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Thursday, January 27, 2011


Over-Acting ako sa lahat. How?
1.     The moment I learned that I’m expecting, naka-preggy dress na agad ako the following week. Bakit ba? Bawal??

2.     On the 2nd month pa lang of my pregnancy, I was forcing my OB to check my baby’s gender. As in pinipilit ko sya and the way my OB looked at me that time, he’s like telling me “Ok ka lang? Ano gusto mong buntis ka, away?!”

3.     On my 4th month, I’m super atat to have my preggy photo-shoot. My bump is barely showing pa lang that time but I’m already inquiring if they can schedule me for a shoot. Tinanggihan ako actually ng studio dahil hindi pa daw halatang buntis ako and the photos will not come out nicely. So I finally had my dream shoot on my 7th month in Great Image. The photos are priceless!
4.     As initially planned, we will have Mimay’s dedication on her 6th month para mukha na talaga syang tao and so that we will have enough time to prepare. But because I’m too excited (and OA) to show her off to our family and friends, hindi pa nagaling ang caesarian wound ko eh nagcacanvass na kami ng venue ni husband. Mimay had her dedication on her 2nd month pa lang =) I haven’t blog this pa pala. May I share this too?

A Baby Dedication is a ceremony in which a Christian parent like us, make a commitment before the Lord to submit our child to God's will and to raise her according to God's Word and God's ways.
"As surely as you live, my lord, I am the woman who stood here beside you praying to the LORD. I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him. So now I give him to the LORD. For his whole life he will be given over to the LORD." And he worshiped the LORD there. 1 Samuel 1:26-28.

Mimay’s dedication date is very special because it’s our 1st wedding anniversary and my 25th birthday too. Oh di ba triple and tipid celebration? We chose Red, Black and White motif since these are the only colors that a baby can see and appreciate on her 2nd month. The celebration was very simple and we only had around 100 guests. Sa dami ng pamilya at kaibigan namin ni Poy, yang 100 guests na yan eh konti pa. We had more than 250 guests nga in our wedding eh. Konti lang ang 100 right? ;)
The venue was in Max’s Restaurant in Monte Vista Resort Pansol, Laguna. We made sure to put in the invitation that all guests must wear red, black or white only para swak sa theme. See our guests all in RBW motif.
Me (with my palo palo arms) and my poging poging hubby with our “alien looking” Mimay hahaha! Joke! I should have waited pala talaga until she’s 6 months para healthy looking. I just realized it now. Mimay will surely hate me when she gets to see her dedication photos.
This is Mimay’s christening dress. Pretty no? I patterned the white gown to my wedding gown.
The other red gown that she was wearing on the above photo was a gift from my sister, one of Mimay’s ninang. She just handed it when we were in the venue na that’s why it’s not in the prep photo.

Mimay had a total of 13 beautiful and handsome set of god parents. They are all present except for Ninang Cha who’s residing in Canada and Ninang Layds in Japan who was proxy’d by her hubby now, Eonot. The dedication was officiated by our Ninong, Pstr. Richard Rapas.

Back to the original topic…

5.     Aside from being OA, i’m also an Obsessive-Compulsive mother especially when dressing up Mimay. Even if pambahay clothes lang yan, I always make sure that she’s dressed up well. Dapat terno lahat. I don’t like mixing clothes. She can never wear green blouse in blue or pink shorts, never! Over my dead sexy body!

6.     I’m a hair-neat-freak with Mimay. Before going out, I always find time to fix her hair. Remember Mimay’s hairdo na super ineffortan ko?
7.     From baby oil, petroleum jelly, bubble bath, baby wash, hair shampoo, body lotion, facial cream, baby powder and cologne, Mimay has it all! All from Seba Med Baby. Check their products at Sabi nga ni naynay, “hindi ba nangangati yang si Mimay sa mga nilalagay mong kung ano ano?” Hmp Mommy ko talaga, palibhasa Safeguard lang gamit nya samin dati hehe.
For the shampoo, I changed her brand to Johnson’s because it doesn’t dry her hair and super bango pa. Back in Pinas, Mimay’s brand is Lactacyd and Enfant.
First time moms are naturally OA like me right? Normal ako di ba? Agree first time moms? 
Happy weekend everyone!


  1. I agree 101%! Same tayo, after I found out I was preggy shift na ko agad to dresses from jeans. Reason ko baka maipit si baby but the truth is I just want na maobvious na pregnant ako by wearing dresses and kahit hindi pa obvious ang tyan ko, I ride the special-boarding area ng LRT, yung pang pregnant women, oldies and parents with kids. Baket ba, eh buntis naman talaga ko. Dala ko pa nga palagi ung ultrasound print out ko just in case questionin ako ng LRT guard. Haha!

    Kikay din ako pagdating sa baby products, nawiwindang nga si hubby kasi ang bath products ni Johan madami. I use zwitsal for his hair kasi super bango, J&J milk bath for his body and Cetaphil for his face. Palalakihin ko daw bang bading si Johan. Hahaha! Sabi ko nde naman, balidoso lang. =) Ano masama dun at least well-groomed ang anak ko. heheh!

  2. hahaha thanks mommy mae! atleast i know i'm normal =)
    correct! it's very nice to see a baby n itsura plang mabango na right? ;)
    kudos to OA mommies like us!