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Thursday, December 15, 2011


Hello hello hello guys! Just like what I have posted days ago, opo buhay pa ako. Everything was just too overwhelming since I arrived here in Pinas hence my lack of posts. I couldn’t find time to blog, hectic ang schedule ng lola nyo and also sobrang ninanamnam ko pa every moment with my family. I couldn’t find the perfect words to describe the happiness.
I still find it hard to sleep at night though.  I still can’t believe until now that we’re really here in our ‘own room’ and with me in our ‘own bed’ are the two of the most important people in my life. I couldn’t wish for anything more.

Two weekends ago, we stayed with my in laws and Mimay we’re able to play outside the house with other kids. Ang saya kamo ng anak namin. This is the normal life that we want for her and I am overjoyed seeing my daughter happy with all her new experiences.
Almost every night for the past 2 weeks, lagi kami rumarampa kung saan saan. Sobrang hectic ng schedule! Gala dito, gala doon, kain dito, kain doon. And the result? Eto pagod haha! At higit sa lahat, hindi na kasya mga damit ko. Tuwing lumalabas kami, muka na akong suman sa mga blouse ko. The other day sa mall, I bumped with my ex-Nissan colleague.
Yvet: Huy Nani, kamusta? Welcome back! Bakit parang aahmm hhmm..
Nani: Taba ko? Diretsuhin mo na teh!

Yan lang ang sad part talaga. Sa sobrang happiness ko, I forgot to watch what I’m eating. I’m 61 kls already! Did you know that I was 64 kls only when I gave birth to Mimay? See?? I’m just 3 kls away from that eh hindi naman ako buntis! Anubayun?! Later, I’m buying that diet juice that my churchmate recommended to me. I hope it will work. Nakakawala daw ng appetite yun eh. Wish me luck!

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Just wanna update you guys that I’m still alive. I know it’s been more than a week since the last time I posted an entry here. Pagbigyan nyo na ko ha? I’m just enjoying every minute with my family now especially with my Mimay. I haven’t started with my new work yet which is good thing because I have ample time to sleep, play with Mimay, go to mall, sleep late, watch TV. Ang sarap ng buhay ko ngayon at dahil jan, ang taba ko na naman! Hay.

For everyone sending messages to me, thanks a lot for your sweetness. Buhay pa ako haha! Hubby and I are super happy and blessed. God is so good for keeping all His promises to our family. Don’t worry, I’ll make time to finally be back in blogging. Miss ko na din kayo eh!

Have a happy Friday everyone!

Sunday, November 27, 2011


Eversince Poy and I became a couple, we never celebrate our birthday without each other. We always make it a point to enjoy the day together. But that is not until this year 2011. If you remember last June, I celebrated my birthday alone while I was on my way to Philippines for vacation. We were supposed to celebrate the day in HK because it was our wedding anniversary too. But due to his work duties, Poy wasn’t able to come with me. I felt really bad that time.

And today, it’s hubby’s birthday naman and we are not together again on this occasion. Nakaka-sad. Feeling ko I’ve had enough already when Poy and I weren’t together on my last birthday/3rd yr wedding anniversary, pati pala on his birthday di pa rin kami magkasama.

But on a happy thought, we have already planned what we will do as a post birthday celebration when I arrive in Pinas. Pero secret muna hehe. Lagi na lang secret eh. That’s because I don’t want to jinx it anymore. If I speak too soon kasi, I notice nauudlot sya. Don’t worry, I’ll share it pag tapos na :)

Happy happy birthday! I can’t wait to see you. I miss you so much! I hope this will be the last time that we are not together celebrating our birthdays. Bawi ako paguwi ko mahal ha? Happy birthday! Hope you like the cake.

Love lots,

Saturday, November 26, 2011


I will be forever thankful to the Lord for the birth of the most wonderful husband on earth! I owe him my sanity.

Happy birthday bibi! I love you beyond words! Hope you like my gift J


So sorry for not updating you guys with what’s up with me lately. Just been really busy with tons of things. Husband already left last Tuesday night going to Philippines and all by myself ang drama ko here sa Dubai. Glad my 214 friends are here, so yes I am coping. Pinapakain kasi nila ako haha!

Ang bagal ng araw for me for the past days, I am so dying to see my Poy, our Mimay, my siblings, my whole family and friends in Pinas. I wanna go home!! It’s so hard to be alone here. Wala ko majutusan!! Lol! Ngaun ako lahat, I wash my clothes, iron them, I prepare my food (food ba matatawag ang fried hotdogs and eggs?), and everything else more. Mahirap pala. Hindi joke. I miss Poy hehe.

Husband brought my lappy to Pinas and I sold my iphone in Dubizzle hence my zero post for almost 1 week. Lost na lost ako sa cyber world for the past week. I do check my email and FB once in a while lang sa office.

