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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


When Poy and I came here in Dubai, we usually observe Filipino toddlers na english speaking. As in fluent and slang na magnonose bleed ka talaga if you will talk to them. Hubby’s always telling me that he wants Mimay to be like that. Cute nga naman kasi. But after sometime I thought that it will be difficult since my mommy is the one taking care of Mimay and hindi naman nag eenglish ang mommy ko. And what’s worse is that since she came from Quezon province, matindi ang accent ni mother. (But I super love my mommy, she’s still the best!)
So when Mimay came here with us, we patiently taught her SIMPLE English words and gradually, she’s learning it.

Scenario 1: Mimay holding her wrapped candy/chocolate
Before -> Mimay: Mi bukas!
Now-> Mimay: Mi open! (Open pronounced as OH-PEN! Oh ha may accent!)

Scenario 2: While washing Mimay’s feet.
Before -> Mimay: Paa dume! (how barriotic anak!)
Now-> Mimay: Dirty feet! (Sosyalness!)  

Scenario 3: Mimay calling naynay.
Mimay: Naynay naynay where u? (Text ito?)       

So it only goes to show that yes, it’s still possible for our Mimay to learn speak in English. Not until I heard this last night:

Mimay: Mami milp milp! (before, she calls it “dede”. She’s just learning to say milk now.)
Nani: Anak it’s milk.
Mimay to her Naynay: Naynay milp!
Naynay: Neng, melk ok? Hindi milp, melk! Melk!
Mimay: Anuyun?

I laughed in tears! Maloloka ako sa mag lolang to!

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