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Thursday, December 30, 2010


I’m sure all of my loyal blog readers (assuming lang hehe) miss my poging pogi and pa-simpleng comedienne hubby. Here’s one super bilis kwento I want to share to all of you.
Inside the elevator with Mimay, hubby keeps on touching his ears.

Me: Bi bakit? Masakit ears mo?
Poy: Oo bi eh, parang may nahugong. Ano kaya yun?
Me: Mag-yawn (hikab) ka bi, try mo lang baka mawala yung hugong.
Poy: Yon! Yon! Yon! Eh bi di naman nawawala, masakit pa rin.

At talagang tinatlo pa nya ang “yon” hahaha!!! Kalowka tong asawa ko talaga!

Monday, December 27, 2010


As promised, I’ll make a blog post out of below photo that I posted in my FB.
For the past 3 consecutive nights, Mimay is having tantrums. When she first came here with us, she’s not like that. Yes she’s makulit but when it’s bed time, we just give her milk, scratch her back and she falls asleep fast. Her tantrums started last Christmas Eve when we watch ‘Petrang Kabayo’ the movie while having our Noche Buena. For almost the whole duration of the movie, Mimay was very much focused watching vice ganda transformed into a horse. Came 2 am, when we are about to sleep, Mimay keep on telling lines such as “mamee abayo vice anda”, “mamee vice anda wawa”, “mimay takot abayo”, and many other else. As in feel na feel nya yung movie. Super naabsorb nya to the nth level.  She was wide awake and grouchy until 5:30 am. Nakakaloka ang pasko namin! Puyat kung puyat talaga. Finally at 6am, we all had a good sleep. We all woke up at 9am because we have a reservation in Royal Ascot Hotel to celebrate the Christmas day. The first words that came out from Mimay after her 3 hours sleep are “mamee vice anda, abayo!”

The whole Christmas day at the hotel was really all fun. Even we’re all groggy to death, we had a great day enjoying the place, the pool and the food. Our baby is super active and happy as usual.
But came bed time when we reached home, nakow eto na naman, she’s crying with no apparent reason. She makes pakarga to her naynay, to me and to her dadee. If we bring her to bed, she’ll cry and tell us to bring her out. If we bring her out, she’ll cry again asking us to bring her in the kitchen, then in the living room, then in the toilet. When we were in the toilet she still cries and yell! Look at her, super nakakaawa noh?
Then when she saw the bath tub, she told us this “mimay sleep dun!” We all looked to where she pointed her finger and yes, correct, plangak, walang duda, sa bath tub nga! Me, naynay and husband gazed oddly at each other. But since we can’t stand seeing Mimay cry, we immediately clean the tub and put a comforter and pillow for Mimay. Don’t blame me please, I’m just a mom with a very soft heart for her daughter. Awang awa na ko sa anak ko and I don’t want to see her crying more. When we lay her in the tub, she stops crying.  
Even naynay said it’s ok lang daw for her to sleep there too as long as Mimay is comfortable. We then agreed to let her sleep and we’ll just transfer her in bed if she’s already dozing in dreamland. Kaloka kasi tong si Petrang Kabayo, ntrauma ang anak ko.
I don’t know if somehow we are spoiling her. Isip ako ng isip if tama ba to give in to all her crying or we just let her hanggang mamaga ang mata nya. Which is more humane?

Dear Mimay anak,
We love you so much baby and we can’t stand seeing you grumpy. We always want you to be happy but there are things which are beyond our control. I just pray baby that when you grow up, you’ll appreciate every little things that we are all willing to give you. I pray that you will love your naynay even more for all her sacrifices for you. Mahal na mahal ka namin anak kahit lakas tama ka hehe, joke!
Amabyu poreber,
Mamee Nani

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Finally, after 8 months here in Dubai, I was able to experience and feel R.A.I.N! It only happens once a year daw, imagine that! We were overly excited when we saw the sky is becoming crazy lately especially today when we actually saw the rainfall at it’s finest =) It’s like dirham bills falling from the sky! Everyone is surely feeling delighted and ecstatic. Sa Pinas, sawang sawa ako sa ulan. Dito, laway na laway ako sa ulan!
Another reason why everybody is excited of the rain is it signals weather change. Woohooo!!! Imagine the weather when husband and I came here in Dubai, more than 40 degrees celcius and it even reached 50+ one time in July I guess. We’re like chicken inside a roasting machine. So you really cannot blame us for over reacting about the rain!

