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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I have this Indian guy officemate who is a big time annoyance! Super KSP talaga! He is very fond of teasing everyone in the office. It is very often that he would call me “jhanil panget” eh haller di naman kami close!  
One time he asked me what is beautiful and handsome in our language. Our conversation was like this:
Pana (Indian pana): Jhanil what is beautiful in your country?
Nani: It’s maganda.
Pana: How about handsome? (smiling, as if he is handsome)

To get even, this bright idea popped in to my mind! (wink!)
Nani: It’s UNGGOY! Why did you ask? You want to be called unggoy? Yuck you are not unggoy, it’s for handsome guys only.
Pana: Oh unggoy! Haha now I know! Yah I am unggoy!
Nani: Yuck of course not, you are not unggoy! (pero super natatawa na ko nyahaha!)
Pana: I am unggoy! I am unggoy!
Eh di sige, unggoy ka na! Haha!!
He then went to our other office mates and proudly says that he is unggoy! All the pinays were holding their giggle.
Until today, he is always declaring and announcing to everyone that he is unggoy with so much confidence. We all nod in agreement. Hahaha!! Eh di quits =)

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Another interesting post, this time from a newbie mom like me, Jonahzel. Sis Jonah is my maid of honor, my best best friend in church. I love her coz we are almost alike in many things =) Both pretty and chubby haha! And now, both happy wifey and mommy. Below are some of her tried and tested products for her one and only huggable baby Joro!
Cetaphil as facial soap (since its hypo allergenic, ok sya for all ages, I believe ito parin ginagamit ni Kris Aquino until now. I heard it once in one of her TV interviews) and as moisturizer kasi okay sya kahit no rinse. Price is Php 500 per 250ml bottle.
Then Johnson's Milk Bath as shampoo and body soap. Ok na din sana cetaphil as shampoo and body bath but since unscented ang Cetaphil, itong J&J ang ginagamit ko, aside from mabango sya, may Vit A & E pa. Best when used with J&J Baby Milk lotion.  Ang itim itim kaya ni Joro! Eto mejo pumupusyaw na... hhihih... 
And for baby colds, Salinase is my bet. Few drops lang sa ilong whenever I feel na congested sya, overnight lang okay na. Very cheap! Wala pa atang Php20. Nakakasamid nga lang kasi it goes straight to the throat pero generally its good. Natural pa! Yah I know this, it’s the same thing I use for Mimay whenever she has colds. It’s water and salt lang actually.


Hhmm how will I start ba? I want to make kwento kasi of something na “secret” muna for the meantime. Gulo no? Just this afternoon, after I had my lunch, an unknown number called my mobile. Sakto naman nakaupo ang lola nyo sa trono at nagko-concentrate! Naman wrong timing! But anyway, I still took the call because it might be important. When I heard who was on the other line, umurong ang masama kong balak haha! Na-excite ako bigla! I ran out of the rest room and spoke with this person on the other line. The call lasted for around 20 minutes.

Up to this hour, I’m still shaking and excited because of that mysterious call. I’m just entrusting everything to the Lord. “For I know the plans He has for me, plans to prosper me and not to harm me, plans to give me hope and the best future.”
I will keep you all posted if everything will turn out OKAY. I know everything will be smooth and easy if it is HIS will for me. Join me in prayer ha? =)

Saturday, September 25, 2010


I’m so happy with this FAB FIND segment on my blog site kasi my readers are somehow getting advices from the entries. I’m constantly getting mails telling me that they will try the suggestions in my Fab Find posts. That’s mainly my goal eh, to help my readers through this segment that’s why I’m encouraging all my friends to send their own fabulous finds coz it might help others also =)

Len, my ‘soon-to-be-wife’ friend who I mentioned in my last post, got a problem on her big pores. She read from Cha’s post that Clinique Pore Minimizer is very effective so she immediately buy one and tried. So far, ganda nga daw ng effect. But it’s pricey here in Dubai compared to Canada, it’s AED 114 (Php 1,400). Thanks Cha! You’re an angel to Len!
Then I have an officemate who frequently has annoying pimples. She said she’ll try the apricot scrub I did mention in my own fab find. Happy happy me! This is really a success for fab finds! =)

So guys keep on sending ha? It’s Anything and from anywhere will do =) Even mga natural products, like kalamansi for maitim na skin and coconut cream or mayonnaise for dry hair, are accepted. Basta tried and tested dapat!


This entry is care of a dear college friend, now housemate here in DXB, Len. Meet soon to be Mrs. Arlene Aguilar-Espinosa who was in search of perfect bridal shoes for her December wedding.
Less than 3 months to go and we are all very excited for Eric and Len’s fairytale theme wedding. Everything are almost ready, from the Caleruega church, Smart Shot for the photo coverage, reception in Taal Vista and many others except for Len’s bridal shoes that will match her princess ball gown.

