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Saturday, January 8, 2011


For those who are following my blogs, I once mentioned here how much I wanted to get a pair of chucks for our Mimay dearest. The first time I saw it from Converse, na-inlove talaga ako. It looks so cute and astig! But since Mimay was not with us pa when we saw it here, we temporarily postponed from buying it because it might not fit her well. But since Mimay is on the peak of her running stage, she badly needs to have a decent rubber shoes immediately. So I asked my Ate to get Mimay a pink Nike rubber shoes para same like mine ;)
This is Mimay’s first ever Nike shoes. Ang cute cute! Price is worth it because she’s wearing it all the time. Super favorite nya actually. Everytime before heading out of the house, we usually ask her this:
Nani or Naynay: Neng anong susuot mong shoes?
Mimay: Ayaw kyoks (this is how Mimay pronounce Crocs hehe), suot shoes shoes! (while pointing on her Nike)

Below naman is the photo of husband and mine’s rubber shoes. Oh db Nike family kami =)
Eh inggiterang frog ang mommy ko, nagpabili din. At ang request pink Nike din para hindi daw sya OP haha!! It’s a good timing Nike is on sale the other week. Look at my kiriray mother while posing on her new shoes. Now you know kanino kami nagmana ni ineng ;)
Back to the chucks, last January 4, as our 21st birthday monthsary gift to our baby, we finally got a Chuck Taylor for her. Look at how punk she looks! Bagay na bagay with her thunder legs hehe! It’s just too sad because yellow or blue high cut is not available on Mimay’s size (size 7 US for anyone there planning to get a gift for ineng haha!).
We made Mimay wear it on our church service last Friday and everyone was commenting how cute our daughter is. We are so proud of her. She’s the most adorable creature on earth!

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