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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


This kind of entry is supposed to be posted on the last days of December or first day or first week of January, pero dahil OA lagi ako sa pagka late, pangatawanan ko na. Just like what I always say in my previous blogs, better late than never.

2010 was indeed a roller coaster ride for me. It was a year full of very challenging, blissful and sometimes gloomy moments. There have been many realizations and lessons in life I learned and I thank God because He has been with us through everything. God remained to be very true and faithful to His promises to me and to our family.

*Mimay’s 1st Birthday! Time flies so fast because our once tiny little baby turned 1 year old last April 4, 2010. It was a fun filled celebration with friends and family all in their luau attire.
*Nani & Poy off to Dubai. Everything changed a lot when husband and I became parents. Mimay’s needs are always on top of our priorities. So to be able to provide her the best future that she deserves, husband and I decided to work here in Dubai. April 25 is surely the saddest day of our lives, when we left our 1 year old baby in Pinas. Feeling ko talaga masisiraan ako ng bait but our dreams for Mimay kept my sanity. Focus Nani!
*Nani & Poy in Dubai. Life is never easy for us when we first came here in Dubai. Home sick, boredom, pressure of having a job, officemates na jejemon, super nakakalokang temperature and many other things. But God has been so good and kept his promises, as always. He blessed me and hubby with a good job, beautiful set of friends and most especially, a church that guided and strengthened our spiritual lives as couples.
*2nd year as a wife. Being together for 2 years now, I am proud to say na hindi pa nagfifile ng annulment si Poy at mukang matindi pa din ang epekto ng gayumang ginamit ko sa kanya. Yeees!! We celebrated our 2nd year anniversary and my 26th birthday in Dubai desert safari which we had an unforgettable stunning experience of the real desert adventure. As in sumuka suka ako after the dune ride but it’s all worth it. We also enjoyed the camel ride, the BBQ dinner and the Belly dancing show.           
* Mimay’s first airplane ride. It is in this year that my daughter experienced her first airplane ride. It’s just too sad that we’re not with her that time. According to Naynay, Mimay was sleeping for almost 7 hours in the plane. I made sure to schedule their flight on evening time so that Mimay will be on her inactive mode.
This photo was taken at Dubai airport during our salubong to Mimay and Naynay:

* Dubai Friends. This year is very special for me because we get to meet the nicest people which eventually became our friends. Husband and I are too blessed to have our Dubai friends who have supported us all the way. They are like our 2nd family here on the other side of the earth. It feelis like home everytime I am with them. My special thanks to kumareng Joy for her selfless concern and love for me and Poy =) and to my 101 family for their very warm acceptance, understanding and extended love for our baby Mimay and Naynay.
* Holidays away from home. Our first ever Christmas and New Year away from our family. Surely one of the saddest days of our 2010 but thankfully my dearest Mimay and my mom are with us, so still everything went perfectly.

There goes my year 2010 and looking forward for best years ahead!

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