We saw this beautiful sandals the other month from Marc Jacobs. It’s really nice because of the jaw dropping gems in it. The price? AED 1,700 or approximately Php 21,000 lang naman. Kaloka! We told her it’s not practical to buy that kahit pa Marc Jacobs sya, kiber lang! Then last Friday, they went out for a pre-nuptial shoot (nani here wasn’t able to come) and pass to this boutique selling different designer shoes. And look at Len’s sobrang fabulous find!
that's Len's feet! =)

Her dream princess style string sandals from Mademoiselle! It’s very sexy, chic and elegant. We all love it! Look at the gems and stones! Wow wow wow!!! The price is originally AED 800 (Php 10,000) but since it’s on bonggang bonggang sale, she grabbed it at AED 240 (Php 3,000) only! Ang galing no? Sobrang fab find!!! =)

Now almost everything are all set, we all can’t wait for December! Best wishes Ric and Len! I’ll soon post here the couple’s wedsite.  


Friday, September 24, 2010


Being a first time mom, I admit that I have too many fears on being a parent. I am becoming more and more praning as our Mimay grows up. How will I raise her to become a God fearing and kind-hearted person? How will I make sure that we are not spoiling her in a wrong way? How will I communicate with her so that she will easily open up with me about anything? What if I don’t like her chosen set of friends? How will I make her love engineering too? And even more, how will I accept it if she will ask consent from us to allow her go on dates? How will I react if she will introduce us her BF?? (anak, please do it when your mga 30 na ha? Dadee and I will have a heart attack promise!)
See I told you, I’m that praning! I have too many worries, too many fears…
I just want all the best for our Mimay. I will do what it takes for her to get the best life that she deserves. I want her to always feel the security and love from me and Poy and from the rest of the family. I love her so much that I never fail to think of her future.
Realization: I’m a grown-up human being! Nanay na talaga ako! It’s naturally coming out from me. I am becoming selfless, I think. Before, I am most worried only of my pimples, facial warts, stretch marks, shopping budget and alike. Nothing serious then, not until now.  
But I guess, it’s ok to be praning sometimes, nanay eh! =)


And this wife is no other than ME!

The other night, husband sent me SMS asking me to cook rice for him. Usually he cooks rice on morning which is good until dinner. But if he wasn’t able to cook, (which seldom happens) he asks me to cook for him so that he can eat na when he comes since I normally arrive earlier from work.

But look what I've done!!! I didn't use rice cooker because I don't know how to use it =(
tutong kung tutong!

Husband just laughed when he saw it but still ate it anyway. Wife feels bad =( I really need training!! Somebody help me please!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


“Thank you, thank you, thank God for you, the wind beneath my wings.”

This song truly brings me goose bumps and tears whenever I hear it. Why? Because it me and my mommy’s theme song.

It took me weeks before I finally made this blog for the most important person in my life, my Mommy Venus. Simply because I cannot find the right words that would best describe my feelings as a daughter. Honestly as I write this, I cannot help my tears not to burst. I am really so emotional when it comes to my mother.
It is a well known fact to all my closest friends that I’m a mommy’s girl. She’s my best best friend. I love her with all my heart. I cannot thank her enough for all the spoiling, sacrifices, patience, care and love she had showered me and my siblings all these years. She is also the reason how and why we accepted God and learned about our salvation. I wouldn’t be where I am now if not for her unconditional love for me.
I can never forget those days where she would wake up early and stay up late to work, earn money and send us to a good school, those times where she would fetch me to and from school and bring me freshly cooked lunch until my 2nd year high school, accompany me in all my doctor, dentist and derma visits, sacrificed her savings just to get most of everything that I wanted, and supported all my school activities until my 5th year in college. She is undoubtedly my number 1 supporter, my number 1 fan and I am forever thankful for that.

I remember during our first honeymoon night, I was crying to death because I miss my mommy. I can never forget her SMS to me that night which says “Miss u nani. Wala nako hihintayin umuwi sa gabi.” Poy couldn’t do anything to make me stop crying and even asked me if I wanted to go back to Laguna and not finish our 7 days honeymoon. 1st day pa lang gusto ko na umuwi! But of course, I don’t want to spoil our long awaited vacation so I just made Poy promised that we will be staying in my parents’ house right after the honeymoon and requested him that we will regularly spend weekends there as well. Thank God I have the most understanding husband!

When I first told my mommy that I am expecting, I felt then that she was in shock at first. It took some days even weeks before she finally accepted that I am no longer a kid anymore but a soon to be mom as well. When the reality finally sank in her, she became more loving, caring and attentive of my needs. She would always bring me my faves and come with us in my OB check-up to make sure that her first apo is doing well inside my tummy. Things changed a lot for my mommy when I gave birth to Mimay. She gave up her almost 30 years vocation and decided to take care of Mimay instead. Truly a heroic act any mother can do for her child.

Until this very moment, my mommy remained to be my hero, the wind beneath my wings. And as the lyrics of the song says, “I would be nothing without my mom. She is everything I wish I could be.”

Words are not enough to tell my mommy how much I love her. There are no created words to show how grateful I am not only for her love to me and my siblings, but most especially for her extended love and sacrifices for our daughter, my mommy’s first ever granddaughter Mimay. I am so blessed for having the best mom in the world. I will be forever indebted to her.