But now I’m back! With my new baby! Isn’t she gorgeous like the owner? Naks! 

My new baby deserves a blog, this will surely be one of my most unforgettable phone ever because it comes with a super memorable story that I will never forget for the rest of my life. Unforgettable nga eh, ang gulo ko no? Ika nga ni Lyn, kumpleto na talaga ang Dubai experience ko haha! But nevertheless, hangsaya saya ko! Thanks hubby for this! I love yah! I don’t actually have plans of buying a new phone, ok pa naman yung 3GS ko but I got a BB for Poy as my birthday gift for him, so ayun I asked him ako din bibili ng new one. Eh di ba, sabi nga ni Mommy Fleur, walang matigas na asawa sa babaeng nanlilisik ang mata? Oh ayan, we both have new fones now haha!

Also, another blessing has come for me. I’m so excited to share it to all of you kaya lang bawal muna (na naman??!!). Eh basta mahirap kasi mag labas ng information now. Tsaka na pag nakauwi na ko sa Pinas para wala ng issue ;)

My visa cancellation is under process as of the moment. I shall get all my documents on the 30th. And if ever there will be an available flight for me on Wednesday, I’ll be flying back to Philippines the same day. Hopefully meron, so that I can rebook my ticket. But if not, I’ll be in Pinas on December 1st week, that’s for sure! =)

It feels so good to be back in blogging. Seeeee you guys in a bit!

Sunday, November 20, 2011


I know, I know this one is a super duper mega over late post! I am deeply sorry guys. And for you sweet ladies who are asking how our long weekend went last EID, this is for all of you! :)

Day 1: Church, Fun City, MM’s birthday and Bowling
The whole morning was spent in our church, lunch in Popeye’s then off we went to Reef mall to get Mimay & Naynay’s red outfit for MM’s bday celebration later that night.

Then we went to Fun City for Mimay’s slide & play time.

While inside Fun City, we bumped with my good friend Leila and her family. Finally nagkita din si Mimay and Austin! Austin’s one handsome boy!

From Reef mall, we headed home to take some afternoon nap. By 7pm we attended the 1st birthday bash of MM, the unico hijo of Tita Lou and Mark, at Popeye’s.

It’s Car’s theme hence the RED uniform of the guests. I don’t have a close up shot of our Mimay that night, but you have to see her tight red jeggings. She looks really hot in it haha!

The Rentoy family. Happy bday MM! We all love you!

Right after the party, we all headed to Dubai Bowling Centre in Abuhail. That was roughly around 11pm already.
Sharing to you some of our snaps during that night. I missed bowling! It’s one of my fave activity back in college days.

 Day 2: Jumeirah Village and Jumeirah Beach
Morning of day 2, everyone in 214 were all busy preparing for our outdoor trip later that afternoon in Jumeirah. We went first to Jumeirah Village and had a mini sportsfest. Girls played basketball, badminton and volleyball while boys are incharge of grilling the hotdogs and the pork belly. Girls in 214 are (rotten) spoiled haha!

My favorite photo that afternoon.

But since we are nice girls too, we let the guys in the court as well.
And ofcourse, there’s Dino-May love team! I super love this shot. Gusto ko ipa tarpaulin paguwi sa pinas haha! They look good together. Parang Young Love Sweet Love lang, what do you think? ;)

We all went to Jumeirah Beach after dinner. Everyone opted to swim in the beach by evening time, we all hate the sun eh. While swimming, Mimay kept on sticking out her tongue to taste the water. Ang alat daw haha! Naynay super enjoyed the experience too. It was their first time in Dubai beach.

Our Dubai family is getting bigger and bigger! Wala pa sina Mareng Joy here. We’ll surely miss all of them!

We capped the night and leave the beach at past 11pm. Mimay was super bangenge in the car on our way home.

Day 3: Global Village
We had the whole morning to rest and sleep. Jumeirah day was definitely a tiring one but very worth it. The afternoon of Day 3 was spent in Global Village. It is a theme park in Dubai featuring rides, games and amusements. GV also showcase pavilions of different participating countries from around the world.

On our way to GV. The last time Mimay and Naynay to ride Dubai’s metro.

Upon reaching Dubailand, Mimay was overjoyed seeing all the rides, then I realized, we haven’t brought our daughter in Enchanted Kingdom hence her ‘first time ecstatic reaction’ in Global Village.

We first had our dinner in a Chinese resto. Naynay’s forever request everytime we will dine out is Chinese noodles. I wasn’t able to take photos anymore because Mimay kept on pulling me so that we can go to the giant ferris wheel. Parang naturukan ng drugs ang anak ko sa excitement!

