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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Ohmi!! I didn’t notice this entry in my drafts, it’s been there for quite a long time now. 2 months lang, matagal na ba yun? Haha! Dong I am very sorry for posting this too LATE =)
This happened kasi during those times that I was too busy and occupied of Mimay’s coming in Dubai.

Woooo Nani!! Enough of your explanations, OA pa rin sa pagka-late bday post ni Dong!

Sowi Tito Bay! (Nani in pa-awa face)
 Celebrant: Rey Oliver Jaca
a.k.a: Dong or Mimay’s Tito Bay
Age: Very blooming at 28! Hindi halata no? ;)
Birthday: November 19
Favorites: The weirdest food on earth: sinigang sa bayabas with fried tilapia (ulk!)
Let me share what we had on that night of November 18.

Ang walang kamatayang SPAGHETTI – walang kamatayan nga eh db? And it’s Dong’s all time favorite or I should say, it’s 101’s ultimate favorite. And I’m starting to become a fan too. I love Jay’s and my bibi’s cooking!
Ang walang kamatayang partner ng spaghetti, LUMPIANG SHANGHAI – walang kamatayan nga ulit eh db? Kidding aside, this is again our personal request to the celebrant. We love lumpiang shanghai in white garlic sauce. Perfect!
PORK CALDERETA, PORK KALDERETA – whatever you call it! Panalo to! Sauce pa lang, ulam na! Nyummmy!
BAKED HAWAIAN PRAWNS – this is Jay’s experimental dish. Prawns rolled in bacon and oven baked with pineapple. Super duper sarap!
And the HOME BAKED CHOCOLATE BIRTHDAY CAKE – Baked and decorated by Len and Lyn. The personalized topper is so cute no? That’s because we love Dong!
The theme of Dong’s birthday celebration is HIP HOP to match the celebrant’s personality. Kaso ang nilabasan eh mukha kaming mongoloid lahat! Haha!
BEST IN MONGOLOID award, 3rd runners up: The newly weds, Eric and Len
2nd runners up: Carlita and Margarita
At syempre ang bumibida sa lahat ng okasyon sa 101, ang best in costume always, hindi sya palaging prepared. Applause for our very own…
MONGOLOIDAL BERT! Haha peace bert!

Aside from the super hearty dinner we had, what makes this night very special is, it was so far the most memorable birthday celebration for us and most especially for Dong. For as far as we believe, this is the start of us seeing ‘Dong at his finest’. Always smiling, happy and very blooming.

This photo is the start of everything, 101% sweet!
We will all be waiting for what is instore in the future. Goodluck Tito Bay and Tita Ju-Anne! We all wish you happiness.

Belated happy birthday Dong! We love yah mwaach mwaach!!

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