This song is for you. Thank you so so so much for all your love and patience. I promise to take care of you forever and I’ll do everything to be the best mom to Mimay.
I love you and I miss you so much! I can’t wait to see you and ineng!

It must have been cold there in my shadow,
to never have sunlight on your face.
You were content to let me shine, that's your way.
You always walked a step behind.

So I was the one with all the glory,
while you were the one with all the strength.
A beautiful face without a name for so long,
A beautiful smile to hide the pain.

Did you ever know that you're my hero?
And everything I would like to be?
I can fly higher than an eagle,
'cause you are the wind beneath my wings.

It might have appeared to go unnoticed,
but I've got it all here in my heart.
I want you to know I know the truth, of course I know it.
I would be nothing without you.

Did you ever know that you're my hero?
You're everything I wish I could be.
I could fly higher than an eagle,
'cause you are the wind beneath my wings.

Did I ever tell you you're my hero?
You're everything, everything I wish I could be.
Oh, and I, I could fly higher than an eagle,
'cause you are the wind beneath my wings,
'cause you are the wind beneath my wings.

Oh, the wind beneath my wings.
You, you, you, you are the wind beneath my wings.
Fly, fly, fly away. You let me fly so high.
Oh, you, you, you, the wind beneath my wings.
Oh, you, you, you, the wind beneath my wings.

Fly, fly, fly high against the sky,
so high I almost touch the sky.
Thank you, thank you,
thank God for you, the wind beneath my wings.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


I personally love this bet because I got a big problem on falling hair. It is mainly because of the hot water here in Dubai. Swear ang nipis na ng hair ko! I will surely try this one. I actually have a mane and tail shampoo which I seldom use, but now I’ll make sure to get a conditioner as well para surely effective.

Thanks Joyee for your bonggang suggestion! I can’t post Joy’s photo as per her request, shy daw sya so instead I’m posting her one and only cutee son. Yah, you read it right, he is Joy’s SON and not daughter. He looks like a girl no? Meet Jaz Li! I so love his hair, ang beautiful no? I’m sure mane and tail din gamit nya =)
Falling hair has been a long-time dilemma of mine since college days, sometimes when I get up from sleeping, got lots of hair on my pillow. There were times when I barely comb/brush my hair just to avoid it.. I tried various shampoos and conditioner and I always look for those that have a tagline “for falling hair” but all of them haven’t cured my problem.

One time while watching, TV Ogie Alcasid made mentioned about this horse shampoo. He said he’s been using it and is effective for falling hair. Weirdo as it may sound, horse shampoo for human use? But desperate I am, I searched for it, but way back then it’s not available yet in leading department stores nor drug stores. Luckily I got one from Duty Free Fiesta Mall, I get both shampoo and conditioner. When I got home, immediately I tried it, sooo amazed of the rich fragrance, not only that my hair became smoother and more manageable. Thanks to Mane n tail shampoo and conditioner, I use it for ‘bout 2 years and decided to shift back to regular shampoos, my hair grew and have a few falling hair this time, they say 100 strands daily is normal and I suppose mine is only 99 hehe joke!… Now I regained my crowning glory.

Ohh btw, I'm speaking of my personal experience only, coz I did recommend same shampoo to a friend of mine and said it didn't worked for her, unluckily...

I think the price of this is somewhere around P300 per bottle, based on Dubai market.


Check out my tgurl’s pick for a perfect “no make up look”. With a face like this, I’m sure everyone would go gaga in trying this product.
Desription: Instantly refines the look of pores with a natural-looking, long-lasting matte finish. De-shines. Resist sweat and humidity too. Wear alone, under or over makeup for a flawless look. Invisible coverage.
Why I love it: For the longest time I was looking for a product that would diminish the size of my pores around my cheek. My mom put cologne on my cheeks when I was little and I had allergies to it. This in the long run didn't leave any scars but gave me big pores around my cheek. When I started using this product I noticed that- it does kinda serves like a foundation to your face and your face won't be shiny after application. I so love it coz during my "no make up day" (my face's rest day), I can just put this cream on, curl my lashes, apply my lipstick and I will still look fresh...
This cost $22.50 ->P962.97 damn it's expensive come to think of it.
But if you are saving for something good this is my best bet for you. You only need pea size of this product and you can opt to apply it once or twice a day.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


So far, my most loved place on earth is UNDER THE SHEETS with my bibi! Uh scratch off those malicious ideas in your mind ok? ;D

Back in Pinas, I am not the type of person who sleeps with quilt covering me from head to toe. I actually hate it. I feel suffocated everytime I cover my face with anything and that is exactly same with Poy. But since we moved in here in Dubai, it became a habit for us to completely cover our body with a shared comforter as we sleep. It’s basically because the temperature in our room brought by the centralized AC is freezing cold. Since then, husband and I are always looking forward to see each other under the sheets! =)
We now find it as our favorite bonding moment. We feel very connected as we share laughters and tears under the sheets. Laughters because as you all know, my hubby dear is truly a comedian in his own, unintentional way. And tears as we browse and view Mimay’s photos in our CP. We super miss our baby! Poy and I became more intimately close to each other as we share stories about anything, day dream about our future plans and talk to our dear Lord at-almost-no-distance-in-between before we doze off. It may seem very simple but truly a healthy way to bond with my Poy.

