coconut cream with tons of chili. Highly recommended!
KALDERETA – mouth watering pork & potato in a superb kaldereta sauce made by our very own chef, Jay! We had to wait until 10pm to have our dinner because it took hours before the pork gets done. Well, sabi nga nila, patience is a virtue.
sorry for the blurry photo, this is the lamutak version :)
TURON – all time pinoy’s favorite! I personally miss this! I haven’t eaten turon for almost 5 months na. I even had it AGAIN for snack here in office. The sweetness is just so right and it’s so crunchy which made it more masarap.
MIXED FRUITS CAKE – sponge cake with cashew nuts, kiwi, peaches, apple and grapes on top! Another calorie enhancer from my bibi. It’s not super “mabenta” unlike the strawberry cheesecake from M&S. We had leftovers pa on our dining table. But still, it serves its purpose, birthday wouldn’t be complete without blowing of the cake =)
ICE CREAM – calorie na rin lang naman usapan, itodo na natin to! Chocolate and strawberry ice cream c/o Dong c/o Lucky 9! May purpose pala ang lucky 9 na yun! =)
What made the night happier? Again, it’s our 40 lbs Lexie! (I think she gained more after 2 weeks pa lang) We had an instant photo shoot kasi of Lexie. Ay ang saya! She was so game and always ready for posing. Camera loves her too! All the ninangs are making their own different style to get Lexie’s attention. We are so excited for her actual photo shoot! See her sample shots below.
Truly, it was a night not only full of food but laughter and calories as well. Happy happy happy birthday to Len’s one and only mahal and 101’s one and only Lebron! We love yah Eric!

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  1. saya nman.. kakatuwa.. happy birthday eric.. :)