I can actually sing “I'm singing in the rain, just singing in the rain. What a glorious feelin? I'm happy again..”

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Better late than never =)

A blessed Christmas to everyone from Dadee Poy, Mamee Nani and Baby Jemimay!

Monday, December 20, 2010


Sorry for the lack of posts. Can’t find time now to write, been very busy with my dearest baby, with Poy, with Naynay and with work. And I’m so enjoying being a mommy to Mimay. Ang sarap na lalo nya kasama ngaun because she’s so receptive. We actually talk to her as an adult and she’s so cute and adorable when she responds to us.

It’s not a very good week for pamamasyal, been sick for days and husband had to come to work on Friday hayz! But first, let me make kwento why he had to come to work on his day-off. Husband is working as a Safety Officer in a manufacturing company producing fasteners and steel wires. Last Friday from our church service, after we had our lunch, someone from husband’s office called up for a super shocking news. A Filipino fork lift operator met an accident in their plant and died right then and there! Husband was too upset because ofcourse as a safety officer, it’s his responsibility to make sure that all employees work in a safe environment. He told me immediately that we have to cancel our scheduled family day because of what happened. Husband headed straight to office and learned that this Filipino guy was found dead inside the fork lift because of a container van that accidentally flips over him. It was surely a very sad story that affected Poy until this very hour. Super bothered sya and sad because of what happened. To the family of Mr. Roland Hilario, our deepest condolences.

Back to my story, aside from the above unexpected mishap, my fever and colds made it more impossible for us to go places this week. I even had to be absent from work because of this sudden fever. But summing up, this week was still a very fun one because of our mimay’s comedy antics. She’s becoming more and more kwela everyday. She responds as if I’m talking to a grown up. She’s so smart like her mom hehe. Everyone loves her dearly!

So for Mimay and Naynay’s third week, we’ve been to the following places:

Four Seasons Rydges Plaza Hotel – Chinese Restaurant with a breathtaking view of Jumeirah beach front found on the 9th floor of Rydges Hotel. We came here to celebrate the birthday of my officemate Ate Rose. The foods served were all superb! It was so nice and sweet of Ate Rose to invite my family over to join for the dinner, thanks Ate Rose!
Gold Souk - it is for nothing that Dubai is called as City of Gold. Gold Souk is a traditional market or souk consisting of retailers that trade almost exclusively in jewelry. Nakakabaliw ang lugar na to especially for people na super like ang mga jewelries. When Mimay saw the kumikinang store of gold, she excitedly shouted “wow!” We came here to get xmas gift for Jay’s mom and it was a successful trip because we bagged a set of tricolor earrings and necklace with pendant at a nakaka highblood na price! We actually came to get some price idea because I promised to get my ate her earrings from Dubai. It’s actually a good investment because compared naman to Pinas, Gold is cheaper in Dubai. After here, we went to City Centre to have a snack and a quick grocery shopping.
Abuhail Park – this is the park right infront of our building. We usually do our night walk here with Mimay and Naynay while having our shawarma. Nice place to wind up, relax and play.

Al Karama Fish and Vegetable Market – finally we were able to visit Dubai fish market with naynay! We promised to bring her here to shop for the freshest sea creatures. Dubai, being situated in the Arabian Peninsula is abundant with different kinds of fishes. Prices are way cheaper than those frozen fish found in the supermarket. We got tulingan, pink salmon, shrimps, milk fish and crab which is good for our 1 week meal. Thanks Jay for the ride! It’s a bit hard to go to wet market here in Dubai if you don’t have a private car. Public transportations are not allowed for people who came from wet market basically because of the stinky smell.   
That’s all for this week. Oh I have to make bawi to my baby this Christmas week! 6 days to go! I’m planning to go swimming this holiday! It’s Mimay’s fave eh. Sipunin na sisipunin ;)

