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Monday, January 31, 2011


Been busy for the past days hence the lack of posts and here’s my come back entry.

Remember the new vaio laptop gift from hubby? Ayun, SIRA! Waaah!! Take note, it’s been only a week since he bought that. Kwento ko ha? Last Friday, I inserted a memory stick from my friend’s camera unknowingly na may virus pala yun! Ayan kasi pakialamerang frog ako. What made it worse is that anti-virus is not yet installed in my laptop. As in we cannot open the laptop anymore! So last night, together with Mimay and Naynay, we went to Jumbo Electronics in City Centre to ask for a replacement. Since they don’t have a stock for color white for the model of my laptop they ordered it pa from other branch. Hopefully, tonight hubby we’ll get the new unit.

Apart from that, eto talaga ang gusto kong iblog. Last night with Mimay and Naynay, on our way to City Centre, an Arab guy or let me say a stranger Arab guy called my attention and asked me to wait. I was like, bakeeet? I don’t personally know him. What I only know is that he owns a car-for-rent shop located in the ground floor of our building. He ran inside his shop and got a huge plastic bag with a baby stroller inside. He handed it to Mimay and with a big smile he said, Hi mimi! (i/o Mimay) This is for you. My gift for a very adorable baby.

I was speechless and surprised. I cannot immediately react because I don’t know how and what to react. Malay ko ba kung binebenta nya yun sa akin or what? Seeing my facial reaction, the Arab guy explained that he knows we are living in the same building and he always see Mimay passing his shop. He said our baby is so adorable that’s why he wanted to give her a gift. When I came to my senses and realized everything, I was so overwhelmed. It was so sweet of him to give my daughter a stroller to think na hindi naman kmi friends. (Dati yun, ngaun super friends na kami!)

Hindi sa pagyayabang, our baby has this charisma that people of any kind easily fall in love with her. She’s a very happy and active baby kasi especially when were out. Smile is always plastered in her face. Parang politician pati yan si Mimay, laging naka hi and hello sa lahat with matching flying kiss. She loves people, she loves to socialize, inshort: MAHADERA. I can really see myself in her, MAHADERA din ako eh =)
I immediately pulled my camera and asked him to pose with Mimay, Girl Scout ata to, laging handa. But it was so stupid of me because I forgot to ask his name. Sorry na-excite lang sa stroller haha! To Mr. Arab, thank you so much from Mamee Nani and Mimay. Sana next time cash naman haha! Choz lang!

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