But you know what, Mimay is super duwag of rides. She just loves trying them if they’re not moving but once gumalaw na yan, she’ll surely scream her lungs out! We tried the mini caterpillar and Mimay was literally shaking but she didn’t cry because I hugged and squeezed her the whole time. Hilong hilo ang lola nyo after, kaloka!
After the ride, Mimay saw a cart selling sweet corn. She pulled my shorts and asked me to buy her some. Hay big girl na si ineng, she knows na how to make pabili.

Then Mimay saw a giant carousel just steps away from us. Biglang naging Elma Muros ang anak ko, takbo talaga sya ng bonggang bongga! So since I’m still not yet over with my caterpillar experience, Poy had to come with Mimay in the carousel. Just merely watching them, sukang suka na ko sa hilo but the happiness in our daughter’s face during the ride made me feel okay afterwards.

Since we still have some tokens left, Poy played in one of the stalls there. The rule is to hit the 3 glasses in one throw and you know what?! Hubby won a Tigger stuffed toy! Mimay was sooo happy!

That same night, maybe due to tiredness and puyat, Mimay had fever. Her temperature reached 38.8°C. We weren’t able to sleep well because we have to watch over her and make sure her temp will go gown. Nakaka guilty sobra.

The following day, the last day of the long weekend, we didn’t go anywhere else anymore. Our daughter needs to rest. Ang galgal kasi namin and we forgot na bata pa si Mimay and she will really get tired of our nonstop activities. Sorry anak! And thank God because after 2 days, Mimay’s back to her old self again. Recharged na ulit ang baby namin.

There goes our long weekend. Family bonding to the highest level. Simple but pure fun!

Saturday, November 19, 2011


In case you don’t know, I’m a super mababaw person. Simple things make me happy. Picturan mo nga lang ako, masaya na ko eh. Yes, ganung level of shallowness. My husband ofcourse knows that. If he feels I’m bored or sad, he’ll immediately take me to mall, do our grocery, eat out or he’ll get me a new blouse or a new nail polish then after a while, I’m on my happiest again.

I remember during our bf/gf days, there were times na I’m not in the mood for no reason. Poy knows na what to do. He’ll just bring me to a photo studio and that would surely give me a big smile na.

And with that, I wanna show you some of the super simple things that’s making me happy nowadays.

Mogu Mogu
My current favorite drink. My friend Carl introduced this to me 2 months ago and I’m hooked since then. I’m drinking it every single day. Mogu mogu is a flavored drink (my fave is strawberry and lychee) with chewable nata de coco.
My CHEAP earrings
You will not believe that this lovely pair of earrings only costs me AED 30 or Php 360. Fab find!

My pretty ring from Som
An Indian friend/officemate gave me this pretty ring because she thinks that its suits my personality. I loveeet! Just never mind my hands, I have the ugliest hands and feet ever.  

My new Lacoste bag
It’s roomy and it’s red, need I say more? :)

And lastly, Dong’s ‘PROM night theme’ birthday celebration
Last night we celebrated our friend’s birthday in a slightly unique way. I will show you our photos soon!! We were all dolled up and it was so fun seeing all our boys in tie! =) I’ll surely make a separate blog post about this.

The birthday boy.

That’s Jay, Carl, me and my Poy. Hubby looks so yummy last night.

The 214 girls with the birthday boy Dong. Cheers!

… And all that made Mamee Nani really happy =)


Saturday again, and unlike most of you, I’m stucked here in the office, wishing that time would fly fast. 3 more days left and husband will be going back to Pinas. Magisa na lang ako here. Malamang sa malamang, I’ll eat boiled eggs na lang everyday. But what’s good about it is that, hopefully, I’ll get a flat tummy in 2 weeks. Gooduck to me!

And oh yes, that’s 2 weeks! 2 weeks left and I’m back in Pinas too.

And that made me smile now =)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Exactly 39 days from now and it’s Christmas time again! I am super excited about it because we will be celebrating the holidays as a complete family in Pinas. What can be more bongga than that, right? =)

And now I am even more excited about it because… we already got a Christmas gift for Mimay! Yeyness!

Last night after work, husband and I went straight to Baby Shop to get Mimay her new feeding bottles. Philips Avent is on sale so we took advantage of it. Ay maiba ko, until when ba is the right time for a toddler to drink milk in bottle? I tried to talk to Mimay that she will be going to school very soon and that feeding bottles are not allowed there so therefore, we should toss away her bottles. She agreed but come feeding time, she bawls like there’s no tomorrow because she doesn’t want to drink her milk from a cup. Kakaloka! So last night, we got her only 4 new bottles because starting next year, I will slowly wean her from feeding bottle. Unti unti until she gets used to drinking her milk from a cup. Hay this is something really serious, I know. Mimay seldom eats rice kasi, she’s more into milk. Some kids at her age would sleep na all throughout the night but our daughter is not. She would ask for milk for like 3-4 times until the following morning hence her cavities. Hay.