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Hay ang bilis ng araw! 2 weeks came so fast. If it’s only possible to stop the days so that I’ll have more time to enjoy Mimay. Our current situation kasi is that we’re having a hard time to get a residence visa for Naynay. She came here only on a long term visit visa (90 days) since that’s the easiest ways we could get her a pass to Dubai. Dubai Immigration rules say that we can get parent visa for Naynay providing, both Naynay & my daddy will apply for the said visa. Unfortunately, my dad has too may problems on his personal documents. He doesn’t even have a passport because of many confusing issues on his birth certificate. So to make the story short, it’s very impossible to get a parent visa. The only way I can apply ONLY for Naynay is that we should present either a death certificate of my dad or an annulment paper of my parents. Kaloka di ba? It’s either I’ll kill my dad or pa-annul ko sila ng mommy ko! As if may option ako no? Hay=( Another option is, since Mimay is already in residence visa, we can make her stay and look for a tempo nanny to look over her while I’ll let my mom go back to Pinas so that we can renew her long term visit visa for another 3 months. But my problem is, will Mimay and Naynay can make it without each other? They are super duper mega over close! Actually, up to this day, Mimay can’t sleep without her Naynay beside her. And I know my mom will feel very depressed if she’ll go back to Pinas alone. It’s really very hard to decide on this. We just entrust everything to HIM, for we know HIS plans and will for us. God is good, I know.

So anyway, here are the places we’ve visited for Mimay and Naynay’s 2nd week in Dubai:

Burjuman Mall - Here's where the world's leading brands mingle comfortably with one another. Nakakalaway ang mall na to! Louis Vuitton, Dior, Hermes, Valentino, Emanel Ungaro, Loewe, Etro, Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Christian Lacroix, Salvatore Ferragamo, Just Cavalli, and many more. Temptations are everywhere! We usually spend our weekly Friday morning here because our church service is held in the business tower adjacent to Burjuman mall. The ambience is very cozy and relaxing. This is one of my fave malls. You can actually sleep on their couches na super sosy!
Burjuman Business Tower – Naynay and Mimay’s first church service in All Nation’s Full Gospel Dubai. Pinagkaguluhan si ineng! As usual, she was very active and friendly kaya everyone in the church eh na love at first sight sa kanya.
Magic Planet – playground for all ages located inside Deira City Centre. Best for our dearest baby! This is the most convenient place for us to go even after work since it is very accessible from our place. For this week, Naynay tried the burgers of Hardee’s. Take note “burgers” with S, because she had two quarter pound beef burger in one sitting. Kaloka si mother!
Golden Fork Karama – this is one of our tried and tested resto here in Dubai. Dishes served here are mostly Filipino and Chinese cuisines. Actually we went first to this ‘eat all you can’ resto in Al Rigga after our church service. The food in the buffet looks awful so we immediately rode a cab and went to Golden Fork in Karama instead. We ordered their fresh crabs and shrimps since it’s Naynay’s favorite. We also had fresh lumpia and mango juice to complete our lunch. Golden Fork did not disappoint our hungry stomach. Two thumbs up!
Karama Shopping Complex– Since nasa Karama na kami, we took advantage of the location and ditch the malls and hit the pavement of Karama! Naynay got her pambahay shorts for only AED 20 per piece :) And hubby got himself a basketball jersey (which is of very good quality, muka talagang orig) for only AED 35! Winner db? While me, almost fainted kahahabol sa makulet kong anak =) I saw her riding the camel toys in one of the shop while saying “abayo! yah tigidig!” =)
Dubai Creek – I personally included this in our itinerary for this week. I wanted kasi to try Dubai’s water taxi or the “abra” with Mimay. I am sure she will love this especially if she will see the creek. And I am correct! The moment her eyes spotted the creek, she immediately shouted “twiming twiming!” My heart is deeply very happy seeing our baby in her most happy moment. As in para syang na-possess sa saya when she ride the boat. I am just too sorry for the blurry photos. Mimay even waved her bye byes to the creek when we left the place. Segway story, when we were on our way to the creek, Mimay called my attention and told me this “Mami tae tae” Haha ang vulgar ng anak ko no? We were much tensed since we are riding a public bus that time. So I told her “anak later na ha? lapit na tayo bumaba.” And it’s a good thing na malapit na talaga kaming bumaba. Although Mimay’s wearing diaper, she has this habit to sit while making pupu and we cannot carry her until she’s done. So when we left the bus and Mimay saw the creek, aba nalimutan na ang binabalak nyang pag pupu! I asked her “anak pupu ka?” Mimay answered “hinde hinde!” She was too excited of the boat and the water. That’s what’s funny about Mimay, you can actually converse with her at her very young age. As in she understands and reacts to almost everything. Mahaderang frog sya like me =)
Bur Dubai Souq – a renovated souq found opposite of Dubai creek. This is the location of Claudine and John Lloyd’s scenes in movie Dubai. I wasn’t able to take good photos because we already arrived there at 7pm. The place was too crowded when we came, too many expats and tourists are busy doing their shopping. Naynay rummaged her pambahay shirts here for only AED7.50 per piece! Mimay in below photo is super “kagod” na. She didn’t enjoy the place much.
It was a fun fun fun week for the family! Looking forward for more escapades!

