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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Naman, what a morning! Got this slip from our Accounts Department which says that I need to request advance cash worth AED 500 (Php 6,000) to pay for the repair of the electrical board in our office. And take note, it’s under my name because I have to repay it in due time.
Lam nyo bakit? This is the culprit:
Every morning, I do hair ironing to perfectly refine my hair. Since our office timing is at 9:15 am and our coaster service arrives at 8:30 am, I still have ample time to make paganda. Sayang naman ang 45 minutes, right? This particular morning, while ironing my hair, a strong sound of blast was heard in the electrical socket and some spark from my hair iron. I was very much startled that I had to throw the hair iron! Thank God I’m safe. After sometime, burnt smell is all over the place with matching usok! Kagulo sa office, as in!

What a day! Sira na hair iron, magbabayad pa ng sumabog na electrical board. Kalowka! Eto ang napapala ng malalandi waaaahh!!

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