Going back to the gift, yes we already purchased that slide that I posted here. By the way, thanks to Wie and Mommy Mae for your comments on my post. For Wie, I contacted that seller in and unfortunately, she didn’t respond to my query. And For Mommy Mae, I also like Little Tikes but our budget will only fit in the regular slide of LT unlike this slide set that we got from Baby Shop. Swak na swak sa budget! :)

Prior buying this, I have contacted the airline regarding the allowable dimension of checked-in baggage and this big box of about 52 inches in length and 22 kgs in weight is just right. That means I can bring this to Pinas without charge!

Hi anak,

I hope you will love our Christmas gift for you. I can’t wait to show this to you baby, I’m so excited because I know you’re eyes will pop-out in happiness!

We love you neng! You’re happiness is also our happiness.

Dadee & Mamee


I think I have once made kwento here that one of the causes of my chubbyness (di ko pa talaga maamin na “mataba” ang appropriate word hehe) is my abnormal metabolism. I seldom poop. If it weren’t for coffee or tea, I will most probably NEVER poop at all. My body’s weird that way. I eat a lot of fruits naman, I eat veggies and I drink lots of fluids but my bowel movement remained to be not normal. Parang ako lang hehe.

I remember when I had my xray due to back pain, the doctor saw a lot of unflushed dookie inside my tummy. Yuck but true. I cannot believe it at first but the doctor pointed out in the xray print that the black shadow in my tummy part are actually, well, poop. Yuck again!

But since I am now religiously drinking hot tea after every meal, my toilet visit became regular. But but but, here’s the catch. Regular lang sya when I’m in our office’ toilet! What would be the term for that? Instead of ‘namamahay’, ‘nangungubeta’ ganun?! Ang kuleeet!

When we had our 4 days holiday, never, not even once I pooped in our own toilet. I am not feeling well already but no matter how I tried, ayaw talaga. Pero san ka, the very first morning when I came to office, hala taeng tae ako agad! Anubayun?! Weird much!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Just like what I have told you in my previous post, my family and I will be settling back to Philippines this month and as much as I want to share the full details about it, I need to kept mum. Bawal pa ishare now eh. But if we’re super close, you might probably know the blessing already. But  don’t worry, I know in time I will be able to share it to all of you. Promise. Pero unahan ko na kayo, hindi po ako buntis kaya kami uuwi. Mukha lang buntis, lol! ;p
So with that, we hosted a despedida dinner in our flat last weekend, days before Mimay & naynay left. The dinner’s theme is ‘Pink & Orange’. I personally picked this colors simply because Mimay loves pink & my mom loves orange. And infairness, the combi is not bad ha! The pictures turned out to be very happy and colorful.
We had simple menu for our friends. Poy’s the one who prepared everything except for the Manchurian and leche flan. I’m one lucky wife to have a husband who really cooks well.

Vegetable Manchurian with garlic dip – my very own veggie version of meat balls which is made of finely chopped & grated cabbage & carrots. You’ll not noticed it’s veggies! Healthy and they said, well, yummy too!

Stir Fry Noodles – Chinese noodles with olive oil stir fry with veggies.

Fried Rice – fried rice with my fave ingredient, sweet corn! Got this idea from my friend Lyn. It’s delicious!

Sweet Chili Chicken –  Marinated chicken fried to perfection then toss with sweet chili sauce, easy!

Lechon Kawali – pampa highblood! Nyummy!
Chicken Macaroni Salad – this is hubby’s specialty. My ultimate favorite! I can eat this everyday. Macaroni noodles with shredded chicken breast, mayonnaise, pineapple chunks, carrots, white onions, raisins & cheese. Sarap!

Leche Flan – creamy dessert made by my mommy.
Orange Juice – since Pink & Orange nga ang theme, I was thinking of orange juice and strawberry juice as drinks. The problem is I didn’t find strawberry juice in the grocery, kaya ayan Orange na lang hehe.

Aside from our 214 family, my CMS Pinay officemates came to join the fun too. There’s Ms. Jazz, Ate Maria, Gelay Cel and Ate Rose. Carlo, Cel’s bf, made habol also from his basketball game. Guys thank you so much for this wonderful night of chikahan and lafangan with you! Love yah all!
There’s ofcourse my Alcantara/Paunlagui family. They were our first family in Dubai. They have accepted us warmly and we can’t thank them enough for everything. Love ko kayong lahat, forever yan! Tagos na tagos! J Thanks for not coming late, first time hehe.
And lastly, there’s our ex-101, now 214 family. It was so cute of them changing their shirts before dinner para nasa theme lang talaga haha! Hay love na love namin kyo 214! Words are not enough to let you all know how we appreciate everything. Tsaka na muna ang farewell message. Ayoko umiyak puhlease =)  
There was no drama that night. It was purely fun fun fun! And that’s how we want it. Because in true friendship, there will be no goodbyes.