I will always cherish our ‘under the sheets’ moments. I will FOREVER look forward to smile, laugh, talk and cry with you until our hair turns gray. Thank you for making me fall in love with you bi over and over again.


Aahhh married life, truly funny sometimes! =)
Just some quick stories why I love my hubby dear more and more and more!
Scenario 1:
Last Thursday night, husband called me for dinner. I have no plans to eat because we will be going out that night to jog.
Poy: “Bi luto na, tara dinner na tayo.”
Nani: “Yaw bi, later na lang pagbalik natin. Una ka na ha?”
Poy: “Sure ka bi? Tara subo ka lang?”
Nani: “Hindi na bi, busog pa pati ako.”
Poy: “Ok bi sige po kain nko. KAIN NA TYO BI?”
Ano daw yun?? Ok daw kain na daw sya sabay invite ulit. Ang kooooleeet!!! =)
Scenario 2:
For our Friday work off, hubby and I had plan of strolling at any mall after nap. I wanted to check kasi the latest price of laptops. Came Friday afternoon, other housemates were watching John Lloyd and Bea’s One More Chance which seems to be a good movie so parang tinatamad na ako to go out.
Nani: “Alis pa ba tyo bi? Sang mall ba? Parang tinatamad nako.”
Poy: “Sa Burjuman or MOE bi. Ayaw mo na?”
Nani: “Kakatamad eh kasi ganda nung movie. Ok lang bi wag na?”
Poy: “Ikaw po sige, tinatamad ka na kamo eh. TARA ALIS NA TAYO BI!”
Ano daw yun ulit?? Lashing ba tong asawa ko o magulo lang talaga kausap?

The Introduction of FAB FINDS!

Ever since the world began, in my own perspective not Poy’s ha, I am the most practical human being in terms of buying things. Madami akong gusto sa buhay but I make sure it is of very important use before I buy them. Ahm okay, I tend to be compulsive sometimes pero promise sometimes lang talaga! I am more of a SEGURISTA in buying things. That’s why it took me hours, days or even months before I decide to buy something.
I remember, when we were to buy Mimay’s diapers, ay super read ko lahat ng diaper labels sa supermarket. Ofcourse I have to make sure to get the best diaper for Mimay to avoid rashes and skin allergies. Even to the point of standing in diapers area for an hour while having leg cramps! Yes, I’m that praning and item conscious.
So with that, I thought of starting a segment here in my blogsite where I will be posting all my fabulous finds that are tried and tested by yours truly. The cheaper the better! But most importantly, it has to be ultra effective!
To start, let me share some of my finds na panalong panalo for me and might be for you too!
Pimples and blackheads are one of the most known self-esteem attacker. Basag trip talaga pag may pimples right?! When I came here in Dubai, my face became more prone to zits because of the hot weather. I tried different facial wash but of no good effect. Not until I discover ST. IVES APRICOT SCRUB BLEMISH AND BLACKHEAD CONTROL. I’ve been using this product for a month now and so far I am truly loving it. Not only it is very affordable, but it leaves my skin invigorated and cleansed. I seldom got pimples too!
Price: AED 22 or approx Php 270 for 150ml tube which I think is good for 2 months consumption assuming you’ll use it twice a day.
And for that soft and fragrant skin, I highly recommend ALYSSA ASHLEY WHITE MUSK Hand and Body Moisturiser. I particulary love its soft subtle scent that is very lasting on skin. Ay promise ang bango bango bango nya! Poy loves the smell too! ;)
Price: AED 29 or approx Php 360 only for 500ml bottle na!
How about you? Wanna share your own fabulous find/s? Email me at and I’ll be much honored to post it in my blogsite. Please do include a photo of you with your bet product.
Mamee Nani here requests effective products for falling hair and baby products please! =)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

FRUIT OF LABOR: Nani’s Photoshoot

Endless gratitude and appreciation to my 101 girlfriends for the support and patience!
I will forever treasure these photos guys. Thanks thanks thanks!!! Ahhmwaaah!


It’s been 4 days that we havent’ seen our one & only Mimay because the skype installed in our PC in Pinas is having some problems. Nakaka loka talaga! We consistently chat with her everyday before going to the office. Then last Monday, as we are waiting for her in skype, my mommy dear texted that they cannot connect. When we are to answer their video call, the line was disconnected and vice versa. So we ended up calling Mimay on mobile instead. I heard my mommy repeatedly calling Mimay because our baby daw is very busy with her toys. Then I suddenly heard Mimay yelled on the phone “Mameeeee babuuu!” Singit si proud lola, “Oh dinig mo yun? Dinig mo yun? I love u daw.” I cannot explain the happiness when I heard our baby clearly said that. She’s becoming smarter and smarter everyday and we are so proud of her.

