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Monday, January 10, 2011


It’s 10th of the month again, my favorite date eversince the world began. It’s my birthdate and became my wedding date too after 24 years. I woke up feeling a bit sad because husband didn’t greet me which he usually does every 10th. I didn’t greet him too, bawi lang hmp! But when I opened my Facebook page, this made my heart melt.
He’s the cheesiest man alive! Napahiya naman ako sa aking tampururot kuno. Who will not fall in love over and over again to this man? Ang haba ng hair ko talaga! Can’t stop myself from looking at our most fave wedding photos 31 months back.
To my other half bibi Poy,
Sorry I didn’t greet you this morning. Akala ko kasi you forgot this day. I’m sorry. And thank you so much for that very sweet post in FB. I was soooo kilig! Feeling ko jowa days pa din tayo. Thank you for all your love to me, to Mimay and to my family. Being married with you for almost 3 years is surely the best days of my life. Minsan nga nagiisip ako kung hanggang kailan kaya ang bisa ng gayuma na pinalaklak ko sayo 5 years ago? Very effective eh ;) I am just so proud of having you as my husband, you are really the best! Imagine natiis mo ko =)
Kidding aside bi, thanks for being very understanding, patient, loving, supportive and generous. When we got married, I am ofcourse the happiest bride but at the other side of my mind, may kaba. I’m anxious na baka pag mag asawa na tayo eh may magbago. Baka mag-iba ka ng treatment sa akin just like the usual story in MMK ;) Pero you’re really different and I will forever thank God for giving you to me. I am one of the few that can say, “napaka sarap ng buhay may asawa!”, it’s all because of you bi. Salamat at mahal na mahal kita.

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