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Sunday, January 2, 2011


Sorry, this post is coming late because I’ve got little time to blog now. I miss sharing stories but as much as I want to post and finish all the entries in my drafts, I really have no time. Anyway, Merry Christmas again to everyone! Allow me use this post also to extend my message greetings to the special people in my life.

To my loving hubby-bi Poy, to my darling Jemimay, Mommy Venus, Daddy Boy, Kuya De-e, Te Jona, Ate Selo, Kuya Dongets, Nini, Mama Chona, Tita Cute, Lola Abe, Tita Dolor, Llamas Family, Pagbilao Family, Inay Espie, Ate Dory and family, Tupen and family, Kuya Andoy and family, All Nations Full Gospel family, to my college peeps, foc fox, Eonot, Arman, Cha, Jay, Abby, Vno, Jhayz, Ton, sis Jonah and family, Sumiden family, Nissan family, to my blogmates, my Dubai friends, CMS friends and to my 101 kapatids… Maligayang Pasko sa ating lahat! Hope everyone had a good one!
Honestly, I don’t know what to feel for this year’s Christmas. It’s my first time to celebrate the Holidays away from my family. I miss them all so much! But husband told me not to feel bad atleast for Mimay. What’s good about this Christmas is that we wil be celebrating it together with our dearest daughter plus my mommy’s here with us as well, so no reason for me to be sad, right?

For the Noche Buena, we decided to stay at home and have a simple celebration with our 101 family. Initially, we thought of spending the Christmas Eve sana somewhere but since our flat is aalog alog na (most are in Pinas for vacation), we decided to stay na lang because for sure it will be more fun to celebrate with friends.

These are what we had on our dining table during the Noche Buena. Sorry wasn’t able to take individual photos of our food, I’m too aligaga na. We didn’t even find time to dress up.
MEATY SPAGHETTI – this was prepared by my dearest bibi. He’s such a superb cook! I’m so lucky!
ROASTED CHICKEN – tasty, juicy chicken ordered from Deira =)
PIZZA SUPREME – 3 medium boxes of mixed thin and thick crust from Pizza Hut.
VEGETABLE SALAD – in Thousand Island dressing, also from Pizza Hut.
CHOCOLATE MERINGUE ROULADE CAKE – my personal fave from Marks and Spencer. Delish cake!
CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM – this is a treat from Dong, thanks Tito Bay! Iba talaga ang inlab! ;)
We had a quick photo shoot before our Noche Buena. Mimay received a cute kikay bag from Tita Jo and Tito Dong and an inflatable pool from Tita Carl that made our dalaga super happy. Thanks thanks mga tita and tito! We watched Petrang Kabayo the movie and that is where Mimay’s sleepless nights started. Thank God she’s ok after 4 nights, whew!
On the Christmas day itself, I booked us in Royal Ascot Hotel and had a dip on their super cold roof top swimming pool. I personally chose this activity since Mimay super loves “miming!” So even if the water is freezing cold, keberlums lang kami basta happy si baby. We also tried their sauna and it was truly very relaxing. Let me share some of our pool and roof top photos from the hotel:
We had our lunch in the hotel’s Thai and Chinese restau named Twin Spice. We ordered their Yang Chow Rice that's very yummy. It has prawns, chicken and crab meat. Kanin pa lang ulam na! It’s heaven with Thailand’s hot ‘n sour Tom Yum Goong soup.
We also had Steamed Prawns in Garlic Sauce. The garlic flavor made the taste more delectable. Ay ang sarap talaga!
We also tried their Chicken in Black Pepper Sauce na super bagay sa Yang Chow. I was hesitant to try when I saw it, but hubby told me that it’s good nga daw. And he’s right.
We also had their Pad Thai or the stir fried noodles. I didn’t like this dish much. I tried this because this is Thailand’s national dish but I was disappointed of the taste. Di ko sya type.
In the middle of our late lunch, our dearest Mimay was super active and even pretending to choose from the menu.
So we just let her do her thing while we shared the scrumptious meal in our table. Then when I was about to spoonfeed her, I saw her like this:
So C.U.T.E. and innocent! She looks very innocent when sleeping pero pag gising ay suskopo!
So anyway, for the drinks, we tried their fresh orange juice and pineapple juice. Verdict to Twin Spice: We will definitely come back! I super love everything except for the Pad Thai ;)
We went home full and very happy, merry’ng merry ang Pasko!

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