I immediately mailed my Kuya to ask his friend to fix or re-install skype coz I’m dying inside by merely not seeing Mimay, kaya lang my Kuya’s PC whiz friend is in out of town vacation and will be back on the 26th! Then this morning, my mommy texted me and said “Hanap ka ni Mimay, sabi ko sira computer.” I was nearing to cry like a cow. Alam mo yung feeling na, you wanted to see your baby and she wanted to see you too kaya lang wala ka magawa? Then I thought of a temporary solution! I asked my mommy to go to our neighbor at mki-skype. Kapalan na to! Eh since tsikadora si mother at friendship nya lahat ng neighbors ayun success hehe!
So finally, after 4 loooong days, we saw our dearest Jemimah this morning! I cannot describe in words how she reacted when she saw us. As in kinikilig sya to the max! Sayang I wasn’t able to capture it in video coz I myself is also very kilig when I saw Mimay. I’m not praising our girl because she’s ours, but I bet you she’s a very adorable creature! Kilig na kilig talaga sya when she saw us sabay cover sa face while laughing. Luka luka talaga swear! 
I remember also, when we we’re on skype the other week, I was reminding my mommy to always put anti- mosquito lotion to mimay to avoid dengue. I kinda freaked out kasi when I saw on the news that dengue is badly spreading in Pinas especially to kids. Then while chatting with my mom, I noticed Mimay was not around. So I asked where is ineng? Hold your breath with this, my mommy focused the camera to Mimay while she was sitting on her baby chair at the corner and guess what? Our 17 months lady is slowly putting anti-mosquito lotion on her thunder legs, arms and neck! She’s wearing just a panty pa that time so she looks like a VERY young boldstar! Haha! I had the best laugh of my life! Ang arte arte arte nya promise! Then I told Poy “ang arte arte ng anak mo bi!” Poy answered, “manang mana syo bi!” Kaloka tong asawa ko! Pag kaartehan na, sa akin na mana pero pag itsura at brightness, sa kanya daw! Unfair noh?
I just pray that skype will soon be ok. Husband and I are always looking forward of Mimay’s new antics.  
Miss you anak! We love you so so so much!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


All this time, I thought I am the spoiled wife but wait, I am a wife pala of a soon-to-be-spoiled husband who badly wishes for a DSLR camera. Baliktad na? It all started when Poy saw some of our friend’s photos in FB.
Poy: “Bi ang ganda ng mga kuha ni Mike no? Pati langgam oh ang ganda!”
Kaloka pati langgam shot na-aappreciate ni husband!
Then, when we met new friends Aileen and Carl here in Dubai, which are both DSLR addict, hubby dear got more excited of having his own camera. Not a day pass that Poy will not mention about his dream Nikon D90. Ofcourse, I am more than willing to get him his dream camera but we need to prioritize things since Mimay and my mommy will be coming soon here in Dubai. Imagine the airfare cost is approximately 55K pesos na, plus the visa, supporting documents, accommodation, food, etc. So as much as I wanted to get him his Nikon, I just can’t simply put it immediately in our priority list.
So I bet you, Nikon D90 is always in our daily topic. May it be in SMS, emails or personal chatting. Super ang kulit ng asawa ko! I told him Valentine’s gift na lang, baka daw pwede New Year gift na lang. Humirit pa! =) Then yesterday, he even came to this point of sending me an email with the actual D90 photo.
And almost everyday, our conversation would usually go like this:
Poy: “Bibi ang ganda talaga ng D90 no? Pag binili mo na ko nun lagi ka may picture sa kin.”
Nani: “Eh baka naman langgam lang picturan mo bi?”
Poy: “Hindi, syempre kayo lagi ni ineng models ko. Naku bi ang ganda nyo lalo tiyak pag ako nag-picture!”
Hehehe nambola pa! =)
Nani: “Aba bi, baliktad na ngaun ah, spoiled husband na hindi na ako spoiled wife.”
Poy: “Spoiled wife pa din kasi ikaw naman lagi pipicturan ko bi.”
Well bi, I don’t want to promise but I’ll do everything to save up for your dream camera. Keep your fingers (hands and feet) crossed always! Goodluck to me!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


ang pait ni Inday!

Sorry for being so straightforward and honest with this post. Well anyway, this is my blogsite so I have all the right in the world to post whatever I like.

Yesterday morning, I received an email from a friend back in Pinas. We are exchanging replies when she mentioned something to me that goes like this:

Nabasa mo ba ang shout out ni tooot sa FB, ex ni poy… hehehe! Sabi ko nga sa kanya kanina smile lang comment ko kasi love ko si nani.”

So I was like, huh? Ka-intriga ah!
I immediately checked my FB and this is what I saw!
Kaloka db? Without second thought I commented on her wall. Her FB settings allow anyone to comment even if we’re not friends. It’s like she’s allowing anyone to comment on her wall right?

She said thank you, so I said I am more thankful. That’s how I’m feeling eh devah? And that’s the start of it, mega reply ang bitter inday at may kakampi sister pa na maka- “twiters” daw haha! I know, I know, kulang sya sa letter “t” at sobra sa letter “s”! Laughing trip oh!