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Mimay and Naynay are on their 2nd week here in Dubai. Both of them are already adjusted na sa house, to our friends in the house, to the weather and especially to the time. Since husband and I go to work from Saturday to Thursday (yes, sad to say but we only have 1 day off! hay at 1 pang hay!), Mimay and Naynay are usually left alone in the house.
Our usual daily schedule is like this:
6:30 am – Poy and I getting ready for work
7:15 am – Poy and I off to work while Mimay and Naynay are still snoozing in bed (kakainggit!)
9:00 am – Naynay will wake up for her breakfast then rest (rest after eating? How lucky is that?)
10:00 am – Good morning Mimay! Breakfast, TV and playing time.
2:00 pm – Mimay’s bathing time
3:00 pm – Siesta for mag lola
4:00 pm – Naynay’s bathing time and dinner cooking.
5:00 pm – Mag lola off to park (there’s a park infront of our building)
7:30 pm – Mamee Nani and Dadee Poy will arrive from office

Schedule differs after. We usually go out to the nearest mall, have dinner outside, do the groceries, etc. Basta right after we arrive from work, we make sure to get Mimay and play with her. So Naynay can have rest from our super kulit baby. I’ll be the one to feed and carry her and the 3 of us (Dadee, Mamee & Mimay) will take a bath together before going to bed. I think its Mimay’s favorite, she loves water and she calls it “twiming twiming”. During this bathing time, we also teach her how to brush her teeth, wash her face, underarms, neck and arms, then how to put body lotion. It’s our family bonding moment and I am personally enjoying every minute of it. After that, we will have our atleast an hour playing and kilitian time. Then we familiarize her with Bible and we teach her how to pray. When we told her it’s praying time, she will immediately join her hands together and utter “pwey pwey pwey” in a very very cute way =) Oh I love being mamee! We usually sleep at around 12am. Bangenge man the following day, it’s all worth it. I love spending time with our dearest Mimay.
For the first week, we have been to the following places:

Dubai Zoo - the oldest zoo of its kind not only in the United Arab Emirates but also in the Arabian Peninsula. Dubai Zoo also happens to be the first Arabian zoo to breed the rare Chimpanzee and Arabian wild cat. It is a special place of interest and fun for tourists and the people of Dubai.
Dubai Aquarium - one of the largest tanks in the world at 51m x 20m x 11m and featuring the world’s largest viewing panel at 32.8m wide and 8.3m high. Dubai Aquarium has more than 33,000 living animals, representing more than 85 species including over 400 sharks and rays combined.
Burj Khalifa - tallest building in th world. The Burj Khalifa skyscraper is a world-class destination and the magnificent centerpiece of Downtown Dubai, Dubai's new urban masterpiece. 
Dancing Fountain - the center piece of Downtown Burj Dubai located at the front of Burj Dubai. The Dubai fountain is one of the world’s tallest fountains, surpassing the Fountains of Bellagio at Las Vegas. 
Dubai Mall - the world's largest shopping mall based on total area and sixth largest by gross leasable area. The Dubai Mall has 10–15 distinct 'malls-within-a-mall', totaling 9 million ft² of shopping retail space, comprising of a total of 1200 stores, when fully operational.
Fun City – a total entertainment centre for children which is fully staffed by professional child-carers inside Reef Mall. Thanks Tita Joy for the treat! Mimay enjoyed playing with Lexie baby =)
Al Ghurair Centre considered as shopper's paradise as most of the goods are reasonably priced. The center offers a wide range of shopping possibilities.
Beirut – home of the bestest Shawarma located in the street of Al Rigga. I so love the shawarma here.
CityCentre – one of the region's most visited destination for both residents and tourists. This is our fave mall since it is the nearest in our place. One stop shop, dining and entertainment!
Jumeirah – had a dip in a private pool located in Jumeirah. Thanks te Juliet! Mimay super liked the pool and this is where she finally met Andino!
Dubai Outlet Mall - is the first 'outlet' concept mall in the Middle East. Dubai Outlet Mall offer shopper’s big savings on premium and top fashion brands all year round. My personal loved place.
 That’s all for the first week! We had 3 days holiday that week that’s why we were able to maximize it =)