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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Since Mimay’s day 1 on earth, we are all wondering where did she got her looks. Some say she looks like her Dadee and some say she looks like me. Honestly, seeing Mimay’s latest photos, nakakalito nga kung sino ba talaga ang kamukha nya.

I posted this photo in my FB account and most of my friends commented that she looks very much like Poy.
While in this shot, most said that she looks like me daw.  

Well it doesn’t really matter naman if she looks like either me or Poy, just as long as isa sa amin ang kamukha at hindi yung kapitbahay namin, ok na for me.

But one thing very noticeable with our Mimay is her kaartehan which is akong ako! I can actually see myself in her.

See what I mean? No doubt, she really came from me no? ;)

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