At ang some-one pala ngaun eh 2 words with a dash, sorry di ko un alam! At dahil nose bleed na sya, dinelete ang thread sa wall nya. Di na kinaya! Pero take note, ni re-post nya ulit pero binago ang settings ng FB nya wherein hindi na ko pwede mag comment tapos sasabihin “Ano bakit di ka maka comment ngayon?” Haha! Praning din! Natural binago mo settings eh haha! Eto pa, nag message, LOSSER daw ako. Ano daw?? Si inday talaga oo, sobra na naman sa “s”! Ang yaman sa S! Kalorkei!

Well, as a conclusion, it’s so true that BITTERNESS is next to UGLINESS. It’s been almost 5 years and she’s still not over everything. Inday, move on ok? Be happy for Poy and we are more than happy for you.

Hay I just can’t help not to post this. It made me laugh hard!

Sorry Papa Jesus, I’ve been so impatient and bad =(

Monday, September 13, 2010


I just got this topic in mind for a simple reason that I want others or even my ownself learn how to deal with “immaturity”. Thanks google, because atleast I am getting some insights about this BAD practice.

There is no one of us who admires someone we deem as being immature, especially if they continue to persist in their actions. Face it. It’s UGLY. When we begin to take our focus into ourselves and our own unfilled desires, wants, and wishes, we can become very ugly FAST.

What do we mean when we say that someone is acting “immature”? Encarta defines it as: “childish: lacking the wisdom or emotional development.” Then what is it that makes one childish? What is it about children when they are acting up that turns the cute little munchkins into holy terrors? I think you will find that the answer lies in the root of SELFISHNESS AND INSECURITY.

When we are acting immature, do we like to listen to reasons? Often immaturity strikes most in the area of relationships: with those we love the most. We feel slighted, hurt, wounded by the other. We feel like we aren’t getting our needs met, that the other person doesn’t understand us. For that matter, there may be some degree of truth to these sentiments. But is attempting to punish the other person with a display of our extreme displeasure going to accomplish any kind of reform on their part? Does pouting, whining, nagging, throwing tantrums: do these things engender growth?

Ideally, we grow from infants—who are forgivably immature and completely self-centered—into adults who will have to learn to be caring somewhere along the way. Yet far too often these words ring true: “Most adults never grow up.” When we are truly mature, we feel a sort of saddened compassion for the person who acts like this: our eyes see that they have much to learn and much to grow and we silently pray for them.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Time flies so fast. Parang the other day lang I was wishing that “sana BER month na!” I’m so sure that everyone here in Dubai are wishing the same thing coz it’s definitely HOT in here. Imagine even at 7pm, the ambiance remains at more than 30°C. So as much as possible, it’s really better to stay at home because we can set the AC even as low as 9°C.

Just last Thursday, I was off with husband and friends at the mall and we saw there were already jackets and sweaters at the shop racks. Wow winter time is near! I immediately roam around and lucky me coz I got this nice black, pair jacket for me and Poy from Quicksilver. It’s so cute coz we’re terno =)
Ever since bf/gf days Poy and I are always in terno outfit. Even during our Sumiden days, at almost all important events we are wearing the same shirt or wearing the same color. I love him most because of that. Other guys kasi finds it corny wearing terno, but for us we find it cute and sweet. It’s also a way of our bonding moment. Poy knows that wearing the same outfit makes me happy that’s why he’s always game about it, even “pambahay” clothes eh terno pa din.

I have a kwento pala about this. During our first Christmas as husband and wife, our family agreed to wear pajamas for the noche buena. As usual, me and Poy looked for terno pajamas. We saw one but with medium size only. Since I’m 5 months pregnant that time, it’s ok if the size is big for me. But when Poy tried it, it’s bitin to him and his “junior” is a bit showing through coz the pajama color is light brown. The conversation went like this:

Poy: “Ay naku bi ayoko nito! Bakat oh, ang sagwa!”
Nani: “Ok ok, hanap pa tayo. Pero pag wala na talaga yan na ok?”

After 35 years, wala na sya makita na terno…

Poy: “Bi iba na lang suot natin, wala na kasya sa atin na terno eh.”
Nani: “Eh di yun na lang brown bi. Sakto sa kin yun tapos parehong pareho pa tayo, cute!”
Poy: “Eh bi bitin nman tapos bakat pa.”
Nani: “Ok lang yan bi, suot ka na lang mahabang shirt e di taklob na. Tara yun na bilhin natin.”
Poy: “Ahh bi ayoko!”
Nani: “Ah ayaw mo talaga? Bibilhin ba natin yung pajama na yun o mag papasko ka mag isa mo???”
Poy: “Sabi ko nga bi, bayaran ko na eh. Ganda nga nung brown na pajamas na yun ano? Bagay na bagay sa tin. Tara na bi sa cashier.”

Etong asawa ko talaga gusto pa tinatakot sya eh =)

I just love the fact that my husband is so cool about wearing terno. He surely doesn’t care if he will wear the same shirt as mine even if color pink or even sesame street design pa yan. I remember once he told me that with his past GF, he will never, at all cost wear the same shirt as hers. But with me, he finds it “nakaka kilig” daw =) It’s like telling the world that I’m his and he’s mine =)

But don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that those guys who don’t like wearing terno with their gf/wife are not nice or loving partners ha? That’s not what I meant =)


Let’s face the truth, first time really hurts right? May it be first heart ache, first labor pain, first tooth extraction and whatever it is that’s in your “green” mind =)

Well for my case, I can really say, first time hair leg tweezing surely hurts!

