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Thursday, January 13, 2011


Mimay had her first haircut 2 days after her 1st birthday. I was very hesitant then to bring her in the kid’s salon because I was nanghihinayang to her long locks. But due to insistent public requests, I gave in. We brought her to Hair Play in Festival Mall Alabang. The ambiance is great for kids. Built-in car serves as the child’s chair with an LCD monitor infront showing different cartoons such as Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Sesame Street and the ever famous Barney. This is a nice idea so that the child will not mind the hairdresser cutting her hair.
before the cut

She looks very much like Dora no? Hair Play is highly recommended by yours truly. Staffs there are patient and you know your child is really in safe hands. Hair cut cost is P285 while bangs’ trimming is P175.

9 months after, our Mimay dear had her second haircut. I was this time very very very hesitant to cut her hair. Long hair looks good on her and it’s much easier to manage. I can just tie them and ok na. But naynay insisted to have it trimmed para daw maganda pag humaba. Wagi na naman ang lola, fine.

So last Thursday after office, Naynay, Dadee, Mamee and Mimay went to Kiddy Kutz in Fun City Reefmall. It’s a grooming salon built especially for kids. They have a total of 8 branches all over UAE. It’s actually located inside a gaming arcade so the place is very ideal for kids.

This is the salon’s façade:          
Rates are posted in their entrance door. They do not accept cash but instead you have to buy a card with a minimum worth of AED 60 (Php720). Since the cost for cutting is only AED 35 (Php 420), the remaining amount can be use in toddler rides, games, etc.
The hairdresser is a kabayan na parang wala sa mood. May menstruation ata si ate! But still I commend her for a job well done on Mimay’s hair. Here are some of the photos inside the salon with Mimay’s stage parents. We’re so proud of Mimay because she was very much behaved. There was this Syrian toddler kasi before Mimay’s turn na super cry while having his hair cut. I was worried also kasi baka matakot si Mimay, but since inborn kiri ang anak ko dahil inborn kiri din ang mommy nya, love nya talaga ang salon. Oh db may advantage din naman ang kiriness ;)

before the 2nd cut

She looks very lady like after the cut! Anak you’re so grown up na =)
the back view
I owe a treat to my baby Mimay for behaving well inside the salon. With that, we headed to Fun City’s play zone while Naynay and Dadee went to the supermarket located in the ground floor of the mall to get some groceries.
Fun City has this indoor playground with great facilities such as ball pool, slides, swings and many other else. Entrance cost is AED 25 (Php 300) per kid. This is one of my favorite and memorable moments with my dear baby. Super bonding kami! I enjoyed her dancing, singing, comments, facial expressions and all her funny antics! Coming from Mimay’s very own mamee: my daughter is so biba! Thank you Papa Jesus! Let me share some of our photos inside the play zone.
mimay's new found friends

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