Last Friday, before going to the beach with 101 friends, we (girls only of course) decided to get rid of our hair legs. I’ve done it before already using wax strip from Veet so no problem with me. Not until I found out that we will be using an epilator and not a wax strip or cream.
Epilator is an electrical device used to remove hair by grasping multiple hairs simultaneously and pulling them from the roots. Ouch devah? As you roll the head, it rotates and the plates move together creating a tweezing effect. Can you imagine how painful it is? 1 buhok nga lang na bubunutin using tweezor eh super sakit na, yun pang sabay sabay at unti-unti? It really pays big to be beautiful noh?

First time really hurts but according to Len (she owns this Braun epilator which costs around Php2,000), second time around means less pain. I hope so!

All I can say is that, NO PAIN NO GAIN! I so love my hairless legs now! =)

Thursday, September 9, 2010



Our love story featured in “A Match Made in Heaven”. Check check! SAKTO! Poy and Nani

Thanks Mei for posting our story exactly on our 27th wedding monthsary. I’m sure husband will be very happy reading our story on your page =)


According to the bible, if you have something in mind, continue to declare it because words spoken from the mouth are powerful. So starting today, I’m boldly declaring that ONE DAY, I’LL HAVE THAT LV BAG!

It’s the Louis Vuitton’s Monogram Hexagone Neo Sporty!

Beautiful no? The shape is so perfect just for anywhere travel or even as a sports bag. The design and the patchworks are so unique. And it’s an exclusive piece, because it’s limited to 100 pieces only and each bag is numbered. Winner!!

So now, let’s go to the price. (drumroll please)

USD 6,850! AED 25,000! Php 307,000!

Nani speechless. GOODLUCK TO MY DREAMS! Hahaha!

Bibi don’t lose hope. I have other options pa. Promise these are cheaper! ;)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


taken during Jonah's wedding

I just can’t help not to blog about this. Last night, Poy and I were about to sleep at 11pm. Although I’m not yet sleepy, pinipilit ko talaga because tomorrow is another day at work. We need to wake up at 6am sharp. But I really can’t sleep! Maybe because that afternoon, we had an almost 2 hours nap so I personally feel I had enough sleep already. I can see my bibi’s heavy-eyed na so I let him sleep after our usual chatting. I was literally counting sheep because I wanted to sleep na talaga but I really can’t! I was turning upside down in bed trying to get some snooze.

Then after a while, I felt a warm kiss and a light tap in my left leg which of course came from my bibi.

Poy: “Bi di ka makatulog? Tapikin kita.”
Nani: “Antok ka na bi eh, Wag na, ok lang.”
Poy: “Pikit ka na po, tatapikin kita.”

After continuous tapping, I then felt his other hand brushing my hair over and over and over again until I fell asleep.

This morning, I was awakened by a kiss from hubby. I got up and saw my bath towel, office dress including my undies, already in the shower room. After shower, saw our cleaned up bed, my milk and cereals in the dining table as well as my packed sandwiches and fruits in my meal bag.

I then again realize how lucky I am to have a husband like Poy. I’m really a spoiled wife. I am so blessed to have the sweetest, caring and loving husband on earth. I will be forever thankful for this wonderful blessing from the Lord.

I love you so much bi and thank you for loving me back more!


It’s exactly 2 months, 2 weeks and 2 days before we can finally kiss, hug and be with our dearest baby.
Husband and I were on leave yesterday from work because we need to go to Philippine Embassy for Mimay’s Travel Clearance/Permit requirements.

The almost 50 deg. temp and the long queue did not stop me from feeling so happy and excited because processing all these documents simply means we will be with Mimay SOON! =)

From our place, it’s only around 15 minutes cab ride going to Philippine Embassy. Outside the cab, super init na to the highest level! Husband and I only have our sun glasses on, hindi uso ang payong. We arrived there at around 11 am. There’s a memo in the gate saying that office will be on holidays starting Sept.8 – 13. Buti na lang today is September 7 or else sayang ang leave and effort! Expectedly, there are many kabayans processing different documents such as visas, marriage docs, and passport renewals. Since it’s Ramadan timings, office will be closed at 2pm and cashiers at 1:30 pm with a 12nn-1pm lunch break and its 11:10 am na! OMG!

We only have less than an hour, and with a long queue it seems impossible we can finish before 12nn! But with prayers and God’s grace, we were able to finish everything just in time. In fairness, embassy officers are accommodating and nice naman especially the photocopier which I thought at first is a Chinese national, kabayan din pala. Guess how much is the photo copy per page? It’s AED 2 or 25 pesos per page! Kaloka db? I remember during my college days in Letran, Photocopy is just 50 cents per page. I suddenly thought “Am I that old?? Ganun na itinaas ng photocopy fee ngayon?” Well anyway, notarization charge is AED 100 per document. So for us, we paid AED 200 for the affidavit of support and SPA. We need these documents since Mimay will be travelling not with us but with her Naynay (my mommy). Since there will be long holidays, our documents will be released on the 15th pa. We paid another AED 30 so that we need not to come back again to pick-up the docs and instead it will be delivered to us through EMPOST courier on the 17th.

After Philippine Embassy, we went straight to Dubai Immigration to check and confirm the requirements and fees for Mimay and my mommy’s visa. UAE attested birth certificate, UAE attested marriage certificate, passport copy and parents salary certificate. So far, my ate and kuya are processing our UAE attested docs in Pinas which will tentatively reach here in Dubai by the end of September or early October. Visa processing pala is just one day according to the immigration officer. We just have to make sure that we have complete documents.

Before heading home, we dropped by in City Centre to get some food and fruits. We will have our late lunch sa house na because we can’t eat anywhere or even in malls because of Ramadan. Restos are open just for take-out. Poor us, we we’re hungry to death! We just thought, this sacrifice is all worth it because everything is for our Mimay. Hubby and I just diverted our hunger to day dreaming. We were imagining we’re running after Mimay inside the mall, getting foods and toys for her, playing with her and buying things for her. We are also thinking what will Mimay’s reaction after 7 months of seeing us only in the computer monitor? Will she immediately come with us? What will be the airport scene? Oh my we are so excited! Non-stop kwentuhan with Poy until we reached home.

It was a very productive day! We are becoming more and more excited to see Mimay and ofcourse my Mommy. I miss her so much too!

Note: I hate myself for being so forgetful! I failed to take some photos! Sayang Sayang! Mimay could have seen what her Mamee and Dadee look like while queuing at the embassy with empty stomach at almost 50 degrees temperature. Awful really!

Monday, September 6, 2010


Guess how young is the celebrant? 23? Nah! 25? Nah! Higher please! Ok ok 26? Still wrong! But I have to keep quiet about Eric’s real age. Anyway, he doesn’t look his age naman. Nani’s bolera no? =)
Celebrant: Eric Paming Espinosa
Birthday: September 5, secret
Age: Secret nga eh! Clue: Bert’s age less 20 years (haha peace Bert!)
Most Loved: No one else but his one and only “mahal”, Len =)

Surely a very special birthday celebration for 101’s Lebron! Not only because he celebrated it with us (ehem ehem) but simply because this is his last birthday. What? Last birthday na ni Eric to???? As a bachelor, hindi pa naman tapos eh =) Len and Eric are one of our “soon-to-be” legal couples this coming December.

Everyone had a blast last Sunday night! As in stomach explosion because we had the best dinner prepared by the people who loves Eric.
parang kulang, where's Win and Jay?
Ayun si Jay! Eh si Win asan?
"yan Win di ko sinabi na ilong mo yan ha! =)"

What are the menus? (drum roll please!)

SPAGHETTI – everybody’s favorite! Cooked and prepared with so much love from Len for her “mahal”.
CHICKEN BARBEQUE – well marinated chicken in Len’s secret sauce. Though at first, the taste was horribly sour but Len’s magic hand made it perfectly yummy for our taste buds. I even had it AGAIN for lunch today, coz it’s so sarap.
LUMPIANG SHANGHAI – perfect for spaghetti, fried by yours truly =) Wow rhyme!
BICOL EXPRESS – this made our night really HOOOT! It’s Lyn’s latest specialty. Pork boiled in coconut cream with tons of chili. Highly recommended!
KALDERETA – mouth watering pork & potato in a superb kaldereta sauce made by our very own chef, Jay! We had to wait until 10pm to have our dinner because it took hours before the pork gets done. Well, sabi nga nila, patience is a virtue.
sorry for the blurry photo, this is the lamutak version :)
TURON – all time pinoy’s favorite! I personally miss this! I haven’t eaten turon for almost 5 months na. I even had it AGAIN for snack here in office. The sweetness is just so right and it’s so crunchy which made it more masarap.
MIXED FRUITS CAKE – sponge cake with cashew nuts, kiwi, peaches, apple and grapes on top! Another calorie enhancer from my bibi. It’s not super “mabenta” unlike the strawberry cheesecake from M&S. We had leftovers pa on our dining table. But still, it serves its purpose, birthday wouldn’t be complete without blowing of the cake =)
ICE CREAM – calorie na rin lang naman usapan, itodo na natin to! Chocolate and strawberry ice cream c/o Dong c/o Lucky 9! May purpose pala ang lucky 9 na yun! =)
What made the night happier? Again, it’s our 40 lbs Lexie! (I think she gained more after 2 weeks pa lang) We had an instant photo shoot kasi of Lexie. Ay ang saya! She was so game and always ready for posing. Camera loves her too! All the ninangs are making their own different style to get Lexie’s attention. We are so excited for her actual photo shoot! See her sample shots below.
Truly, it was a night not only full of food but laughter and calories as well. Happy happy happy birthday to Len’s one and only mahal and 101’s one and only Lebron! We love yah Eric!